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 A Kenpachi Arrives

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: A Kenpachi Arrives   Fri Jan 13, 2017 8:49 pm

Damien had taken a child under his wing some time ago. The time for revenge for the boy would draw close soon. He'd taught him what he could and it was time for Damien to visit. He was a member of the foundation which brought some privileges. He let the information slip to Inami's people that the Unabara family were slaughtered. He came here to investigate her ties to Tsubasa. This wasn't something in his nature that went beyond things like this. Damien had a single arm and knew about Tsubasa's passing. But for an entire family to be wiped out all but a small boy. For now, Damien had the child training with the teacher of his years. Though Damien imposed some very difficult and different teaching. Kierudo was a sword style Tsubasa invented and a devastating one. But his son wouldn't be so torn as his father and would learn true swordplay. Every single Unabara had been killed from each walk of life. Even those outside the Gotei 13 had been hunted down and butchered. As for the boy they certainly tried but Damien had no mercy for them.

He slaughtered them like the maggots they were. Mirja weighed on his mind slightly as he sat in the waiting room. Not sure when Inami the Queen of this land would come. His expression was grim. The boy was stronger now and didn't require constant supervision. He'd be damned if he let that child's life be extinguished. Tsubasa lost in honorable combat against Stefan. That was fine, but to kill everyone even babies. That was something he'd not tolerate from anyone. Someone would pay for this transgression. His mind was angry about this entire situation as his normal casual mind seemed angry. Tsukiya was his adopted son now and his children wouldn't be harmed without a fight. Damien's mind played through the attackers. He'd crushed one's skull with his bare hand before his son. Explaining that these things wanted his life and it would be time soon to set upon them. Revenge was needed to settle this score and Damien wasn't the one to do it.

Inami would be insurance of nature. If it went beyond what that boy could muster then she would be the one to protect that last flame. He had one other person he would meet before this week was finished. Desmond Hayden was on the list potential people. Damien understood Hayden wished to learn sword techniques from Tsubasa. Tsubasa was something with a blade, but in Damien's mind, he was alright. He focused on theory and not on practice. His son wasn't much like his father as Damien grinned. The kid had spunk and potential to do things that his father could only have dreamed of. He leaned his form against the wall as people avoided him for a while. Whatever the case the entire Clan had been butchered and nothing remained aside from Tsukiya. For now he would work for the boys interest and maybe introduce Mirja to his pupil someday down the road. Having a rival helps one grow into a better warrior. It was hard to say what lay ahead, but Tsukiya would be in better hands against stronger foes with Inami and Hayden's help.
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: A Kenpachi Arrives   Sun Feb 12, 2017 9:08 am