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 Wrong Way [Solo/Training]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Wrong Way [Solo/Training]   Sat Dec 03, 2016 12:29 am

”What now?”

The more she tried to get away, the closer she got to issues and circumstances she didn’t want to be a part of. All around her, everything was the same as it had been several years before. The only difference was that this time, the Demons had a stronger and more influential reach in the decisions and the actions of the beings that made Hueco Mundo; most of them anyways. Lilynette did not count herself among the disgraced the vowed down like cowards and dogs to serve people they should rule over instead.

Unlike before however, the demonic influence over the world at large had allowed the Hollow to move about seemingly unopposed through most of the Earth. The only few safe havens were rare, namely Karakura under the guidance of the Yuudeshi. The petite young Arrancar was seemingly allowed there by association to Starrk. While he wasn’t known for being a beacon of goodness, he was neutral and lazy enough to warrant his way out of almost all trouble he could dodge. Hell, if it wasn’t for her and her relentless attitude and persistence that he trained, he likely wouldn’t have progressed further, and she definitely wouldn’t have either. But that was a while back. Starrk had lost his way quite literally, though she only hoped it would be soon that the two would reconnect once more.

For some reason, she had been trailing a spiritual signal for a while. She maintained her own spiritual energy low, and trailed the energy that gave out all kinds of dark and malicious intent. It was beyond her why she continued to be interested in beings she should simply stay away from. It was almost as if there was a drive within her to be curious, to push for more, and be stronger. In a way, she believed that when Starrk and her separated, somehow she managed to get all the will and enthusiasm, and he kept all the laziness and bum like attitude.

The figures she trailed had very defining traits to their energy signals. There was certainly more than one; two or perhaps even three. Some of them seemed to be like her in some regard. They were either Arrancar or Hollow. The other however possessed a more dense and dark energy she could only imagine belonged to a Demon. It wasn’t all too difficult for Lilynette to keep her energy low enough to be bypassed. She wasn’t that strong as to warrant attention. She was no weakling however. While she certainly couldn’t contend against truly colossal beings, she was on par with the strength of a seated officer of the Gotei. The beings ahead of her seemed to be around her own level of power, and if they were stronger, it didn’t seem to be by all that much. Still, the fact they matched her in power and exceeded in numbers could only end in problems for her which further helped emphasize her seemingly delusional attitude at wanting to follow along. Still, it seemed the beings had no good intent at all. And, watching them make a Garganta from afar, they seemed headed into the world of the living. As soon as they had exited, Lilynette would wait just a few short moments before making a Garganta herself and going through and into a fate that could be dangerous and deadly altogether.

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Wrong Way [Solo/Training]
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