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 A Deadly Ensemble

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Artist: Lindsey Stirling - Song: We Are Giants

It hadn’t occurred to her, but there were so many places one could enjoy out in the vast beauty of nature. Beyond the rivers, beyond the beaches, beyond the grassy fields that were often spoken and revered in adventure novels: there was beauty everywhere. Even in the cold climates where the low temperatures and the nigh monotone look of the season made everything seem bleak, one could still find solace in the beauty it provided. A few days before, the Quincy had received a letter as a form of an invitation to come out and test her skills. Strangely enough the letter was left unsigned, so there was no real way of truly knowing who had created it or for what purpose. With as bare as the message had been kept, there was a good chance the creator only meant to see and test her own musical inclinations, but given the sheer power she exuded in comparison to most, that likely wasn’t the case. There was also a matter of reason. Did they mean well or were their intentions of an ill fashion? She didn’t know. Quite frankly, it was one of the less thought provoking events to come her way in the past few months. Meetings with colossally powerful Demons, meetings with Hollows that had less of a evil nature than she assumed, and even meetings with Ex- Emperors that left a lot to be desired, and even less to admire from them. More importantly, the ever tipping balance of her own mentality and her own loyalty to her people seemed to be on edge. A dark prophecy she did not want to accept, but that she had no option to see as truth had been presented to her. And beyond that, after meeting the Demon Arianda, the Quincy seemed to revel in a behavior and entertain ideas she only saw occur during times of punishment of her subordinates. She was much more willing to madness, to discord, to anger and violence, and over all, to enjoy it as if it was the finest musical piece created by her.

On that late afternoon, the Quincy prodigy had traveled out to the frozen tundra. Despite her own spiritual pressure to help, the temperatures made it an odd choice to wear anything that didn’t cover at least most of her figure. While beings like herself certainly had enough power to be in the nude without succumbing to the effects of the weather, one would have to question the reason or the madness for someone to even think of doing such a thing. As such, Sofia resorted to wearing an outfit that was rather typical of her. A v-cut short sleeved top was worn with an angle that purposely veered into her bosom, seemingly accentuated and enhancing whatever little there was to look at. It had always been like that, but somehow, it was only recently that she looked at the garment in a more carnal way, trying to find a reason to why she always wore it to begin with… assuming there was one. Above the top, she wore a white opened jacket that reached just about her midsection. On both of her shoulders, it presented two distinct symbols, one of the Wandenreich, and one of the Montero family shield. White pants finished the pure looking attire, with a form that was certainly classy, and that hugged the curves of her body in a way most would wonder whether it was truly clothes or simply an adeptly crafted second skin. Unlike the look at top however, the genetically and heavenly predisposed look of her backside simply made up for whatever she lacked at her bust, and drew just about as many eyes as her music and her display of power. To finish the look, black gloves, and matching black boots seemed to contrast with ease against the largely white of her outfit, and the white around her.

Because of the season and where they stood, there was snow everywhere. There was ice everywhere. It kept on snowing. It kept on falling. Soon one would think that the continuous piling on would create either larger mounds or that it would simply freeze into structures as fine and revered as the music she played. Arriving at the destination projected far before their meeting time, Sofia would traverse through what looked like ice caves. They were more like mazes in a way as several routes split into several pathways that could either lead to the same end or lead to entirely different places altogether. After much walking however, she would come to not the exit, but rather the destination point. Right at the middle of the maze there was a large open area, likely about 300 meters in diameter. One would wonder then how far would the caverns and pathways stretch out beyond the circumference center she stood at the time. Right at the edges of the open circle, frozen water and columns of ice extended upwards to reveal a sort of ceiling that wasn’t quite complete. They certainly extended upwards and arched as if wanting to create one. But alas, at the very top, a decently large circle peered into the aging sky, and allowed just enough sunlight, and soon, moonlight, to light up what would soon be a dimly lit area for those within. One could only hope that a display of energy or something else entirely, enhanced by the look of whatever shined through would be enough to see visibly despite the shadowy setting she stood at.

Creating a violin out of reishi, and using her geigenbogen to play with it, she seemed to enjoy her time until her mystery person arrived. She hated surprises, but this time around, she didn’t seem to mind it all that much. The question still remained. Who was it? Perhaps it was Radioactive. The writing just didn’t seem to be his style however. It was just a hunch but she saw him more as the kind of man that would simply kick a door down and demand a sparring. It certainly couldn’t have been any Quincy although it wasn’t impossible. Most in her organization were either weaker than her, or just about as strong as her and acquainted with her power enough to not require a test of skills. The other two Quincy were unlikely. One of them was a hippy in love with the forest and nothing else. It was a miracle she had been able to get in his mind well enough to bring him along to the organization. The other was a lost man, lost within his own mind and his own failures, running for a life he wished someone would remember when he finally kicked the dust. There was also a good chance it was someone else entirely with whom she was not acquainted with. It wasn’t unlikely that someone knew of the famous musician that also had a unique ability tied into it. It wasn’t unlikely someone knew of the prodigy of the Quincy and her drive to move forth. Perhaps it stemmed out of interest and curiosity. Despite the motive, Sofia wasn’t at a point where she would turn down such a request. Beyond her own music keeping her sane, combat was the only way she knew to qualm and control the rush of struggling emotions she was trying to balance. What was for certain however was that regardless of how weaker or how stronger the opponent was in comparison to her, in an effort to truly come to level herself and exercise a form of relaxation, she would go all out, and leave no route or method untouched in her attempt to reach and go beyond her limit, and find a form of nirvana she so eagerly longed for.

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