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 Operation: Shadow Purge [CHICAGO: NORTH SECTOR EVENT]

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Operation: Shadow Purge [CHICAGO: NORTH SECTOR EVENT]   Operation: Shadow Purge [CHICAGO: NORTH SECTOR EVENT] - Page 2 EmptyTue Nov 08, 2016 3:02 pm

The Righteous Guardian


Operation: Shadow Purge [CHICAGO: NORTH SECTOR EVENT] - Page 2 6EdIfMt

Artist: Jeff and Casey Williams - Song: Caffeine - Word Count: 1323

North Chicago... was this place supposed to be lovely...? Sure, it was in America, which was under demon control, but was it really supposed to look good? Because it looks like a ruined mess currently. A mess of screaming people, undead creatures, and wild reiatsu traces. Such things made Toshiko quite annoyed... VERY annoyed frankly. She would have liked to be able to see Sofia, Niflheim, and herself outside of trouble and actually being able to socialize, or do other things, instead of constantly being thrown into danger. Speaking of danger, some giant ass beast just caused a lot of danger. Enough that Toshiko could feel it from the position she was at; far outside of the Northern Sector of Chicago. Why so far? Well, she was a little late to say the least. She had to prepare her Vollstandig and she had to convince her soldiers to stay behind and only assist her from a distance. She did this because, while they are all capable fighters, she'd rather they not lie in the palm of danger; where everything was going to shit. Luckily, they were providing her with information that was going on in the area due to the satellites that they had hacked into; useful thing.

This meant that Toshiko knew exactly what was happening; or she at least had a good idea. However, the satellites were only able to pick up vague details until Toshiko got there and used her Artillery Configuration's E.T.S. Which would definitely help her in this situation. Hopefully it would do the same for Niflheim and Sofia. But, due to the RCS things wouldn't be all that hard, so, the obstruction field that Toshiko had been informed of wouldn't influence her all that badly; not like it was meant to anyways.

Toshiko was on the outskirts of the Northern Sector of Chicago, running atop buildings, and between them, so she could get to where she needed to get to as quick as possible. At about 200 meters away, or about 650 feet away, Toshiko came to a halt on top of a building and looked on at the giant storm around the Goliath Shell. She also spied Sofia and Niflheim from her vantage point atop the building. She sighed softly and popped her neck staring at the Goliath shell.

"It's a good thing I'm finally here... if either of them got hurt, I would rather not destroy more of Chicago trying to kill you; senseless beast."

She popped her knuckles and let her bag, her spiritual weapon, fade so she may release her Vollstandig without much issues. She fixed her gloves and then snapped her fingers, a grin spreading across her face as the armaments of her Vollstandig slowly appeared and then implanted themselves onto her body. The entire outfit of her Vollstandig configurations were rather skimpy, in truth, but they were effective and definitely aerodynamic. However, that was not to be worried about currently. The wings that were attached to this particular configuration were made specifically for the purposes of what she needs to do. Which, of course, is to provide rieshi for her railgun and assist her. She then reached her hand out as her railgun formed in her hand, being nearly 10 feet long. The gun was buzzing with supercharged reishi and was already primed to fire. A bipod slammed down from the railgun and impaled itself into the building to provide something to stabilize her aim a little. She made sure the thing was loaded properly and then tapped the side of her visor, and initiated her E.T.S.

In less than a couple of seconds Toshiko had already hacked into a Satellite in the area and revealed the presence of enemies within a 600 meter radius around her. She sighed softly as the service quickly located enemies in the area; spotting so many zombies it made Toshiko sick. She spat to the side and then knelt to aim down the scope of her Railgun. She trained the sights on about where the Goliath was, thanks to RCS and her E.T.S., and then spoke to Sofia and Niflheim with the reishi communication they have.

"Hello Captain Sofia, Elect Niflheim~ Sorry for being late. If you need any visual assistance I can send you two some extra visual aid with my E.T.S. I just need your approval. Also, it will reveal the locations of all enemies to us; as long as they don't have a way to hide from it."

Toshiko then stopped speaking and attempted to send Sofia a picture of her winking, of course, the picture could also be sent to Niflheim on accident. She wouldn't mind though, she admired both women enough to wink at them and not feel bad about it. However, she wouldn't worry about flirting or possible perverse actions until after this battle. Speaking of this battle, it was time to provide a little artillery support and shoot this giant ass monster in the face. So, with 3 long breathes, Toshiko finally calmed her nerves and took aim.

She did not breathe at all, time felt as if it had slowed down as she took aim. She felt, and heard, her heart beating as she released the third breath of air she took. Three seconds... in three seconds is when she should fire... Three... Slowly squeeze the trigger... Two... Make sure to not freak out... One... UTE!! After squeezing the trigger properly, and swiftly, a loud shot echoed from where Toshiko was, loud enough to likely be heard in other sectors. One shot was loosed from the barrel of her Railgun, flying at Mach four directly for the Goliath Shell's head. Toshiko breathed again and then fired once more, this shot flying at mach four as well; going towards the Goliath's center of mass. One more shot. She fired a third time from her Railgun, now aiming at the sword arm of the Goliath; to either disarm it or send it's arm way off target. However, after that she sighed softly and rubbed her shoulder. Even if all of her qualities were effectively increased seven-fold; the recoil from the railgun still hurt some. It was a gun firing supercharged reishi bolts at Mach 4, that was bound to hurt a lot if she wasn't careful. But, she always was luckily; especially when she is firing a Railgun that could easily cause a human to explode just from being hit by the round. After firing those three shots she spoke to Toshiko and Niflheim again.

"If either of you didn't hear those shots, I would be seriously surprised. Anywho, if my shots land, which they should, you may have a chance to attack... don't be surprised if I have to deal with zombies over here; this thing's kinda loud."

She sighed softly and made sure to keep constant contact with her two colleagues. Well, more than colleagues... friends? Well, she wasn't sure at this point. She knew Sofia was her friend from so long ago, but, Niflheim? She was both her boss and leader, so, that one was a toss-up. She shook her head and then returned to aiming down the scope of her Railgun, her right eye peering down the scope as she also kept sharp track of the enemies around her. This little shit was up against two captains and the Elect of the Vandenreich. In Toshiko's mind, the thing didn't stand a chance. It was time to cleanse Chicago and kick this monster's ass. Toshiko couldn't wait to test her Railgun on this opponent more. Hopefully it would get a little more interesting though.

Coding Altered From: [THEFROST]'s

Operation: Shadow Purge [CHICAGO: NORTH SECTOR EVENT] - Page 2 95bb5b10
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Song: N/a STUFF - Artist: N/A STUFF - Words: N/A

There were a lot of things that were going wrong. One, the city was being overrun by seemingly undead monstrosities that seemed to be devouring and pillaging and eating and conceivably farting all over the place. Two, someone though that Chicago might be a nice city if it weren't for all the ravenous corpse monsters. Chicago was basically Detroit if it occasionally remembered to brush its teeth. That was the most flattering Chicago would or could ever be. Sprache had learned that from the host of comments on the thing called the internet. It was an absolute wealth of knowledge that Sprache was informed was unequivocally true at all times and it had been clear and in no uncertain terms that if Detroit was America's Cesspool, Chicago was America's President Trump reincarnated. So for all intents and purposes he supposed things weren't so bad here. They could be worse, none of the zombies looked like they spent eight years imbibing nothing but cheetos, so that was a plus.

Sprache had arrived with the Jagdarmee, but it was pretty clear that he was not a member. For one, he didn't get the membership badge, so everyone knew he was adopted and his parents didn't love him. For two, When Sofia issued her orders and rest of the troops she brought with her broke off to follow whatever it was she said, Sprache was decidedly immobile. He had taken up a seated position against the wall and had taken out the one acquisition he had to his name apart from his clothes and glasses, a small sketchbook and a pen, seemingly ignoring what the rest of the Quincy were doing around him as he drew in the small book with a soft smile on his face. His drawings were always considered strange, always considered odd, always considered to be ridiculous coincidence, but they didn't seem to really require much thought on Sprache's part. Ever since that night in the woods he started to think his drawings might be more than him drawing what came to mind, but up until now everything had just been a coincidence. He wondered if what he drew next would come true too.

Then many things happened at once. A large monster infected by the pathogen erupted on to the scene and for once, erupted was the proper verb. The creature made its presence known by leveling a healthy chunk on the city, relieving Chicago of multiple city blocks just by moving it's lumbering limbs around. The giant monster zombie girl, who Sprache would now refer to as Berta, was not going to go unmolested for long it seemed. The combined forces of estrogen soon came to a head. He knew the energy signatures he felt, vaguely, all three were in the concert hall so he had felt them before, and he knew that the second they did start moving they wouldn't exactly have much respect for the likelihood of collateral damage. Even if they did espouse that desire to protect and grow humanity through their actions, they were beings who dealt in firing light stocks of increasingly more dangerous potency. He could feel the creature they had lined up against and, individually, they did not match up. Collateral damage was going to happen, how much that mattered when half the populace could not longer be considered alive was a little more up for debate.

When the third piece acted, a small grin came to Sprache's face. It wasn't from the actions of his Quincy compatriots, they had all been pretty predictable in their actions, what was amazing was how the their Necrotic foes were behaving. The marvel that they managed to create a giant Zombie was impressive enough on its own, but in addition to that they managed to develop an actual sort of group intelligence. He doubted the individual creature was especially intelligent, but when they functioned as a group they identified the one weakness that their major opponents in the area had. They were, by nature split up. That was a great weapon against one opponent, it was a horrible weapon against many. Understanding such a tactic should have been impossible for creatures that existed solely by reanimating a dead person as a host. They had grown beyond the kind of scope that whatever engineered these things could have possibly hoped for. He was undoubtedly rather proud wherever he was. And as the final projectile hurtled toward the giant creature, the zombies who had kept to the perimeter immediately turned and sprinted, surprisingly quickly, straight toward the position of the final shooter, toward Toshiko. He supposed it was time for him to do something.

Sprache set the sketchbook down on the ground and sprung to his feet, the grin on his face widening as he tore off after the couple dozen zombies that streaked down the streets, ignoring any survivors that they would, typically, not bother ignoring. Sprache decided to ignore them too. They zombies were quick, they were far faster than your typical human and closing the distance to the sniper would not take long for the horde, or it wouldn't if they weren't headed off. Sprache picked up speed and moved toward one of the nearby buildings. Channeling Reishi to his feet, the man took off up the side of the building to the roof and then, in one impressively quick dash, vaulted himself over the other end. Soaring through the air and finding his target, Sprache landed his feet right on one of those sprinting Zombie's shoulders. A sickening crunch could be heard through the area as Sprache gripped the creature's neck with his ankles and twisted, snapping its dilapidated neck. It wasn't done being used yet though. As its body collapsed under Sprache's weight, the man leaned backward and pushed his feet forward against the corpse's shoulders, grinding them against the cement as his momentum carried the two of them forward, surfing on the zombie as he raised his hands as the quintessential sign of the Quincy(so punny) formed in his hands. Two arrows were fired in quick succession as Sprache chased down the zombies, surfing upon their friend and picking them off as he went, each arrow being sure to pierce the heads of the creatures. Of course, he wasn't really sure if zombie myths from the twenty-first century really applied to these things, but he would be damned if he didn't take the necessary precautions. One of the creatures must have heard his friends dying...again...and turned to face the tobogganing Sprache and stood directly in his way. The man leaped off his ride, the re-corpse crashing in to the zombie's legs as Sprache twisted his body backward, flipping backward as his next arrow leveled itself off mid flip. A soft release followed by a very satisfying, if imaginary, "thunk" as the arrow went through the back of the unbalanced Zombie's head.

Sprache skidded past one of the groups of twelve on his landing, causing the collective group of undead to pause for a moment. The aura around the man had changed, now glowing a faint blue as his skin adopted a similar azure tint. He had taken down four of the twelve, that left eight to go. They had acknowledged he was a threat, amusing. They moved as a group, it was sloppy, lacking tactical proficiency, but they were at least developing a certain sense of cohesion. Impressive progress. Sprache threw a heavy hammer blow to the first one that transgressed upon his space, dropping the creature quickly before jumping back toward another large building, catching himself with his back to the building as the others raced him down. Another limb came in, Sprache caught its wrist in his hand and violently jerked it down as a heavy elbow crashed down on to the creature's ulna and another sickening crunch echoed through the city as Sprache had ripped the creatures arm clean off. He then proceeded to smack him in the head with his own arm, dropping another down as he pushed off the side of the building, clotheslining another encroaching zombie as he followed behind his compatriot, breaking both his captured arm and the enemies head with his extra limb lariat. The next zombie dove for his face as Sprache leaned back, the energy around his hands again as he limbo'd under the zombie projectile, firing a decisive shot up through the creature's nose as it crashed in to a heap on the ground. Another dove for him and with his backward moment Sprache rolled back, delivering a heavy double footed kick to the creature's gut and rolling backward, throwing the monster hard in to the building behind him.

He rolled back to his feet, a soft sigh escaping him. With the form he was in, he had to try way too hard on these ones. The man's aura was shifting, from blue to a vibrant green, almost like he was a walking jungle. As the final three encroached, Sprache lifted his leg and threw one vicious roundhouse across his body, the foot violently crashing through all three heads at the same time, as if Sprach was sick of writing about killing them as he finished clearing out the group of monsters. The man's foot set back down to the ground as his eyes scrolled toward where the shot came from. There was at least one more group of twelve heading toward Toshiko's position. He better get going. Sofia and Milfheim were probably fine...probably.


Coding By: [THEFROST]
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Enter The Goliath Shell
Operation: Shadow Purge [CHICAGO: NORTH SECTOR EVENT] - Page 2 6EdIfMt

Song: Impossible Battle - Artist: N/A - Words: 1731

[OOC NOTE: It is advised you join this thread with Henrex, Thor. The difficulty level of the boss is going to increase and it was stated that your character was where he was. Thus, it would make sense to go to the link below as I will be throwing a sub-boss you guys way.


A unit was beginning to form in order to combat the mass prowess of the Goliath Shell Zombie. It was becoming aware of this because of the fact it still retained it's intelligence and sense of self. Therefore, there were roughly five unique energy frequencies buzzing about the area which did not seem like civilizations, nor were they among Shadow Fall or the infected. Hence, it kept track of where these energy signatures were coming so that it could share it's information through it's network of the infected and to keep tabs on where these fighters were coming from. As, unknown to them, The Goliath Shell created a telepathic system through it's demonic bonding in order to share visual information in order to discern where all of the combative Quincy would remain on the field and what was going on in real time.

[Reference to Death Energy:

Goliath is utilziing the Breakdown function]

And it is what allowed the creature to otherwise maintain a sense of understanding of where the disk of energy Sofia had launched at was going to go. Ergo, with this knowledge, The Goliath shell held out it's right palm and directed a sum of Death Energy towards it. It was utilizing this energy in order to tap into it's breakdown capacities. As, with this metaphysical function, it could otherwise decay the momentum of the object in order to cease it's pace. Then, when it's movement was nulled, all The Goliath needed to do was have the energy associated with the disk crumble in on itself as this corrupting energy destroyed the core of the attack to make it implode on itself.

[Spoiler of her sword]


Thus, they were going to learn just how raw the strength of The Goliath was. As by the time that Niflheim arrived, The Titan swords were raging with a great deal of physical might and demonic power from it's infection. Hence, when it collided with the hyper sonic arrows, it would manage to otherwise knock them away into the distance and towards the direction of Sprache. In this scenario: the sword of The Goliath Doll would act as a bat and the projectiles Niflheim would reflect and bounce off her weapon towards the direction of the lone quincy at mach five speeds.

And even as Niflheim continued her assaults, the debris exploding upwards towards The Goliath Shell would be eradicated by her swords intense heat; melting them before they had a chance to cease it's movement. By this time it should become increasingly obvious that this creature was not one which was going to go down so easily. As despite being caught up in a storm which otherwise made it hard to discern where Sofia and Niflheim were, it was smart enough to understand that it would be wise for it to get out of it's range of effect.

Therefore, The Goliath Shell used it's immense physical strength in order to toss itself upwards in the air by one hundred meters within the time span of a half second. As, while it was massive, the creature seemed to have no problems moving swiftly in a single direction. For it was estimating that it would be difficult to move about within the city unless it destroyed everything in sight. So by this logic it would seem that taking flight towards the air would be to it's advantage for the time being in order to gain a greater scope of where this battle was going.

It is why if Niflheim decided to pursue the Goliath Shell, she would be met with a rude awakening as it was ready to unleash another wave of melting demonic energy from it's backside. If she was within twenty meters of this creature, she would find herself suffering immense burns, a lost of two to three percent of her energy from the damages and the force of the energy could potentially send her flying back towards the earth at Mach two speeds.

Nevertheless, despite it's efforts, one arrow managed to pierce The Goliath Shell's backside and erupt within an explosion which took away roughly two percent of it's energy from the attack it suffered. There were burns and smoke coming from her body, but it did not same to have a vast effect because of the fact her body was extremely reinforced by it's physical durability and dense demonic energy acting as armor for it at the moment. All of the other arrows by this point can be assumed as to have been vaporized.

Meanwhile, the remaining zombies within the area were beginning to transmit data that a great power was being summoned in the distance. One which could otherwise prove to deal a fair amount of damage to the Goliath Shell. It was a power which she had sensed roughly six hundred meters away and it seemed to be intent on giving the infected a hard time. Therefore, by the time that the railgun was fired off from Toshiko, The Goliath Shell would have formed at least one meat shield to otherwise take the brunt of the attack.

As the shot which was aimed at her head would have been absorbed by a living sacrifice for the most part. Since while this creature was able to absorb a good deal of the impact, there were still shockwaves from the burst of power which otherwise managed to knock The Goliath Doll off her center of balance. So it is during this movement that the second shot had managed to take some kind of effect on the doll. For the railgun shot at her center of mass managed to hit, but only after having roughly half of it's effectiveness devoured by The Goliath Shell's DE Field.

This decaying effect from her Death Energy would be her saving grace as it managed to prevent her from suffering critical damage. There was roughly five percent of the creature's energy sensed leaving her from the attack, but it wasn't out of the fight just yet. By the time that the 3rd blast came, The Goliath Shell used automatic reflexes in order to otherwise time her attacks correctly. Since this next attack was aimed at her sword, it used it's enhanced instincts in order to redirect the motion of the railgun back towards the person who aimed it. This could be possible by her demonic energy acting as a parasitic agent in the metaphysical sense.

By possessing her attack, it could amplify it in strength two and half times and send it back at Toshiko at Mach Seven speeds. If this event happened, the burst of energy would turn crimson in color and have enough impact force behind it to destroy a three hundred meter range of effect. This means that most of the area around The Quincy would be reduced to a wasteland and it could cause heavy damage because of the empowered strength of The Goliath Dolls attack. The resulting eruption could perhaps even spread as far as to the distance where Sprache positioned himself; as the attack was that chaotic.

So, with that being said, it was no wonder that The Goliath Shell's right arm was beginning to bleed from the impact of that attack. It sustained further damage because of the fact the force generated out of the speed of the railgun had managed to travel through the blade and into her limb. Causing a burning red fluid to gush down and melt whatever was standing beneath it. As this creature's blood could burn through steel with relative ease and it was not ease to be near it when it was bleeding. However, it showed that their attacks were having an effect as The Goliath Shell now felt it needed to be more on guard than ever.

Therefore, the creature saw fit to otherwise unleash a burst of black energy downward towards the direction of Sofia and Niflheim. It expanded in fifty meters in every direction and would prove to be hard to dodge. Hence, The Goliath Shell did not intend to give them that luxury. As, before it would come down to the earth, The Infected Titan would seek to have it erupt over a two hundred meter radius around them. This would hopefully blow away the storm in the process, but also spread the corruptible influence of her Death Energy to begin draining and sucking away the energy, durability and effectiveness of their attacks from the two ladies.

Eventually, this draining field of effect would spread for four hundred meters away from the impact sight and hopefully influence most attacks and people caught up within it. Meaning that there was an infected zone of decay within the center battlefield where The Goliath Shell was fighting the two quincy whom were positioned at the front. Many caught up within it that were not the infected would begin to feel sick. Headaches, dizziness and a sense of confusion may wash over them. While two to ten percent of their energy may leave them for every post they are within this "dead zone". This is dependent upon their durability, tier differences and abilities. Additionally, attacks may suffer the effect and may see their effectiveness reduced anywhere from ten to twenty-five percent.

Hence, it made sense for The Goliath Shell to embed herself within this dead-zone and begin building up more Death Energy to intensify the effects over time to make herself a stronghold in this fight and make it further difficult on the opponents after having pushed her to this extent. As The Goliath was getting a sense of what these creatures were capable of and it was beginning to come to the conclusion that it needed to swiftly put a stop to their antics before it was too late.


In one raspy breath, The Goliath Shell seemed interested in seeing what these Quincy would do now. So she challenged them to advance to her and would await to see the results of her attacks on the area around her.

Operation: Shadow Purge [CHICAGO: NORTH SECTOR EVENT] - Page 2 Th123GoliathDoll

Operation: Shadow Purge [CHICAGO: NORTH SECTOR EVENT] - Page 2 WVMWLOu
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Artist: Lindsey Stirling - Song: Transcendence

Her own inner hunch had been well founded. The beast was not only clever but immensely more powerful than she was initially led to believe. Despite her efforts and her carefully planned strategy, the disk created through Engelscheibe had not managed to hit its target. Regardless of her attempts to use her ability, The Melody, to enhance the chances of it connecting, an ulterior force had been at play. Instead, Engelscheibe had seemed to slow down before caving onto itself, creating an explosion that was both surprising yet beautiful nonetheless, however contrasting to the dreadful look of her surroundings. The outcome made the prodigy question what sorts of abilities the titanic being kept largely stowed away from them. It was impossible to figure out the details of such skill but the hints provided were enough to make assumptions based on what was witnessed. However right or mistaken she might have been about her hunches would likely be gambles she would need to weigh in and balance, in careful assessment to down the demonic entity.

In some way, the ability managed to slow and break down or eat away at Engelscheibe. It didn’t seem to be a wall or a kind of barrier as she would have been inclined to believe her technique would have sliced through it effortlessly had that been the case. The question remained as to whether she possessed an acid like ability or the means to break down energy. Regardless however, Sofia would keep her guard up and remain extra cautious. There was no reason to believe the demon’s ability was limited to only acting up against spiritual forces. Most likely, it could also have an effect on spiritual beings. That however, was a gamble she was not willing to stake her life on at the time. Despite it, perfection did not exist in anything. Even beings who clamored and boasted about being god-like suffered the flaws and disadvantages of imperfection. The ability shown by the beast and the results of its use seemed to be without flaw, but Sofia knew otherwise. As a musician, she was well acquainted with the trek and struggle in creating a musical art that was as close to perfection as possible. However, even for her, an individual who was known and praised for her prodigious musical skill, she was far from perfection. As the battle ensued and its climax inched closer, the ebony hair lady would continuously make attempts to force the demonic titan to make a mistake until the fated one which would likely seal its end.

”Proud to be fighting alongside you, both.”

The mental words were meant to be directed at both Niflheim and Toshiko, the latter whom had just arrived onto the field. The battle was about to become all kinds of interesting with the trio amassing their skills in unison to rid the city of the dark intent of the demon. Despite the incurred distance among them however, the three would be able to talk to each other telepathically with ease thanks to the construct and benefits awarded by the reishi convergence systems they were a part of back in the City of Light. Before Sofia could say anything else however, she received a rather strange and oddly timed mental picture.

W-was that a wink… she thought to herself, widening her eyes in shock as a an expression of bewildered confusion overwhelmed her.

It didn’t take long to figure out who had done so however. It would have been difficult to assign fault of it to Niflheim, so the only logical choice was her good perverted childhood friend, Toshiko.

”Not the right time Toshiko,” she grunted in her mind as she watched a plethora of the infected run in numerous locations seemingly without orderly reason or intent to do so.

Toshiko was an interesting and integral part of Sofia’s life. She was a childhood friend that was both unlike her as far as personality and drive, and very much alike in terms of talent in different fields like her. Above it all, she was a dearly beloved friend, just as Niflheim was slowly becoming not just someone Sofia respected and trusted, but someone she could eventually truly come to call a good friend. Though she was pleased with Toshiko’s arrival, easily noticeable through the smile of amusement and gratitude she displayed, there was also a very clear uneasy look to her expression. The nature of the uneasy look however would be unclear to most besides Toshiko, perhaps, maybe Niflheim. There were very little chances Toshiko would allow the pervy side of herself show too much during a battle where their lives hanged by a thread, but the memories of events of the past were recollections that made Sofia stop, think, and take a subconscious and metaphoric step back.

”Niflheim, Toshiko, please limit your use of communication to strictly necessary information. The enemy is unruly and unpredictable, and the abilities it possess, largely unknown. We can’t risk plans being foiled by unnecessarily discussed information.”

As a celebrity in the social levels that had any interest in music, she was aware of the term every mic is a hot mic. Even when people were not listening, if something had even the slightest possibility of being heard, one always had to assume that it was. As such, it was best to be cautious about what was shared around a beast whose full extent of power was largely unknown. The three knew each other enough to be semi aware of at least some of the abilities they possessed. As for the rest, they could easily communicate without giving long winded speeches.

Sofia was powerful and talented, but that was hardly the only reasons she had been chosen to lead the Jagdarmee. Each of the Captains as well as members of the Vandenreich who meant something needed more than just power to claim the spots they possessed. They needed more than that to lead, and push the Quincy through new thresholds of development. Toshiko was a gifted prodigy in all technological and mechanical things. Her art, while definitely different than Sofia’s was amazing and beautiful in their own right. Sofia was known not just for her prodigal musical and artistically balanced combat style however. Her love and near addiction to order and balance allowed her to carry on the steady rhythmic tempo of music and battle to most things she did in life. It was that order, composure, and collected persona, even in the face of dire adversity that enabled her to keep her men and her companions sane. Even against unlikely odds, with a titan that possessed untold power, she was able to reflect an expression that exuded a serene and graceful nature, despite how she might have felt within. If anything, it was that serene and calmed disposition that usually allowed her friends to feel at ease and more readily capable to combat the forces that opposed them.

As the trio readied their attacks, the musical prodigy felt a sudden surge in her own power. It seemed to be thanks to Niflheim own abilities. She could feel her body lighter and more nimble, it also felt as if she could create surges of power and damage with her attacks beyond what she could have done on her on beforehand. Likewise, it seemed to enhance not just the offensive but also the defensive aspect of her abilities. In essence, from that time on, Sofia’s attacks and defenses as well as those of the Quincy in the field would see the spectrum of effect and outcome of their skills increase exponentially in the best of ways. With the increase in their energy potentials, the uplifting feeling allowed her to be able to discern yet another familiar spiritual signal among the field. Though she could be mistaken, it was likely Spranche. None of her men would have disobeyed her orders. He however… he was a special case. While it would have been best for him to stay elsewhere, a part of her was glad he followed his own rebellious nature through. The unique set of skills he possessed were odd and unorthodox enough that, if used with purpose, they could come in handy and potentially strengthen the Captain duo and the Elect on their effort to down the foe. His ability was something she still didn’t fully understand. But, it was that odd and currently indecipherable nature of it that made it so difficult to counteract. If he could figure out a way to assist them without dying, perhaps the music in the battlefield could play a different tune, one that was sweeter and largely in their favor.

Thanks to Niflheim’s own masterful use of reishi manipulation, a supernatural storm had been created in the field. It obscured not only their physical bodies but their spiritual signals as well. Whether that truly veiled them from the beast was to be decided, but alas, Sofia could still tell where her companions were. In her case, she believed it was thanks to her own talent with reishi and the ease with which she could pinpoint the areas of great reishi convergence. Those areas were most often where a Quincy stood. Beyond it however, there was the slight feeling as though the storm itself enhanced that notion, allowing the Quincy within it to be able to feel and see where their companions were at all times, despite the potential difficulty of the foes to do the same.

Rather than jumping into the action however, Sofia would await, momentarily to observe the result of her companion’s attacks and analyze the calculated movements and actions of the beast. If she could reason the intent, the notion, and the drive that made her react as she did, perhaps she could discover a weakness or the means to harm her with more ease. Despite having had to deal with Sofia’s Engelscheibe, the surge in the Quincy’s power and the supernatural storm, the titan was still able to face up against the incoming attacks. The plethora of arrows fired by the Elect had been deflected save for a single one that had managed to hit the titan’s backside. She needed to be weary of the twin blades of the demon. They showed to be capable of displaying enough power to smack away the powerful volley of arrows with ease. However, it was interesting to see that one had managed to hit for some reason.

Not allowing the demon a chance to rest, a series of extremely loud shots could be heard, fired from Toshiko’s location in an attempt to finish the demon. The shots were loud enough to be easily discernable but not enough to drown out the sounds of music that still echoed throughout the field. Instead, they seemed to be akin to the perfect addition of drums or some kind of percussion to an already nearly perfect symphonic ensemble. The demon would react quite interestingly to the attack however. Using some of the infected as meat shields, it would guard against one of the shots. A different shot, aimed at the midsection of the demon would end up hitting her, but alas, the damage created seemed rather unnoticeable. It made no sense. Sofia had sparred and trained enough with Toshiko to be fully aware of how capable she was in combat. There was no way her shots had gotten that weak, let alone while already using on her Vollstanding. The situation reminded her of what had happened to her Engelscheibe earlier. Either through the same means used before, or some akin to it, the speed and power of the shot could have deteriorate it, saving the demon from excess harm. There was an even bigger burning question however. It puzzled her why Toshiko’s attack had managed to hit, albeit meekly, when her sharp spinning disk hadn’t. They both traveled at excessively fast speeds. Toshiko’s was a bit faster and was aided by her Vollstanding release. It could have been either because of that, or due to the large amount of attacks the demon was exposed to. Niflheim had not released either, and her power wasn’t much higher than Sofia’s so she had to assume, under quite testable hypothesis, that the demonic titan was at a disadvantage not just with speed, but against numerous attacks at once coupled with the latter. If she were to target the demon however, she would need to make sure to avoid the swords. For the most part, she had been able to deal with most attacks that had been directed there. The arrows had been deflected and the last of Toshiko’s shots had been swung back at her at speeds that seemed deadly. Though the analysis did little in securing a concrete victory, Sofia enjoyed taking in the details and making a calculated and orderly plan to follow. It was the best way she knew to do things. It was her preferred method to learn and master new music and master opponents in the battlefield as well.

While worried about Spranche and Toshiko following the arrows and the shot that had been swung their way, Sofia couldn’t allow herself to be distracted. She needed to trust they were strong and capable of defending themselves. If she allowed doubt to cloud her trust and her judgement, the battle would be lost before it even reached its climax.

”Stay strong everyone.”

When the titan jumped high into the air, the Jagdarmee Captain would make no attempt to follow. Though her analyses had proven useful, she was much too clever to rush forth foolishly. If she got too close without knowing, there was a chance she could end up like her disk or the center of mass shot fired from Toshiko’s location. Instead, she stayed back, Geigenbogen still on one of her hands, further analyzing the details to make the right moves at the right time. As the demon descended however, it seemed ready to unleash a devastating attack. From the location of the titan, large amounts of dense black energy would erupt upwards and away like a volcano spewing lava. There was no telling what kind of abilities the energy possessed or the nature of it. As such, the only real notion she could discern was that it was best to stay away from it, and to attribute it the potential effects she had seen used to weaken the Quincy’s attacks.

Wasting no time, Sofia would use her hirenkyaku, aided by her use of The Melody, to create a sound wave that helped her be pushed farther away from the beast at very fast speeds. At the same time, she would focus, one of her hands being coated in reishi. From that action, an extremely large Quincy pentacle, easily about 10 meters appeared right behind the titan’s back, and underneath the erupting flow of black energy. Due to the nature of the movement and direction the black energy possessed, the pentacle was safe from its effects, at least for the split second necessary to do as it intended. The pentacle was about half the size of the titan, and roughly about as tall as the distance from her head to her waist. The inside of the pentacle was lined up with several Quincy styled blades that formed the shape of the pentacle. Right as it was formed, the edges of the pentacle would break down on its letting the blades fall and acquire a very durable, rubber like shape that seemed adhesive in nature. The swords would drape over the titan. Thanks to Vergeltung, the ability nature, dodging its effects would be highly unlikely. The pentacle was created around an specific and foreign source of energy unlike that of the user, so attempting to flee would have only caused the pentacle to remain with the target as it moved, maintaining its original location. The blades wouldn’t pierce or cut however. Instead they would wrap and bind around the demon’s upper body. They would intend to gather around the face, the neck, wrists, arms and all the way down to her waist. The length of the malleable blades made it a perfect choice for someone as large as the demon. As such, it was highly unlikely that she would be able to move her upper body any time soon. And, should she choose to resist, overpower, or destroy Vergeltung through other unforeseeable means, she would encounter the aftermath of the effects created by the rather peculiar technique.

The Quincy prodigy made sure to make no movement in vain however. A genius in music, just like a chess master or a genius in battle always tried to stay several steps ahead. It allowed the chance of careful planning to be successful, and to create fail safe alternatives should plans go astray. As soon as she had created Vergeltung, Sofia used a combination technique making use of her Zwanzig Engelsblätter. All around her, twenty large Quincy styled blades, just slightly larger than herself would appear. At her whim, the blades would fire off at speeds that were difficult to follow with the eye. While not bullet shots, they traveled almost as fast as the latter. As she created distance between the beast and herself, the subtle movements of her geigenbogen allowed odd and erratic musical waves to create equally odd and erratic movement patterns to the blades. Targeting a few of the blades could be possible, but targeting and succeeding at stopping or blocking all of them would be nearly impossible due to the nature of the misdirection applied to each of them in slightly different ways. Beyond that, the being would have to contend with not only the erratic movement but the speed as well of several blades. And it was that speed that had shown to cause the beast issues earlier. Furthermore, focusing on the rapidly moving and direction alternating blades before it, would render the binding pentacle behind her free to grab and take hold freely. Thanks to her own calculated strategy, both of the attacks had been placed on angles that were saved from the potentially deteriorating reach of the black energy. The swords were fired low enough and fast enough to be able to reach the target before the eruption of black energy descended onto the field. As for the pentacle, it was right underneath the eruption, causing the time for the energy to spew and redirect downwards and towards the giant both precarious and time consuming. Time however, was what the titan lacked, as the calculation had been made for attack patterns that revolved both around high speed and a plethora of movements.

”This is your chance, use it.”

The words were telepathically directed to both Niflheim and Toshiko. If they were going to make their move, the time was right.

Right as the blades seemed ready to pierce however, they would thin and blunt throughout their length leaving only the tips extremely sharp. The much thinner nature could only have made intercepting them more difficult. If successful, the twenty blades would hit and pierce the thighs, knees, and lower legs and feet. Right after piercing however, the tips of the blades would open up in a form of grappling hook, with nigh invisible dense strings of reishi connected outwards into the atmosphere around the Quincy. The combination was done as a way to trap both the upper body and the lower body of the demon through two extremely powerful techniques. Both techniques were extremely dense in reishi and her own reiryoku, so even with the effects of the blood from her arm, they would likely last long enough to allow the team to make their moves. While not deadly, it would allow Toshiko, Niflheim, and Sofia to deliver the blows needed to down the titan.

”Tell ya what Toshiko,” said Sofia once she had created quite a bit of distance, before impaling the Geigenbogen on the ground next to her.

”If we win this,” she started extending both of her hands, ”We can do anything you want next week.” It would be a statement that she would likely come to regret assuming they were able to make it out alive.

From one of her hands, a large conundrum of reishi like webbing in the form of strands was shot outwards. It was her customized technique, Ransotengai: Rengoku. Rather than sticking the technique to an object however, Sofia simply shot it outward despite the likelihood of the attack caving down on its own with nothing to tag itself to. From the other hand however, a large white and blue blast, Schweifstern, would be fired as well. The blast was easily among Sofia’s fastest technique, easily able to cross a 100 meters in a near instant. In fact, the very nature of the technique was to travel extremely fast, trying to avoid being stopped at all costs through any means. However, if the technique was stopped or the reishi and reiryoku it contained happened to be exposed against the spiritual signal of the foe, it would stop and cause its explosion of catastrophic proportions. And, finally free from her calculated moves, Sofia would pick up her geigenbogen again. With it, she would make extremely quick and short strokes with her violin bow. The music that flowed from her could be compared to the perfect fusion between classical music and a semi modern style known as dubstep. Regardless, the music had the effect of messing with Ransotengai: Rengoku and Schweifstern. By its unruly nature, Ransotengai: Rengoku was made of of a variety of webbing strands that spread out in different directions. The energy from Schweifstern was being carried by the latter, allowing both to coexist until the blast was stopped. The music from her ability, The Melody however, only helped to hasten the speed at which the techniques traveled and the distance it covered. Thanks to the unique nature of Schweifstern however, being stopped, specially with the space and range it had been allowed to attain was very likely. Unfortunately for the titan, using her abilities to slow, stop, or try to destroy Schweifstern would turn out to be quite disadvantageous to her.

And so, continuing to play her music, she would move out the energies, strengthen the bonds binding the titan’s upper and lower body, and create a rhythmic and beautiful battle cry that enticed and uplifted the spirits of the Quincy around her.


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