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 Operation: Shadow Purge [CHICAGO: NORTH SECTOR EVENT]

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Subject Post 21PostSubject: Re: Operation: Shadow Purge [CHICAGO: NORTH SECTOR EVENT]   Operation: Shadow Purge [CHICAGO: NORTH SECTOR EVENT] - Page 3 EmptyMon Nov 14, 2016 10:31 am

The Righteous Guardian


Operation: Shadow Purge [CHICAGO: NORTH SECTOR EVENT] - Page 3 6EdIfMt

Artist: Kraddy - Song: Heart Anthem (Cryptex Remix) - Word Count: 1968

Well this had turned into one mighty shit storm in just a couple of seconds. Sure, Toshiko's shots landed, made their mark, but the damage caused wasn't too extensive; it's midsection was only bleeding after all. Most times that entire area would have been blown off by the railgun shots; creating a nice gaping hole in the enemy. However, the Goliath Shell was such a durable bitch that Toshiko's shots were only creating medium amounts of damage. Seeing this would make Toshiko curse under her breath. She was hoping she could keep her distance as to preserve energy, but, such a thing wouldn't happen. She shook her head as she continued to stare down her scope, watching what Niflheim and Sofia were doing. While looking down the scope she noticed that Niflheim was buffeted rather roughly with rocks and debris. She cried out to her through the reishi communication.

"N-Niflheim!! Are you okay? I saw that rock fly into your rib cage... Please take better care Ma'am..."

Toshiko sighed softly and then resumed keeping an eagle eye on everyone through her Railgun; especially Sofia. She soon noticed though that the Goliath set up defenses to block her shots or slow them way the hell down until they meant nothing; now that's annoying as fuck. Toshiko groaned a little at that until she heard Sofia in her mind; speaking to her. Sofia's words did help a little, hell, it was nice to just hear her voice for Toshiko; she always had such a musical voice... She was right though. It was a beast, and it will fall. Toshiko grinned a little and bolstered her energies a little as she noticed the two projectiles flying directly at her. The grin faded and she cursed in a rather audible fashion; if anyone was next to her that is. However, seeing as no one is next to her, it is likely that no one else heard the curse; or could even understand it. The curse was one in Japanese, and a very offensive one to boot. In all basics, it meant 'go fuck yourself' and who was it directed at? The Goliath of course! The thing was starting to become a huge pain in her ass and her railgun. She groaned again and then she heard Sofia in her mind once more; she had a plan.

[color=#cc9933]"Alright, I'll try... kinda have a couple of attacks speeding towards me..."[color]

Toshiko gritted her teeth as she waited and waited, the attacks ever getting closer and closer. She didn't have much time but, time seemed to slow down once more; her heard slowing down with time. She had 20 seconds. Only 20 seconds to evade and power up the shot for her railgun with her reishi manipulation. 20: She placed her left hand on the left side of the gun and started to push gratuitous amounts of Reishi into the barrel to make the round a little super-powered to both fly a little faster to hit the Ginto tubes Sofia was going to drop; though Toshiko didn't know about them yet

19&18: The attacks from Goliath were getting closer and closer with every second as Toshiko kept her focus and continued to overcharge her railgun.
17&16: She kept her scope trained on Sofia, and, as Sofia thought, it was definitely focused on her backside most of the time. Why not? She seriously has a great ass. It's hard to deny that fact once you've seen it; and touched it. That one's just a given.
15-10: In the next five seconds Toshiko continued to overcharge her railgun. Why was she doing this? Well, as said earlier it's to power up this single shot to give it potency. Sure, the shot won't hurt Sofia, but, it will help in whatever Sofia was doing. Not only that, but, it would temporarily put the railgun out of commission; for the form. The railgun will be usable again, but, after overcharging it with some reishi manipulation; the action will be gummed up and no longer functioning.
9: Those attacks were getting closer and closer... A drop of sweat rolled down Toshiko's face as she grit her teeth; biting her lip as she was worried she may not be able to shoot in time.


Toshiko heard the queue from Sofia, and indeed said her own as she needed to know about when the attacks would impact her. Just before the attacks landed in her location, Toshiko fired the railgun shot; creating an even louder noise than normal as the shot raced towards the Ginto tubes Sofia had thrown in front of her. Toshiko and Sofia worked well together for a reason. After spending many years together, and training together, they've been able to kind of predict what the other may do. It's not perfect, but, it's a lot like intuition. However, shooting the Ginto tubes was not the least of her worries now. Clearly, her shot would make it's mark, but, just to make sure that the Goliath didn't block it, some reishi split off from the supercharged bolt and flew for Goliath; hopefully distracting it from the railgun shot. However, that would be the least of it's worries as Toshiko had just started now.

Toshiko glared at the attacks that were inches from her, and, she jumped upwards, using the jetpack wings she made previously to avoid another attack to help propel her. She threw her railgun aside and it dissipated as she continued moving upwards. However, the explosion caught up to her as she cursed and her side of the reishi communication went to static for a little. Toshiko wasn't dead though; hell no. The concussive force did make her cough up some blood, though nothing was broken, yet, as she flew above the explosion field; her configuration different. She was no longer in Artillery Config, no, she was now in her Attack Configuration; the highlights of the suit going from blue to purple. The wings also changed to look more like wings instead of jet engines. With a little blood on Toshiko's face, outlining the corners of her mouth and had trickled down the side of her chin, she grinned at the Goliath as she shouted at it.


With a slightly audible laugh Toshiko raised her right hand in the sky as a blade formed in it. It was eastern styled, a lot like a Katana, except the sword was seemingly made out of pixels. A mix of Reishi and her suit's own capabilities; the 32-bit Mega Blade was definitely not something to toy with. Toshiko brandished it before she dropped down to a build and launched off the side; likely destroying the top half of the building due to the large amount of strength she can generate in this form. Toshiko flew at the Goliath, at a different angle than the shield were pointed at, nearly matching the speed her Railgun shots had flown at the beast. She then would slam directly into the beast, ignoring energy loss, as she slammed her blade down with enough force to chop a building in half. If it wasn't for her vollstandig, that force would be insignificant, but, since she was in her Vollstandig; she may be able to match the Goliath's strength. Even if that match is only temporary, she would make the best of it.

Next, Toshiko set to hacking and slashing at the beast using what speed she can to dodge attacks and her blade to parry attacks. However, she wasn't gonna stop there. She was definitely a little winded from that explosion, but, her body had gone on auto pilot after she had gone into her Attack Configuration; truly exhibiting how ferocious Toshiko could be. She would continue to slash at the Goliath until the beast push her back or countered. However, Toshiko wasn't just gonna hack and slash a couple of times and call it good, no, she was going to use her Attack Configurations little trick.

What may this trick be? Why, it's an extra blade of course!! However, the blade only sticks around for 10-11 attacks at max. Afterwards, the blade will fade. However, the attack normally ended on her throwing the blade into the enemy, so, it worked in the end. With a little more blood leaking from Toshiko's mouth, she would kick the Goliath with enough force to possibly rupture something, force only generated by her Vollstandig giving her such a large amount of modifiers to her capabilities.She then grinned as she pulled her left hand to her side, speaking softly.

"Assault Combo..."

With a cocky grin Toshiko drew another 32-bit Mega Blade from seemingly nothing as she set to deliver ten strikes on the Goliath shell. The first five strikes were directed at the Goliath's arms, trying to render them useless or not as effective. The next five attacks would be aiming towards the wound on the Goliath's stomach; the one Toshiko caused earlier. With each attack she made sure to create distractions, feint, and avoid attacks so she could properly land her own, giving the Goliath some chances to block, but a lot of chances not to. However, when Toshiko landed the tenth attack on the beast she jumped backwards and threw the sword from her left hand, putting her Vollstandig's strength into the throw as it launched at the beast; possibly breaking any defenses if the Goliath shell was weak enough by now. Afterwards, however, she would again disengage and quickly fly to where Niflheim was to check on her.

Toshiko arrived next to Niflheim and kept up with her thanks to her Vollstandig. She grinned at Niflheim as she saw the blood that was on her face.

"I guess both of us dealt with concussive forces, eh Niflheim~? Well, be more careful Ma'am. I know I already told you but I'll tell you again; we can't lose our elect."

She grinned at Niflheim before she quickly flew to be back above the buildings. At this point, her body was no longer on auto pilot and the concussive blast she felt finally caught up to Toshiko's senses and she gripped her gut with her left hand, coughing up more blood as she glared at the monster; the blood she coughed up falling to the streets below. She breathed a little heavily for a moment before she steeled her nerves a little, attempting to ignore the pain as much as possible, as she then began to fly around the battlefield at speeds that nearly matched her railgun. While she wouldn't be as fast, keeping pace with her would be a little difficult. However, she would not attack anymore as she was now focused on parrying any attacks the Goliath could make. While she won't be as tanky as she would in her Tank Configuration, Toshiko can still use her strength to parry most of the Goliath's attacks and hopefully help keep the beast at bay in close quarters. Whether this would work or not would depend on how much Toshiko's, Niflheim's, and Sofia's attacks effected the beast. However, Toshiko was damn well prepared to take this bitch and put it the fuck down. Demon or not, no one deserved the fate of being turned into a corrupted beast that had no mind for itself; no one.

Coding Altered From: [THEFROST]'s

Operation: Shadow Purge [CHICAGO: NORTH SECTOR EVENT] - Page 3 95bb5b10

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Song: N/a STUFF - Artist: N/A STUFF - Words: N/A

"I think it likes me."

The voice, of course, was absolutely booming given how much larger Sprache was than his normal self. Even with as fast as Sprache was at this point, or how quickly others tried to interrupt it, he had little to no hope of actually evading the creature. There was too little distance between them to effectively dodge the Shell. There was not too short a difference to react at all though. The Goliath Shell crashed in to Sprache with a sickening thud as the unstoppable force crashed in to an immovable object. As the monster crashed in to him, Sprache dropped his legs back and sprawled out, dragging the Goliath shell in to a clinch and locking her in place. His Blut did its job protecting his skin from the corrosive nature of the creature's blood and it's fiery energy, Sprache was a little to durable without much more exposure to the death energy for her aura to really hamper him at the moment. Steam rippled through the air off his flesh as the acidic blood ate away at his protective energy much like the way a fire licks the moisture off the surface of a saucer pan. It wasn't hurting Sprache, yet, but he could definitely feel it and it wasn't a good feeling. It also wasn't his most pressing concern at the moment as Sprache was finding himself to be rather sufficiently outnumbered. He was durable at the moment, but there was a limit to that as a powerful fist crashed in to the top of his head, Sprache's body was rattled as he clung on tight with the two arms he had as he was rewarded for his perseverance with another hammer blow to the top of his skull. It was growing in strength like a pissed off rebellious child as the second fist crashed in to Sprache's ribs, eliciting a strained noise of exasperation as Sprache's head lifted a little bit, just enough for the third fist to crash down in to the bone just above his eye, Sprache's head rocked back, but he had lasted long enough, he kept the bitch still.


Reality seemed to rewrite itself. What was once a a tight grip between them was suddenly loosened, their hands seemed to just slide off each other as if the very laws of reality itself prevented Sprache from being held in that moment. A split second before the word triggered, Nif's shot would arrive. Sprache had planned it, he had the gift of foresight on his side. As he was freed, Sprache darted back, skidding on the ground and dropping to his knees as his mere girth devastated the roads and any surviving wildlife in his way as he ripped up the city. The Shell wouldn't have that gift of foresight, she'd have to figure out how Sprache was firmly in her clutches one moment then slipping free as if coincidence hated her the next. She shouldn't be able to evade Niflheim's attack. Well...he hoped she shouldn't be able to and he didn't just take a beating for nothing.

Sprache took the brief moment he was afforded to catch his breath. Small trickles of blood crept down from his lips and nose as his eye slowly began to swell over. He had been in the Death Energy for some time and his blut had stopped him from dying, but straight and clean shots to his head and gut were going to take its toll. Sprache looked down at his hands that had gripped on to that bloody mess. They were burned, badly. His Blut had kept his hands from being outright eaten away but they weren't able to really stop the superficial damage. His eyes closed reflexively as the grenades went off, as the small ordinance arrow from Niflheim met its target and as the giant domino from heaven sought to crush the monster. Sprache's eyes slowly opened as he felt soft steps racing up his arm. His initial thought was a zombie, as his now massive eye scrolled down to his shoulder and low and behold he witnessed Sofia racing up his limb. Considerably easier on the eyes than the Zombies were. Sprache shifted slightly on to the balls of his feet as she reached his shoulder. It was difficult to make out a lot of what she said, two blows to the head and the size difference made it difficult to really hear her, but the sentiment was still conveyed. She wanted him to charge the thing, again. It was probably for the best that she didn't hear what he had to say about his angelic battle companions though, he had a couple ideas for the wardrobe that would probably get him whacked on the ear.

Though he wasn't sure what charging in would really do. He wasn't sure that he could kill the thing barehanded and that was the only weapon he really had. He remembered the Wooden Club she called a Violin, he learned it was called a Spirit Weapon. If that was a Quincy thing, he'd need one. He'd have to figure out how to make one if he even could. Was it just condensing reishi? Was it a ritual? Did he need to drink the blood of a camel? He didn't know how these people did things! Still as Toshiko buzzed around the shell like the most roided out Wasp of all time, Sprache pushed himself to his feet. The tone around him shifted, his skin tone switched from the brilliant gold to an absolutely terrifyingly angry red. A growl escaped from his throat that would make the very air around Sofia vibrate violently. The words that came from his lips were soft enough that they vibration wouldn't knock her off his shoulder, but she would definitely feel them to her very core.

"Hold on..."

She would need to. Sprache was at the absolutely full power he was capable of in this form and that meant a speed and strength that quite possibly even exceeded the Goliath Shell. If she didn't make a concerted effort to hang on...she wouldn't still be in place. Sprache moved in a flash, almost like he was teleporting as he crashed through the city, the very buildings and earth around him caved to the pressure of his movements as he closed the distance between them in a flash as one angry fist, lined up with Sprache's good eye, shot straight for the giant's chin. Pain shot through Sprache's body at the contact, the burns on his hands plus her own corrosive nature eating away at him, but he was in no way finished. After the punch was thrown, Sprache would seemingly flit out of focus before appearing behind her. Hoping to use the force of her flying backward from his punch to his advantage, Sprache would wrap his arms around her wounded waist and, with her momentum, would arch himself backward, desperately hoping Sofia had listened to him and latched on tight, as he attempted to suplex the Goliath Shell hard in to the ground. Should that prove successful, Sprache would follow, going straight in to the mount and throwing another hard punch down at her face, throwing himself behind the blow as he sought to punch through her skull and in to the ground. He was going to put this failure in to the ground one way or another.

Coding By: [THEFROST]
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Enter The Goliath Shell
Operation: Shadow Purge [CHICAGO: NORTH SECTOR EVENT] - Page 3 6EdIfMt

Song: Crisis Point - Artist: BB OST - Words: 6678

[OOC NOTE: I'm taking each and every post in a straight line sequence of events. What this means is that I'm having Goliath react to all of your post in the order that they were created. This is to prevent me from getting mixed up and confused and causing frustration on my end. As the timeline would become bewildering for me. So take every action as if it were a linear set of action.

It can also be assumed that most characters are more or less reacting, thinking and processing at mach speeds at this point @ everyone having been released. So please bare that in mind as reading this.]

The Goliath was being pushed back against the wall by all of these opponents compiling it at once with bombardment after bombardment after bombardment. Together with their teamwork, enhancements and strategy; they were beginning to take it's toll on The Beast. Injuries were compiling up within it's being, while great resources were being put to waste by the sheer scope of this battle. However, even with that being the case, this creature wasn't spouting it's strength around just so it could die like most of the cannon fodder. No. This was a royal juin fueled by the prowess of a demon strong enough to be a demonic warlord by the standards set within Demon World.

Therefore, as it was being tested by the group of Quincy, the depths of its power were beginning to expand and develop further as this mammoth sized creature was having to face such a credible threat to its existence. The blood within its body was surging, swelling and becoming hotter with new life as the infection tried it's damndest to evolve and push more of the demonic traits of its host out. Hence, the trigger referenced earlier was going to come into play at this point.

The Goliath Shell was feasting off the power of it's current Queen Juin and receiving permission to complete it's transformation. You see, the creature wasn't transforming itself merely for theatrics or to show how corrupted it became. No. The body of The Infected Goliath was synchronizing with R3 Neoveta in order to receive the proper protocols so that may be able to bare the brunt of her version of it's master Nerve Burst. As, all it needed to do was hang on and grit the impact of their attacks during it's previous round.



For, while their supposed leader was busy preparing for the next attack, the whole group would notice two massive wings made of blood, bone and fire emerge behind The Goliath Shell. These were compromised of juin, demonic energy and The Goliath Shell's DE Force. The Juin within these wings acted as an antenna to connect itself to The Queen. And, through this connection, she was able to remotely input the values needed to create a weaker scale version of her Nerve Burst ability. As it wholly connected the Goliath to the network The R3 Shell was trying to create for The Juin and it was transferring this mass sum of energy into the creature so that it's abilities may be enhanced by three times in order to deal with the threat.

Hence, after receiving this approval from her creator, The Amazonian's power would seem to sky rocket and feel as if an entire volcano eruption's worth of strength had smothered the area. With a horrifying roar that seemed to echo throughout the depths of the city, the effects of this creature's demonic influence on the area was becoming apparent. The entire earth started to quiver, shake and cry out in terror as seismic shocks rocked the ground all around them; churning up seismic waves throughout a five hundred meter region.

This would ultimately cause buildings to crumble, entire holes to open up in the ground and burst of of fissure creation to be made in the air around them. The likes of which were capable of cutting through most un-released/non-enhanced defenses as if they were butter; while even released level attacks would have trouble with these surface splitting effects. As, with The Goliath having a three times multiplier towards it's overall skills in this new transformation, the dramatic effects it's energy had on the environment around them was turning deadly fast.

As even the heavens above would begin to roar and cry to life with hellish explosions of thunder and lightning. All around The Goliath shell would immense volts of electricity begin to rain down and scatter across the field as the storm of her power started to come to life. If they weren't careful, these electric strikes could outright fry them and induce a form of paralysis and damage to the opponents. It yielded stunning proprieties within it from the demonic influence it was feeding off of and could neutralize or delay the momentum of attacks and people heading towards the doll. There were a dozen strikes that fell around her and each of them were potent enough to destroy entire chunks of multiple city blocks.

Thus, with all of these effects on the vicinity around the battlefield, it was becoming hard NOT to notice the sheer amount of power that this creature was now capable of generating with it's release now having been fully realized. It was showing the extent of how far the juin could develop and how dangerous this infection was becoming. The Goliath could feel strength that it never even dreamed of in it's non-infected state and it was unsure just how far the depths of this new release could take her.

Since, at the moment, just being around The Shell could warrant an energy drain as it seemed to be producing a constant outpouring of Death Energy from it's body. It spread for thirty meters in every direction of it's massive body and sought to corrode objects, living beings and other matter that came into contact with it's DE-Field. Creating another layer of defense for the creature to endure as it could NOT afford to take them with any amount of restraint anymore. It was receiving instructions to put an end to this battle and it needed to use all of the strength at it's disposal in order to achieve that result as best as it possibly could.

Therefore, the creatures eyes would zoom in on the first person to attack in this next round: Niflheim.

Now that it's mental facilities were improved by threefold, it took the time to notice that it was beginning to become trapped within a cage. Well, at this point, the traumatic release of The Goliath's enhanced power should be more than enough to destroy it. If that alone was not potent enough to prevent the imprisoning of its body, The Mammoth Sized Demon would let out an overpowering screech in order to release a great sum of it's Death Energy.

This time, a wave of blackness would shoot up into the air and seek to corrode the particles of energy which were associated with the prowess of The Perfect Shot. Again and again, this influence would spread throughout the silver exterior so that it could begin to either weaken it, make it crack or outright shatter it. It didn't matter how much energy it would take in order to perform this feat, The Goliath Shell needed to act and it wasn't exactly trying to conserve energy anymore. It couldn't afford to after having realized the talents of this group. It was a testament to their overall potential, strength and effort that the monster was having to draw out THIS much power in order to deal with them.

Regardless, around this time, a downpour of Death Energy would begin to fall from the heavens as the clash between The Elect's power and the mass of energy from The Goliath Shell reached an apex point. This would then cause a pollution to over sweep a five hundred meter radius and begin taxing everyone's energy reserves and health. This amplified version of her breakdown ability would seek to dull, drain and eventually weaken the barrier around Niflheim so that she could become more susceptible to the debris, assaults and after effects of this colossal battling that was erupting all around them.

While everyone else, if left unprotected, would see fast acting influences on their body. The breakdown of their muscles could result in weakened strength and speed; while the essence of their bodies energy would be attacked and made to clash against the DE Force smothering them like an obnoxious weight struggling the life out of them. Oxygen levels within their bodies could be depleted, open wounds could have their injuries amplified and the infection of her toxic death energy could irrigate all other types of damages that the group may have sustained by this point. All of these factors and more could make it quite difficult to get off scotch free and this round of assaults could more than likely cause all others to give it everything they got just to survive. This is what it meant to fight a Demonic Royal at their peak, after all.

However, none of this seemed to help the healing and regenerative factors of The Goliath Shell. While all of this was happening, the titan-sized creatures seemed to vomit a large pool of blood into the earth from the strain of this unstable transformation. If they weren't careful, the Quincy could be melted alive if they got too close to the creature in this state. As this vomit would spread for multiple city blocks; turning it into a cesspool of lava-filled blood. While it was true that this creature possessed regeneration, it was rather difficult to perform high-speed regeneration when it was primarily in attack and defense mood.

Thus, the creature summoned the remaining infected on the field in order to gather around her body and begin transmitting their collective energies to her wounds and injuries. They would emerge in a full circle around the creature; not caring much for their own safety, so long as their royal was protected and healed. These mindless beast would then begin to transfer the reminder of their energy to The Goliath so that twenty-five percent of her damage could be eased and reduced. There was still obvious strain placed on the mammoth sized creature, but it could fight a bit longer and prove to put up a much better fight against the band of Quincy now that it sucked the remaining life-force out of it's followers. Since, by the time Niflheim was preparing to go back on the attack again, most of them would either drop dead or pass out from pure exhaustion.

Nevertheless, by this time it would also become apparent that The Goliath was -- becoming bigger.

Indeed, the transformation was slowly beginning to increase her height. As by the time that The Elect could get to The Goliath, the creature had increased in size to about thirty meters. At the same time, the durability of its body would enhance and it's shell would become compromised of a much denser material through the ample volumes of demonic energy being at her disposal. Body-tissue, skin, muscles, bones; ALL of it would become reinforced so that it could be better equipped to deal with the storm that was coming it's way.

Since it was becoming quite aware of the fact that most of The Quincy were receiving their own boosts of power. Everything from enhancements from Niflheim, to the depths of their collective release forms and the equipment that these Quincy were wielding and dishing out against the Shell. All of it was becoming known to The Goliath Shell and she was pressing their augmented state of beings to the test with this collective assault against them. It was also showing that they weren't the only ones capable of such feats. As the harder The Goliath Shell was pressed in a battle of offense, the deeper it needed to reach within itself to demonstrate why it was a Royal Juin. It was in it's demonic blood; as they were considered to be one of the strongest species at the moment. So it made sense that such a radical evolution could be had for the parasite when infecting a powerful host such as this.



As such, when the pained Niflheim fired off her colossal arrow towards The Goliath, the infected royal was more than ready to deal with it. Due to the fact that most of her body was already being empowered by the juin and her new release, the shield seen in the creatures back seemed to be influenced by this effect as well. With that being the cause, a great deal of black energy would be seen illuminating around the creature's behind. For, in a matter of moment, it utilized a form of telekinesis in order to have the mass shield move away from it's back and towards the hypersonic arrows.

When these two objects collided with one another, a damning shockwave erupted and caused the shell to wince in pain as the impact strength was that potent. A testament to the strength of that attack. Since everyone could spiritually feel a sense of health dipping from The Goliath after these waves managed to hit The Shell. It caused cracks to begin emerging from its body and it was apparent there was a hell-of-a-lot of firepower behind that burst of energy.

However, with that being said, the shield still did it's job and managed to tank the majority of the attack. Though, there was still more hell to pay. As a result of these two hellish energies smashing against one another, there seemed to be a sudden production of chaotic energy produced and a random burst of white, red and black light struck the Goliath's leg. This caused the creature to roar out in pain; increasing the energy output yet again and creating fissure strikes in the air in order to obliterate the vacuum being formed around it. Rubble, debris and everything from Niflheim’s attack would either be pushed away or outright destroyed as a result of this reaction.



So, while it was in a state of great distress, the creature had grown quite tired of The Elect's constant meddling in this fight. She was one of the main factors that caused The Goliath to have to release because of the role of support she had played in this fight. Therefore, it was time to deal with her and rid her from this fight. Ergo, while The Goliath was still dealing with Spache during this point in time, the creature would have been able to to create what is known as a "Black Inferno Blast" by the demon race. This was there answer to the infamous technique known as "cero" by the hollow race.

Essentially, The Goliath would have formed two clusters of black energy off the tips of its wings. Both of them would expand in length and height to be comparable to the size of a city block. Then, when enough energy had been gathered, The Goliath Shell would have been able to shoot these attacks off at mach five speeds towards The Elect in order to throw this damn pest out of the fight. Each of the clusters of energy would have a variety of effects that could erupt as a result of engaging in the attack.

The first effect from this assault is that the sonic boom alone from these two attacks could otherwise smother and crush The Perfect Shot under the hellish weight of their shock waves. It could wipe out huge chunks of her health, force great deals of her energy out of The Quincy and otherwise crush every single bone, organ and expend a heavy volume of blood from her body. If nothing else, that damn shield, if it was still even up at this point, would be immensely taxed or outright destroyed.

Secondly, even being remotely close to this attack could have induced significant burns across her body. As the heat was potent enough to more than likely even cause immense damage to even an Arrancar's hierro; which meant that it was powerful enough to more than likely melt through brick and steel. Therefore, The Quincy could face tremendous damage from this factor alone. Additionally, once hit, the explosion could also devour her and amplify these effects three-fold if caught in the direct impact zone.

Then, the next factor to consider is that these inferno blast are capable of injecting parasites within the victim that otherwise drain them of their energy and vitality. So, combined with the variables associated with her bodies juin production, DE Force and release form; there was no way that the drain couldn't have some sort of major influence on The Quincy at this point. If something was not done within the next one to three post; even the very life energy from The Quincy could be drained from her. As this attack was that potent and dangerous in The Goliath's current form.

What was even more daunting was the fact that this explosion could carry over and endanger any other nearby opponents. As the effects multiplied and spread for roughly six city blocks; taking out a huge chunk of the sector as a result and spreading more of this toxic element throughout the area. Indeed, this was turning into an otherworldly battle at this point and The Goliath was pushing all of The Quincy who were opposing it to the utmost of the extreme.

And, for the Goliath herself, this would have ended her response to that creature. With all the might of her satanic god, the infected giant was hoping that something from that assault would have stuck. There was no way that Niflheim could otherwise stand up without having a significant amount of her performance crushed. Those were the estimates that were being made within The Amazonian's mind as she surveyed the effects of her ungodly clash against The Elect. As, even in the midst of combat, she was now beginning to spread more and more of her energy particles throughout the area in order to get a great visual scope and anticipate these attacks that were coming her way because of the sheer scope and magnitude of this battle.


Operation: Shadow Purge [CHICAGO: NORTH SECTOR EVENT] - Page 3 6EdIfMt

This then lead to her attention being brought towards the likes of Sofia. Her senses were zooming in on the female as it felt like her entire aura of power was dramatically bolstering to the point of signifying another release. So, in response to that trigger, The Goliath Shell would have used it's abundant energy resources in order to augment and otherwise triple the strength of the shock wave sent to The Musical Quincy from her previous attack. While The Giant was indeed injured by the combined effort of the band of Quincy, that did NOT equate to it's energy volume, density and speed being weaker just yet. It still was in full attack mode and was even sacrificing it's own regenerative and healing factors in order to get the job done.

Hence, with these factors stated, the shock wave attack could have had an accelerated burst of speed, power, and might in order to hit Sofia before she had risen Himmelstor. This could then result in a hefty amount of energy leaving The Quincy, her durability being taxed and the sensation of her body being strained when combined with many of the other environmental factors of this battle from the previous clash with Niflheim still in effect.

Furthermore, by this point, the creature would have increased in size to reach upwards of fifty meters. As, it was becoming quite apparent to anyone paying attention that the augmentation boost from her release were expanding the growth of her body at an alarming rate. By the projections of her multiplier, she was going to grow three times in height and reach a stature of sixty meters; over-towering the Himmelstor attack to come and becoming quite the eye-sore for the city to see. In fact, even the weapons of The Goliath would have been amplified in size in order to fit it's current mass. Her swords would have become thirty meters long; while her shield expanded to a height and width of twenty five meters.

With that said, however, the speed of her general body would have been greatly slowed because of the fact that she was taking up such a heavy mass and height. Additionally, after the vicious assault by The Quincy Elect, she wasn't too keen to use her shield just yet. There was no telling what kind of absurd attacks that this gathering of Wandereich warriors could produce. So, to prevent the shield from being taxed, that wasn't going to be used unless nothing else could be helped.

She also needed to still keep track of the volumes of energy leaving her; as even though she was released, and she was a titan of a fighter, by no means was her offensive strength infinite. There was a sinking feeling in The Goliath's stomach that this transformation may not hold out for too long. So, because of that instinct, the creature needed to capitalize on it while this release was still active and she was strong enough to deal with the fearsome might of their whole releases.

Thus, not being one to sit around and remain idle, The Goliath Shell would have a tail extend from the center of spine and pierce the mass wall of light with a great volume and mass of death energy, physical strength, and speed. As the impact of this attack could have produced many cracks across the Himmelstor, rupture parts of it or outright destroy it because of how much power this creature was outpouring. It could outright blow Sofia away from the amount of momentum, force, and sheer energy this attack produced.

She may find herself being thrown across the battlefield, being forced to take emergency evasive attacks or, at the very least, feeling the crushing pressure of the Titan's strength crashing down on her body and further stressing out her bones, organs, energy and defenses to the point of having noticeable energy compile and add up from the shock waves and scale of damage associated with a fifty meter tall creature's strike that was pumped up and filled with a shikai-level release.

However, in response to making that attack, The Goliath seemed to let out a groan. The reason being is because the muscles in that newly made appendage were unstable due to her release. Therefore, a shock wave of pain radiated throughout her body and cracks could be seen opening up on it's tail. This then caused blood to spew down on the ground below and could prove quite dangerous if Sofia were to fall in it. As it was just as dangerous as lava at this point and could prove to put her in a perilous situation. Though, it was there as another sign that they WERE having an effect on the creature. This was all new and unknown power for it and it was having a hard time getting a grasp on it.

With that said, it was more than likely that the might of Himmelstor would not be entirely destroyed by the might of The Goliath. It was still a release level attack, and one that was massive in the scope of its size. So, with that being said, the towering white light yielded a strong possibility of being shattered and broken up into multiple different pieces. These chunks of Sofia's attacks would fall all over a one hundred meter radius and have multiple explosions of white light spew up into the heavens.

Thus, as a result of this collision, The Goliath Shell was going to get showered within a divided mixture of Himmelstor's remnants. This would cause more screams of pain to radiate from the creature, but it was a better outcome than entirely being devoured by it. As most of it's stomach, sides and legs were drenched in cuts, burns and bruises from the combined attacks. Which, because of that fact, caused more of her volcanic blood to erupt and cover her body; now making her almost unbearable to be near because of how hard these Quincy were pushing the creature.

Yet -- the ride still wasn't over. It was if this cycle of new found strength was repeating itself over and over again. As the likes of The Melody Quincy still had more tricks up her sleeve in order to try and damage the Goliath further. Numerous explosions started to erupt all around The Colossal Titan Sized demon. They were going off one after and another, but they would not have a lasting effect on The Goliath. Sure, waves of pressure started to further damage it; but the layers of energy coating the creature would have absorbed most of their impact for the most part.

Instead, what was more dangerous had been the crescent slashes heading towards her way. Those were extremely potent in their precision and they were going to test the depths of The Goliath's durability if they should make contact with the creature. Therefore, despite not wanting to use it again just yet, The Titan creature quickly summoned her Deva Shield again and attempted to block the attack with her otherworldly means of defense.

The reason why it could more than likely deal with the strain of her Heiling Hieb is because it was potent enough to oppose kinetic bombardment and level kido 80 attacks; so it should stand to reason that it could last a bit longer to hold out against her attacks. As, in exchange, it was more than likely going to put an extreme drain on the shield based on the fact that it was quite the potent release-level attack. As, with each attack that collided against it, the more dull it's defenses would become. Hence, it was not a get-out-of-jail free call because her equipment was becoming damaged and it was only a matter of time before an attack of that scale might cause serious harm to The Titan if something wasn't done about these flying pests.

So, with that in mind, The Goliath gritted it's teeth and became irritated that it was having to resort to these types of tactics. Yet the juin swirling about the creature would keep it's mind steady and focused on it's objective: crushing these Quincy. Therefore, the mammoth sized creature decided not to be so obvious with it's attacks. Instead of using its brute physical to attack strength, The Goliath Shell opted to play on the bet of draining these quincy.

Hence, as a result of that logic, The Goliath Shell had a high volume of energy surround and swirl around Sofia. She would first notice this as a vortex of black and crimson energy that rapidly emerged around her when she was done with her assaults. Then, within a matter of moments of it coming near her, it would condense and dramatically increase the gravity around her body. This was made possible by the fact that most beings of great power often have some sort of immense pressure that is released from their energy. With that being caused, The Goliath Shell could feasibly increase the gravity around Sofia by three times and begin to place her body under an immense amount of strain.

Then, once she had The Quincy where she wanted, in an ideal scenario, she would then begin to amplify the effects of her breakdown ability once more in order to try siphoning high volumes of Sofia's energy out of her in order to further push the woman towards exhaustion. As the particles of death energy around her would attempt to pierce her body, form a connection and create a channel that sucked away the woman's power like a leech sucking out blood. This energy could NOT be sent to The Goliath Shell because of the fact her transformation was too unstable, but it should prove potent enough to at least drain a noticeable amount of strength from her and induce a heavy amount of pain throughout her being before ultimately being stopped.

Something had to give.

Even The Goliath shell was having troubles fighting at this level of intensity. As it felt like her mind was burning at the seams and radiating a strong sense of pain by have fast her processing ability had augmented in order to deal with the high quantity of attacks being thrown at it. This was being shown by the fact that there appeared to be many veins pulsating, surging and swelling around the creature's forehead as it's body was being pushed further and further. Eventually, some of them started to burst open and ooze blood as the The Titan figure let out a pained groan to express the damage being done to it.

Once again: by no means were these Quincy not having an effect on the creature. This was quite possibly one of the hardest battles it had even waged again. And it's body was having a hard time trying to find a a sense of stabilization to stand upon. So the critical nature in the air around them could be felt in the fact that this needed to conclude soon in order to see a successful ending. It may even come straight down to a stamina and durability based battle; as it was clear all of them were being pushed in some form or another. It was just a question of whether or not The Goliath Shell could hold out until The Quincy tired out, or if the The Quincy could hold on until The Goliath Shell ran out of juice. At this point, it was anyone's guess.


Operation: Shadow Purge [CHICAGO: NORTH SECTOR EVENT] - Page 3 6EdIfMt

Nevertheless, due to this lapse in thought, The Goliath Shell would have been shot clean through the lower right stomach and a hole would have been made in her body. This attack came courtesy of Toshiko and this time around she managed to strike The Titan-sized demon while her defenses were lowered. It had a very potent effect as the creature exclaimed a mighty roar that shook the entire area for many miles on end. Energy could be felt leaving it and they were having more and more of an impact on the beast as she snarled and grew furious.

Therefore, it's offensive and defensive strengths were now on point and ready to focus on the incoming target coming into play. As, by the time that Toshiko had fired the second shot, The Goliath Shell would more than likely have it's tail whip back around and slap it right back in her face. With the amount of speed, strength, and demonic energy coming from the tail; this result yielded a great chance of becoming a reality.

After that response had been given, most of her sights were then placed on the incoming sniper fighter. At this point, her body was reacting on it's own and The Nimble Moving Quincy would have found flaming spikes piercing out of The Goliath's body every time that she would have attempted to slash her. This could present a challenge of varying factors. One of the first dangers was the sheer heat generating from The Goliath Shell at this point. Since, engaging with close quarters combat now would have meant that an extreme amount of burns would have emerged all over Toshiko's body; even if she did manage to pull back and avoid the spikes. This could then translate into her energy being drained further, her body taking more damage and The Quincy being overall strained.

Secondly, the quickness in which these spikes were released had been at mach five speeds and the force behind them could have sent Toshiko hurtling back in the distance. These spikes were roughly the size of swords and there would be dozens of them released at a time; so it stood to reason that they could begin to puncture organs, pierce through skin, melt bone and otherwise put her through a great deal of pain. It was going to take a high-level of defenses, reaction and speed in order to cope against this counter measure. As it was very apparent that The Goliath Shell was not going to go down without one brutal, bloody and messy sense of a fight.

Therefore, it was HIGHLY recommended that Toshiko put up SOME form of defense at this point. As, if she was unable to do that, she would be utterly forced back by the raw might of the Goliath's defenses and offenses working together to repel her away from the creature. The strikes aimed at her arms by Toshiko? All five of them would have been met with heavy resistance. The strikes made at her stomach? Once again, these spikes would have been produced like clockwork and sought to counter The Quincy for yet another time.

If, by this time, she was still near the creature, the lava would have erupted from The Goliath's body and sought to drown the woman within a city blocks worth of boiling blood. On every spot that she would attack, after the spikes retracted, these eruptions of her vital essence blew out and sought to outright burn away the woman. If she even got grazed by it, there would be heavy burns and more damage inflicted upon The Quincy. So it was becoming quite effective that close quarters combat was becoming a less and less ideal means of seeing victory. If they kept up this pace, they would undoubtedly be pushed towards a near-death scenario.

So, due to The Goliath being in quite the bind herself, there wasn't enough stamina left to really waste on making a proper counter attack against Toshiko. For now, The Titan Sized Beast would hope that her offensive and defensive strikes would have been enough to cement that bug in the dirt. As, at this point, they all seemed like flies compared to the sheer mass and stature on which this royal juin stood upon. Which made it all the more infuriating that she was being pushed back this hard. The Goliath knew if that she had faced them one on one that her collective might would have been enough to deal with them.

Yet, there wasn't time to worry about ideal scenarios. The next round was beginning and she was quite confused on what happened next. Now turning her focus back towards the male that was once in her grasp, it seemed that he had slipped clear out of her reach through some means of reality warping. How could The Goliath tell? It was simple: there was no physical way that he could performed those feats naturally within the scope of his physical perimeters. With her augmented sense of thought, The Goliath understood that the male possessed some sort of special ability. However, she wasn't exactly sure WHAT it was considering the fact she didn't have much time to process it given the constraints of her intense circumstance.

At any rate, it was growing weary and tired by this time. So when Sprache backed off for a bit, The Goliath seemed to take this moment to not do anything. Instead, she would focus on drawing out more of the depths of her power. Since everyone would then begin to see a flaring crimson light emitting from her body and she seemed to shine like a star. As this illumination would have been able to be seen from miles on end with how great this burst of light was. She was trying to keep her body together, sustain this form and manage to hold out long enough to where her released state could have caused enough damage against them to have them die off.

If worse came to worse, The Goliath could foresee herself burning back into her base state. But, if she managed to take them all out of their release forms with her, or at least inflict heavy damage upon them, then it would simply come down to who could last the longest in their crippled states of being. So, baring that thought in mind, The Behemoth of a Demon was ready for anything that the smaller man was ready to throw at her. As, by this time, she still would have been growing and extended to a height of fifty-five meters

Hence, with this rate of development, The Royal Juin would not have wasted time trying to move and expend more energy. Instead, she was more than likely going to begin tanking and holding her position. With the amount of strength and durability at her disposal, there was no reason for her to move at this point. Thus, she would dare the pair to otherwise charge her at this point. If they had managed to endure everything up until this point, she more than welcomed the challenge to prove the might of the juin and her status as a royal.

Ergo, by the time that Sprache had charged The Goliath, he would only be up to her upper thigh as he charged at her right leg. Hence, the punch that he sent SHOULD of not had much of an effect. However, it seemed the values of his special ability had given him the strength of a 0-4 for the time being. Therefore, he yielded the strength to tear away entire mountains damn near. Henceforth, with the momentum he was moving out, the rate of force and energy from his attack would have been enough to otherwise surge and swell up her entire leg.

This would cause the creature to roar and send out shock wave after shock wave that destroyed everything for hundreds of meters on end. There would be a mass vortex of debris, shock waves, electricity, fire and pressure generating from her as it seemed to take a more heavy hit at this point. If he could still manage to hang on after all of that, The Goliath would have reinforced the defenses of that right limb and devoured entirely in layers of energy, fire and electricity. If he wanted to risk life and limb in order to toss The Goliath straight into the earth, then it would come at a heavy cost; but the creature would come tumbling down as he would have had enough physical strength to perform the feat for a short burst of time.

If that event occurred, then the creature would have had more injuries sustained to its body, but it would still be quite dangerous and capable of fighting. So, the only question that remained: just what would all of The Quincy do against this giant's series of attacks? The next round of fighting would be the most crucial towards deciding how this battle was going to go.

Operation: Shadow Purge [CHICAGO: NORTH SECTOR EVENT] - Page 3 Th123GoliathDoll

Operation: Shadow Purge [CHICAGO: NORTH SECTOR EVENT] - Page 3 WVMWLOu
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