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 Overcome Everything [Open]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Overcome Everything [Open]   Wed Jan 04, 2017 11:15 am

Source: Kevin Macleod — Song: Dreams Become Real

A crisis occurs. A war begins. Death becomes. A moon is scarred. Bodies are scattered into the empty void of space, and while the lunar object is restored... those lost are not. There were people involved in this event who put their lives forth for their causes, who wound up caught in a maelstrom far bigger than them. Cast by the wayside, and forgotten. People lost in the vast realm of space.

Kimiyo Miyake. Location: Fifty kilometers above Eastern Asia.

Status: Dead.

The dark-haired woman hasn't inhaled a breath of oxygen in half a year. Her heart had stopped, her blood had frozen, and her brain hadn't created a single thought for months on end. Due to the void chill of space's grasp, Kimiyo's body had been thrown into a state of stasis; iced. Her only company this entire time had been the scattered debris of the destroyed moon and the few remaining bodies of those whose fate were the same as hers. However... it was time for the woman's final judgment to approach now, as Earth's gravity finally became enough to pull her back down to the planet's surface. Her body began accelerating downwards...

A fire erupted around Kimiyo, burning away at the ice that encapsulated her. Yes, the re-entry through the atmosphere of the planet was going to be her final test. The ice barely lasted a few seconds before starting to burn away at her flesh. Yet, even a corpse of an individual this powerful was going to be hard to completely turn to dust. For, under some strange circumstances, Kimiyo's spirit still lied latent within the useless body using it as some sort of shelter. A small hope, kindled by the flames, as she shot through the clouds. Anyone who looked up could see it now; the trail of flames that tailed her body as she hurtled downwards, colored a crimson red and especially vibrant as a result of its source. A loud shriek carried for miles across, announcing her presence once more.

The fall lasted several minutes, but the trail never evaporated. Kimiyo would crash into the ground with a sound not unlike a thunderstrike, causing tremors throughout the ground. However, she was not as would be remembered: Within the crater she created was not a body whole but pitiable remains, not even a half of what she used to be. Her limbs were the first to have gone, ground to nubs by the re-entry. Most of her skin was absent as well, and her face was completely unrecognizable from a human's. There was no blood—her entire body had been cauterized and she appears more like a charred mass of meat...

But even still, a powerful spirit remained within that husk of hers. A spirit that, in this landscape, would undoubtedly attract the attention of Hollows. Small and large, the blackened creatures turned their head and began to move towards the remains of the Miyake. Her final fate would be decided here, in the coming moments, and yet all seemed hopeless. Alone, Kimiyo... if she could even be called that anymore... did not move an inch. The current situation was a countdown to a cruel end.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Overcome Everything [Open]   Wed Jan 04, 2017 4:53 pm



"Don't you think you bit off a little more than you can chew?" Bright rays and blackened skin filled most of Saisei's vision, an abrupt cough of blood splattering against the soft brown sand beneath his feet. The Gobi Desert was not a friend to anyone but the hollows that inhabited its sands. The boy didn't know much about the edge of China despite the quick development the world had seen. A desert in what could be described as its original state was surprising and rather scary, a breeding ground for angry and vengeful spirits that hoped to take travelers by surprise. Wiping a mixture of salty sweat and blood from the corner of his mouth, Saisei sighed and readied himself again.

"Right, back to business." Surprisingly enough, the pink haired boy had found his way to China on a simple job for K-world to exterminate a large amount of Hollows current residing in a pack in the nearby desert to their capital. Now normally such a large organization would take care of such a boring task themselves but with recent events it seemed that hunters and mercenaries were the quickest route to removing a hollow infestation from most places. This also meant for people in over their heads like Saisei would be smacked around like a rag-doll. Nevertheless, the young boy once again launched into battle against the lesser hollows nearby.

With only minutes and the death of two of the hollows it seemed that something had quickly caught the eye of any spiritual being in its vicinity. A flood of a powerful spiritual signature found its way through a majority of the nearby area, hitting not only Saisei but any hollow in the Gobi Desert. Turning his head to the familiar signature, Saisei's ears were filled with a loud boom caused but what he could only assume was a breaking of the sound barrier. Soon after, the flaming "star" in the bright blue sky found its way to earth's surface, sending a rush of hollows towards its impact site. While curiosity surely caught the boy's attention, he couldn't help to also worry that the mass of hollows that worked their way forward would surely be a problem for anyone.

"Surely this is far too much for me, right?"

Beaming, the human chucked and sighed before tossing himself in front of the throng of Hollows to inspect the impact site. Upon reaching the deep crater, the sick stench of burnt skin filled the desert heat, enveloping any sense of smell Saisei had. The view wasn't much better compared to the smell, a hunk of "meat" that resembled a human. Male or female was relatively hard to decide, but the feeling that continued to emanate from the husk was almost too much to handle. The constant pulsing made the young boy's head hurt, something he had only ever felt once before.

Sliding down the crater wall, the boy took a simple stance before taking a deep breath, his bloody and bruised face becoming stoic as he watched the crater walls fill with hollow after hollow. It seemed like someone would be in for quite a rough time, but surely it was worth it. If it was the same feeling he felt before, it would only lead him to more clues. "I can't believe I'm talking to... meat, but don't worry. I'll try to hold them off as long as I can."

He simply had to do something.

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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Overcome Everything [Open]   Fri Jan 06, 2017 3:17 am

Song: A Hero Within Us - By: David Eman/Trevor DeMaere - Word Count: 931