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 Vastimian Basic Army Equipment

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Vastimian Basic Army Equipment   Mon Dec 05, 2016 1:04 pm

» Item Name: Unyielding Battle Armor or UBA Mk.1
» Item Type: Vastimian Soldier Equipment
» Used For: Defense & Support

» Item Description:

For all intensive purposes this is the battle uniform for the Vatimian military, in the section below we will cover the four variants of it and it’s uses within the battlefield.

Variant 1 Rabbit: This armor functions as a less used variant but is open for purchase on the open market, it provides minimal level protection from that of low to medium power firearms and energy blasts. Typically this allows the user to remain extremely fast making it perfect for undercover assignments or simple protection.

Variant 2 Dragon: This is the standard body armor for most Vastimian troops offering a great deal of protection in and outside of battle. Due to it acting as a closed environment with the helmet on it can regulate the soldiers breath, atmosphere, and body temperature to that of comfortable levels. It also provides protection against high level attacks that could normally incapacitate the normal soldier, granted due to this it can be a bit heavier and harder to produce but not so much where it is a problem. The helmet of this variant has access to multiple vision levels along with a basic HUD to alert them of their suit conditions and weapon systems. If the suit is punctured it will attempt to seal itself and the occupant to prevent from blood lose or atmospheric destabilization. It also comes equipped with a needle inside the forearm to puncture the soldier for needed medication such as Morphine or Adrenaline boost if needed.

Variant 3 Titan: This is the least common variant and not available through purchase on the open market, it has all the features of the previous ones but with some added support upgrade and defensive measures. The suit can take a large amount of damage and should the user become unable to fight, lock them in a hyper-stative healing coma till help can arrive. It also comes equipped with an A.I slot which can help greatly in the midst of battle. It also comes equipped with an advanced HUD system which can alert the soldier to any movement up to two miles away, they gives real time feed through holographic video lenses, and real time information of their vitals.

» Obtained From: Vastimian Arsenal

» Yen Price:

V1: 120,000
V2: 400,000
V3: 1,250,000

» Notes: [Any other information or personal notes you'd like to add]

» Item Name: Vastimian Armaments
» Item Type: Offensive

» Used For: Offensive

» Item Description:

Vastimian Ammunition: Vastime is it’s own producer of ammo maintaining most likely one of the largest supplies to date across their numerous facilities. Due to the type of being they face they have designed a specialized ammo type to help combat the assortment of threats they may face in the future ranging from Cyro-Rounds to the more complex ‘Ripper’ rounds which are designed to piece into heavy armor via rotation of it’s sharp head before exploding violently internally. These are just some of the ammo types they possess which fit into all of their rifles allowing them to adapt to many situations.

LY 21 AHLAR: The LY21 Advanced High Lethality Assault Rifle is the designated infantrymen rifle of the military. The cartridge it fires is a 6.3 x 40mm caseless round that is specifically manufactured by Vastime for these rifles. The round contains a small amount of pre-loaded spiritual rishi that is used to target both spiritual and physical targets. Upon impact they release a small explosion from a mix of chemicals that if they struck a normal human target could rip limbs off with ease. It has enough force to decimate steel and concrete in short bursts.

LY46 ‘Hellhammer’ .50 Cal handgun: The standard sidearm of the Vastimian military, as you can tell it can pack quite the punch from its caliber. It can pierce through steel and damage titanium alloys in it’s base state, althrough it’s small capacity of seven rounds tend to be limiting.

Gladius Mk.2: This machete sword combo was designed as the primary melee weapon for the Vastimian army, as shown above in it’s heat mode this weapon is designed to switch through elemental stages such as lightning or ice to best fit the situation. It is optional when entering the field but is provided as basic equipment.

MVS12 ‘Chopper’: This large heavy gatling gun esque weapon is the primary auto weapon of their heavy unit. It is capable of blasting over 2000 rounds down range before needing a reload and has the option to switch between a Rishi or Live Ammo which can be done through a flip of the switch, If it runs out or Rishi it can enter into cool down state for two posts to replenish it’s ammo source.

‘Shocker’ Gauntlet: The right and left hand of many Vastimian troops feature this item, it’s capable of electrocuting enemies that come within punching distance often able to turn the tides in hand to hand combat. It can be supercharged to release a large burst of electroshock energy that can act as a temporary EMP and blast to push the enemy back, making it the handy tool in battle.

LY901 ‘Longsword’: This sniper rifles has an effective range of over five miles with it’s best scope, capable of stopping mid-level tanks and armored vehicles with two shots out of its five shot clip. The recoil on this beast is however indeed massive as it fires an experimental .700 Caliber round with uranium tip coating, being struck by this is most likely a game ender for any unarmored person and even then it’s can do a significant amount of damage.

LY1002 ‘Hellsbreath’ grenades: These grenades are thermodynamic in their reaction resulting in a spewing of fragmentation and ‘fireball’ of sorts. The normal effective kill range on a human is six meters making that it’s most dangerous area to be within, typically setting a fuse delay of five seconds sometimes more or less depending on the situation.

» Obtained From: Vastimian Armory

» Yen Price:

Vastimian Ammunition: 500 Yen to 3,000 depending on the situation.
LY 21 AHLAR:100,000 Yen
LY46 ‘Hellhammer’ .50 Cal handgun: 75,000
Gladius Mk.2: 65,000
MVS12 ‘Chopper’: 235,000
‘Shocker’ Gauntlet: 72,000
LY901 ‘Longsword’: 210,000
LY1002 ‘Hellsbreath’ grenades: 10,000

» Notes: [Any other information or personal notes you'd like to add]

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Vastimian Basic Army Equipment   Tue Dec 06, 2016 5:47 am

[adm]Everything looks up to par for me. I'll approve it.[/adm]


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Vastimian Basic Army Equipment
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