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Wutklaue QerxJ3c

» Name Of Character: Sprache Himmelsgnade

» Link To Character:
» Upgrading: Acquisition of Spirit Weapon

» Why: Gained in Chicago North

» Extra:

Wutklaue Sprache%20Spirit%20Weapon_zpssjocnkyc


Sprache's Spirit Weapon, the Wutklaue, is different than most Spirit Weapons in that it isn't a concerted reconstruction of the Quincy's spiritual energy. Instead, the Wutklaue is the natural progression of Sprache's Blut. Instead of creating a new weapon from his reiatsu, Sprache will instead create the weapon from his blut, creating a technique from a technique instead of a form of energy. Consequently, this spirit weapon is inherently and fundamentally different than similar weapons in that its powers are not static as the weapon itself is not static and grows with Sprache's Blut. Consequently, the full breadth of Wutklaue's abilities vary wildly with what state Sprache's Blut is in. In addition, because of its unique nature, Sprache's Wutklaue is capable of evolving and adapting based on the situation and with Sprache's Blut as well as sharing the same limited reality warping power as Sprache's schrift.

In its current state, the Wutklaue is a large prehensible claw that extends beyond Sprache's fingers, each with an incredibly sharp blade on each finger that is more than capable of standing toe to toe with a Zanpakutō, released or otherwise. Sprache uses this weapon to maintain his hand to hand fighting style while also presenting him with an actual weapon to end things with. In addition, it gives Sprache the potential to expend the fury that his blut has built up to perform absolutely devastating attacks. As such, the powers that Sprache's Spirit weapon possesses vary wildly depending on the state of his Blut. Sprache retains all the abilities present at the previous rage tiers.


Wutklaue Extend!

In addition to skirting copyright infringement laws, Sprache's spirit weapon is capable of elongating at an extremely rapid rate, allowing him to to jettison those sharp edges at opponents. Sprache can extend the Wutklaue using his Reiatsu and Blut to up to twenty five meters and at the speed of an equivalently tiered Bala, making Sprache's weapon deceptively longer range than it otherwise would seem. Sprache is able to seamlessly weave in and out of the elongated state, making him an even more unpredictable and erratic combatant.

Heilige Handkanone

The normal quincy arrows were never really Sprache's thing, he prefers to, in general, be in his opponent's face, however he was a quincy and Quincys love their projectiles. However, Sprache doesn't necessarily fire his Reishi, instead he fires his own immense Blut at an opponent which, as an analogy, is the difference between firing a musketball and rifle cartridge. The Heilig Pfeil fired from Sprache's Wutklaue's palm far exceed what a conventional cero is capable of, offering considerably more speed and power and is capable of leveling defenses that would otherwise withstand a cero. However, for every one of these projectiles Sprache fires he sacrifices ten rage points off of his blut and he is unable to fire the weapon without the requisite fury.





At thing stage, Sprache is capable of expending 50 points of rage to make a thrust from his claw, virtually, unstoppable. Using this technique allows Sprache to completely and utterly circumvent all forms of durability and protection, allowing him to cut through a a Master Durability as if it were a beginner and to dive through shields, wards, and barriers as if they were made of nothing but air. A thrust with the Unaufhaltsam is a truly terrifying prospect by it does cover with an unfortunate caveat in that as soon as the kinetic motion of the thrust is stopped or diverted, the effect ends, making the ability quite easy to dodge or parry. In addition, it comes at a hefty cost, forcing Sprache to spend half of his potential power just for a single thrust, making this weapon very much an all or nothing gambit.


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[adm]Fucking sick.


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