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 Hell Hath Come. [Demonica/Monsuta]

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Hell Hath Come. [Demonica/Monsuta]    Sun Dec 04, 2016 8:03 pm

As the two warriors engaged in heated combat on the very edge of Jakarta, capital of both Indonesia and the Monsuta organization, it was as if they weren't paying any attention to their surroundings whatsoever. Luckily the large majority of the nearby population had already managed to relocate to the underground bunkers the Monsuta had set up for Jakarta in case of an attack. Despite this, the ongoing battle was not without consequence: entire buildings and city blocks had been reduced to rubble. Billions of dollars would have to go into structural repair and rebuilding efforts after this conflict, a fact Stefan Soan was not ready to turn a blind eye to. Matters were made worse by two fighters staying relatively close to the Central Command Building which, though had a durability capable of withstanding the destruction so far, was still at risk.

The quakes resounding throughout the Central Command complex had already started to annoy the Monsuta's Imperator despite having only been going for a minute or so. This interruption prevented Stefan from focusing on the work in front of him, so he figured it would just be easier to go outside and end it no matter who was involved. With this decision made, the Monsuta head commander stood up and near instantly relocated to outside the command center. The two combatants were now within Stefan's sights who immediately recognized both of them. One was one of his commanders, Mirja, and the other was someone who had caused chaos in the past known as Demonica.

Knowing the identities of the fighters meant Stefan didn't have to go all out and slaughter them, but instead take a more steadied approach. With this in mind, his left hand tightened into a fist. Though almost unnoticeable, an odd semi solid material darker than the darkest night bubbled up out of the ground and formed a massive ring with Mirja and Demonica at it's center. The ring was barely an inch tall and a foot or so thick but with a radius of almost six hundred feet it was out of the two fighters' line of sight. After the ring was fully formed, which only took a second or so, Stefan raised his left hand until it was about two feet above where it had been. This movement seemed to be the cause of the ring suddenly shooting up and growing into a giant circular wall surrounding the battlefield nearly a thousand feet high. When the wall of pitch black darkness finished rising a dome top quickly formed afterwards, drenching the two is black.

Stefan Soan walked forward until he hit the black wall in which he moved through with no issues. Lifting his left hand again, the Vizard snapped his fingers which opened many very small holes in the dome ceiling which allowed rays of light to illuminate the terrain below. In a fraction of a moment a sudden and tremendous burst of spiritual pressure was released from within the Monsuta leader which spread in every direction within the dome. The ground and air itself were forced away from Stefan, creating a gigantic crater beneath him as well as making it next to impossible for others to breathe in this area. This Reitsu was so dense and mighty someone as strong as Demonica would barely be able to stand even with all her might. Mirja would likely crash to her knees if not suffer from more severe side effects of exposure to Stefan's full force spiritual pressure.

"Just so we're on the same page.....try to damage the Void surrounding you and it'll absorb anything you throw at it. Overload it and it'll just reform, not that I think you even could. Try to go under it and it'll spread into the ground. Understand this is my domain, you have no rights and no power here. me to understand exactly why a section of this wondrous city is in ruins. Don't worry, I don't judge. My blade may, though."

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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: Hell Hath Come. [Demonica/Monsuta]    Wed Dec 07, 2016 12:50 am

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Mirja was prepared to lay down what was probably going to be a continent-rocking beatdown, when she heard someone approach. Her ears were sharp and her memory sharper, so when combine with her sensory powers which were on high alert with the girl here, she realized it was the Boss Man, probably woke by all the nose, come to see what was going on. So she dissolved her Shining Ursa Empress form, because she was sure that the demon girl wouldn't supply the juice to power it while fighting Stefan. The roaring power that surged from Mirja dissipated into total nothingness. And it wasn't just because she had a low level of power compared to the others, there was literally nothing coming from her to be sensed.

Unfortunately, dropping her form turned out to be a bad idea as Boss Man Stefan went full tilt and there was a pressure like a billion tons on her. She stayed upright for all of about two seconds before pulling off the world's greatest face plant. Even when she had been suddenly and inexplainicy released from the ground-pound pressure, she decided to stay there and let the two have their discussion or their fight. She wasn't even near the level of either of them, so pretending she was asleep on the ground was best. And anyway, she really had no idea how it had gotten to this point. They were fighting, nobody was coming, there was more fighting, still nobody was coming, and now Setfan.

Either entirely confident of herself, or she knew Stefan from before, the girl didn't seem all that worried about Stefan, who was probably angry they had obliterated party of the city in the fight. It never came in conversation before, but the destruction of cities seemed to be a pretty common affair.

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Hell Hath Come. [Demonica/Monsuta]
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