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 The Iron Battle

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That was a cheap trick, nothing more. In the eyes of Desmond Hayden this performance was something of a realization of power within his challenger. It was refreshing but annoying to see as the world around him began to condense upon it's self, the tornadoes which where being enclapsed on him would simply begin to slow as the resistance to gravity increased, followed by the ground breaking it's self. It was however, something that made Hayden look down as the ground beneath his feet began to crack for himself it was nothing more like a bit more weight placed on his back, his armor supporting his body and thus making him able to maneuver still.

However, Hayden would disappear from his spot as his shunpo carried him a zigzagging arc across the arena his body forcefully fighting the pressure around him. Given the massive arena Ghislain tried to influence due to the spread of the tornadoes Hayden was able to do this with relative ease. But instead of treading into the pound which Ghislain had erupted from his Bankai, Hayden would instead launch himself into the air standing roughly four house levels in the air.

"Using someone's Bankai as a supportive measure in this fight, that's rather brilliant. But, begs the question: if there is no ground for your pond what happens?"

With those words Ghislain would begin to feel the air beginning to pull towards Hayden along with the general air pressure increase. Hayden himself was raising his left hand above his head, as a swirling mass of blackness began to gather. The amount of reiroyoku and reiatsu gathering in the area would've been crippling to those one tier or lower had the barrier protecting their field was not designed for this encounter. What was gathering above Hayden however was not Reiatsu rather the pure form of death matter, something Ghislain had not encountered yet.

The tendrils of energy which protruded from Hayden's arm was morphing and wrapping around each other forming a ball of growing size and within moments it would be roughly twice the size of Hayden. This was a technique known as 'Death Matter Bomb' and normally it was deployed in such a way to cause a cluster of explosions equaling massive damage but in extreme cases he coudl focus his energy into one large bomb who's power could easily be a small nuclear bomb no strong than the fatman dropped in WWII or at it's highest being able to rival over gigatons.

But considering he wasn't suicidal or didn't want the death of Ghislain, the bomb which was going to hit the ground and explode would be equal seventy megatons of damage enough to completely destroy the arena floor under them. With a yell his hand would grab the energy beginning to spin before on the third one launching the mass of energy directly towards Ghislain. However, it would be at this point one thing would change.

The energy would break into large chunks no bigger than a meter in size as they began to lace the floor of the arena spreading the damage out across the whole floor. Each mini-bomb exploding with the force to easily level a district effectively eliminating the arena floor, the only place Ghislain would have to go would be up and considering who was waiting for him his options would be limited. Yet, Hayden was not without harm for each exploding cluster would throw kinetic force and blackened death matter fire around.

So while his armor took a brunt of the damage he himself could feel his defenses being worn down, enough that his internal body structure was being jarred even with his enhanced organ and muscle system. It would be at this point, that using the Deus Ex Machina upgrade within his brain he would begin to process the world a bit slower.

Ghislain was going to try to do something, some sort of manuever or blocking attack. Even if he used his own matter manipulation powers to try to influence the death matter, he would find due to the directly controlled nature of this attack and the raw form of Death matter being used it would near impossible for him to do so. At least not fast enough to mitigate the damage. Thus Hayden would be readying himself to percieve Ghislain next move, having effectively eliminated his healing resource.

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Artist: N/A - Song: N/A - Word Count: 1901

Ghislain stopped now it was time for introspection, something he rarely did. Combat had changed as had the world they lived in here. Fighting with the way Radioactive did or such direct ways was simply foolish. He was being a fool and fighting Hayden without conservation or thinking. Why did he fight this way against such a strong enemy? He could feel his wife's hand touch his shoulder as he raised a cross-object. The Bankai returned into it entirely. All the effects seemed to vanish now as he stood there not moving as though in thought. This was his loss regardless of how he played it. Hayden fought smarter and figured out how to handle him. It was a far cry from their last battle where he and Hayden were equals. Had he really grown so out of touch that he lost himself? Ghislain would need to seriously consider some things."It's over, I lost..No point dragging this out any further Desmond. No matter which direction I go, this current way I fight is too flawed to work."

This wasn't clear or even something he'd considered yet. Ghislain had to acknowledge despite his pride this was off. He fought incorrectly twice now, once against Mana. Now against the Leader of the Vanguard as he sighed and pulled his hood up. He didn't intend to kneel down or show some nature like that. He lost the fight due to his own incompetence. It was a mistake the Emperor wouldn't make again. Desmond had grown and become a King. What had he done since stepping down from being Emperor? Running away from the past and developing himself seemed to stop. It was time he stopped running and embraced the reality of the situation. It was the time that he begins training again for the future. Did his place with Vanguard remain a certainty or something along those lines? Was he so fickle he couldn't stay in one place for long? Maybe that was the secret to their people's problems. Ghislain didn't know what it meant to be a leader. At first, he thought it meant fixing the mistakes of the past.

But if you focus only on the past what becomes of the future? Many things needed to be figured out as he walked towards the exit. Slowly his Regalia returning into his hand pulled by magnetic force. He slipped it over his head as his eyes stared towards his destination. Spectators would likely have a strange view of him. Ghislain wasn't sure what the next step was to be. But from here on he would go and find the Dark King again. Find what made him strong as a child and return to his roots. Find the answer that plagued his mind. What did it mean to be a leader? Yhwach and Hulderic both failed in their practice of being leaders. Neither one considered the military strength or even what it meant. Ghislain would need hard meditation on this alone. Desmond may have been the standard for a Ruler now. But he wasn't sure of some things as of just yet. A couple things were clouded behind a shroud of black mystery. It didn't matter any further beyond the fact he was flawed. Was abandoning the Quincy people the right choice for him?

Was no longer being the Emperor right to allow them to fall into that place again? Ghislain wasn't sure anymore of many things and the only answer was to train. He couldn't do much else as for this moment being a leader was a concept he didn't get. He understood what it meant to fight a war and be a warrior. But being an Emperor or a King what did that mean? What was the conclusion that brought men and women to that? What was it that drove them to fight for a cause beyond survival? It had been one thousand years since a question was stirred in his being. Doubt had been an enemy he fought often as a strategist for Yhwach. Uncertain of what would come of certain things. Ghislain's exit from the area came with a hiernyaku with immense speed. He didn't intend on remaining behind at this point. It was Desmond's victory to bask in however he wanted. Ghislain needed to go off and be solitary for a while. Questions plagued the Emperor's mind and only meditation and thinking would do.

Why was he chosen for this damn role of Emperor in the end? What was it that made Hulderic pick him? He was flawed to this degree so what was the point of which made him selectable. Ghislain didn't know or have the answer to any of that. Nothing came to mind for it all. As he left the arena simply vanishing into the Vastime Wilderness before completely disappearing. The Iron Battle had concluded with one admitting his defeat and leaving. He left with more questions than answers at this point. Unsure of what was around the bend. What lingered beyond the horizon that made him uneasy. Would the Quincy repeat mistakes of the past as though they happened yesterday? Anxiety was something he'd almost forgotten as an emotion. But he suspected Desmond would be the future for the Vanguard and this place. Both of these things understood beyond a shadow of a doubt what it meant. He wouldn't voice his thoughts to anyone but himself. Concluding that it was better this way.

Better to keep some things to yourself over sharing them. The Iron Battle had ended and the Dark King had left.

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The Iron Battle
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