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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 What stays in vegas.... [Ceal/Sofia]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: What stays in vegas.... [Ceal/Sofia]   Sat Jan 14, 2017 12:09 am



Artist: Starset - Song: Monster - Word Count: 700

[Flashy lights, state of the art sky scrapers full of the sins of man. This place was a pinnacle of what had become of the vices of man. A perfect example of how humans have fallen unto their own selfish, carnal desires. Gambling, booze, sex. This place had it all. In the city that never sleeps, never stops the flow of currency, a single hybrid girl who had never seen such neon lit roads walks. This is a city of Sins, Las Vegas]

The scuffing of her boots on the ground gave a nice rhythm. The sound played in tune with the song in her head at the time, finding herself humming softly to herself. It was a recent song she had just gotten into recently, the headphones around her ears playing that lovely song. She didn't manage to get reception to the human's wireless waves from the demon realm, so it was only within this plane that she might listen to such songs from the internet.

It was a nice change of pace from it all. Even as she walked down the dark and dingy streets of a more desolate and quiet location off the outskirts of vegas, the hybrid girl retained her smile. Her spaded tail swished from side to side. It was wet out, and dark. She had since become used to the endless twilight of the demon realm, so the night time of the world no longer bothered her like it used to. In fact, this moist, crisp and slightly cold night was a bit refreshing for her, even if it was in a rather foreign place.

She had never been to Vegas before. She lived in American her whole life until just recently, but she'd never been to one of the main attractions of her country. Twas one of the many cities that co-existed with demons, willing to take in the rather controversial denizens of the night, the boogymen of humanity's waking dreams.

While Ceal was not entirely sure what brought her to this city, one thing she did know is she was eager to meet someone. Perhaps it could be another demon? She had become quite fascinated with them as of late after all.

With a grin of excitement on her mind, she picked up her pace, her walk soon becoming something of a bounce. Something of a spring in her step. The elation from her sudden fascination to become an inspiration.

-She was going to meet someone special today! She could just feel it!-

With a noise like a squeak, it could be seen to anyone that the girl might be just a little bit too happy, too go lucky in the darkness of this night. The grin that only continued to spread across her face was a dead giveaway of the amount of sheer elation sprouting from within her.

This was the effect that Mana's madness had on the girl. It made her happy, too happy. It was a certain level of eccentric attitude mixed with the random thoughts that filled her mind. They were glorious, glowing. They overlayed the world, The moon smiling down at her as the buildings around her contorted at the whim of her imagination.

It seemed, through her eyes the world became less real to her. It was more like a drawing out of a fairy tale, a DR Seuss book. Things around her seemed to be drawn in crayola as the sprouted impossibles at her.

This wonderland is how Ceal would view the world. Her arms energetically swayed at her side as she could now see the neons of the main strip glow from the distance. Her grin had now morphed into a more widespread smile, her teeth (and fangs) showing plainly.

Today was surely to be a good day. She could feel it.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: What stays in vegas.... [Ceal/Sofia]   Sat Jan 14, 2017 5:32 pm



Artist: N/A - Song: N/A

Some would be alarmed. This wasn’t her element. Maybe.

Sofia was an individual that was much more likely to be found at the musical theater, at the opera house, or somewhere of similar regard. Yet on that evening she found herself dancing away at a nightclub in Vegas simply known as Light. It was a really befitting name. There were people everywhere jumping about, tugging against each other in rhythmic motions they called dancing. There seemed to be several DJs and several speakers blasting music away. A plethora of multicolored lights rained down on the area, and several mirrors purposely placed up above gave clear view to the madness that everyone was intent on enjoying that evening.

Though the atmosphere was hardly like her, very few things had been for a while. With the dark prophecy being told to her, the confusion stemming from her own troubled mind, and the sheer bump in ecstasy acquired from the mark she obtained from the horny demon, well, she was changing. At least that’s what she was told. People believed she was acting a bit strange, and perhaps very unlike her but they were wrong. The Mark of Eris hadn’t transformed her. She was still a Quincy, she was still herself. It had simply made it easier for her to give into her hunger for power, and to allow the true nature of her own mentality to escape the restraints she kept it under for so long.

On that night, she was dressed more appropriately to party rather than for combat. Alas, it was difficult to believe a change in outfit would make it easier or more difficult to do either of them. The outfit consisted of a cute, and perhaps even sexy two colored dress. It was white atop, and displayed rather finely woven long sleeves. From the waist down it was blue, not unlike the favored color of her kind. The skirt seemed to ride a little high, reaching only about upper thigh length. Lower thigh high black stockings seemed to finish the look, giving her an air that was simply sublime, classy, but still rather respectable. Something else most wouldn’t catch up on unless they truly knew her was that the hue in her eyes had changed to be redder, as if displaying the madness that had finally been allowed to reign free.

”Martini, and make it quick.”

From the dancing crowd she called out to a bartender before she tried to make her way out of the tumultuous herd of drugged people. A couple of them seemed to accidentally get a hold of her more curvy and tantalizing asset, her large and shapely derriere. But perhaps due to their own inebriation, and her lack of a will to truly care about such little things anymore, nothing was said at the time. She was not unlike bashing a head in if it went a bit further, but for the time being, she simply enjoyed the night. The club abounded with the powerless and the strong. There was no one she could truly claim to possess a level of energy that exceeded hers, even when she made a conscious effort to restrain herself. But alas, most seemed to at least be able to see spirits, and some even possessed the potential to be troublesome.

”Interesting night indeed.”

When she got her martini, she would take quick sips from it. The place was amazing and nothing like she had ever seen. She loved it. There was a redhead somewhere grinding against three drugged guys. There was a couple a few chairs away from her making out in such a manner they might as well had been porn actors. Everything was crazy. Everything was fun. And from the looks of it, in between the music and the alcohol and the substances, Sofia was bound to find her own.

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What stays in vegas.... [Ceal/Sofia]
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