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 The Twilight Throne. [Inami/Hayden Political Thread]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Twilight Throne. [Inami/Hayden Political Thread]    Sat Dec 17, 2016 12:06 am

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King Militant Desmond Hayden, I inami asthavon queen of chaya nation have become aware of vastime and wish to come and meet you and discuss possible relations between, the vastimian nation and my nation of chaya nation. Be it on neutral terms, or in a more private setting. . “

The queen of chaya nation had been sitting within her private quarters, the demon-light casting violet shadow-shapes on the walls of her abode. Outside in chaya nation, many beings lurked and had been howling and wailing in the night; if one thought of the horrid place that chaya nation truly was, it would be strange that this queen was to nonchalant in her musings. As her heterochromia eyes took in the words on the page she exhaled and pondered just what was her intent in her dealings with vastime? She couldn’t truly offer them amnesty because, from what she gathered this nation was only just slumbering. Could she not see the seeds of discord that waited to be sewn? Her lips tilted ever so slightly at the corners of her mouth, slowly forming into a smile as her pen continued to etch into the paper, the spidery handwriting delicate, refined, but also powerful. For these words had the very energy of the queen imbedded in them for verification of authenticity.

If, by any chance; you find yourself interested. Please send me a letter back regarding this matter. I am more than willing to make the dimensional trip to come talk to you personally, and i will be coming as the queen of chaya nation, therefor any affiliations/standings i may have other than this role will be considered negligible in the duration of our talks.”

Her expression turned thoughtful as she looked out her window, at the desolate pillars that connected the realms together. Even now the energy of madness was spreading even further in the demon world. However her eyes focused not on her own land. Instead they narrowed as they looked at the lands of sirsa. The king there, dayalu was quiet and hadn’t been seen to act for quite some time. The rulers of demon world, could shape it as they saw fit. Their word was law unto itself. For many years the balance had been status quo, yet . . . What would happen if that delicate balance was upset? Just thinking about the discord and anarchy that could be generated from such a event was enough to make the queen of both chaya, and inverse chaya nation . . . Moist. Her face grew flush as she sighed heatedly, the tendrils of discord leaving her plump lips to dissipate in the air, causing slight irregularities in demon magic, causing small spatial ripples. It seemed even now she was becoming more attuned to anarchy.

It was a strange descent, the world looked sinister in her eyes, and she could taste the lawlessness in her own lands. It was a fine wine upon the queen’s tongue, and she drank it down as if it was a beverage. Inhaling until she smiled lazily and went back to writing. Droplets of ink falling on the wood desk that she was writing upon, while she finally began to write the conclusion to her small letter.

”I eagerly await your response, mister hayden. “

The female had finished the letter and then it vanished after curling up into a scroll. From there it would transverse space itself to appear in the hand of a lowely demon that had entered vast-time as a prisoner of war. This letter was then offered to an officer, in this way it quickly went up the chain of command and eventually it was delivered to desmond hayden himself. But the queen wasn’t concerned about this, rather her eyes looked at the sky and she murmurred softly.

Soon. . . everything will allign, and the fun will begin.”

She couldn’t help but giggle softly in anticipation for what was lurking on the horizon.

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The Twilight Throne. [Inami/Hayden Political Thread]
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