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 Ceal Maxwell [APPROVED 3-1]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Ceal Maxwell [APPROVED 3-1]   Sun Jan 01, 2017 8:32 pm

Ceal Maxwell

The Bolt Of Ruin
"Those damn skittles robbed my rainbows!"


I. Basic Information

» Name: Ceal Maxwell
» Alias: Mana's Pet, Bolt of Ruination.
» Age: 19
» Gender: Female

» Association: Shadow Fall, Second Circle; Children of Eris

» Appearance Written: Ceal is a very average build, weighing in at 127lbs for a height of 5'6. She wasn't very large, like her father, but fortunately she didn't appear to be all that lanky either.
Her shoulders seem to be at just the right pitch to give her a cute portrait, complimented well by her modest curves that didn't appear over or under too far in any way. While her hands were the expected medium, her fingers could be just a tad shorter than you'd think, but not too much that you'd noticed without a hard glance.

Corn silk blonde hair that falls to frame her face in loose waves, just thick enough to add some fluff around her ears and temple. Her bangs fell just short of her eyes, glowing a luminescent green.

Demonic Update:

Ceal has taken on physical features of a rather stereotypical type of demon, known as the Succubus. Still a fledgling in growing the power of her demonic alteration, she has still grown a blackened purple spaded tail, a set of elongated canine fangs, and almost invisible knots (because of her hair) on her head where horns seem to be growing from.

Also recently, her hair might seem a bit wild, untamed. It is clear that her demonization has left it's mark on her visual features as well as her less tangible features.

It's been known that many succubus have bat-like wings and can easily fly with them. Ceal has yet to show signs of developing this rather interesting trait, but it's not outside of the realm of possibility.

» Appearance Image:

I. Personality

» Personality:

Hyperactive: Ceal is a very mild mannered individual. She is generally hyper, always seeming to be in motion. In her early years many people saw it as unusual, seeing her fidgets and quirkiness as nervousness, despite that not being the case. In recent years though, she consciously works to tame herself, wondering if she fidgets too much, or sways too often. Sometimes she felt like it was a workout to contain all of her energy.

Positive: Ceal does her best to keep a positive outlook on things, always looking for the good in people, in life. She strays away from outside influences. Always desiring to experience things for herself. She likes to joke and find a way to make others smile. Despite being silly, she is otherwise fairly carefree as well.

Keen: Ceal is observant, doing her best to take in as many things around her as she can within reason. Primarily, this is typically seen when she interacts with people close to her. She can pick up on subtle changes in their mood, even when those try to hide it. She is terribly empathetic, perhaps even to a fault, typically more worried about the mental well-being of others over her own. It's not to say that she doesn't value her own state of mind, however, just that part of her rationale is to keep others in a healthy mind state as well. This is particularly seen with her demon friend, Raizen.

Empathetic: Ceal is very critical with understanding how she responds to people. At the end of the day, she usually reflects upon her interactions of the day prior. While not necessarily a mask, Ceal refrains from any powerful emotions while out in public or with friends. That is because in reality, she is very emotional, if a bit on the optimistic side of things. It doesn't take much to make her smile, or even cry, but it certainly does take a lot to truly make her sad.

Hardened: Truly, it is hard, for she has been to the depths of despair, known the sound of madness. Indeed, she had been there, and for once. She had gotten mad. So mad that the very emotion itself evolved into something different, something more. It gave her additional integrity. The mind to withstand more than it could before. The term "what doesn't kill you..." rang all the more true about this certain facet of the complexity of Ceal's inner workings.

Demonic Update:

Quirks from her Demonization: While Ceal has remained mostly the same individual from the change enacted on her from the Mark of Eris, new changes have still served to manifest themselves within her.

She's been known to be more mischievous than in the past, playing around with people, and sometimes unbeknownst to her, going too far with a prank. The natural ruthlessness from the demon race easily surfacing into her core personality.

Succubus Traits: Due to the nature in how her demonization started, Ceal has experienced the innate desire to perform various erotic acts she'd otherwise had shied away from. Her inhibitions towards these act continue to decline as they become a closer part to her everyday mentality.

I. History

» History:

Demonic Update:

Post Mana:

I. Equipment

» Equipment:

Shooting Star Bow:

Scythe: (To be named and abilities will be in equipment app when made)

I. Natural Powers

» Physiological Abilities:

I. Strengths


Due to Ceal's Soul Evolution and Demon hybrid blood, she is significantly stronger than the average human, being able to perform feats previously not possible to her, even as an Evo. By tapping into the ever growing demonic portion of her ability, as well as the power provided from the Mark of Eris, Ceal can shatter concrete or split metal much more easily than before.

She might not be as physically strong as a pure Demon, but when comparing to any other human, she might be able to run toe to toe on this aspect with even the more dedicated on the terms of strength.


Due to the nature of Ceal's new hybrid body, as well as the nature of the Eris Mark, she is able to withstand a larger beating than ever before. She already had an aptitude for taking a beating, but this just further expresses how far she has come power wise to be able to take more fatal attacks and be able to recover from them.


Perhaps due to Ceal's unique Soul Evolution ability, Ceal is highly resistant to electrical based attacks. Her body generates a constant voltage high enough to outright kill an average human, and by this point even beyond that. With this in mind, taking high powered electrically affiliated attacks comes as second nature to one so specialized in it.

I. Weaknesses


While it's true that Ceal can take more pain than some, and more herself than ever before, a large portion of this can tend to manifest itself a different sensation entirely and serve to boost her state of arousal. The higher this number gets, the harder Ceal can remain in a fight without collapsing under the overbearing feeling. Ceal can expect to begin feeling light-headed, lack of concentration, physically weaker as her body is over indulging on lust energy, and can even lead into complete lost of consciousness.


Ceal is somewhat weak to attacks of the holy or divine spectrum due to her demonization. It's not quite at the leve of a pure demon's weakness to such, but still something Ceal ought to stray away from.

I. Diet

Hybrid Diet:

Ceal is still a human... at least partially. Normal human foods are just fine and can keep Ceal functional, happy, and lively. In fact, she prefers her signature spicy red curry chicken at any time!

However, due to the nature of her peculiar demon origin, Ceal is able to feed off of a secondary source. This tends to be primary source for any pure demons. For Ceal and her succubus nature, she can feed of the lust of humans, demons, and other races. This can be done orally through various means but can also be taken from the ambience of the air around her too, if the sensation is strong enough.

I. Demonic Abilities

Following Mana's chaotic and maddening influence being placed on Ceal's body, both her body and mind had been altered and made to think more abstractly. As a result, the nature of Ceal's electricity morphed and changed. Ceal is capable of altering the core principles of lightning in order to have it become more abstract and metaphysical in nature. However, in order to activate this power, Ceal must begin to mentally unlock the depths of her seal and allow it to begin to guide her power. So this varies heavily from her traditional electric control. With that said, you will be able to see some of these abilities in the sections below.

Disaster Bolt:

If bolt is the ability of Ceal to cast out her electrical energy in a bolt of lightning, then this ability is much the same way. By infusing the energy originating from the Mark of Eris unto her own base power, it combines the chaotic properties of lightning with the sinister powers of the ancient sigil.

Ceal must be able to mentally envision what this is and how it changes by the influence of the Mark. In doing so, Ceal's lightning turns black, as if tainted by the very darkness and no longer becomes a thing about "voltage", for this ability shakes the very foundation of what is real and what is not.

Typically cast out from her hands, these bolts determine their target based on Ceal's thoughts, and attempt to seek out the mark relentlessly, as if fueled by something. They hunger for flesh, to taste and destroy what they touch. Indeed, for whatever they make contact to, if unprotected or Ceal is powerful enough, is rend asunder and unmade from this world.

To say disaster bolts "damage" things is a bit of a wrong terminology, for they don't actually damage anything, they disturb the very reality of what they touch in a sort of "tug of war". If resistance is overcome, that matter becomes "deleted" so to speak, it is something akin to void magic. It negates the existence of that small bit of matter it touches, ripping it and devouring it.

Actual Effects: Can create small bolts of black electricity that seek a target or until intercepted by any physical or spiritual matter. Attempts to unravel the matter based on tier.

Tier 4: Small, quarter sized areas that may or may not be lethal to the human body, akin to a gunshot wound.
Tier 3: Larger effect range (shot gun wound) , easier time breaking barriers and various resistance based on Ceal's mark of eris mastery.
Tier 2: Greater ability to rend matter of multiple types, Area of Effect extended to entire bodies. Can still be overcome by various barriers.
Tier 1: Can now designate entire areas of 10 meter radius to create storms. Uses a lot of energy, but deadly. Can also rend large structures, like houses and small buildings.

Disaster Field:

Disaster Field possesses the ability to zap and drain energy from the opponent. In order to perform this ability, Ceal must mentally create the needed protocols and calculations to transform the construct of "energy drain" into her electricity. Then she must determine how much energy is needed for this, how far it will be, the radius of it's influence, and how well it can affect her target.

In so doing this. Ceal can create a location, either around herself, another person, or anywhere within a certain distance from her, where she can manifest a type of static field by making the area habitable to static charges. It takes a certain amount of heightened cognitive thought to sustain this, but in doing so, the area, combined with the disaster influence from her Mark, creates an area that will passively eat away at one's energy, stamina, reiatsu, chi, or any other source of catalyst, within a reasonable range. It has a maximum range of one city block and and a minimum range of being centered on herself.

Depending on how intricate the values of Disaster Field lightning strikes (from the field of influence), this can induce a physical tiredness, mental exhaustion or complications attempting to summon their powers. (Until the duration of the thread is over) However, this does not turn into an energy drain ability which allots Ceal power. It only takes away and zaps and eats away the strength over her opponent. It's potency and effectiveness may range based on the various types of defenses and powers the opponent may have at their disposal.

Disaster Stunner:

Disaster Stunner is the ability to induce a supernatural form of paralysis on the objects, material and particles which compromise the environment around Ceal. For example: after making the appropriate mental analysis, configuration and estimates on a target; Ceal can attempt to cease the movement of particles in something like a projectile heading towards her trajectory. Or, in other cases, she can attempt to reduce the amount of momentum behind an opponents attack to become slow enough for her to evade or figure out a way to counter. The potency of this will vary more so on how much concentrated mental effort she infuses into her lightning and what type of counter-play the opponent can devise against this.

Range Of Effect For Disaster Stunner: At 4 tier, it is capable of stopping objects comparable to bullets, small boulders and energy attacks like balas. Once she ascends to 3 tier, it will evolve and be able to induce this effect on larger objects such as trees or light poles. After reaching 2 tier it will then be able to influence small buildings. Then, at 1 tier, it can influence entire city blocks.

Disaster Burst:

Disaster Burst: Disaster Burst is the ability to induce sudden chaotic change upon the material which the lightning of Disaster Bolt is able to touch. This one requires less intensive mental thought, but it requires a firm and steady sense of how her disaster bolts will affect her target. Once Ceal has readied her mind to influence a target, she must create a projected pathway (this is done for all disaster bolts, as well) for it to take and unleash her energy. After this process has been finished, the intended effect is to have the molecules which are attached to her intended target destabilize and start to unravel instead of it's base property of attempting to erase matter that it touches.

An illustration of this coming into play within a theoretical fight would be if she managed to use Disaster Burst to make an energy attack akin to a cero implode on itself before coming into contact with her. This would allow her time to either dodge, counter or potentially negate the attack. Now, on the opponents end, this is not absolute. The reason for this is because the potency will vary based on the state of Ceal's mind, how much effort she placed into it and the energy available at her combat.

Sometimes it will entirely negate an attack, other times it will destabilize apart of the attack and reduce the attack potency of the attack. These will vary heavily because the state of battle is always changing and no one opponent is the same.

Other things to note is that this ability has a range of one city block and it's more energy heavy on Ceal than the previous two because of the fact it is a more offensive ability.

I. Soul Evolution Abilities

» Powers:

Electric Soul


Base Power:


Ceal obtained the ability to generate otherwise lethal amounts of electrical voltage without suffering from negative effects. This is done by her soul force that is generated internally turning into charge. Somehow, this rather metaphysical source of energy is capable of ionizing to generate ambient, static electricity. This results in an increase of accidentally shocking people on touch and is also her base power of her soul evolved human state technically present since birth. It was stated that her body can produce and discharge a maximum of 100,000 volts

Voltage alone isn't necessarily dangerous, but coupled with the amps at which it can travel (a current in which the voltage to travel), is what makes voltage extremely dangerous.

The sheer voltage alone matches dry human skin's resistance (ohms) at a ratio at 1:1. (meaning dry skin has 100,000 ohms of resistance) Without forcing any additional amperes of current, it alone would generate one ampere. this is 10 times the ampere needed to stop the heart, and can cause enough heat from the current alone to melt human tissue and cause internal organs to cook from the heat as it can easily rise up to 250+ degrees F. Ceal can push this though conductive matter at 5 amps, similar amps to a car battery (though, such batteries push only 12 volts at these amps). Taking this into consideration. Her ability to electrocute things should not be taken lightly.

Fortunately, her body is incapable of keeping a current of her maximum capacity going for more than a few seconds. This is still enough to fry a person, however, she is capable of replicating this effect several times with reasonable cool down between each usage, so long as her energy source has not been depleted.


Just generating voltage isn't the only thing her base soul power does. She can also discharge voltages through touch or contact, sending electrical currents through facets of her body. (typically originating from the brain, the main conduit).

She has made use of Discharge, determining that since she is able to control the current through things she can touch, she makes use of this mainly with copper wiring. With some practice, she is sure that she can master the use of snaking wires around with electrical currents.

Using wires like this allow her to bypass the natural resistance to conductivity of the atmosphere, as she can run current directly through these. She can also touch things, such as people, to run current through.

A thing to note is that while Ceal manages to develop soul force, she is unaware of how, or what it is, only that it only becomes under her control after it has been converted into electrical energies.


With this ability, Ceal is able to cast out voltages transformed into static electricity by discharging deadly arcs of pent up static. Atmospheric resistance tends to be a strong insulator to electrical discharge, so Ceal must mark a location or pathway through it in order to safely and accurately guide these bolts of electricity.

These bolts can only go up to a maximum of Ceal's own voltage limit, and severely tires her out the more of these she casts, as it requires the energy to discharge, and the energy to ionize a pathway. Since these cost more energy than Discharge she prefers to use it, instead. At least, not until she finds a more efficient way to accurately use this power.

I. Soul State Evolution

» First Soul State Evolution:

Soul Shift: Rage Burst

This is Ceal's soul state evolution power. It can be triggered at any time, but typically arises when Ceal becomes enraged or triggered in some emotional way.

It expends soul force at a constant rate, but uses her own electrical power to forcibly stimulate the cells in her body and causes them into a type of hyperactivity. By doing this it greatly augments her speed and reflexes, almost appearing to be an actual bolt of lightning during this time.

Ceal also suffers a major demeanor switch in this form, typically becoming extremely angry or even going berserk. She sacrifices all forms of defense as well, her entire energy source funneling to her speed and lethality.

It is also one of the only times Ceal's soul energy will manifest as something not electrical in nature, forming claw like apparitions of semi-solid matter that are moving at such an incredible rate, the vibration frequency has the capability to rip asunder most physical and spiritual matter.

Also to note in this form, these claws and her lightning abilities all change to a red hue, almost as if Ceal's own blood were pumping through her electrical field.

Actual Effects: Ceal's speed skill rises by one in most tiers, perhaps two stages in tier 2 and 1 possibly. Ceal's strength increases by one stage at all tiers. However, Ceal's focus and mental deduction both decrease by one stage.

Notes: Ceal can kill herself with this ability if it depletes soul energy completely, including the energy that's reserved for the preservation of one's own life. Doing this would give her an insane power boost by tapping into this energy, but completely dangerous if she burns it out.

I. Skill Sheet

To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not fill your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. We will also do your will sheet for you upon grading your application.

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Master
  • Pain Endurance: Master
  • Focus: Adept

Human Skill Sheet
  • Seal of Eris Mastery: Adept
  • Soul Sorcery: Adept
  • Soul Dash: Adept
  • Soul Detection: Beginner

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Moving to unchecked.


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« Application Checklist »

• Let's Get Down To Business •

  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

« The Willsheet Checklist »

• And Comments/Fixes •

  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Master
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Adept

  • Comments/Notes:

  • Tier: 3-4


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[adm]Moving to inactive. If you would like this moved back to approved, consult staff in this thread:[/adm]
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Ceal Maxwell [APPROVED 3-1]
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