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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active]

This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Claws, meet Face

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Subject Post 21PostSubject: Re: Claws, meet Face    Sat Feb 11, 2017 11:38 am

Nodding towards Toshiro, Tessa let out a soft sigh before turning to take towards the air. As she got a few feet off the ground though, her ears picked up the sound of Mirja's reply. A soft snort left her as she turned around, looking down at them as she worked to keep herself afloat.

"You're right, I did forget to mention how I gathered the flames of your own attack and tossed them back at you. Also, I didn't spawn wings, I've had them since the beginning, idiot. I mean, were you not paying attention or what? Also, how does breaking my wings not sound like a threat? The last time that happened..." A shudder ran through Tessa's body. "Well, let's just say I wasn't much use for a long time."

Turning back around, with a beat of her wings and a quick flash step she was on top of the tallest building in the area. Taking a deep breath, she quelled the desire that welled up within her before spreading out her wings and flying off towards the medical wing of the second division. Hopefully, things wouldn't get worse for her today.

[Exit Thread]

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Subject Post 22PostSubject: Re: Claws, meet Face    Wed Mar 29, 2017 6:29 am

[adm]Seeing as there really is much for me to respond to (not your fault, just that I can't find a way to write it out), I will be stating that Toshiro declared the situation as solved, before heading off to make the reports on this incident. As of now, Toshiro has left the thread.[/adm]
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Claws, meet Face
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