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 Salem's Lot

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His eyes closed as he stopped mid way not bothering any further as he let the weapon go. Her attacks were feeble even when he lowered his spiritual pressure for her to keep up. She was out of her depth and didn't even realize the difference between them. Ghislain hadn't even been trying to do anything he wanted to test her skills. But it seemed she would only mock the old ways and traditions. Only a child asking for attention and demanding the focus on her. It just wasn't worth the hiding it any longer. He'd lowered his spiritual pressure tremendously just so she could face him properly. But her attacks were lacking as was her spirit. She didn't have that thing that older Quincy did. In fact, her age was hurting her more as was her ego. He was within his right to show her power but why bother? She wasn't able to see what she lacked and he didn't have the energy nor time to waste on her. Something else was demanding his attention at the moment. This town was a nice place and it wasn't worth frightening the people any further. Former Emperor this and that seemed like her only comment.

As though he owed her something but that wasn't the case for anyone. The only thing owed to Quincy was what they gained and put forward. She'd done work for her powers but at her currently level she still lacked it. Something was missing from her as he sighed softly. A shame she had promised in terms of training but incomplete skills such as these did her no good. "If that's all, I have a place to be.." He didn't bother with letting her experience his full power or anything like that. It was just a meaningless pursuit now. She'd shown promise in reading the situation, but her own arrogance and blinded her the same as Yhwach. And in the end that lead to everything and got them killed. She talked politics when she didn't even exist at the time. At her age, she wasn't even a twinkle in the world's eye yet. None the less the situation was settled as far as he was concerned.

Ghislain hadn't bothered showing her much of any of his real skills. Especially in what he knew within Reishi. If she wanted to stop him she would have to find her own way. Her attacks wouldn't really phase or bother the former Emperor. He'd shown her a fraction of his speed not even bothering with special footwork that they practiced. His eyes closed as he walked away from her letting his fingers trail along the locket. It was a shame, but if this was the route she took. Niflheim and he were on different roads entirely. He suspected all but her would lack that thing. It was something basic that couldn't be taught or even shown. It was something that Sofia would discover sooner or later. But for now, she walked the same road as the First Emperor. The man who killed their entire race and was blind to everything. The only Quincy who ever learned the workings of the Emperor's minds was the next one on the list. With ti came amazing power beyond all comprehension. But a price was paid as well that couldn't of been undone sooner.

You were connected to every living breathing Quincy. Their blood spoke to you and you could influence it. It was a disgusting power not worth memory. But she had likely realized by now that Ghislain hadn't even bothered to take her seriously. Her attacks couldn't damage him even if she tried for a while. His skill in Blut was something outside the regular understanding of Quincy. Despite not being able to make Quincy weapons or use them outside of his Voldstandig he was still quite a formidable warrior. In the fact that he could take a beating with his Blut. He could do many things others could even externalizing it like the First Emperor. But that was a lost art as well. His eyes closed as he inhaled and felt the flow of this places energy. It naturally poured into his body as though drawn by his nature and breathing. The matter was settled and for now it seemed her destiny to become something would be on hold. He didn't know what stars she was born under, but it was clear she and Yhwach were similar creatures.

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The Dark Quincy

Sofia Montero

Song: N/a STUFF - Artist: N/A STUFF - Words: N/A

”Goodbye to you, and farewell.”

She would not pursue, and she would not waste time trying to get him to stay or even rationalizing with the old man that despite his age saw very little. He seemed discontent perhaps with her progress or her behavior, but at the root, it was hypocritical to say the least. Then again, it was also very fitting. Despite his seeming effort to want to dissociate from the Quincy he gathered around back then, and the leader he followed, he really wasn’t all that different. He was but a memento of a dark time, and the stigma of something many Quincy today simply wanted to forget. His ego, much like his power, clearly outclassed hers at the time. At the very least it did her well to see that pride didn’t go to waste on the powerful. She was right. As a Quincy, it seemed to be a habit or perhaps a trait to gain even more pride, and even more boastful antics the stronger one got.

And so, with his fleeting interest came hers. Undoing her own techniques and placing everything back to where it belonged, she would see him off. From the start it seemed like a mistake to seek out the relic of the past. As it turned out, she only needed to see the mistake for herself. He wouldn’t last long. At least he would last long enough to find hope and fail as others with the same mentality had before him. But perhaps he could triumph. To be fair, she was agitated enough in the altercation where her own thoughts were not to be trusted. Regardless, whether that was the last time she saw him or not mattered very little. She didn’t intend to be the same person the next time they met; assuming they did. One thing was certain, she would surpass him, and her youth and her work would eventually create and bring about a legacy that would be much stronger and ever lasting than the mess of puzzle pieces he was trying to mend together. Once he had disappeared from sight, she would make her way to better places more worth of her time and more keen of her help.

The End

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Salem's Lot
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