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 Growth of Desires [Open]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Growth of Desires [Open]   Mon Oct 24, 2016 12:01 pm

A long time had passed since Yoma’s journey began and yet a lot had changed. He had learned about his family that he didn’t know existed, his sisters and brother. He learned he had people watching and caring for him even if they were not there with him. He had learned about loss with the death of his brother and the sorrow this had brought to his sister. This had only served to push him forward towards the goal he has been striving to obtain. Yet, He had also learned more about his other self that exists within him fighting for his own survival and strength to prove himself. With everything Yoma spent time away training and discovering things from a new view learning what he could do for his family and for himself.

Yoma had found himself within the very same forest he had wandered in countless times. Yoma had gotten used to the bicolor colored scenery , nothing but brown and green all of its shades spreading as far the eyes could see, looking closely one could see shades of life that lies hidden within the forest. The ground was littered with broken twigs and branches and the forest seemed to had recently been visited by life. Many creatures and beings dwell within the forest which would mean any could attack at any moment or anything could appear at any moment. Bears, small angry bird or squirrels could attack yet the most dangerous thing would be hollows.

Yoma took out his Zanpakutō which he had sheathed on his side and began practicing his swings. He used the trees around him as targets as he performed his swings. He attempted to make every swing and movement as perfect as possible. He was trying to mimic his sister’s fighting style as she held perfection in high regards which was something Yoma wanted to imitate. Yoma continued and continued to practice any mistake and he started over from the beginning. Yoma started to release smoke and flames from his body attempting to keep it contained and surrounding only the Zanpakutō. As he swung the trees he used the concentrated heat to put more power into the blade as he cut. Yoma kept releasing more flames and smoke and did what he could to control it but he still struggled causing smoke to slowly to gather in the area while he did okay with his flames Yoma had to stop as he had tired himself a bit.

Seems as you're doing better yet you lack control over your power. If your desire is to grow further you will need to move past the point you are at now. I don’t care what you do but just make sure it doesn’t interfere with what i want to do.

Yoma tossed himself to the ground to catch his breath while holding his Zanpakutō in his left hand. Sighing at the comments made by his other self.

“Yea i have improved but i agree i need to improve. I have been ignorant of everything for a long time now. You have always had your goal but yet i have always carried this sword with me. i know nothing about it and carried no desired for strength til recently. Man now im bored just laying here“

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Growth of Desires [Open]   Mon Nov 14, 2016 1:18 pm

Mirja, The Mad Wolf

Mirja was patrolling Karakura forest to make sure no Mushrooms slipped by on her watch. They were always at it, those mushrooms. Guarding the kingdoms from them was a full time occupation, unless you were Mirja, and then it was a whenever you could find the time occupation. She was a busy girl, between Vastime, and hollow hunting, and generally trying to keep Ceal and Arianda as friends. The last one was the most difficult, since the trio did not really mesh very well. Ceal was the kind of girl that wanted everyone, Arianda wanted to keep Ceal all to herself, and...well, yea. That worked very well, if you wanted to caught friction at least.

So she generally avoided them, despite the collar and brand that marked her as Arianda's to anyone who could read the esoteric markings. Their domestic life was one that Mirja was in no hurry to join, it was so complex, so confusing, she would rather be crushing mushrooms in the forest as she was now then try to understand, or fit in. Sure Ari loved Mirja, but with Ceal around, the wolf girl always felt like a spare wheel, and that was something she didn't really need.

Finding a crop of mushrooms and stomping them into oblivion, she looked around. Something was different, she could smell.....smoke. The forest was on fire? That was terrible! Mirja rushed over to the location with all her considerable speed, following her nose, only to find out that it wasn't the forest that was on fire but some guy practicing his fire powers. The sword in his hand looked like a Zanpaktou, so she assumed he was some sort of Shinigami. So, she stormed over after he tossed himself to the ground, and loomed over ominously.

"You are surrounded by flammable objects, and you decide here would be the best place to try out your fire powers? Did your brain go on vacation, or something?"

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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Growth of Desires [Open]   Mon Nov 14, 2016 2:02 pm

Wind began to push up around the two had gathered, as the being known as Mirja began to storm over, the two souls beginning to clash as the ground began to shake. Trees began to rock from their roots, and boulders started to crumble into dust as the intensity of the vibrations rose exponentially. Out of the ground, black fire began to pour out, and still the shaking continued.

The light in the area began to fade, as stars shone in the sky, and the moon itself appeared directly over the forest, shining with light as if it were right above the two of them.

That voice drowned out everything else as the shaking reached its peak, making it difficult to stand as it felt like a level 8 earthquake was occurring on exactly this spot...

A hand reached out of the ground, slamming into the earth. The Earth itself began to push down as the figure continued to rise, its grip increasing as the shaking intensified. The being who had been lying dormant beneath had risen at last, his body raising itself out of the ground as smoke and fire began pouring out from his body. Slowly, he crawled out of the hole…

And black fire poured out from his body, washing over everything but the fighters as the flames were counteracted, wiped away as it looked as it sandpaper was rubbed over everything in the immediate area. The figure was covered in the same black fire…

And then, all of the destroyed wildlife began to flow into him. The blackness continued to shred and break down the organic matter as it poured into the being's mouth, the dark flames finally beginning to settle…

Before the figure crashed into the ground, a large crater emerging as the black flames died down…

And in the crater, a man with dog's ears and a dog tail lay… A man with curious garb that only covered half of his torso and bottoms that looked more like a segmented skirt than anything else. Tied around one shoulder was a red ribbon… but the most striking thing was his massive head of hair.

Blonde and spiky, it adorned the entire back of his body as he lay there, bits of earth and foliage dripping from his mouth, his eyes shut tight as he lightly stirred. But he did yet rise….


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Growth of Desires [Open]
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