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 The Art of Doing Nothing

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Mirja Eeola
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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: The Art of Doing Nothing   Sun Jan 29, 2017 1:50 pm

Mirja, The Wolf of Eden

Mirja turned to leave but the girl just had to get in one last quip, about how she was so great at imagining and about how she was much better than Mirja - that wasn't explicitly stated but it was implied - and how she was after a spar and not a fight. So Mirja decided to show her just exactly what she was going for. Looking back at the girl for a few moments to solidify her position, she gave a soft smile. Mirja was going to give her a good display of the power she was toying with, just so she had a frame of reference.

Utilizing Utsusemi to leave a clone behind and reduce the chance of her movement being spotted before she finished it, Mirja cleared the distance between the two in the blink of an eye, appearing behind her before the clone even faded from sight.
"Darling. I think it's you that has the problem of estimation" She whispered, intimately into her ear before vanishing back to where her clone had just vanished, making it seem as though she flickered for a moment. "Here's a tip. Don't just look at the surface of a girl and believe you know everything about them" She warned, standing and staring at her and making sure that her eyes - the eerie silver iris and pupil drilling into her psyche as some sort of pressure seemed to push her down, not Reiatsu if she had ever felt it, but something different - where locked onto the girl's with intense intent.

"My dear, one's body is merely the start of a person. Do not look at a sprout and claim you know how mighty the roots underneath the ground are. That way leads humiliation and even death"

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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: The Art of Doing Nothing   Sun Feb 05, 2017 7:16 pm

Suzu hebi 0-2

Suzu did nothing. Mirja’s action gave rise to no reaction, why would it though? Was this mirga,s display of power? A speedy move? One that in suzu's eyes was as slow as an old lady walking across the street due to the rapid pace in which her mind operated. “do you think that is a show of strength? Or maybe you changed your mind and want to play a little after all? “ Suzu stopped restricting her spirit energy, and let it flow out normally. Instantly crash sounds and screams could be heard from off in the distance around them. As most wondering beings were slammed down to their knees under her spiritual pressure. It would most likely effect mirja herself, making her moving harder, slower, her body feeling encumbered by it by 20%.

“My my I sure hope that was not meant to be intimidating. Was it? Such an easy child's trick… but I do expect such things from others. “ Suzu standing on her feet would have a blue light flow over her body as it changed in shape, taking on her a young adult body in appearance. She put her left hand on her hip as the right plays lightly with her now short hair.. “I meen come on just making one illusion and running straight at me? How boring.”

Once mirja moved away the distance between them was still nothing to her. suzu was at mija's back almost like if she teleported. There was no sound no flickering, but that was how her sonido was. It did not have the flaws others did and its speed far superior to the vast majority of other arrancar. With Mirja most likely slowed by suzu spiritual pressure she have little chance is stopping suzu finger from touching at the center of mirjas back. Even if she did try to evade suzu would adjust to it and most likely make contact anyway. “ Let me show you.”

Mirja would see images of suzu all around her some going forward some backwards and at different distances “Speed, strength, wealth, influence, status. A lot of people think these things to be power but no. power is knowledge. The ability to know what can be done, what must be done and what you want to do. Right now I want to study you. I don't need to bring you harm to get that. What i could do is just toy with you. That way I can fully know how your body works inside and out. I did not judge you from the outside little girl. I was looking inside of you, I can see what is flowing under your skin. All that lovely energy. How and what it's doing to that body of yours. In truth it’s you who was judging me based on how I looked not I you. But i don't blame you for this, My child body has made a fool of a lot of people. ”


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The Art of Doing Nothing
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