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 Spread Upon the Wings[Vastimian Lost Las Anod Suburb]

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Spread Upon the Wings[Vastimian Lost Las Anod Suburb]   Sun Nov 27, 2016 8:03 pm

Artist: KH 2.5 OST - Song: Scherzo di Notte - Word Count: N/A

'Communications have been cut off, you must travel and meet up with the group a head of you and join efforts to reestablish communications and figure out what went wrong.'

That was the gist of things, at least to Elysia. She hadn't had much time to rest before already hearing about another mission that required an extra soul to assist, and this one so happened to involve a certain figure that she met before. It would not only be unkind, but downright rude to not help, which is why she signed up the first moment she could. Despite signing up as quickly as she could, she was still behind the rest of the people heading out, which meant that she would have to do a bit of searching on her own to even meet up.

It wasn't all too difficult for her, considering it was just simply following their signatures until she met up with them. A last minute notice to the group should have also informed them of someone else joining the crew; when they'd arrive was another story.

Rather than keep them waiting for too long, the Bronze Heroine didn't see an issue with using a bit of energy just to arrive quicker, which led to a bright light being emitted from her very being as she shot forwards. For the rest of the group, this would only appear as a faint light in the distance, easily missed at first glance. When the light blipped in and out, flashing periodically as it got closer and brighter, it would hopefully draw more attention to it.

If nothing was in the way to stop her, the flash of light would shine once more just a few blocks away, then appear 50 feet closer, and so on and so on until Elysia herself was standing before the group, smirk plastered upon her lips as she stood tall to reveal herself as best as she could. She didn't have much on her, only her normal clothing of her vest, the white shirt underneath, shorts. Typical stuff, alongside with a set of gloves with metal studs upon each knuckle. Dressed rather lightly, though with how quick she got there, it was easy to see why she was lacking in heavy gear for this.

"Hope I'm not all too late, I was already told of the basic stuff and all so there's no need to explain. I'm Elysia Zatar, ready to assist!"

The cheerful glee in her voice remained as she stepped forwards to officially join the group if permitted, ready for any orders given her way or information to be shared. She knew the goal and why she was here, though this group's specific plans were something she was oblivious too.

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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: Spread Upon the Wings[Vastimian Lost Las Anod Suburb]   Tue Nov 29, 2016 7:53 pm


Artist: N/A - Song: N/A - Word Count: N/A

"Well, better late than never to show up I guess."

The words would reach the little group... or what was left of it as another Yuudeshi appeared from a Garganta in the city, now one might inquire as to why on Earth Chifuyu had shown up as well as why she'd come via garganta and the answer was quite simple. She had been at the Vizard Corps at the time trying to see her uncle Zin about some stuff when he wasn't there and then suddenly she gets some message that says she is to go investigate this issue with Shatari, her great something granddaughter from a genetics standpoint despite being the same age.

Nevertheless she was able to have gotten here via the Vizard Corps but that didn't matter to her, she'd already looked around and noticed just how quiet it was around here. Weird. It was like a total ghost down for the place although using her eyes while she walked over to Shatari she continued to scan the area cause you know, every place like this is meant to be ghostly quiet.

"So Shatari, care to tell me what's the situation? or are you as confused as I am?"

Always down to business, she was here for a reason and she wanted to get that thing done ASAP so she could go back to what she was doing beforehand. Of course with the fact that something was definitely up with this place she made it a precaution to crystallise her left arm so she could use it at a moments notice if something did try to give them a warm welcome to this place.

Using this quiet moment she decided she'd look over her "sister's" company and try to recall anything she might know about them but she came up short on a few of them, hopefully they could all work together with in this if something did come up.

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Subject Post 13PostSubject: Re: Spread Upon the Wings[Vastimian Lost Las Anod Suburb]   Tue Dec 06, 2016 8:06 pm


'The Pride of Vastime'

Artist: The Prime Cronus - Song: Dare The Impossible

‘We are the first and last line of defense.’

Master Sergeant Caius Mulligan was currently acting as the fire leader of a small detail, consisting of six soldiers himself included. In a sudden and surprising move the Vastimian Alert system prompted a whole city had simply gone dark, with that orders came down from the chain of command to display a small detail of soldiers within the area to act as an initial scouting force before sending in the heavy guns. This was rather an unprecedented event for Vastime as everything in their system had been set up to have constant communication, it had evolved to the point where the King-Militant was about to go of his own volition but was swiftly talked down by high command.

This was where Master Sergeant Mulligan came into play, his fire team was selected as the lucky few to act as the expeditionary force within the city having switched from radio communications to a backup communication system using the Vastimian Energy Bank to reply information at an albit slower pace. However, Mulligan wasn’t the only member of Vastime deployed to this area of operation, multiple units were placed at strategic entrances and exits acting as a barricading force. He sat within the the cargo department of a large plane which was transporting him and a series of units who would be entering via air- hence his unit name Para-Infantry.

“We believe we have short range radio communication though it’s strained using our alternative method, so keep a wedge formation and we’ll progress to the communication array to fix whatever is knocking out signal out. Our secondary objective is to secure anyone within the area and escort them to safety, I want everyone to be on the alert this isn’t the typical mission.” Mulligan briefed his own unit getting nods as the soldiers did one last sweep through of their equipment, two of the men were operating as their Auto-Gunner and his assistant meaning they had the monster of a weapon ‘The Ripper.’ It would be dropped to them via weapon pod when they landed. Two other men held the standard LY21 AHLAR equipment with an assortment of magazines but for now they were loaded with the standard High Impact magazines. One man was carrying the L901 ‘Longsword’ which was the primary marksmen rifle of Vastime, it would be entering via weapon pod as well. The entire unit was equipped with the VBU Variant two save for Mulligan who was using the Variant three due to the support AI he currently was authorized to use on this mission.

“Dropping in 3….2….1...DEPLOY.”

Those words would be heard over the intercoms as multiple units had entered into small black pods which seemed to house one soldier and their weapons, save for the extremely large weapons which would be deployed along side them. The pods was following their own holographic countdown which synced with the voice before the screen went green and the pod began to shake. Mulligan was strapped in tightly as he pressed the launch button placing his hand on a lever which controlled his tilt and another level which acted as his air brake if he needed it- but this drop was a High impact drop meaning they would be entering the ground hard… and fast.

For those on the ground they would see these planes throughout the city as small black pods began to fall from them with the marking of Vastimian units, particularly the 1st Royal Para-Infantry Regiment better known as the unit which Colonel Decter commanded. As the pods dropped through the air they would shake violent with the occupant remaining steady inside due to an assortment of hydraulic bracers and safety measures. When they struck the ground they would leave a small crater as the soldiers would quickly grab their rifles pressing a large red button which would detonate the locks sending the doors flying violently as they quickly exited with their weapons drawn setting up a 360 degree security area.

It seemed Vastimian troops were arriving, but Master Sergeant Caius Mulligan would have the pleasure to meet the oddball group of heros who had gathered, as he was only a block from them. Should they go to meet him they would find they had set up a mini operations areas noticing an assortment of smaller pods which had fell with them which constrained shortwave radio gear, armaments, and barricades which they would have set up securing the area. This would be a good bit from downtown but it was clear this unit was acting as the Forward Operating Base, for now they would secure the area if no hostiles presented themselves...

VBU Variant 2:

VBU Variant 3:



LY46 'Hell Hammer':

Gladius MK.2:

MSV12 'Chopper':

Shocker Gauntlet:

LY901 'Longsword':

LY1002 'Hellsbreath' Grenades:

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Spread Upon the Wings[Vastimian Lost Las Anod Suburb]
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