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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Current State [SHIZUO]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Current State [SHIZUO]   Sat Oct 08, 2016 12:27 am

[ To avoid complications, this thread takes place before Mana invaded Brazil ]

Artist: N/A - Song: N/A - Word Count: N/A

What a mystery for Monsuta's Chokehold to last this long as if it was undeterred by both war and old age, as well as how lacking its members are. At the era when Tora was still the leader, the Monsuta was still pretty strong despite their small numbers and brought its name up to public recognition by many organizations, either as an ally or an enemy. Unnerved by the effects of Australia War, everything seems to go bleak and halted when Tora stood down from his throne and overtaken by a new leader, Stefan Soan. Someone that some wasn't sure if it can bring the organization back to its glory days and a few wasn't agreeable with the changes, preferring to have its veterans that went along with tora to take the throne for the time being. Now? Things has gone south after their relationship with former allied organizations now becoming enemies, turning Monsuta to nothing more but defenseless lone wolf that has yet recovered from damages that lingers from the Australia War.

Red-haired and petite in her stature, the girl's appearance was clear enough that she is Zwei Yuki, one of the few Monsuta's members that still fought strong for Monsuta even at the absence of tora lionus. She didn't create much movement either, sitting on the lands of Indonesia where she first took action prior after joining Monsuta, when she boosted the morale of the soldiers with a good yell and one speech. It was not like herself but she considered it more like a job than something that she really wanted to do. Her legs spread wide open, arms supporting her against the ground and facing at the sky.



She wasn't sure about what she should really think of. At the beginning, her attachments with Monsuta was something that is easy for her to detach. Things go wrong? She'll leave. Conflicts? Leave. Unsatisfactory? Leave. It was an easy decision without a second thought. However, the more she tried expanding the land and communicate with others like Azuma in the organization from various point of view, it felt odd for her existence as a 'God' to feel related with something or someone.

With Monsuta as it is and how issues are handled by the leader had caused some conflicts over the duration of Stefan Soan's control. Sure, they do still have a few lands that was won over after Australia War and brought some minor expansions, but soon it will be lost when some greater power that they couldn't stop tramples onto their soil. For Zwei, lands aren't much of an importance given how little connection she has and lack of purpose to have it other than Monsuta.

So, all decisions fall down to whoever's left standing alive in the Monsuta, fighting and breathing. Zwei isn't the one in charge nor is she interested in being one, but she took her sweet time to call Azuma out to meet her in Indonesia, possibly the only 'physical' trace of how it all rose for an instant and collapse soon after.

Not moving at all from her initial spot, Zwei sat there with the exact same posture, staring at the sky and contemplating whether should things continue or end. She had this same conversation with Azuma once but this time, twice. Things were a bit different beforehand since there were still members alive, but now, it felt like a few like herself and Azuma are just being thrown into the pit, defenseless for whatever that's coming around the corner.

Attachments for Monsuta? Maybe.

Or just maybe, its something else that can't let them afford to lose something that's called a 'home' for people whom lost that before already.

Decisions, decisions.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Current State [SHIZUO]   Mon Oct 24, 2016 7:27 pm

Artist: Undertale OST - Song: Your Best Friend - Word Count: 914


Azuma’s arrival was only punctuated by a slight fluctuation in the air behind the petite woman. His form stepping forth, golden hair glinting in the light, his own amber gold gaze looking towards the horizon while he sat down next to her, his motions slow as if he had been a man who had to make a hard decision. After sitting down he wouldn’t say anything just yet, instead opting to pull a packet of cigarettes from his left jean pocket, pulling one from it to put to his lips. From there he snapped at the end to light it, the cig’s end glowing red as he took a deep inhale, letting the smoke fill his lungs before finally he let the cig leave his lips, dangling from between his pointer and middle finger while he blew the smoke out and said matter of factly.

”..I’ve reactivated what was left of tora’s servers. I’ve taken over the satellites unless he decides to come back The defensive grids, everything, i’ve also been hiding a good chunk of tora’s old troops in underground bunkers.”

He peered sideways to see what the small girl had to say about it. It was common knowledge that the new leader of the monsuta, stefan had done away with the old defenses and moved their base of operation once he had returned. That he wanted nothing to do with the legacy their previous leader had left behind, severing crucial alliances and closing the monsuta off from the rest of the world. He knew that just stating this more than gave zwei reason to kill him, to fight him and take him in to be questioned by the leader and killed. Yet, he at this point had nothing left he could do, he had no roads he could take other than this one and because of it he had come here, to this place, to zwei ready for a fight if it came down to one. They had spoken once before, about this same leader actually and now he was ready to act.

Hence he lifted the cig back to his lips and took another drag of the concoction of death, 600 ingredients in one cig, 7000 chemicals when burned, 69 of em tryna kill you with every puff. But what did Azuma care? In the grand scheme of things, what his leader was doing with the organization was more likely to get him killed then the cig he had pressed up against his lips, hell zwei here was more likely to kill him than this stupid paper wrapped stick of tobacco. So now he skipped the stupid pleas and trying to pitch a case to zwei. He already knew she knew what was going through his mind. She knew him better than anyone who was left in their organization. He also coincidentally trusted her more than anyone who was left, she didn’t act rashly even when he did, and because of it he simply let the words come out of his mouth.

”..Y’know zwei, sometimes i wonder in the end will what we do amount to anything, if this right here.”

He said motioning to everything around them, all of what the monsuta owned, all of their assets, their lands, their people and their dreams. To the sky above them, and to the ground beneath them. Simply because this was everything they had, they hadn’t prestige anymore. The world wished them to be gone, people were actively trying to eradicate the monsuta. And to azuma this all simply was a life he had and he didn’t need fancy words to get across the message to what probably they both were thinking right now.

”. But until i’m dead, i’ll fight for my home, no matter the cost.”

The truth of his statement would probably be conveyed to zwei, to let her know no matter what he had to do, he would keep his organization safe, Whatever that would look like? That would be what he did, because this place was the reason he endured it all, and this was the place he belonged. But for now all he’d ask zwei was.

”So what’s going on in that mind of yours?”

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Current State [SHIZUO]
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