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 How Speed Works On PH [Combat Guide]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: How Speed Works On PH [Combat Guide]   Sat Nov 12, 2016 1:18 pm


Attack Speed

Attack speed refers to how fast your character can attack. There are some cases where the attack can be faster than the user itself. For example: it would be possible for someone like Radioactive to induce nuclear strikes which are fired off at mach four speed in his shikai despite his body being unable to achieve that speed.

These factors can be influenced by the following:

- How skilled your character is in their given craft (Magic/Speed/Special Abilities etc)
- What type of enhancements they may have at the time (multipliers from releases, enhancement modes etc)
- How much your energy your character may have to spare (I.E. Radioactive has tow sources of energy: his nuclear core and immense spiritual energy in order to help improve his attack speed for his AOE attacks)
- In some cases, equipment may also help depending on how it is utilized

Combat Speed

Combat speed is something that can be varied on PH. Therefore, it is safe to assume that you will be basing most of your characters actual fighting speed around their skills. If you go to the general skill section, you will see what base stats your character will have. These are considered to be the realistic speeds your character can handle before strain, drawbacks and etc start to come in.

If they have release forms then it can be assumed that they can sustain them to a point. As some characters are capable of up to Hypersonic+ (Mach 10-25) combat in their release forms for brief periods of time. (I.E. using Shunpo to enhance it; not using base speed alone) However, this is presumed to be in a straight line and is considered to be with drawbacks, limitations and strains placed on the body.

As it's best to think of those feats as their "sprint" more or less. If they keep "sprinting" then it's easy to assume they'll tire themselves because of how much energy it takes to move at those speeds constantly and how much it can wear and tear on their body.

So, as a rule of thumb, it's safe to assume that mach 5.2 is the highest a character can go before these drawbacks/limitations started to creep up on them. And even that takes a lot of practice, skill or balance to manage. That's why most characters tend to stick to the base movements, or stick to 2-3 times multiple of their base speed to avoid degrading their bodies. As you can enhance your speed to great levels, but it won't do you any good if after you are done your body is heavily damaged. As it's similar to Kao-Ken in that aspect: you can stack on multipliers, but your body will suffer because of it when it is over.

Thus, that's why characters tend to branch out and focus on their attack speed, reaction speed and so on. In the case of Shadin, for example, he has the potential in theory for FTL speed in his higher releases, but it's unrealistic that his body can handle those speeds. As, if he were to attempt that, he'd simply kill himself because his body could not sustain his existence. Hence, he translates that into dramatically increasing how fast he can release attacks, how fast he can transform into his release forms and back to his base, enhancing his stamina to be able to spam attacks, improving how fast his body can recover from energy and so on. Once you reach GM Speed, you need to really be creative on how you can abstractly use speed.

Reaction Speed

This is another key component of battle. Reaction Speed simply refers to how fast your character can process the events around them. For example: Shadin Yuudeshi is among one of the fastest characters on the site and has an absurd ability to process the environment around him akin to a supercomputer. He is able to analyze and discern multiple different variables in order to have his body react at any given time; thus having a high dodge rate and good reaction speed.

Reaction Speed is important because there are some characters on the site that cannot process or discern everything that is going on. And, if your character does not train on this, it can be hard for them to manage their speed and the combat as we have characters moving at mach speeds. So imagine that you have achieved superhuman speed, but you can barely keep up with your body and end up running yourself into the wall. That kind of logic can apply if you do not hone your reaction speed.

Additionally, in most cases, reaction speed tends to be much faster than actual movement. So, even if you have a high reaction speed, your movement speed may be sluggish and leave room for error. Which is why it takes time to get a feel for your character speed.

Travel Speed

Travel speed simply refers to how fast your character can move without flying, teleporting or similar types of abilities. So you can think of this as running speed more or less. This can be tethered to their base speed, enhanced speed and so on.

Flight Speed

This refers to the speed at which your character flies within a certain distance. Such as how fast your character can fly from one side of the city to the other side of the city. However, this is heavily connected to reaction speed as well. As it's assumed that such high-speed is related to reaction speed because of having so many objects to maneuver around in an actual combat scenario.

It's why processing power is a pretty important factor in some fights because there are many variables to account for in these high-speed battles. Granted, if it's in an area like space, there is less to account for and easier to fight because there is a great space of nothingness around the character and allows them to reach higher speeds more often than not. As they do not have to worry about collisions and the such. So it can be assumed that the more cluttered the area, the slower your character can potentially become because of everything they have to calculate.

Bottom Line

The powerscale is pretty high on PH, but it's up to you to use that speed reasonably. As it is to be assumed that many interactions among IC characters that fight at these speeds are based on reactions. Since the perception of these characters are written in the context of the class of speed they fight for the sake of writing and challenges. And it can also be assumed that there is more loose physics on PH because it's an anime-based Rp, but there is still a certain science to it and you should treat it with that respect it deserves when writing out these challenges.


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How Speed Works On PH [Combat Guide]
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