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 The Angel of Creation, Kakine Yuudeshi (0-2++/0-1) [WIP UPDATE]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Angel of Creation, Kakine Yuudeshi (0-2++/0-1) [WIP UPDATE]   Sun Jan 08, 2017 5:38 am



空 の 王


» Name: Kakine Yuudeshi (垣根) is the legal name of a second generation Yuudeshi family member, one of the strongest and influential people among the family. Sharing a name with Shadin and Zin, Kakine takes pride in his family and name; aiming to redeem himself of both his personal and Yuudeshi past.

» Age: Kakine is 504 years old as of 2417. His birthday is on the 7th of December.

» Gender: Male

» Species: Previously a Vizard, after undergoing many changes, Kakine is a hybrid of a human and Shinigami, wielding a Zanpakutō while retaining a lot of his humanity without actually having died and been made into a plus. As a result, his long life has been extended thanks to his Shinigami half. Amidst this chaos, a slight ngelic influence has begun to take hold.


» Body Type: One of the most obvious features about Kakine is his extremely slender body. Even through his clothes, one can tell that he is a rather skinny man without a lot of muscle toning his entire body. This isn't to say he is unfit, but rather how his body naturally has built itself over time. If one were to see him under his clothes, they would see he is rather skinny - but well toned and fit at the same time, in fit shape for someone of his figure. Although his body is fragile in many instances and he may look weak physically, this isn't to be underestimated or mislead, he is still very capable of fighting in close combat and such - packing a rather heavy punch behind that scrawny body. This type of body is a sign of his direct relationship to Shadin, being a brother of him, sharing a similar body type that ones might consider unhealthy or misleadingly unfit.

Kakine is also said to be triple-jointed in multiple bones throughout his body. This allows him to not only move in nigh impossible angles, but also perform a plethora of unique skills that normally would not be possible by one's body. This is similar to how some dancers have triple jointed bodies, allowing for unique and weird angles to be made. This is said to be a reason as to why he is so skinny as well, that his body naturally grew skinny to model itself to the agility and speed that Kakine would grow into over time. Kakine is also said to stand at 5'7, being not that tall whilst still having that lean body too.

» Facial Features, Hair and Eyes: When it comes to facial features, Kakine doesn't have any outstanding unique attributes such as scars, tattoos or defects. Rather his appearance can be rather misleading and make him seem like a rather approachable man, looking just like a man wearing a maroon suit. Overall his face is rather skinny to fit in line with body type, a rather pointed jaw-line, a rather young physique. There seems to be a lack of any dimples when he smiles, pimples, very minor wrinkles that allow him to keep his young features as well. His hair, on the other hand, is a rather dirty blonde in a sense, bordering on the verge of brown. In certain sunlight, he can be shown to have a rather vibrant blonde colour hair. In non direct sunlight, his hair appears to be much more brown and a dark dirty blonde, running down to just above his shoulders. His hair stops directly before reaching his eyes for the most part, sweeping to the left lightly while still giving view directly of his eyes

Speaking of his eyes, they are rather natural in appearance, Kakine typically sporting a rather deep and natural looking brown eyes. While not incredibly impressive, Kakine always says that his rather natural and brown eyes are a symbol related to retaining his humanity. Many beings will be consumed by their powers, the likes of Hakai Chikara having his eyes turn red as an example. Kakine takes pride in this humanity within him, for he had not officially died and become a Shinigami, but rather adopted it alongside his human pride.

» Accessories: Typically, the only accessories Kakine will be shown to sport is that of a flat-screened hologram phone which will be detailed further in equipment section. Aside from his phone, there aren't an overwhelming number of accessories attached to his body which alter his appearance. Most notably would be a small stop-watch chain that reaches down from the pocket of his blazer to a small pocket on the back of his blazer.

» Tattoos/Irregularities: Although Kakine doesn't sport all that many different irregularities from a normal human, nor any massive body altering appearances, he does have some mild ones which could easily be looked over accidentally. On the inner of his left wrist he has the Japanese characters "家族", meaning 'family' in English. This tattoo was picked up as a constant reminder of his family that was taken from him, so he may never completely forget them and the impact upon his life. This tattoo has major significance beyond a simple reminder, but it also strives to push him forward and keep fighting for a world in which is void of evil Demons and beings of their like. This is somewhat a grudge in a sense, after seeing first hand what those following the Shadow Fall and K-World organizations are capable of, he takes it upon himself to try and protect his remaining family and remove them where necessary. The tattoo is black outlined with a small gap of simple skin-colour as a "filling", the characters itself more of an outline on his wrist than a full tattoo.

» Normal Attire: Kakine's normal attire is rather young in appearance, normally sporting an outfit that could be mislead to be a school kid's uniform. Starting from his chest, the undershirt he wears is a white dress shirt with a popped coloured popping out over the rest of his attire. Atop of this shirt is a dark maroon sweater, a rather obvious V-neck running down, revealing his slightly unbuttoned shirt. Over the top of all this is yet another layer of maroon clothes, a blazer that is rather thin in material and breathable, The blazer is typically never seen pulled closed however, yet again giving more breathing room literally, and figuratively in a fighting setting. Similar in colour to his blazer, he wears dark maroon slacks that hang loosely off his legs, at his feet rather dull brown shoes. Kakine's attire is somewhat confusing to many people, yet it has meaning. Kakine's overall appearance gives a rather 'inviting' aura, seemingly like someone you could approach and be okay. Yet... his personality may determine the opposite, depending on who you are. It is a rather interesting swap and mental manipulation simply through appearance alone.

» Alternate Attire: Typically there are only two outfits Kakine will be found in, although not limited. If he is not found wearing his maroon school like attire, he will be wearing rather casual looking clothing. Typically it will be a brown long-sleeved shirt with, similar to his white dress shirt, with yellow dots occasionally spread out across it. Under is a visible white singlet, hanging from his waste is a bunch of chains, attached to his left side, capable of clipping a few items onto it. Blue, mildly worn out, jeans are most common with this - the same brown shoes as before. This choice of clothing is chosen for few circumstances - but most commonly at family gatherings or reunions.

» Reiatsu Colour: Kakine's reiatsu is a deep red colour, almost crimson.


» Analytical: One of the key portions of Kakine's personality is how fascinated he is with people and attempts to analyse their every move. Alongside his analytical nature, he also attempts to crack people open and has been rather successful in the past in figuring out their motives, what's going on inside their head and their true nature. This isn't to say that he straight up read peoples minds or uses a power to read them, just that he has studied and become accustom to human nature - drawing usually accurate conclusions. This means he is usually very good at telling when people are lying, purposely misleading or trying to illicit a specific reaction out of him. Atop of this, he generally is just interested in the human mind. Despite having his own mind augmented to advance his processing ability, he typically likes to study and learn things about people, the different ways archetypes fit into situations and things of the like. Despite not really being a 'people person', he has a definitely strong understanding of many people.

» Uncaring: Most of his attitude can be summed up in one word: uncaring. Beyond that of his family, or those directly affiliated with him, Kakine does not find any passion or fun in messing around with people whom have no significance. This extends to many situations too, in the odd situation he has shown compassion for those beyond his immediate relationships, he has been drawn into painful and horrible situations. Thus he tends to not care for the problems or fights of other people, he will often ignore them and let their situations worsen before even considering help. This is somewhat a detrimental state of mind for Kakine, but can also work to his benefit. This means that he has no affiliation with any group or organization beyond that of his family. Even the likes of Vizard Corps or Yayjuu, lead by his brothers, is not in his list of concern or even has his attention. On the flip side, it means he can sometimes lack human connection and be out of touch with others. People might see him as cold hearted and evil for ignoring their problems or turning them away at first glance, but it is all with reason as pertaining to his past.

» Pride: When it does come to his family, he has a massive amount of pride. Kakine's philosophy is based entirely around family and unity, that if you are without pride in your roots, you are without purpose. Kakine is very prideful in most aspects in his life, for this reason holding himself to a rather high standard when compared to others. His high levels of pride forces him to keep pushing forward and not tarnish the name of the Yuudeshi, constantly working to make their grip on the world much tighter and fighting those whom oppose it. Even if he were to be put against the wall and told to abandon his family, it is highly likely he would spit in their face and continue to support them. His prideful nature is a major plus for Kakine, but in many cases it can prove to be a downside. As a downside, it can make him a target for those whom oppose the Yuudeshi or simply wish to weaken their control on Japan. To those who try to tear his name and family down - he will drag them through the mud to prove his pride.

» Easily Annoyed: Almost going hand in hand with his pride, Kakine can become quite easily annoyed. It doesn't matter the item, person or situation - if one were to do something vaguely wrong or in an annoying fashion, he could quite easily have his switch flipped and turn to insulting them and becoming annoyed. Whether it be a machine, human or inanimate object - anything that can be tampered with or maneuvered in some fashion. This is somewhat a downside for him in a lot of situations, as he can lose track of himself and get simply annoyed by the opponent into either making a mistake or simply just messed with. For those with an insulting nature he tends to let slide as it's extremely blatant, but with the right poking and situation, Kakine can either show mild annoyance or entirely flip out. It doesn't take much. At all.

» Pessimism: Due to past circumstances such as his wife and child being killed during World War Three, he rarely sees the world in a positive light. While he may have up beat and exciting moments, Kakine's entirely personality is shaded around pessimism and cynicism. His mentality is essentially "If anything can go wrong, it most likely will." This can be unhealthy for him in many instances, but it sometimes saves his mentality and rarely ever makes himself disappointed. Due to Dark Kakine living within his body for such a long time, Kakine continues to find it hard to look at any situation in a positive light. This doesn't mean he will stop fighting or paving a way for his family, but this somewhat contributes to his lack of care for those whom don't have the last name "Yuudeshi". Yet he still doesn't see a future where Shadow Fall or the 'evil' forces of the world rule Earth. This is partially what keeps his hope alive, assuming that things will go wrong and it might end up being bad, but he believes it will end well in the end. It has to, in his eyes.

» Not Self Centered: Just because he is rather prideful and considered a family man, this doesn't necessarily mean he is self centered in any fashion. Especially for those in his direct family, he will show incredible amounts of compassion and even go out of his way to help them before helping himself. This was rather well shown when Kakine participated in the war for Australia. He had no emotional or reason to fight there, yet he joined because of his families requests. It wasn't like he wanted that fight to make Australia a desolate wasteland, he just had no personal reason. The same could be said for multiple situations and fights throughout the world, another being that of the Earth Invasion in the year 2416. A rather massive event, yet, with him involved it would yet again become a shit show -- one in which Kakine was not interested in following. Although his initial uncaring and distate for people not in his family, this doesn't mean he won't help those when needed either. If another is in danger, or he is capable of stopping a bad situation, he usually will intervene and make sure they do not get hurt. At the same time, if they are not saveable, he will accept this fact and lose no sleep over their deaths. It's a weird balance, but proves his humanity and empathy is still in tact. Yet another prideful part of Kakine.

» Untrusting: This somewhat goes hand in hand with his pride. When initially meeting people, Kakine doesn't have a particular high level of trust for quite a long time. Even if they claim to be on his side and fight with him, Kakine will remain wary and unsure of them. Many people in the world are out to hurt and kill others, thus he will often spend time analyzing and searching information about others before drawing any conclusion about them. This also goes for his 'enemies' or 'opponents' too, typically not instantly despising them at a first glance, but rather tries to grasp an understanding of their motivations and situation.

» Hands-on: Kakine likes to get things done rather than just simply talk about it. While other people spend ages arguing or fighting, he will often be the one to take the first step in bringing the project, situation or theory into completion and reality. Kakine is not a man who likes listening to all the politics and "royal" titles many people claim. He sees it as a method of distraction and a way to not get anything done, often meaning he will go outside the law or requirements to simply complete a project in the most efficient and best way possible. With his power, this is quite possible in many fashions, often not even needing physical plans as his cybernetic brain can draw the blueprints and creation method within an instant.

» Creativity: With a power such as creation of virtually 'anything he wills', Kakine's creativity has proven to be quite extensive. Not only has he messed with physical constructs, but his creativity has caused him to mess and create things out of the realm of physical, proven with his "Beetles", creating a biological matrix and 'hive mind' between his living creations. This means that he is often the one to map out not only battle plans, but even delve into mediums such as art - all the way from music to physical manifestations. This creativity also gives him a deep understanding and interest into different forms of art and cultures around the world and multiple realms housing different races. Even despite his distaste and hate for many demons, he still takes interest in their culture and art styles - the same being said for Kokuryuteshi. Creativity is Kakine's key to allowing his power to work, thus being a very important part of his personality - somewhat falling hand in hand with his

» Traumatized: Specifically watching his wife and child be killed, Kakine harbors a rather traumatized section to his personality. In a way this can work in a similar fashion to post traumatic stress disorder, certain events making him extremely uncomfortable and sometimes even mentally challenging. For instances, if he sees someone whom resembles his dead wife or child, he could quickly find himself hyperventilating and struggling to get a grasp on reality. Although he has lived through many stressful situations, this is quite common among the mention of yet another World War or someone trying to purposely illicit sensitive information out of him. Although people mentioning his dead wife and child may trigger a sense of hatred, depending on approach or situation, it typically won't trigger any type of PTSD he harbors. On a physical level, he will often struggle however. A downside of his cyber brain also effects this, which will be explained under the appropriate section.



» The Yuudeshi Network: Being one of the only second generation Yuudeshi alongside Shadin and Zin, Kakine, like his brothers, has been given extensive access to the powers and understanding of the Yuudeshi Network. For a long time, the Network was in it's infancy and unready for usage to anyone other than Shadin - but given the way it has grown and overwhelming powers and runs Karakura, Kakine had been entrusted with his own access. Given his abilities and loyalty to the family name, it makes sense for him to have access to such things - aiming to spread Yuudeshi influence. Even if Kakine were to go against the Network, using itself, the safe guards in place would restrict him anyway, making it hard to do anything malicious and unwarranted anyway. In turn for access to the network, Kakine is often entrusted with keeping the towers active and repaired due to his extensive knowledge of electronics and technology.

What does this mean for Kakine exactly? For the most part, it's an endless stream of data accessible at any point thanks to his cybernetic brain. With a direct access point into the database, the Yuudeshi network can feed him intel on virtually anything he wants. As long as it is somehow recorded by the Yuudeshi network, Kakine can sift through the information almost instantly, uploading vast amounts of information into his cybernetic brain. At this point, the Yuudeshi networks database is most useful for identifying enemies and maybe what they're capable of. Whilst not restricted, the Yuudeshi Network is not omnipotent. It cannot see all, and can even be shielded or damage from the public eye. For some cases though, many leaders of organizations and other worldly beings have been taken into account -- maybe not showing their entire potential, but an understanding of their power, motives and personality.

Not just used for information gathering, but anything device on Earth, or personal, can be activated via transmission with his cybernetic enhanced brain. For someone like Kakine to activated a device connected to the network, it is a simple as thinking of it. By brainwaves sending signals, his cyber brain activates personal devices connected to the network - meaning things like phones, holographic devices or even weapons can be remotely activated on the condition they are all connected to the Yuudeshi network. Most commonly used in activating of pre placed traps and small personal items, the Yuudeshi network never ceases to amaze Kakine with what it is capable of.

» Vizard Corps and Yayjuu Influence: Whilst not directly affiliated with the Vizard Corps, Kakine had formerly been involved with operations and missions to support the group and his brother in times of need. An example of his dedication to an organization, and his family, is shown during the Australian war - risking his own life to let the Vizard Corps and their allies win a tough battle against the forces of Shadow Fall, Kokuryuteshi and Monsuta. Never the less, one might imagine his influence remains strong within them. Not just because of his brother being involved, albeit an important factor, but because many people seem to have trusted him with their lives. Whilst a similar matter for the Yayjuu run by Shadin, Kakine doesn't assume a leader role in any of the groups -- not even officially considered a member.

This influence can mean small portions of their armies might be lent to him in dire situations, or people affiliated with those groups might feel a need to help him out when in trouble. Although not a direct influence, it's appears as more of a "friendly gesture" in this circumstance. Gadgets might be borrowed, many forms of technology and perhaps even different understandings of kido and hollow skills given Kakine's past with Vizards. For this same reason, Kakine usually is given access to their strongholds, seen as an "ally of the cause", whilst mostly just being a neutral factor. Kakine believes he should take advantage of his families influence - including organizations like this. Although it MUST be noted that he holds absolutely no sway or official position among the groups, just perhaps a friendly face to smile upon.

» Former Right Hand of the Soul King: Given his strength, Kakine was once the personally selected right hand of the Soul King; acting in his will and basically doing what he could in place of him. Even though he no longer holds the position as right hand, Kakine stills holds some sway over those within the Gotei and those whom aim to serve the Soul King. Being a sort of diplomat in a sense, a lot of resources and information accumulated among the Soul Society had became available. Many friends, allies and enemies that were made during his time as the right hand kind of cemented his respect among those whom serve the Soul King; looking at a common goal and aiding each other where necessary.

» Neurological Beetle Matrix: Prior to even his fight with Shadin in Australia, and the removal of his inner Hollow, Kakine had created a series of different beings. Due to his power being that of creation and the intense energy reserves within him, these creations were dubbed the "Beetle Series", as their initial form took that of a giant pure white Beetle. The weird thing about these creations are that near none of them are sentient, a very few handful actually breaking off from the herd and developing their own personality, forms and power as an inspiration from Kakine himself.

As of right now, there exists twenty five total Beetles. Twenty four of the list are entirely subservient to the will of Kakine, meaning through his Cyberbrain he can control and use them in a manner of different ways and virtually "see through their eyes". The beetles all share a sort of "hive mind" mentality, a sort of neurological network naturally inborn into them which allows them to share memories, experiences and to some extent even powers. This was dubbed the NBM, standing for "Neurological Beetle Matrix". Each of the Beetles have different capabilities, smaller powers of their own -- all of which are descendant of Kakine's own Creation Construction. Below is a list of the current Beetles, their numbers and how they interact with Kakine and each other.

As briefly mentioned, the Beetles connect to each other and Kakine through a series of different neurological waves, acting sort of like a 'biological hive-mind' in a sense. The purpose of this matrix is to not only transfer information and data quickly through each Beetle's consciousness, but actually share a percentage of power within. The power gained will be explained below in further detail.

Even though Kakine is not of the Beetle series, as the creator, he had established a neurological link between himself and the NBM. This essentially leaves himself as the "administrator" of the network, capable of controlling and sending data out to Beetles at a whim. The sentient Beetles, like that of 06, are also capable of having a similar administrative role - more akin to that of a moderator though. The rest of the Beetles, the non-sentient humanoids and the giant Beetles, are seen as "members" of the matrix, capable of accessing portions and majority of the matrix, but not restricting or allowing access to otherwise unattainable areas.
  • Power Augmentation: This is something that each Beetle, moderator or not, is capable of accessing. Each time they use the network, a small portion of their personal spiritual energy is uploaded into the neurological matrix. Over time, the spiritual pool eventually got large enough that it was capable of being tapped into by each Beetle, increasing their powers, strength or speed in some aspect. For sentient Beetles like 06, they can moderate the level in which their powers are augmented and even choose what is boosted in the process. This is typically split up into percentages, 100% usage virtually shutting off the NBM for a short period of time until the spiritual energy can be restored to the Beetles.

    For the giant Beetles, they are capped to a total of 10% usage at maximum. This is put in place due to their general incapability of fighting, but also to spare usage for the humanoid Beetles whom could use the NBM to their advantage. For the non-sentient humanoids, they are capped to 30% usage at any time. Kakine is also capable of accessing this network at any given time, even using 100% influence as an administrator/creator. Obviously, the higher the percentage, the power impressive and influential it becomes upon one's power and spiritual energy, but sub-sequentially weakening the other Beetles and tiring the user out faster. To put it into perspective, 100% influence gives an almost 'double efficiency' effect to Kakine, scaling downwards based on how much he used. At 100% he will only retain it for 3 posts. at each 20% interval, a single post is added as it decreases in usage.


» Shadin Yuudeshi: While being a younger brother of Kakine, Shadin is probably the closest person he has to a "best friend" in his life. Throughout thick and thin, the two have always been there for each other and though they may be separated by distance; the two have a bond that cannot be broken by any means. At his lowest, most dangerous points Shadin has proved to be there for Kakine, and much the same in reverse. It didn't matter what situation one of them were in, they would always bail each other out and rescue each other where necessary. Both men have a strong sense of loyalty to their family name, maybe being the factor that keeps them watching each others backs. As mentioned within Kakine's history, Shadin had torn the darkness within him and saved Kakine from self destruction. A moment in which he will never forget and eternally attempt to repay.

» Zin Yuudeshi: Whilst a little more distant than Shadin, Kakine and Zin share a very close bond similar to that of previously mentioned. During their youth, no matter the trouble they got in, they'd fight back to back and protect each other against all odds. Zin was one of the very few Vizards Kakine was familiar with, so even though he is not a Vizard anymore, Kakine still looks at Zin with rose coloured glasses, admiring him as both a pinnacle of hard work and self control. Atop of respecting his ability to lead such a large force like the Vizard Corp, Kakine saw a kind of passion in his eyes when leading and helping those less fortunate than himself. More compassion in this world was needed, and though Kakine remained a foul mouthed asshole at times, Zin was always someone whom he'd strive to be like. Someone who created more good than bad in the world.

» Beetle Yuudeshi: Beetle is kind of a weird relationship for Kakine, he doesn't know excessive amounts about her, but at the same time she always seems to be upbeat and happy to see him. When they do interact, he treats her almost like his own child -- being a second generation Yuudeshi, he feels obligated to look after and mentor those Yuudeshi whom have come after him and his brothers. The same could be said for all Yuudeshi clan members, almost having a "big brother" vibe to literally all of them. Due to being born of his power, Kakine was kind of surprised when she decided to keep the title of "Beetle" over anything else. He found it strange because he figured Beetle would be seen as a demeaning name for a human - yet, despite that, she kept it. He doesn't understand why, but he supports her in all endeavors as a result.

» Mana Asthavon: If there was a hierarchy of hatred, Mana would be one of the two at the top of Kakine's chart. Among all the chaos of the world, Mana stood out as a figure to him that he would feel disgust and revolt at just hearing the name. Many of these reasons is because of her affiliation with the Asthavon family and the empire she has built up; demonic beings, the same of which took the life of his child and wife, given a place in the world when they do not deserve. Kakine does not go out of his way to hunt her down or cut down the demons that enter the world, but if one were to align themselves and an opportunity arose, he would almost definitely take it. The hate of the Asthavon family seemed to be genetic in their family, and for good reason, give their history with the family.

» Kin Iramasha: One of the two people who Kakine hates with all his passion, he holds a massive grudge against Kin. After the events of World War Three and all of the Kokuyruteshi's events, Kakine sees Kin as nothing more than a war monger. In many ways Kakine sees Kin in the same light as Mana, that even the mention of his name making him feel sick to his stomach; the same could be said for very many people within the Yuudeshi family. The two larger families of Asthavon and Kin's Iramasha are the two main rivals in Kakine's mind, and until proven otherwise has no reason but to hate them. They had killed and destroyed so much within his life, it is perhaps not something he can ever forgive.

» Sing Iramasha: Kakine sees Sing in a similar fashion to her father, however with a slight more interest attached. While she is the daughter of Kin, Kakine feels as if she is a girl whom has been lead down the wrong path -- following in the path of a tyrant rather than following her potential and becoming a force for good in his eyes. Their first meeting in Australia had opened his eyes a little bit, he saw her as someone he found easy to hate... but there was something about her he couldn't put his finger on, and he wanted to know more about her. Kakine was sure he'd meet her again and hopefully under different circumstances. Never the less; for now, he sees her as an enemy.

» Ashlei Clixx: An almost forgotten name to Kakine, this woman used to be a pinnacle of Hollow and absolutely terrified those whom even mentioned her. Kakine always saw her as sort of a fantasy, an Arrancar capable of manipulating the blood of not only herself, but her enemies. A fearsome foe, but thankfully not someone Kakine ever had to encounter in his life. Despite that, his family had run ins with her before -- kind of making her an enemy by default. Personally, Kakine only heard the legends and stories from his brothers, but he would definitely like to meet, or have met, her if only to test her skill.

» Hakai Chikara: Kakine had met Hakai on multiple occasions, mostly as a result of Zin's friendship with one another. Kakine mostly respects Hakai as a warrior, previously being someone in which he loathed for trying to turn the world against his brother. To have changed his ways and gone on a path of redemption and self discovery is to change a lot about oneself. Hakai had quoted to Kakine that he "expected to be attacked on sight, I was preparing to take a car to the face". Despite this, the two seem to get along rather well; the more cynical attitude of Kakine mildly annoying Hakai at times.

» Hana Chikara: Kakine's attitude towards Hana is similar to that of Hakai, meeting her only ever on rare situations. However despite their lack of interaction throughout his life, Hana insists on calling him "uncle Kakine", along with "uncle Zin" and "uncle Shadin." Kakine was kind of weirded out by this at first, but slowly became accustom to the girl, having to grow up so fast. Many times, Kakine had tried to teach her small bits about fighting but she always seemed to get lost in thought, dragged by her mind into deep distractions.

» The Soul King: Kakine's relationship with the Soul King is mostly on a purely professional level. Previously being the Right Hand of the Soul King, Kakine had mostly carried out orders and plans alongside him, doing his will. Whilst on some level he knows the Soul King and worked with him to understand the current world they live in, Kakine couldn't really turn back to him and ask for a favour of sorts. Atop of that, he didn't truly know if the Soul King liked him or not. Kakine has a lot of... undesirable personality traits, his cockiness and ego being among them - something that very possibly annoyed the Soul King. For this reason, Kakine simply tries to think of their relationship as profession; a job he undertook and he was the boss.

» Relationship to Humans: Kakine has a very lenient attitude towards humans, perhaps a personal bias. He believes they are good at heart and continuously works to make the world a better place for them. He has a leniency towards them due to the kind of strangle hold the Earth had been put in, Shadow Fall taking over larger parts of the planet and spreading it's hate and corruption. He won't go out of his way to save or do the right thing but he believes in using his power to do good by people, to restore hope to the humans whom might have lost it. The world was a hostile place, he wanted to help make it a safer one.

» Relationship to Demons: Whilst not a deep hatred, Kakine definitely has a bias against the demons that inhabit Demon World. Due to the events of World War 3 and his family, Kakine has become very untrusting of Demons, and for good reason. His wife and child had been killed by demons and hollows. When something such as that happens right before your eyes... it changes you. Seeing those you love, the only person whom has ever given you a strong feeling of love dies before you eyes, it is completely heart breaking. His son not only taken too soon, but never to see the woman he loves again. Despite this, he tries to remove any bias he might have, despite how hard it might be. This causes him to be generally hostile to demons.

» Relationship to Iramasha: Outside of the family of Kin, Kakine is generally on good terms with the Iramasha leadership. Whilst not directly allied, influencing or on a level of understanding - the two kind of recognise each other as beings of neutral influence. On the odd occasion, Kakine might deal with them diplomatically but they have never really been seen as enemies. This is for the Iramasha government as a whole, as for his views on the entire race? He believes, majority, are a force for good in the world. Unlike those allied with Kin in K-world, he sees a ray of hope and something that could help the Earth heal.


General Skills
  • Durability:Advanced
  • General Speed: Master
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Master

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Master
  • Kidō: Advanced
  • Zanjutsu: Advanced
  • Hakuda: Master

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Master
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: Master


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空 の 王


Cerberus is quite possibly the most important part of Kakine's arsenal in both every day use and application of his power. Other than relying on the cyber brain for every day life, Kakine's cyber brain shines most in combat and intricate situations. The best way to imagine this is by examining a normal humans brain. It has the capacity to retain information for extended periods of time, sometimes even a life time. It controls how fast you can process movements, how pain is received by nerves in your body. Now imagine all of this is undone - rewired in a way that incorporates computer programming into the natural order of the brain. This means, theoretically, he could process stuff beyond that of a biological capacity - intertwining the organic with the machine. He might move and react faster than most - but mostly importantly can retain information within a matter of milliseconds by simple search and analysis.

» Usage in everyday life: Intertwined with his biological body, Kakine is living proof that science can enhance the human condition to extra ordinary levels. Before the likes of faster reaction times and battle, Kakine has shown to use this cyber brain in every day life. Even with something as simple retaining information on a shopping list - through simply looking at an item once, Kakine has been given a sort of "pseudo photographic memory". The way it interacts with his body is quite interesting when adapted to his powers - meaning he can instantly recognize by imagining and visualizing different constructs simply be seeing it once. Though he might not have the direct schematics to the material - as long as the base for creation is there he could quite easily bring it forward through memory alone. This is most powerful in recreation of destroyed locations and items. Most commonly, Kakine uses this photographic memory to spawn an infinite number of canned coffee.

» Usage biologically: Beyond memories and instant information transfers, the cyber brain has enhanced Kakine's body by an incredible amount. Not to say it has increased his physical strength or even speed, but rather his reaction times and even feelings of pain. Where a normal human might have a .2 second delay on their reaction time, Kakine has shown to have a nearly instantaneous reaction time. If it was to be put into numbers, Kakine's reaction time would be at 0.007. This isn't to be stated that he can quite literally dodge, avoid or react to anything that is thrown at him - but allows him to understand and have that bodily movement happen before most could even process what is happening. This has proven to be his bread and butter in a fight - as his body can't sustain much heavy damage, the heightened reactions is almost a necessity in every situation.

One of the other biological changes is the way his brain processes pain. In a normal human - impact/trauma upon a certain area is capable of sending waves of pain throughout your body by nerves under the skin directly to your brain. This is still very much true for Kakine - but it has got to a point in which this cyber brain is capable of "shutting off" the nerves access to the brain. It does not increase his durability and he can still feel the fatigue of a long fight or heavy assault, but he can heavily dampen the assaults and pain he feels to keep himself in a fighting condition. This is as simple as a thought for Kakine. "I don't want pain", and it is done. The power of his cybernetic brain cannot be understated. The way his body functions can be influenced as long as it is in some way related to how it is controlled by the brain. Control the brain and your body can be strung like a puppet.

» Usage in combat: As briefly mentioned, the cybernetic brain of Kakine is most active and useful when it comes to his power. Explain somewhat under his powers, Kakine relies upon Cerberus for A LOT of the visualization and blue prints of everything he constructs. With his creation powers, specifically with complex designs and structures - Kakine's brain is capable of three different types of blue prints: new, recycled and uploaded. On the fly, and faster than most people could even imagine, Kakine is capable of constructing insanely complex ideas simply by thinking upon it via his cybernetic brain.

New: The new portion of his cybernetic brain basically means he can craft completely unique and on the fly designs with Cerberus. Should it be the new design of a car by mapping out blue prints and things of the like, introducing complex designs within a matter of moments.

Recycled: Recycled is basically just using the same concept in which his cyber brain has used in the past. As soon as he has found a way to craft a particularly complicated concept, he is capable of recycling that concept by storing that information deep within the memory and information portions of his brain. As long as the energy reserves are there, he is capable of reliably crafting something that has successfully worked in the past.

Uploaded: Possibly the most impressive part of Kakine's Cerberus is that he can quite literally 'download' schematics directly into his brain from the plethora of information the Yuudeshi Network and similar sources connected to his brain. This goes for amazing constructs such as guns or even buildings, intricately designing every manner of floor, colour, desk, room. Everything. He is also capable of editing whatever is uploaded into his brain.

So while he can use all these different methods, it must be noted that the cyber brain is not a MUST for his power, but rather helps it reach the full potential while in his sealed state. During his shikai and bankai he becomes far less reliant on the analysis and 'blue print' ability ir provides, but still can prove useful in certain circumstances.


» Basics: The cybernetic shielding is something that Kakine has had installed in his body alongside his cybernetic brain. The shielding comes in two parts: The consistently active shield and the manually activated shield. The shield acts more like a "barrier" that wraps around Kakine's body than a classic shield. The barrier is not impenetrable, but it also defends his body from an array of different assaults. Depending on what is used - the barrier may outright nullify the attempted damage in question or simply soften the impact. Just as his body is connected and controlled entirely by the mix of organic and cybernetics within his brain, the shield itself comes as natural as a thought. He thinks it to happen and thus it does. The shield was developed by the Kakine and Karakura scientists in the hope of defending his naturally frail figure from the direct assaults of other people. Although he can take a hit, and he is no stranger to the pain, this shield gives him more room to breathe against stronger opponents.

» Passive Shield: The passive shield is a constantly emitting electromagnetic barrier that is invisible around his body. To the normal humans touch, this barrier cannot be felt and simply placing a hand on Kakine is easy enough. It radiates a good five centimeters from the center of his body and is constantly emitting waves of electromagnetic energy. The barrier itself doesn't react to anything until it is hit with a higher voltage of electricity or interacts with other electromagnetic items. The passive shields him from most electronic based harm - this means that even in a fight someone would need to pump out serious electrical discharge to overload the shield and take it down. However this is also useful on an every day level - allowing tinkering with creations, or objects in the surrounding area, without fear of getting electrocuted or even mildly zapped. Even when directly touching a source - the shield is shown to materialize in a blue haze around the point of contact. This isn't to say it is impossible to break the barrier - as said to bring it down would take a large amount of electrical output - but it shouldn't be considered weak either. In many instances, it allows him to ignore certain attacks.

Given the electromagnetic nature, it also means he can redirect anything with a magnetic charge once it comes into touching distance of the shield. The best example of this would be a metal bullet shooting forward and splitting in two as the shield is strong enough to magnetically rip the bullet in half, or simply redirect it at such a high speed. Similar to pumping out an electric discharge, depending on the metal in question, the volume could overwhelm the shield and still crush him.

» Active Shield: The active shield is much more defensive against all sorts of attacks. Unlike the passive shield which only deflects attacks of an electronic manner, the active shield defends against all sorts of attacks. As simple as thinking of activating it, Kakine will glow a light blue glow around 5 centimeters from the surface of his skin, all around his body. Capable of taking high impact energy attacks or even a measurable amount of physical impact, the shield has proven to be quite hardy in times of trouble. Against the likes of Cid who sent out massive waves of power, the shield was capable of withstanding and protecting him from harm. This goes for spiritual, man made or even natural occurrences. There is no set pre-requisite for breaking the shield - but someone of advanced strength and up would find themselves capable of punching and breaking it with effort behind the strikes.

Even when the shield is taken down, there is a maximum of five posts before it can fully activate and shield his body again. So once it is temporarily disabled, Kakine is rather vulnerable to all attacks, meaning he must be more vigilant and use his speed to avoid and defend rather than attack.

» Outward Energy Consumption: As briefly mentioned under his zanpakuto, Kakine relies a lot on outgoing energy into the environment to fuel his power and even shield. Acting in a similar fashion, Kakine's shield if capable of attracting a manner of different energy sources - be it electrical, spiritual or sometimes even kinetic and turns it into a strengthening agent for the shield. This means that sometimes it can be a double edged sword for someone to strike his shield multiple times without enough force to break it - for when the attack has struck, it may end up just strengthening it against follow up attacks by allowing the shield to feed upon the energy. Unless another way is found to combat the shield, it is likely people could accidentally feed the shields strength by intricately "absorbing" outside sources.


The Nano Gauntlet is a glove which Kakine had crafted using his creation powers mixed with his cyber brain, theorizing and crafting the blueprints for a gauntlet that interact with the world in a multitude of ways. The nano gauntlet is modeled to fit perfectly atop of Kakine's right hand, the entire fabric being lined with a metallic coating up each finger and over the back of his palm. Extending upwards from his index and middle finger, as pictured below, are two extremely durable metal rods which act in a similar way to tweezers. While the gauntlet may fit onto another persons hand, it is directly tied to Kakine's energy signature and genetic code, meaning the screen on the back of the palm will not activate for anyone but Kakine.

The glove is said to be crafted from material about as durable as Seki-Seki stone, meaning to destroy the gauntlet you would need a lot of firepower. Unlike the seki stone, it does not repel spiritual essence however. Durable in it's own right, and while mostly not used in hand to hand combat, the glove is durable and the tweezers at the tip are sharp enough to slice through a variety of different people or environments. Skin is like butter, while it is not their main purpose, it can definitely be used as such. Starting out as a much larger and bulkier item within Karakura and used by their intelligence agencies, Kakine was able to perfect and condense it into a smaller package for mobile use.

» General Usage: The glove itself has a variety of different uses but has one major advantage among a lot of different tech it encounters. Outside of combat, Kakine is capable of using the long tweezers to literally "pluck" radio frequencies fro the atmosphere around him. The most interesting part of this is that while Kakine can grasp specific frequencies, he can temporarily disrupt the frequency - essentially "severing" the connection the radio signal might have to another object. A good example of this might be the application of Wi-Fi. Using radio waves/frequencies, the gauntlet is capable of intercepting information as it is sent across that medium. Once the gauntlet has severed the connection and transferred it to his gauntlet, this allows him to listen, read or gain data as it is transferred to him instead of the target location. The only limiting factor to this is that he must be within range of the frequencies themselves. It almost is important to note that, with the help of the Karakura scientists, Kakine can even use this glove to incercept spiritual message or connections to some people.

The best way to imagine this is a similar fashion to radio frequencies. Take Bakudō #77. Tenteikūra for example, a kidou used to send messages to people across long distances. By intercepting the spiritual energy used to power such an ability, Kakine might be able to intercept the message itself and sever the connection before it can even reach the targets in question. This goes for any similar connection to another via spiritual essence, as long as there is a trail or source that allows the connection to happen. If, for example, the connection to someone is implanting the messages in their head without any readable source or essence to the targets themselves, the glove wouldn't be able to sever or intercept the connection itself.

Body Mapping: As the glove is capable of reading Kakine's specific energy signature, the screen on his hand can also be extended outwards like a hologram in a sense. By doing so, he can bring up a life-size hologram of the inner map of his body - this means he is capable of pin pointing areas of pain, sensitive areas and even shift between different visions. X-rays to show his skeletal structure or even something as complex as the type of blood running in him after he has been poisoned. Essentially, this glove makes it possible to map nearly every single area of his body on the physical level. He is capable of cross referencing any intrusions with previous scans of his body to detect anomalies atop of this.

As briefly mentioned, this has a rather large potential for medical use. Sometimes allowing him to not even visit Karakura Hospital, Kakine uses the body mapping to great effect - locating shattered bones and carefully extract and even replace the bones himself. Using his cybernetic brain, this allows him to be incredibly precise, sometimes even further than that of a trained surgeon. In many instances, Kakine has found himself capable of even creating new flesh over parts of his body and even replacing portions of internal organs. The medical uses are intertwined quite heavily with the body mapping.

» Environmental Matter Grasping: The tweezers don't stop at disrupting electrical signals between locations. Rather, one of the major aspects of Kakine's nano-glove is to actually carefully grasp individual pieces of matter, or TINY portions of energy/spiritual assaults/creations. This allows him to not only get an understanding on the material use to construct it, but through his cyber brain analysis is capable of replicating it through his power. By laying out the blueprint and how the matter in question works he is able to apply it to his arsenal and use it to construct in a manner of different ways. Typically this is only useful in situations which an attack, or effect, is of an other worldly origin and he does not initially have an understanding of the matter/energy in question. Once it is saved, unless SOMEHOW disrupted and removed from his memory, the type of matter used will remain with him no matter what. As one might imagine: this could be quite powerful in specific circumstances.


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空 の 王


» Zanpakuto Name: Kuukyoken No Ha, goes by "Benkei."

» Gender: Female

» Affiliation: Only Kakine.


» Body Type: Benkei's body is actually rather small and skinny, albeit not quite as slender as Kakine. Her height and overall body shape is akin to that of a senior school girl, albeit sporting much wider hips than what is typical of a normal petite woman. She is said to only stand at around five foot two, a rather small height for someone whom has such a big personality. Although she is skinny in her own right, Benkei is not unhealthy by any measure of the word, rather she appears to be quite fit and still having a lot of good areas of muscle toning her body. If one were to see her body underneath her outfit, they would see rather slender and toned mucles that are only possible from years upon years of training. The same could be said about her legs, seemingly thicker that the rest of her body which accompany her thigh highs rather well. Overall she has many mature aspects whilst still holding the height and overall posture of a young woman.

» Facial Features, Hair and Eyes: Benkei's face has shown to be rather small and round in comparison to Kakine, whom has a defined jawline and rather long face overall. Atop of her face are very few markings or irregularities, albeit above her right eye is a small brand with the Japanese symbols "作ります", meaning create. This is in reference to her powers as a Zanpakuto. Her eyes are a glowing pink colour, the most obvious fact about her face being how large her eyes are atop of that. When it comes to her hair, Benkei has let it grow out to the point of touching the back of her knees, while holding an intense pitch black mixed in with strands of white scattered all throughout. For her fringe, Benkei has a red dyed portion over the top of her left eye while the right side is shaded by a blue dye. These clashing colours instantly gives Benkei a very "punk" vibe.

» Accessories: Without diving too deep into her outfit, Benkei has a ton of different accessories spread throughout her body, most being small bracelets and rings. On her right arm is a black and white bracelet that is cut up into wooden slices, on each slice reading a different Japanese word. In total there are six slices, reading in order: Create, Pure, Eternal, Silence, Temperance and Life. All of these are in reference to two things: both the power Benkei allows and the mentality and progression of Kakine with his "angelic" state. Aside from this bracelet, Benkei also has multiple rings on her left hand. Some are simple silver rings whilst the one on her middle finger reading a simple "K", seemingly created by her in reference to her proper name, Kuukyoken. At her neck appears to be a necklace made out of diamonds: their colours, though, turned pitch black. This is simply to keep up with Benkei's aesthetics.

» Tattoos/Piercings/Irregularities: Given her overall appearance thus far, it is safe to say Benkei would have a bunch of different piercings and a few tattoos. Her most obvious piercings are the three ones at the side of her mouth, silver studs that appear on the outer lip on the left side. There is also a nose rings on the right side, a small ring of metal appearing at that location. Underneath her outfit, Benkei also has a single nipple piercing on her left side, albeit she does not get to show this off much. Her tattoos are less common or visible however, mostly up her left side being a Japanese styled dragon, running up from her left hip up to under her armpit. The tattoos is coloured in beautiful tones, a strand of red and yellow mixed in to create fire at the armpit-area of the tattoo. This is her only tattoo, and even then she barely gets to show it due to it's location.

» Normal Attire: Her normal attire is actually rather thematically in line with Kakine himself. Just as Kakine has a sort of "student" type uniform, Benkei takes on the same idea except with a more girly oriented look. Atop of her head is a set of "horns" which are used like a hair pin, clipping into her hair. The shirt is white in main colour whilst black and white rings coil around the sleeves, a vague button up collar resting to create a small v-neck without exposing her chest too much. On one arm she has a small arm warmer, coloured black with pink rings spread out across it. Her skirt is rather short, stopping quite high up her thighs as a studded belt is wrapped around the top, seemingly holding it up. On her legs she sports torn up stockings, the one on the right being pink in colour while the left is blue, multiple holes and rips present throughout both of them. At her feet, she simply wears normal white school shoes.

» Reiatsu Colour: A mix of pink and blue.


» Abstract & Creative: Benkei is somewhat different to Kakine in terms of her creative side, as she is much more abstract and unique in the approach she takes towards life and every situation. Her creativity is much more progressive in appearance, sporting many different appearance based proof of that. Although her creativity is most commonly found when advising Kakine when utilizing her zanpakuto power. In many instances, she will often give ideas and sometimes even create items and concepts on their own will purely because it came to her as an idea mid fight. As someone who's main power is creation, Benkei tries to defy the whole "god complex" that could easily be associated with such a power, rather using her "express herself creativity" approach in it's place. This also means she takes quite a large interest in art and is commonly found drawing, writing and painting in her spare time.

» Prideful: This is somewhat similar to Kakine's prideful nature, yet Benkei focuses mostly on personal pride over that of a family or friends. She looks at pride in an interesting way: That it is a good force until it allows you to become blind and stubborn to the point of ignorance. For this reason, she will often maintain personal pride by attempt to steer Kakine in a direction that is much less prideful - helping him keep his mind clear and objective about situations. This is particularly common when it comes to family, as a lot of the time Kakine would follow his family into anything, yet with Benkei's guidance he gets to keep an outsiders approach. Someone who can access the situation with no bias. Kakine personally loves that about her, even if he is not expressing it at the moment it occurs. Benkei is someone who can keep her own pride from blinding her, yet maintaining and helping Kakine manage his own.

» Upbeat: One of the most obvious things when meeting Benkei is her overall upbeat and down to Earth style of conversation and action. She is often found never with a frown on her face and will keep situations as lively and happy as possible, trying hard to not only remove negativity from Kakine himself, but from the entire situation. This somewhat clashes with Kakine's rather mellow look on the world and can often be annoyed by how excited and upbeat Benkei proves to be. Although he ultimately knows she is this way for his own benefit, he can't help but get annoyed every now and then. The only situation in which her personality seems to "flip" is when shikai or bankai is activated. This is due to her starting to take a fight seriously, and the usage of bankai, shikai and beyond is serious business to her. When this happens, her upbeat attitude seems to fade and a cold, serious persona seems to overtake her. A rather scary sight, even to the likes of Kakine.

» Strong Willed: Despite her upbeat and rather relaxing overall attitude, she has shown to have an ironclad will that seems almost unbreakable. This strong will somewhat influences Kakine in it's own right, using it to either strengthen him through words or fight on his behalf when he cannot. The strong will allows her overcome incredible mental assaults and things of the like, trying to break her mentality almost seems pointless most of the time. Powering through attacks by will alone is also shown when fighting against Kakine during their training sessions, but even against real opponents. This is an important aspect for her and Kakine too, seeing as she can somewhat use this strong will to influence Kakine's own, allowing him to keep pushing through despite the intensity and mental drain of the situation at hand.

» Anxiety: Despite her upbeat and strong will, there is an underlying sense of anxiety that runs throughout her mind. She can withstand many different mental assaults, yet even her own mind works against her a lot of the time. It isn't so much anxiety for her own life, but Kakine's, having to watch him live life through a 3rd person's lens, her only control over it being her words. Even though she had incredible sway, she worries a lot of Kakine and the Yuudeshi as a whole. While Kakine has an overall "We can win" attitude, Benkei somewhat has a "But what will we lose along the way?" thought. It's an interesting swap in character for the two, as in almost every other aspect, Benkei is the most upbeat and happy. That was always her role in stabilizing Kakine and his thoughts. Being the anchor that draws him back to Earth. Benkei may not know it herself, but Kakine is the anchor that keeps her grounded, too. The two bounce and live off each other really well.

» Optimism: In contrast to Kakine's pessimistic attitude, Benkei is quite the optimist. Although her anxiety somewhat hinders her in worrying about Kakine and the Yuudeshi, her overall outlook on life falls into that of postivity. Even though she may feel down, stressed or anxiety ridden, she will often never show this and attempt to keep her upbeat and optimistic attitude at her forefront, looking for the bright side in all situations. Even if she truly doesn't believe what she says, Benkei will convince those around her and herself that the opposite of her thoughts is true. She knows how important optimism in a world of sadness and destruction is, so she continues using this idea to keep giving Kakine and others hope. Even if Kakine dismisses it at first, Benkei will continue and push that optimism onto him until he finally agrees or at least understands. This also makes her quite compassionate in the process, not only showing passion for her adoptive family in the Yuudeshi, but for all life on Earth. She has hope that when she fights, she can help Kakine spare their lives, pushing him to do the right thing yet again.

» Happy Drunk: Benkei is a woman who loves her liquor, and to say that she's a "happy drunk" is probably a bit of an understatement. Often times, Benkei will be found not only drinking various different alcohols, but rarely ever getting sick from the amount she drinks. This basically doubles all of her previous positive traits when she does however, making her not only extremely obnoxious in some aspects, but can actually influence Kakine more. This is typically because all limits in her mind are lifted and she will say absolutely anything she wants, even if to the detriment of Kakine accidentally. When meeting a new person while drunk, she will often be overjoyed and somewhat creepily attached to them, hugging and dragging them down to her level of excitement until they either punch her away or ignore her entirely. Even if that were to happen, she is likely to come crawling back if she likes them enough.


Benkei's inner world is quite simple in concept and resembles that of a classroom that you could find anywhere in Karakura, more specifically a Karakura high school classroom. With the normal panned windows on one side and a chalkboard at the head of the room, Benkei is usually stationed at the chalkboard where the teacher would stand. Along with that, Kakine is usually found in a desk at the back of the classroom, filler people actually being contained at the other desks to add effect to the classroom itself. Most of the time these filler people only speak to each other, Kakine and Benkei are the main focus of attention when they speak though, that is, when there are filler people around. Benkei has been known to disallow fillers to interfere with her conversations with Kakine, only due to praying eyes seeming to bother her quite a lot. However there is a larger area outside of this classroom, if one were to break out through a window or leave the building, there would be a scenery of nothing but forest and trees, animals rummaging through it without a single essence of human corruption taking over the place. This is what Kakine considers to be a tropical paradise, what Earth truly looked like before humans came along and started chopping down trees and building massive constructions which aren't even needed. He viewed it as a bliss.

On top of this, beyond what is shown as the forestation, there is a lake within the forest that is completely frozen over, for what reason? Even this is unknown to Kakine. Benkei, however, claims that it is due to the control that Dark Kakine has over her, and when Dark Kakine is active it grows. This is only speculation on Benkei's behalf, but that is the theory that Kakine goes on as well. Not only is the lake forzen, but animals and plants around it have shown to be dead and rotted away into the dirt, blood stretching out over the entire area. With Dark Kakine and his Inner Hollow's presence, controlling the world can be a tough task for Benkei and Kakine.


» Sealed Zanpakuto Appearance: Kakine's Zanpakutō takes the shape of a simple blade when in a unreleased form, The blade itself is around 3/4th's of a yard long and is about two centimeters in width. The blade is quite simple and takes the form of any normal Katana you would find in the world of the living. Kakine does not know why Benkei takes this form in her sealed state, but it typically doesn't matter as he rarely relies on the sword for combat. The blade itself has a slightly worn edge, however there is a white cloth hanging off of the hilt which is used to wrap around anything Kakine wished, mainly being able to wrap around his arm or be twirling in the air. It must be noted, however, his Zanpakutō is normally not visible on his body - Kakine is shown to summon it in a similar way to his power by 'creating' it before him.

» Sealed Zanpakuto Abilities: Throughout his years, Kakine has found himself capable of accessing majority of his main power within his sealed state. His Shikai and Bankai are major enhancements upon what he can already do, but compared to most sealed states, he gets quite a bit of power that is incredibly strong. These are listed below.


» The Art of Life: Creation & Construction: This is the primary power which Kakine's entire being is based off, all of his abilities related to this in one way or another. As one might guess from the name, the power entails "creation" as it's main purpose, simplistic in essence, but more complicated the further it is explained. The way this power works is by primarily changing different forms of his own energy into existence as if from nothing. By converting his own pool of energy, portions of his reiatsu can become "changeable", molding them into constructs on a physical level. The most interesting part about this construction based ability is that he once it is created, the object itself is pure. This means that is is not a creation made out of reiatsu and could be dispelled by negation based abilities, but the object in question acts as if it had always existed in the first place with no spiritual intervention.

Although he can internally rely on his own energy pool to bring forward constructs, this is actually not his go to answer for creation. Kakine is capable of taking different types of energy sources, be it Iramasha, Demon, Shinigami or Sugiura, and molding them into constructs by sort of 'stealing' left over energy that may be left over from specific areas. A good example of this would be Kakine drawing spiritual energy from a powerful Iramasha Aether Stone, so power that is forces itself to leak Aether into the world around it. This means that he cannot directly tap into a person's reiatsu and steal their reiatsu per say, but he can clean up the scraps and left overs, using them to convert into his personal pool of reiatsu, and bring them into reality. In his own unique way, this makes Kakine a very powerful energy user that cannot be underestimated in anyway.

There are two sides to this power in terms of how it works. On one hand, you have the "creation" based side. Creation focuses on actually bringing the concept into reality, the idea of converting the reiatsu into the physical energy and having it appear. Yet the second side is where the intricacies of the power get involved, and require an intense amount of processing and knowledge that is typically processed by his cyber brain. The "construction" side typically deals with the blue prints and ideas that make the creation itself stable. So in theory he could bring simple concepts into reality by converting his reiatsu, but without the construction portion? Kakine is useless in making both intricate creations. Even throughout his thorough years of training and intense usage, it can sometimes even prove to be difficult to construct concepts due to the "mental blueprints" that the construction aspects deal with. As he quickly discovered with the Beetles, especially the humanoids, the 'construction' side is probably the most important - as if you don't have the intricate understandings and blue prints present, there can be many defects or straight up failures. Kakine is very seasoned and practiced in this though, thus rarely making it a problem for him.

Although those are the two main sides, there is a portion in which the "middle ground" exists. This middle zone encompasses the personal usage and control over his own and outside energy sources, capable of converting and controlling them into the fuel needed to create in the first place. If Kakine were to be hooked up to something that could provide him a seemingly endless stream of energy, he could quite literally nearly become a God in terms of his creation. With such an unlimited source of energy to convert, he could quite literally at that point create different universes on beyond cosmic scale. Although this is all theory at this point, this is simply to describe the scale his power allows.

In sealed state, it's important to mention the scale of this. Surprisingly, he has quite a bit of freedom when in his sealed state - yet not exactly a pinnacle of his power, saving that for his other states. He can create an amazing amount of different things, mostly dealing with physical area during sealed. The sealed state usually allows him to only create a single thing at a time, but he can actually do it in quick succession as well, so fast that it may seem like he's creating multiple at the same time. This has been shown while repairing specifically, such as repairing portions of a broken road as soon as it's torn up. Although for his sealed state, there doesn't seem to be a 'size' limit in which he can create something. Although certain constructions require more energy that might not be possible during his sealed state, meaning that he is not limitless for creation in sealed.

Though it must be noted that this power doesn't have to follow the rules of nature. This means that, if he wishes, Kakine can actually turn concepts on their head and mix and match with them. He can manipulate even the most minute details with usage of his processing ability, such as swapping out certain atoms of creating nigh imprenedrable sheets of steel but analyzing and seeing how different molecules interact and work together. This actually means that he can literally create concepts that "do not yet exist in this world". Not concept that have not been discovered, no, but simply have not existed until Kakine himself had created it. It's a rather powerful concept to think about, but his energy pool is typically hit the more complex in design.

There are some major limitations to this power though. Although he can theoretically create anything, when dealing with his zanpakuto limitations, he cannot actually physically implant "powers" into an already living being. This rule seems to be slightly broken when creating the Beetles, but they were created alongside their being, not applying it to a new person. For sealed, Shikai and Bankai, this means that he can't simply make himself immune to fire or something of the like. Applying new and different powers to himself or others from his base forms is almost unheard of, unless the being itself was born from Kakine.

» The Art of Defiance: True Creation One of the more unique powers is Kakine's addition to his already powerful ability to create virtually anything is his capability to swap out certain elements in his environment with a source called "Construction Spheres". The construction spheres are a unique type of energy pool that lives within Kakine's body at all times, too microscopic to see and undetectable by conventional methods. The only way for one to know they even exist is when Kakine applies them to the world around him. The construction spheres themselves allow swapping out of certain elements of an object without breaking it's physical make up. This is to say that Kakine is capable of swapping atoms and chemical make up within an object by mimicking the physical attributes which allow it to hold it's form - yet swap concepts out at a mere whim.

This works in a similar fashion to his original creation based ability where the concept has to be thought of and applied after obtaining an understanding of how. The creation spheres work in an exactly similar fashion, however instead of using his personal energy pool or from the world around him, draws upon the slow regenerative spheres. To imagine this ability, and as an example, imagine a brick wall constructed by Kakine through his normal construction. In all essence it may look, act and be as durable as a brick wall. But, by adding in the concept of "fire" with the construction spheres, the wall might find itself covered entirely in an inferno of flames that tears through anyone who gets close. This isn't limited to just fire though, Kakine is capable of using these construction spheres to quite literally alter the "normal" make up. In a way, this is both a mix of creation based skill and physics breaking.

Although this does not end at simply he creations - by interacting with the world around him, Kakine is able to substitute the atoms of items within his immediate vicinity with his own construction spheres. For this to take place, Kakine must first allow his own spiritual energy to come into contact with the object in question - giving a path for his construction sphere to replace said object. This can happen within an instant, however usually only lasts around 2 posts before the spheres fizzle out and fade, returning the device to normal. Pushing them into the object or idea he is creating, he can generate other wordily effect from it. As there is no specific amount of energies that runs through the Construction Spheres, Kakine can choose which type of effect he wants to put into an object by using his cyber brain. Overheat by catching fire, he can add the component. Overload with electricity, suddenly add the concept of incredible weight to an item? This is also possible. The only important part to note is that, when directly influencing devices and items specific to individuals, he can't use an affect that simply destroys it within a single instant. The effects in the weapons might take a post to activate, and by that time might have been counteracted somehow.

However, it also must be noted that the energy is not endless. By using too much construction spherical energy within his body, it can make him pass out or come to effects such as head aches. Normally, this isn't relied on heavily as it can quickly ware him out, but if he wants to do such things as rid opponents of objects by willing their weapons to overheat, or jam, he is able to do so.

» Psychometry: This takes upon the idea of "re-imagining the past" in a sense. This is a rather unique idea that his power allows him to do, especially useful during not only investigations, but understanding a persons power perhaps. On a non-physical level, Kakine is capable of reconstructing a sort of "scene" that happened within the past few weeks in a single location. This sort of works like a hologram of reconstructing the past in a sense, cleaning up the "residue" and reconstructing based on analysis of the event. This actually appears into the physical reality through his power. Although this isn't perfect, the power itself simply draws conclusions based on the environment. This also gives him intense migraines depending on the scale, the longer it is reconstructed like a hologram, the worse the head ache.


» Release Phrase: "Reflect the essence of nothing, Kuukyoken."

» Appearance:


» Incredible Energy Reserves: Due to most of his power being based around the usage and application of his surrounding and internal energy, Kakine obtains a rather incredible boost to his already vast reserves of energy. This means he can now not only apply his power in new and exciting ways, but will actually let him create more as his internal pool of energy just exploded into overdrive. With this increase in energy, Kakine gets to focus a lot more on his internal energy becoming constructs, as his vast amounts seem to be near bottomless. Albeit not true, for the opponent this may be what it seems like, he can continuously construct items over and over, proving to be an incredibly difficult natural trait for his enemies. By drawing upon surrounding energies atop of his internal energies, Kakine can cause devastating assaults and even cause incredible damage to people whom would otherwise be considered extremely durable - albeit this is dependent upon the construct itself.


» Bankai Release Phrase: "Bankai, Kuukyoken No Ha."

» Appearance:


Advanced Energy
The energy control he has from his previous Shikai energy is intense. Upon activation of Bankai, Kakine is now able to access the mass storages of Spiritual Energy that is trapped with inside his body, able to blast his power into many strengths. As mentioned in Shikai, the energy levels that Kakine has obtained make it possible for him to use this energy into attacks. His reiatsu levels are amazing, meaning that by putting enough speed and reitasu into his attacks, they become even more ferocious. Compared to Shikai, and depending on who he is vsing, a punch from him could even tear off limbs or even disintegrate beings into nothing but a puddle of blood. At full power, it even has the potential to even crush even the toughest of opponents, tear through their defence and make them weak to certain attacks. This, combined with his energy control of Shikai, makes him a deadly force to be reckoned with.

Beyond-Imaginable Speed
The beyond questionable speed is one of the biggest aspects of Kakine. Due to his bankai now being activated, his body has become much more durable and can withstand the G-forces that are constantly thrust upon him whilst travelling at the insane speeds. Bankai makes him more durable to these speeds, allowing him travel at near his peak. The speed factor is one of the largest supporters into why Kakine is so powerful and why he has become the person he is today, so for one to underestimate how fast he can go, especially in Bankai... not a smart thing to do.

CreationConstruction Amplification
As in Shikai, in Bankai Kakine gains the ability to use his CreationConcstruction at higher rates and usage terms for less energy and taxing drawbacks. The only difference between this specific boost and the one that is used in Shikai is that Kakine can now create and construct things and objects at insane speeds, using less and less energy has his powers begin to build with the forms he takes. To understand how fast a CreationConstruction item can be forged, one needs to break down time as far as possible - making it so almost that time itself is irrelevant, that the object or organism willed to appear will do it as if it was instantaneous, no time needed. This is particularly useful in efforts such as trying to shield himself from sudden attacks or instant blindingly fast attacks on his opponent. When used in conjunction with Kakine's speed overall, it is amplified to intense amounts, his general speed mixed with construction speed is one of his most major points. In bankai, almost anything is usable, anything is able to be created, no matter how large, how small, it is possible for Kakine to create it with enough concentration, skill, and energy he possesses.

Element Manipulation
Now that Kakine has entered Bankai, his previous manipulation of Air has become greater and more powerful, not just being able to control air but now being able to control almost any element that is thrown his way. By placing energy into multiple elements, Kakine can manipulate this energy in a way that also allows him to manipulate the element itself in a sense. Along with that, Kakine is able to Create and Construct elements from memory and on site, for instance if you were an ice user Kakine could possibly activate CreationConstruction and form a roaring fire that can combat the user's ice. Along with that, Kakine has been shown to access almost any useable element, even such constructs as Metal, an odd choice but still effect. A use of the "Metal" element Kakine has used is that by using CreationConstruction, he can create and construct a wall of steel, being able to reshape and mould it to his own liking and to his own will. As this is one of Kakine's stronger powers, it has the same principles and ideas when it comes to drawbacks as most other abilities Kakine uses do. The only difference between other drawbacks and his Bankai drawbacks are that they're more painful and severe. Although the elements he controls if also spread to his unique ones as well, from his "true" CreationConstruction, meaning he can bend, shape and even twist the physics of his new elements and objects he has created rather simply. All in all, the control over elements as a whole is useful, but is mainly done through his control of the energy maintained within them.

Advanced Deconstruction
Previously in Shikai, Kakine is able to de-construct Benkei at will and form her into any type of weapon he could conceptually bring forth. Now with entering Bankai, Kakine is able to form Benkei into multiple types of weapons at the same time, and along with that, he can turn her into specific types of technology to allow himself to create bots, shields, or anything in between. With that, Kakine is also able to allow Benkei to de-construct parts of herself to form separate weapons on specific limbs and appendages that she contains. This basically allows Kakine to have an ally in battle even when he is fighting by himself, making it quite convenient to allow Benkei to access his own powers the time is needed and such.

The deconstruction of shikai is taken to another level as a whole, especially considering the attaching onto objects and de-constructing them into near nothing. Now, in Bankai state, her deconstruction of objects or reishi based abilities is taken to a whole new level. By deconstructing Benkei, Kakine can now make Benkei freely move with his arms, move his arm towards an object? He could make Benkei attach to it, or even force Benkei to be in more than one place at a time. In de-constructed form, she takes on the appearance of simply a bunch of grey particles in the air, almost looking like smoke, but moving more sharply than smoke does. By simply willing it, he could walk through a group of small buildings, swiping his arm side to side and even forcing buildings to be completely rid of in his wake, Benkei simply attaching herself to them and breaking them down to the point of almost 'non existence'.

Access to Previous Powers
Along with gaining these three new abilities in Bankai, Kakine is able to access things such as his Vizard powers, his hollow mask while in Bankai, all possible Shikai abilities, and even his previously human abilities that are only access in Base Form. With that, Kakine is also able to induce the help of the Yuudeshi clan as a whole, meaning that if he is in a rough spot or may be defeated within battle, he can always call for backup from the Yuudeshi Clan itself.


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空 の 王


After the removal of his inner Hollow, Kakine's existence as a Vizard was flipped on it's head. Not only did Kakine overcome incredible odds to survive and perish his inner Hollow and free his body - but n the process awakened a power within himself that was locked behind that malice and darkness within his body. This new state is called the "Angel" state. Replacing the likes of his resurrection, this form is considered the pinnacle of Kakine's power.


Few Appearance Alterations: Compared to his original state of being, Kakine's appearance is not altered directly by the Angel state's activation. Although the main additions to his body are obvious, outside of the wings, Kakine's eyes and overal structure remain exactly as they were prior. Although this isn't to say the same for the aura he gives off - the power that radiates him is said to cascade in an incredibly powerful spiritual energy unlike anything people are use to.

Gigantic Wings: The most obvious change to Kakine's appearance is the incredibly large wings that spread across his back. On either side of his body, the wings can reach a maximum wing span of twenty meters. Not only can they stretch and extend to 20 meters on either side, but can also shrink into much smaller shapes when fighting in tighter areas. The wings are pure white in colour and seem to have 6 separate "origins" from the center of his back, meaning it is not simply two wings on either side - but a myriad of different shaped feathers protruding from his body. The wings themselves are said to be nigh indestructible, meaning for someone to rip the wings from his back would be virtually impossible. Even for someone with a grand master in strength would find this incredibly tough.

White Glow: At all times, there seem to be an intense and vibrating white glow that echoes on the outside of Kakine's body. To the touch of a demon, this white glow is acidic and would eat through their flesh without strength or protection. Though the glow is only visible as an outline to his figure, meaning his skin is not toned in a ghostly white, but rather highlighted with it.


Divine Condition Enhancement:

Molecular Oscillation:

Aetherium (Angelic Energy):


Previous Powers Amplified:

White Wings:


What is the "Endless World"?: The Endless World is something that is manually activated during his Angelic form. Due to ascending into his 0-1 tier form, his "presence" quite literally expands outwards to cover nearly the entire Earth. His Angelic force begins to pulsate and vibrate throughout the entire surrounding area, everyone on Earth or a similar scale capable of feeling the massive influx of energy before suddenly being washed over with a wave of light. For all intents and purposes, everything is unchanged. Though the wave of light washes over, it alone does no damage and does not alter or effect any being within it. What it does, however, is much more powerful than what most people could imagine.

Due to the gigantic scale of this power and how great of a distance it can cover, Kakine's usage of this skill can be rather energy consuming and even cause him to pass out from consistent usage. The main thing to note about this ability is that he's essentially doused the entire world, or equivalent area, as a "new world". This new world bends to the will of Kakine, meaning he is quite literally capable of warping events, altering/breaking physics and the natural laws of reality. As simple as a thought, Kakine is able to make things such as the concept of ogxygen leave the air. By infusing his energy into his surroundings in this "endless world", Kakine is able to even bend the chemical make up of objects around him - for a stone might suddenly become a liquid. Or water might surround and opponent but allows Kakine to break reality and turn into concrete around his opponent. The application of this power is incredibly versatile and possibly one of the strongest to ever exist.

The problem with this power falls upon Kakine being unable to directly effect the opponent with it, or any living being other than himself, for that matter. The problem with his Endless World is that any living being, be it animal or human, is completely free of being altered. This means that Kakine couldn't simply take the concept of breathing away from an opponent to suffocate them, but he could still remove the idea of oxygen from within a specific area for a short duration. Endless World is a gigantic energy consumption, meaning the longer this is activated, the quicker Kakine will tire himself out. Although powerful, incredibly strong individuals may be able to find a way to temporarily "break" the Endless World. With enough force or through demonic energy, some beings may be able to temporarily break the Endless World in specific locations. Although this thresh-hold is INCREDIBLY high, Endless World is no immune. At least, Endless World will remain broken for two posts before repairing itself.

The possibilities for this are seemingly endless - and depending on size of the alteration could cause a much swifter energy drain. It must not be understated how strong this can be - as this makes the possibility of things such as turning the ground itself into an entire inferno, or making fire erupt from mid air without warning. This also means Kakine can do things such as flip gravity, or even go as far as writing entirely new laws. Kakine may be able to write the law that water is now breathable while underneath it and things of the like.

The most important part to note about this world: All changes and alterations to reality effect Kakine and his opponent/anyone in the vicinity. No matter if he is removing oxygen or making it so the ground is fire, all of this will effect and has the chance to injure Kakine as it would his opponent. Due to his creation ability being at the forefront of his powers it allows him to be much more free and experimental, but not immune. Thus he must be mindful of every law or piece of reality he breaks in case of effecting himself.

Deactivation: Upon deactivation, the same white pulse seems to radiate again, shimmering everything with a glow and then fading. Every single effect, or changed factor about the "endless world" they fought in is returned to it's state prior to activation.


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空 の 王



From the moment he was born, Kakine was a prodigy, a child of critically acclaimed mental skill. His mind was always more complex than those around him, and he didn’t waste time in showing how intelligent he could be. Although he and his brothers were born into poverty, due to her mother’s struggles with finances, Kakine would always search for books others didn’t want anymore, and indulge in any piece of literature he could find.

Although his relationship could be quite rocky with his mother who never wasted any time giving him thorough whipping whenever he got too pompous in his personality, whenever she did come across stable funds, she never wasted time taking him to the library. And so, the more he grew, the more he cultivated his mind, learning knowledge wherever knowledge was available. His relationship with his family was always one where he found himself annoyed by most of them.

He could never explain why, but he always found it bothersome to be around them, especially when they would get rowdy. His mother was abusive, so whenever any of them acted up, she didn’t waste time in beating them down until they learned their lessons. Despite all of their shortcomings, however, Kakine loved every single one of them, and would make it goal to protect them if any danger had ever sought to take them away from him. His childhood was fairly normal for the most part in that sense.

His life as a teenager is where he continued to grow mentally, traveling to places where he could learn as much as humanly possible. From watching documentaries on the history channel to indulging in school plays, Kakine’s life was built on this purpose of bettering himself and his mind. Haruko could not afford to place him within a high-class academy, yet his grades in school were so great that he was moved up quickly, given a scholarship to move into a great college, and finally move out of his family’s home, though he did keep up with them whenever he could.


Kakine’s college experience was fairly ordinary; there were no eventful changes that had moved him in any way. He was going to graduate as usual and move on with his life, perhaps pursue a dream as a scientist or writer. However upon sleeping one night, he encountered a woman in his dreams. He had wondered why such a thing had occurred, despite the fact that he had never once sought the company of women. He could easily gain one with the right words of course, and he had a handsome face, but this woman was not talking to him about love. She was hiccupping between her words, telling him that he needed to tap into his latent powers, that soon, in the distant future, he would need them. Kakine, smart enough to take these words as more than mere nonsense, started to delve into his powers as a shinigami.

He possessed a unique skill that revolved around creation, and he used it whenever there was danger around him. He wasn’t a hero by any meaning of the word, but he wasn't going to stand aside and just let others die if they didn't deserve it. This need to help others who could not help themselves when in danger against the supernatural, led Kakine to meet his very first love, Mizuki. Their initial meeting occurred when Kakine saved her from being attacked by a psychotic rapist.

She was highly grateful that he had saved her from a terrible fate. Kakine, being the man that he was, simply said that he did it because it was, “the right thing to do”, but in reality, he was quite smitten with how beautiful she was, how she was so thankful of him for protecting her from harm. Later that week, he would find out that she attended the same college as he, and although he did his best to avoid her – most likely due to embarrassment – cupid’s arrow had hit its mark. Kakine Yuudeshi was in love.

Of course, seeing as though all he ever pursued was knowledge, the idea of loving someone, let alone a girl was alien to him. Nevertheless, before he could confess, Mizuki caught up to the young man one day, offering that the two go see a movie together. Before long, they hit it off. They fell in love.

Mizuki was infatuated with Kakine’s wit and Kakine was inflamed by her intoxicating beauty and undeniable kindness. Graduating college at the top of their class, the two quickly sought to live together, and quickly bought their own house. Three years later, the two were married, and Mizuki had become pregnant with Kakine’s first child. The cultivation of these events, of these puzzle pieces that came together like a perfect love story, filled Kakine’s heart with happiness he had never experienced as a child.

He was elated to later find out that his child was a son, a young boy who he could pass on all of his knowledge and ideals to. And so, Kakine experienced paradise for many years, with both his wife and his son. His amazing inviolate life seemed as though it was never-ending, and if it were to be a dream, he wished to never awake. However, for every dream, there is a nightmare, and Kakine would soon come to know the greatest terror in his life – the loss of love.


Kakine had always heard of rumors of how hollow activity had been growing, of how demons and other monsters of fearful nature were becoming more profound wherever one went. Even so, he paid little attention, for he knew that with his power, now honed to the further reaches, could lay waist to an entire army. In truth, however, he had underestimated just how strong the oncoming forces would be. In an outbreak that would change the landscape of the entire world, Karakura was at the center of a war that would take both his son and wife away from him, shattering his utopia he had worked so dearly to build.

Ravenous demons pillaged cities, others raped those unable to escape, and overall, even this was only a taste of the horror that occurred within the world. Kakine had thought about requesting the help of his other siblings, as he had heard that they, too, had improved and tapped into their inner powers. Alas, he felt that as long as he could keep his own family out of harm’s way, nothing else mattered.

Their house ended up destroyed in the crossfire, yet they all managed to come out unscathed. Soon after, Kakine tried his best to hide them in any place that the demons or hollows could avoid. And yet it was all futile. The forces of good were fighting a losing battle. Kakine was not going to allow those he cherished to be the food of tyrants! No matter what, he would see them through this war. And yet, for all of the power he had used to fight off those that attacked him, he had failed. During a fierce battle between a high-class demon working under Mana, Kakine was exhausted, his body had expended every ounce of power he could to stop the beast from laying a hand on his family.

However, even more foes emerged. Kakine, knowing that anymore fighting would put his life in danger, quickly fled to look for Mizuki and their son. Upon reaching them, the nightmare had begun. Kakine’s son was about to be attacked by a hollow. Mizuki, knowing that she had no other option, leaped in front of her child quickly, taking the full slash of sharp claws against her body. For the woman who had made Kakine’s heart burn with such ardor, death was instantaneous. Kakine screamed, and yet his throat had been damaged to such an extent that he couldn't call out to his son, who was stricken with such anger that he lunged toward the beast, only to have his head severed from its body.

And in that moment, Kakine had lost all sense of sanity, bringing forth an unimaginably terrible surge of power, eliminating the entire force that had ruined his perfect utopia, the beasts who had taken everything they could plunder away from him. His full power expended, his life force draining, Kakine fell towards the ground, hoping, praying that this was all just a nightmare, and that when awoke, he would see the smile of his bright son and the kind, beautiful face of his loving wife….


There was an white room in the hospital. There was a white bed upon which the body of the Yuudeshi prodigy laid. Everything was peaceful, and even the sound of birds could be heard chirping outside as the morning breeze flowed in through the window to grace his cheeks. The wind quickly brought him to his senses, waking him up in an instant. His body shot up as though he had been hit with a jolt of electricity; however the pain of his wounds quickly caused him to calm down and evaluate his surroundings.

The doctor entered the room, saying that he was quite amazed that the young man had managed to survive such a fierce onslaught. However, Kakine said nothing, only deciding at the end to ask if his beloved Mizuki and their child survived. And yet, his hopes were all for naught. The doctor had told him that the bodies could not be salvaged, that no amount of surgery could bring them back to the world of the living. And upon hearing those words Kakine screamed to the sky, cursing his fate, cursing his existence, cursing all that had taken him away from the perfect Nirvana he had worked so hard to build. Even after that, his agony did not end. His depression had prevented him from eating any meal, no matter how well it was prepared. His anguish affected his sleep to such a point that he barely caught any slumber amid the night.

Even in his dreams, he was confronted with apparitions of his beheaded son holding his head, his beloved Mizuki clutching her sides, declaring that he had failed them. At the end of such horrid nightmares, he would come face to face with his inner hollow, though he knew not of how he had attained one. Whatever the case, this beast, too, did little to lessen the fire of the proverbial hell that had consumed his life. However…. Before he allowed it to eat him up, his Zanpakutō spirit had reminded him of a promise he had made to Mizuki many years ago….

“No matter what, Kakine, never lose who you are, never become someone different from the man I came to love. Should my life end at any moment, live for my sake, and the sake of those who love you…. Promise me that you will live on. “

“…I promise. “

Remembering this vow gave Kakine the resolve he needed to heal. He was still distraught, nightmares still haunted his mind, yet his purpose had been restored. Though he had lost those most dear to him, he would not allow anyone else to experience this torture, this pain, this agony. He would avenge his family; destroy those who would so openly cause harm to the innocent. However, this was not out of heroism. He was no hero, only a man scorned, looking for revenge against those who had taken everything away from him. And so, upon his discharge, he had trained vigorously, diving ever deeper into the depths of his power, mastering every level attainable. At the end of his path, however…. Will he ever regain the happiness he lost? That is a tale for another day.


Kakine had changed dramatically from his life before, he had rekindle a family relationship with his brother Shadin and he had managed to suppress the darkness within him for a long time. Dark Kakine was a fierce being, yet Kakine had felt like he had a good grasp on him - a inner hollow that was perhaps too ruthless for it's own good. Never the less, he lived on. Much of his life prior to the Australian war was complicated, battling that inner turmoil and finding his purpose in the world. Upon the initial invasion of the continent, Kakine had gone in to represent the Yuudeshi and clean up any trash that got in his way. Whilst normally he would not care about such an event, he felt obligated to help his brother whom had supported him throughout his troubles -- this way the least he could do.

He had initially started fighting in Townsville, Queensland, in the northern states of the continent. Clashing with multiple high level beings, Kakine had been given a run for his money. It had been a long time since he battled someone so power in Sing Iramasha, Hulderic Hylham and Dayalu Seishin. Whilst far from his more important fight of Australia, he gave him a new perspective of the people in the world. Not only had a remnant of the Kokuyruteishi shown herself in Sing Iramasha, but she made quite an impression - someone whom he would not easily forget. Watching the extinction level even of thousands of quincy, Kakine felt as if he was reliving the mass extinction of their race from hundreds of years ago. In some ways, he felt for Hulderic and his kin.

After the short amount of fighting within Townsville, Kakine had made his way towards Bendigo - a place inhabited mostly by a powerful Asthavon, under the name "Inami." At the time, he didn't expect such a powerful opponent, but he was kind of happy. The Yuudeshi family had harbored a strong hatred for demons and most of all Asthavons. It was a perfect opportunity for Kakine to take revenge, even if it meant he injured himself in the process. Hell, if he didn't show up this demon would have killed even more civilians. After constant clashes, something deep rattled within Kakine. A being he never expected to take control again had erupted -- Dark Kakine. For a long time, he had continued to fight this demon in a completely lost state of mind, his destruction being outrageous.

It took his own brother, Shadin Yuudeshi, coming in and purging the hollow from Kakine. With help of the Yuudeshi network and after clashing with the already weakened Shadin, Kakine had managed to conquer the Hollow - shackling him and shattering his influence over Kakine. According to the network, the Hollow had been completely eradicated - yet... something still felt off. It was true Kakine had resurfaced from his slumber and had taken control of his body; but deep within him still sat Dark Kakine. Almost like a parasite, feeding off misery and hatred. Repressed memories. No longer a Vizard, but forever with that darkness. A hollow repressing itself deep within his being, hiding, waiting... for the perfect time to break free and emerge.

Currently Kakine resides mostly within Karakura, catching up on lost time between family members and understanding this new found source of energy within him. After the war in Australia, he had spent a lot of time working with Karakura hospitals staff to nurse his brother back to health whilst undergoing intensive training and experiments to find the reason for this pure white wing sprouting. As a result, the doctors found no new influence of energy, a completely untraceable flow of energy coursing through his veins. Whilst still in it's infancy, the doctors of Karakura named this undefinable source of power An Involuntary Movement, or "AIM" for short.


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The Angel of Creation, Kakine Yuudeshi (0-2++/0-1) [WIP UPDATE]
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