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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Welcoming The Lost Into The Land Of Glum

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Welcoming The Lost Into The Land Of Glum   Thu Oct 13, 2016 11:42 am


Assoicated With This thread:


Artist: Sco - Song: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind VI -

Word Count: 1040

The shine of the silver moon illuminated the plum earth below it. Everything was drowned in shade and lavender colors. Everything from the trees, the plant life, the waters and everything in sight for miles on end was drowned within this color. And why shouldn't it? The owner of Mount Anael was quite fond of this hue as it represented the colors of her soul and melancholy. So it wasn't any wonder that the likes of Saiko Mori would be taking a stroll through the terrority she claimed.

The air was filled with a relaxing mist, one which cleansed the sole and induced a state of mindful meditation to ease the worries, tensions, and stress that the chaotic world of the realm of demons could induce upon a being. Although the power of her zanpukto was developed around the theme of sorrow, glum, and melancholy; that did not mean she needed to be constantly devoured by it in the mind of this Shadow Fall Archduchess. If anything, if she was able to purge herself of these horrid sensations, perhaps she could be a better woman for her husband to be: Ash Iramasha.

So, as of recent, the woman had taken to trying to make this a more serene and peaceful place to be for all whom may find themselves along the path that would lead them here. And, on this calm evening, there was going to be a misguided soul who found himself in the clutches of The Mistress of Glum. Being attached to The Demon Queen always brought with it so many demonic relatives that reached out from time to time. And the likes of Liu Xinshen, The Raksha of The Second Layer of Hell, had instructed her to do a favor and guide someone through the depths of demon world to absolve someone of a most melancholy infested spirit.

While Saiko was somewhat hesitant to take on this request, her prowess could serve to have something decent to feast off of if the target had been potent enough in their despair, sorrow and woe to make a fine meal out of. So, if only for her own interest did Saiko otherwise decide to take up this mission. Liu was an odd one, but at least she felt somewhat trustworthy compared to other demons she had come across. Perhaps it was her liberated and neutral perspective that brought this point of view on, but The Mistress of Glum felt at ease in going forward with her request.

So, without much further adieu, the plum eyed maiden would wait in an open field of grass which overlooked an overly starry sky. Dressed in nothing but black robes, the twin tailed half-breed would stare longingly into the night horizon and feel at peace within the depths of her home. As she rubbed her hands against her pale skinned shoulders, a chill ran down the woman's spine and she could feel a sense of uneasiness looming over her. Maybe it was an omen of ill-will, but something within her stomach just felt nervous about this situation. Then again, dread was much a part of her reality as anything else and could be just the workings of an overactive mind.

Hence, she'd increase the amount of silver mist overflowing within the area and begin to further ease her nerves. As all she had to do now was wait for a vortex of white light to emerge. From the report she had gotten from Liu, one of the commanders of the Gotei Reformed had apparently followed her into demon world. And perhaps it is that affiliation which made her blood run cold. The history between Saiko and the Gotei is not one filled with happy thoughts and warm feelings. Instead, it is drowned in blood and betrayal.

As The Mistress of Glum still recalls the night where she had betrayed her first division squad mates and allied herself with the demons. If she could repeat things again? Perhaps she would not have forsaken for the promise of a power to bring those she lost. All she desired was the revival and peace of her family that had long since been slain in the aftermath of World War Three. And, with the prowess these demonic creatures possessed, it seemed too realistic to her at the time that they could bring about such a deed into reality. They promised her the power to find them peace in nirvana at the cost of selling out the Gotei 13's secrets, killing her comrade's blood and marking herself to forever be a half-blooded demon. A being that was not of the world of shinigami, yet not apart of the realm of demons. An outsider to forever walk the outlines of these two existences.

In spite of this harsh future for herself, Saiko gladly performed this act of self-sacrifice as she only wanted the best for those who were connected to her heart and brought her out of the pits of despair. Hence, while it was done with good intentions, it forever tainted her connection to the soul society and had to wonder: just what the hell was she doing? She was a traitorous being and to mingle about with a pure blooded shinigami from the Gotei was madness. Who knows: maybe this male might even try to kill her if she knew of her past?

It was total and complete lunacy. Yet, it is that very element which was oh-so-active in this world they shared these days. No doubt the workings of that Demon Queen was causing the most subtle of mind shifts across the known realms of existence at this point. So, a hardened sigh left the mouth of Saiko and she just surrendered herself to this ridiculous mission.

"Please hurry up. I do not wish to stand here all night...."

That slight muttering voice would be heard coming out of the woman's mouth before she closed her eyes and waited for her new "Associate" to come out and make himself known.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Welcoming The Lost Into The Land Of Glum   Tue Nov 22, 2016 8:02 pm

I'm being serious here!

Captain of Stealth Corps


A shadow…

As the two of them passed through the dimensions, Kuro wondered if his companion would remain there. Demons… Everywhere… Kuro's mind came back into focus again as he realized that he could stand once more… but even if he could stand, he could not see much.

As he opened his eyes, he was greeted with a silvery mist. Standing in that mist, Kuro could not help but feel the change beneath his feet. The horns on his head seemed to make things feel just a smidge more comfortable… but overall, he felt out of place. Demons. I'm surrounded by them. Kuro blinked, his eyes narrowing slightly. He could no longer hear Piero's voice in his mind. He and the demonic presence had become one, at least for now. "Anyone there…"

He asked the space before him. Of course, he could sense the other individual in this clearing; their voice gave him an indication, and the shadows against the mist still spoke to him, clear as day. For his part, his energy was mostly under control. At least, what he was used to controlling. On the other hand, a small undercurrent of menacing bloodlust could be felt, almost… demonic in nature.

"...But…" The words slowly came out of his mouth as the black-garbed Shinigami stepped from the mist, stopping before the woman. "...The one… who painted my home black, is it…?" A voice asked, as the horned, white-haired male looked directly at her. His eyes seemed almost... manic. They had peace, but it was the stillness of the grave. He hardly seemed to breathe... almost as if he was a ghost, an empty shell.

Kuro Okami laid both of his hands to rest at his sides. There was no intent to fight this woman. Upon examining her, he had learned everything he needed to know. He even felt he knew who she was... she looked familiar. He was not sure where... either from the First Squad, back when he was a member... or from his research into the interactions between Shinigami and Demons. Research that he had done at the behest of the former Captain Commander... research that was done to help him learn how to read.

His Zanpakutō was still on display on his belt, but a black band of shadow sealed its use, at least at the moment. "...Demons… and Shinigami…"

That small voice let out, one that was still slightly hoarse from lack of use. If Saiko could in fact sense despair… he was cloaked within it. Like a great beast, sitting on the doorstep of his soul. In a way, it spoke to the fortitude of the house… But not because the house was strong.

The house merely refused to budge.

Like a dark cobra, that blackness wrapped around Kuro's heart. But it could not squeeze out its life… because that heart did not allow for the fight to begin. A man who drifted between the light, gray, and darkness… One who continued only for the position he held..

This journey, too, was for his job. In a way... but at the same time, it was for Kuro himself. He did not want for his subordinate to fall into blackness as he had. He did not want to see him break. So he would pursue him, even into the depths of hell.

"…….I will not harm you." Kuro spoke gently, out of necessity more than anything. "I'm… Kuro Okami." He introduced himself to her at last, looking at the woman before him with his dead eyes. He did not believe that any introduction was required than that. After all, if this woman understood international affairs of demons, she would know what that name meant. It was one of the most infamous in its handling of demons. It represented a man who did not quit, who relentlessly pursued and slayed. It was even possible that if this realm knew who he was, he would be hunted down.

From his body, the white symbol of the Gotei began to form on his chest. It was formed from Piero's energy, using the same material as the cloak that used to envelop Kuro when he released. As she observed, the emblem became tattered and worn, before finally the white within it changed to gray. That was his home, and no matter how far it fell, he would not forget it.

But for now, he was a visitor. A visitor with a task, self-directed. One of the few times in Kuro's life where his self-direction lead to creation rather than destruction. "Do you… know... what we're doing…?" He continued, needing to verify that with her. Once that was established, they would be able to continue...

To Find the Lost Cub.


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Welcoming The Lost Into The Land Of Glum
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