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 You Killed Something I Cannot Remember, Now Prepare To Die

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Subject Post 31PostSubject: Re: You Killed Something I Cannot Remember, Now Prepare To Die   Thu Jan 12, 2017 8:12 pm

Rudi?? sick as a dog!

When Rudi heard the voice, he looked up to Yaksha, and he could tell by the man's face that he heard it, too. His lips moved almost, to speak it, but it was heard in the mind and not in the ears. Rudi felt fear, but before fear he felt nausea, and he felt the blood begin to spill from his mouth and over his teeth as his body began to reject what had been consumed.

Rudi stood and rushed out of the room with a speed almost shocking. He didn't know where the bathroom was, but he saw a sink where the man had previously accessed the fridge, and so he scrambled onto the stone counters around the sink and vomited. His lipless teeth again stained crimson as he hurled up every drop of blood that had entered his body and then continued until he was dry heaving into the sink like a hungover fratboy.

And during this, and the voice, Rodolfo shook and shimmered, and it looked for a moment as if he might transform, shifting from being limp to holding his own weight. Examining the pathogen in the body, testing its strength, trying to understand what had occurred- and then deciding that there was no threat- that if need be, Rodolfo could always remove the pathogen himself in time. And so he curled back to the corners of Rudi's spirit and left room for the little arrancar to blink back into consciousness.

No threat. Yes, he would accept the pathogen, and in it Rudi felt himself feeling a numb kind of correctness, like a reward for his obedience. He gently turned on the sink to rinse his bloody teeth and mouth, the blood from his furred claws, and then to turn off the sink again once all signs of crimson had faded into the sink.

Perhaps the pathogen could be killed by whatever cleaned the water... but if the water wasn't cleaned... well, it was beyond Rudi to think about. He felt something like sickness, but perhaps a better word is weak or fragile, or hesitant about his surroundings as if experiencing everything against for the first time. Yaksha- he needed to be in Yaksha's company.

And so carefully, slowly, with labored pawsteps, he walked back to bed and climbed back on after some weak, failed jumps. "Feels... feels weird, mister Yaksha. Kind of nice, though... Weird and nice. Are you okay?" He nuzzled into Yaksha's side, almost affectionate, somewhat concerned to verify his friend was doing okay.

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Subject Post 32PostSubject: Re: You Killed Something I Cannot Remember, Now Prepare To Die   Fri Jan 13, 2017 1:39 pm

Yaksha could still feel that riding high, could still feel his pulse racing, and his entire body almost numb from how elated he was. He didn't know what words he'd use to describe this feeling, but he knew he wanted to ride it for as long as he possibly could. He rose his palm to the air, letting his form slowly, gently meld and shift. He'd experimented for some time, and he knew that he needed to keep a clear image of what he wanted in his head, if it was going to maintain itself. And right now, he knew exactly what he wanted. His face slowly elongated and stretched, the movement as smooth and natural as a leg extending. Watching it was unsettling, disgustingly organic...and incredibly quick. Five seconds, perhaps less, and a hulking lizard beast could be seen.

He still had a single hand, but the one remaining looked far larger now, easily big enough to wrap around Rudi's head; the bite marks were already bubbling and starting to heal over, leaving crisp alabaster chitin there to hide away his expression. He closed his eyes, trying to capture that feeling, that sensation, that beautiful frisson that had run through him when that voice spoke. It had been so emotionless, so detached...and yet it hadn't been a bad thing, in a strange way. It was like the voice of an outsider, who had watched others for quite a long time. A pleasant, amicable voice of one who had no place in this world, and was going to do his damndest to change that.

It was a nice voice, for one who planned to make the world his. One little portion at a time, Yaksha was going to scoop up every little piece of property he could, and make it his. He'd find out more about the real movers and shakers of this world, and in time he'd have his place by their sides.

"Never better, Rudi. Come...let's watch some television. It's a great way to unwind after a long day."
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You Killed Something I Cannot Remember, Now Prepare To Die
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