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 Operation Shadow Purge [CHICAGO: CENTRAL SECTOR] [EVENT]

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Operation Shadow Purge [CHICAGO: CENTRAL SECTOR] [EVENT]   Sun Jan 29, 2017 8:58 pm


Artist: Nyx - Song: Megalo Strike Back - Words: N/A

[NOTE: This is the R3 Replica Shell of Neoveta's old body]
Resistance against the zombified shell seemed to be of little use in the mind of Neoveta. As soon as the tendrils were diverted away from Inami, dozens of stronger and reinforced appendages dared to bounce off those tentacles and propel themselves at mach ten speed around every square inch of The Queen's body so that they may puncture, pierce and fling the woman throughout the battlefield as if she were a bloody rag doll. Although they still required a high amount of potency from corrupted shell in order to pull off, there would still be time to heighten her defenses further because it took a brief pause in the battle to achieve this feat.

Regardless of what outcome occurred, these appendages that had generated and projected themselves out of the tendrils Inami swatted away were going to be the least of her concerns. Since for the one tendril that did make contact, a secondary attack straight out of hell would emerge. As that would be the necessary direct hit she needed in order to infuse a high amount of DE Energy into. This would ensure that the drain effect which this energy possessed could begin to dull, corrode and stomp out the stamina and volumes of energy within The Demon Queen; effectively inducing pain, making it more difficult to summon her power and lowering the potency of her augmentations.

Following that, an eruption of black mist could be seen expanding for one thousand meters in all directions. This would be the cluster of DE Force brewing within the body of the infected shell seeking to neutralize and cancel out the reaitsu drain effect. This was made all the more likely to occur because of the fact it would seek to utilize the metaphysical properties of the energy in order to attack something as ethereal as the reiatsu drain. As, in turn, it would devour and rot out the effects that this attack might have and prevent it from happening in the first place.

Nevertheless, the woman was still filled with a mouthful of drivel. Uttering words about The Shell's insecurities, violence, and supposed friendship. In this state of mind? It was sickening and she intended to take advantage of the fact that it took so long to vomit out those sentiments and to transform.

"I am violent and insecure? I will adhere to that logic and show you violence."

Without missing a beat, a glowing red dagger emerged in the right hand of The Replica Shell. Not too soon after that action would she then stab this dagger straight into the ground. In this moment, a high amount of energy could be felt leaving the body of The Inverse Shell. Why was that? Simple: she was going to annihilate and force Inami to a critical state of being. The destructive capacity of this attack she was brewing could be enough to wipe an epicenter of two cities the size of New York, but was condensed to only be thousand meters.

What was the intent of all this? To unleash a hell storm of her most foul feelings in the form of a rot-filled attack. Since, when the attack was ready, there would be nothing but the blackest shade of shadows which devoured the landscape while The Queen was transforming. It was seeking to unleash a shiaki level attack of a Captain Commander on the woman. Thus, if she were caught in it, Inami would potentially see 25-50% of her energy devoured. While her defenses could be potentially broken; causing immense body strain, burns, cuts and a greater sense of instability on accessing the reserves of power in her body. This could result in making it two times as hard to summon her abilities, quickly react and it could effectively stun her for one or two post.

All the while, the metaphysical effects of the DE could even begin to slither into her mind, dull out her mind and weaken her pain endurance and willpower to make it that much harder to stand up to The Inverse Shell. As, all in all, it would be attack on the physical, metaphysical and mental level to systematically break down the essence of Inami within this dome of total decay and rot. It was meant to signify the corruption of herself, to annihilate that sense of light within The Queen and bring her to the level of zombification that Neoveta's own sense of was in.

Therefore, all that was left to do was to await in the darkness and let the damning booms of her attack spread for many dozens of miles on the end; potentially even being felt as far away Galena, Illinois. That is how much she loathed this creature in front of her for the potency of this attack to be sensed from such great distances. It was all to kill this attachment to the past and keep moving forward with the agenda of her now hollow mind.

"Struggle? I'll redefine the meaning of that word for you and educate you on it what means, Queen."


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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: Operation Shadow Purge [CHICAGO: CENTRAL SECTOR] [EVENT]   Mon Jan 30, 2017 9:30 am