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 Henrex's Revamp App Skeleton [Stuff Will Be Added/Removed]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Henrex's Revamp App Skeleton [Stuff Will Be Added/Removed]   Sat Jan 14, 2017 6:57 pm



Artist: KY0UMI - Song: Unravel - Word Count: N/A

Name: Henrex Astillon
Name Origin: -WIP-
Other Names: N/A
Titles: Angel of Darkness, Death Angel, Tor'uk (Last Shadow), The Raven, The Insane Raven, Raven Boy, Emo Raven [Mirja], Keeper of the East, King of the East [Self-Claimed Title], King of Storms
Appearance Age: 18
Real Age: 860 as of 08/31/2416, although he only believes himself to be 660 due to him being reborn into the spirit life after death.
Birthday: 08-31-1556 [August 31st, 1556]

Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Primary Religion: Shintoism

Gender: Male
Host Race: Shinigami/Demon Hybrid
Blood-type: O-Positive
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Organization: Gotei United/Guild of Heroes/Vastime Nation
Position: Covert Ops - Vice Captain [Gotei], Class 3 Hero [Guild of Heroes], Code-Name: Nevermore [Vastime]
Familial Relationships:

Kitarune Astillon (Sister) [MIA]
Zanthor Astillon (Father) [MIA, PRESUMED DECEASED]
Nikora Astillon (Mother) [DECEASED]
Takeshi Masamoto (Connection Unknown) [DECEASED]
Taoska (Tao) “Hanako” Astillon (Sister) [MIA, PRESUMED DECEASED]
Rikane Astillon (Brother) [DECEASED]

Main Theme: Tokyo Ghoul: Unravel
Battle Theme: Kill la Kill: Uzu Sanageyama Theme
Battle Theme 2: Skillet: The Resistence
Critical Fight Theme: Two Steps From Hell: Archangel

Reiatsu Color: Purple/Black
Quote: "The loneliest are the kindest. The saddest people smile the brightest. The most damaged are the wisest. All because they don't want to see anyone else suffer as they did."

Ninja Attire:





Vastimian Uniform:


Shinigami Attire:


Casual Attire:


Formal Attire:


Maddened Henrex (Alternate Persona):





» Personality:


Maddened Henrex: The Alternate Persona

[NOTE: The reason this is so short is because not much is known about the Alternate Persona, and because of this, his personality is extremely lacking. As the personality develops, more will be added.

» Insane: Broken, tortured, and snapped. Good words to describe the mind of this side of Henrex. This personality is meant to resemble the parts of his mind that are not glum, morbid, and dark. This side is meant to resemble the rising insanity within his mind. As his mind was subjecting to the depths of madness that was introduced to him by the Demon known as Arianda Vael, Henrex's fragile mind was nearly going to snap from it. So, his mind did the only thing it could do to protect him. It created...him. This addition to his mind that is the very embodiment of the inhuman thoughts that lie within us all. He became the glue that holds Henrex's mind together. There is little rational, or humane reason left when this alternate persona comes out. All reason is gone, replaced with the thoughts of torture, blood-lust, and so much more.

So, it should be noted that this side is very unstable, and unpredictable. There is no telling what it will do. Even to the best of scanners, it is simple impossible. Furthermore, he seems to also have the mind of a sociopath. He doesn't socialize, and he cares about no one. He can be seen in one of two behavioral states most of the time when he is out. Either that is in a stage of extreme boredom, or, even worse, a state where he is very irritable and can attack at any moment, should he be provoked. So, this mindset of the Astillon should always be taken with the utmost caution, as there can be little prediction about what he is going to do.

» Sleep: While he cannot actually sleep himself, Henrex's alternate persona seems to be strangely obsessed with sleep. With the current, albeit limited information about this subject, it has been discovered that "sleep", in his terms, is a bit of a nice way of saying "killing" them. After all, death is a permanent sleep for many. But, this strange addiction goes even deeper than just being a nice way of saying that. He believes that when one "sleeps", that they are in the best state to be molded into something better. And he wishes to capitalize on that. Not much is known about how he wishes to do so, one really wants to find out.

» Wolf In Sheep's Clothing: Falsity and deception is his best game. It doesn't take a genius to see that, after see what is behind the lies that he spews. Opposite to Henrex's entire mindset, who is a very honest and good person, this...thing is not. He is one of the best when it comes to deception. While he is very messed in the head, he is by no means stupid. He is unnaturally cunning, able to create just about anything that someone wants to hear right off the bat. However, this is only a sample of how far his silver tongue can go. While a major limit for some is to create things on the spot, "Maddened Henrex" is capable of an immense level of persuasion that can leave people to think that he's not who he seems. So, when near him, be cautious.

» Likes:

» Dislikes:

» Fears:

» Motivations:

» History:

The Book Of Birth [BIRTH ARC]:

The Book Of Age [LIFE AS A HUMAN]:

The Book Of Betrayal [DEATH]:

The Book of Wandering [AFTERLIFE]:

The Book of Passage [SHINIGAMI LIFE]:

The Book of Change [BECOMING A HYBRID]:


» Feeding:

» Lack Of Feeding:

» Excess Feeding:

» Lack of Sleep:

» Holy Energy:

» Exorcism:

» Shadow/Nocturnal Boost:

» Hell/Demon World:

» Immense Spiritual Power:

» Immense Energy Reserves:

» Unshackled Speed:

» Moderate Strength:

» Immense Pain Endurance:

» Jack of Weapons:

» Hoho:

» Zanjutsu:

» Hakuda:

» Kido:

» Purging Sinister Souls:

» Za Koa's Influence:

» Knowledge Of Environment:

» Reiatsu Drain:

» Kage Chōkyō-shi:

» The Art Of Demon Magic:

» Akuma Kyodo:

» Shadow Movement:

» Affinity For Hell:

» Sacrificing Incantation:

» Curse Effect:

» Body Manipulation:

» Regeneration:

» Mask:

» Insert Ability Here:

» Storm Kata [Katana]:

» Wind-Fire Kata [Spear/Katana]:

» Descending Scythe Kata [Shikai/Scythe Form Only]:

» Radiant Flash: Dash slash attack

» Hypersonic Stab: Senka but with multiple slashes, not aimed at soul stuff

» Sonic Slash: Lots of slashes

» Rending Blade:

» Sword Fall: Falling swords.

» Ascending Blade: Shoot 'em up Genocide

» Kesagiri: Double diagonal cut

» Deciduous Crash: Berserker Blade

» Crescent Claw - Inward:

» Crescent Claw – Outward:

» Cleaving Shockwave:

» Heaven’s Slash – Ascend:

» Extreme Blade:

» Infinite Chaser:

» Raining Steel – Blade Storm:

I. Hoho

» Raven's Flight:

» Amenotejikara (天手力, Heavenly Hand Power):

» Zanpakutô Name: Chiya (千の影, One Thousand Shadows)

» Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance: A word to describe the Spirit that lies within his Zanpakutō is well-dressed. That is exactly what he is. Wearing a black suit jacket, and black dress pants, most of what he wears is considered "formal". Chiya can also be seen wearing a white dress shirt, and a pitch black tie, adding to the formal factor. A cream-colored belt hangs around the, well, waist area of his pants where it's supposed to go. Upon further insight, one could notice the silver coloring of the belt's metal. However, these are all minor traits to Chiya's appearance. What are the noticeable traits of the blade of One Thousand Shadows? What are the things that really make him unique? Well, that is very simple.

It is that he is a near-perfect reflection of Henrex's bodily appearance. When looking at the more subtle features, such as his skin, or his eyes, one would realize that he looks damn near exactly like him. Ghostly pale skin, crimson red eyes, and scars littering his entire body. Another key feature that is similar to Henrex would be the raven black hair. Albeit that Chiya keeps his hair at a moderate length, while Henrex usually keeps his either long, or, like Chiya's, moderate. Now, enough of the similarities. The similarities between the two are simple, but the differences are even more simple. Yet there is still one thing that the differences are.

Strange. To start things off, one major difference between Henrex and Chiya would be their weight. While Henrex weighs much less than he should, being less than one hundred pounds, Chiya strangely....doesn't weight anything. There is not a single person that could not lift him up with the utmost ease. Even a newborn could lift him above their head and throw him. Another thing that is different about the two is their heights. Henrex's height is solid five foot. Chiya, on the other hand, is four foot eight inches, being just two inches shorter than Henrex. However, there is still one last thing that is unique entirely about Chiya.

That would be his left eye. Instead of a normal black iris, his is a strange purple color. Not only that, but the iris also seems to have movement all on it's own, flickering and shaking like the flame of a candle. Well, that would be because the iris that he has is a purple mist that moves constantly. That is the final trait that one would see, as many do not look that deep into his eyes to see something like that.


» Zanpakutô Spirit Personality:

Negative: Negative. A word that is used to describe some of the very worst things that we think of. This would certainly be a very primary trait that Chiya possesses. When it comes down to conversation, Chiya is not someone who will give you all the positives. He will not give you hope, if there is none that he believes is there. He will be the one to utterly crush and destroy every last speck of hope that you have. For him, negativity is the truth of what we tell ourselves. When everything is gone, and Chiya is the last person able to be turned to, do not even try. If you want to stay optimistic, keep away from this man in times of need.

Fiercly Protective: One would think that someone who embodies the shadows is someone who would care for nothing, would you not? Well, you'd be very, very wrong. Chiya, contrary to his normal persona, is protective to only one person. That person is Henrex. His master is the most important thing to him, and will go to any lengths to keep him safe. Normally, he is very calm and blank. But, when danger comes to his master, he can be noted to get very anxious and angry, with that influence sometimes coming into the material world, noted by the constant shaking and movement that occurs in the sealed form of his Zanpakutō.

Shared Mind: The Zanpakuto is considered a part of a Shinigami's soul, both figuratively, and literally. As they are generated from such, it is obvious that Chiya would have something in common. Thus, it should be noted that Chiya and Henrex's mind can be seen as very similar. In natural personality traits, thoughts, and occasionally actions. As expected, Chiya doesn't carry all of Henrex's traits. As per being the darkness of his soul, and being a vessel of negativity that is known to infect and corrupt Henrex's mind as such with those emotions, it is fairly obvious that Chiya branches off his, as well as most other negative traits.

Glum: If there would be one thing to define Chiya himself, without any of the traits that he shares with Henrex, or anything like that, it would be simple. Dreary. Filled to the brim with sad sighs, dark thoughts, and a heart that beats with pain, the Zanpakuto spirit is like this by nature. After all, that is what the darkness is. He can never seem to find the closure that Henrex has. In a sense, this is the one place where they used to be similar, but now it is something that defines them as separate. While Henrex has moved on, no matter if it was forced into his skull, Chiya could never embrace it. For him, this is comforting. The eternal sadness that his mind is within is something that dulls his senses, and makes it easier for him. After all -- giving up is the easiest way, is it not?

Laziness: Never do anything. Just lay there and do nothing. Those who go through these aspects of depression have always come across this. There are always those times and moments where you never wish to do anything because of those feelings that enter the mind. You just want to be lazy. Some are able to shun it, and move on. But one of those people who are not would be none other than One Thousand Shadows. He does not believe that he is able to do anything substantial, and prefers to just stand there and watch, rather than take action. So, to sum things up on this trait; Chiya is by far the first person to take action on anything. Watching it always much more fun, and it's easy. Barely any effort required.

» Inner World: The Inner World of Henrex and Chiya has actually had two different appearances, with the final and second appearance having held it's look to this very day. First, we should talk about the previous inner world that One Thousand Shadows lived within. To begin things, sadness and regret would be the first thing that captures the senses. As one were to look around, they would see thousands of graves, some marked, some scratched out, and some in ruins. If one were to look beyond that, and continue to stare forward, they would see a large gate, with barbed wire sitting at the top, shimmering with the few glistens of light that reside in this dismal plane. This was due to his Zanpakuto branching off such a large amount of misery and grief that Henrex found himself succumbing to so often, and thus, the graveyard was born.

But, there has been noticeable changes to his Inner World after Cirno Iramasha, in a sense "purified" his inner world from those sorrows, and made the world that Chiya resided in true. A moonlit grassy plain, with a seemingly endless amount of land to cover at the time. Trees line the edges of the dimension, and a cool breeze travels through at random intervals. So, while the new inner world is much more simple, it is a lot less -- saddening than the former.


» Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance: In terms of appearance, Henrex's Sealed Zanpakutō has no definite, or "set" form. While he does have a "common" form for his Zanpakutō, there is no real set shape that he has for his weapon. An example of such would most likely be a wakazashi, or a nodachi. However, the most common, or most preferred form of his weapon would be the two weapons that were selected from this vast number of options as a wave of nostalgia from the glory days in the Edo era of Japan, back in Toba and Kyoto: a daisho. For those who do not know what this is, it is quite simple.

A daisho are a set of two swords that were commonly carried by samurai. While the colors and decorations and such varied from each wielder, and sometimes the blacksmith in question, there was always one aspect that remained the same. This would be the fact of two blades being present. With a single katana of standard length, width, and weight, and a wakazashi with the standards of it's length, width, and so on, these two blades were meant to not only signify status, but also for some samurai to be able to fight both outdoors, and indoors. For many, the wakazashi was seen as a replacement to the tanto, as it could be used for indoor combat, as well as outdoor for those who knew sword styles that required two swords, such as the Niten Ichi-ryu.


» Sealed Zanpakutô Powers:

» Sealed Zanpakuto Abilities:

» Shikai Release Phrase: "Embrace the dark, Chiya."

» Shikai Release Actions:

» Shikai Appearance: Henrex's Shikai is actually...sort of complicated. His original Shikai, which he believed to be the true form of his Zanpakutō at the stage he was at, but it wasn't. When he fought Kuro Okami, his desperation to survive, and unlock more of his potential allowed him to unlock his Shikai. However, it was not stable. With his strength being much weaker than the needed requirements for achieving Shikai, his Zanpakutō was only able to gain a partial form of power that was Shikai. The blade of Chiya dissolved into shadows, leaving on the hilt remaining. Shikai had been achieved. However, what Henrex didn't know, is that, during that time, he was still only a 4-1. His power was not enough to unlock Shikai fully. That form of Chiya was the unstable, or, should one say, incomplete version of his Shikai.

But, now that he's traveled to the Summit of Heroes, and is now training with Cirno Iramasha, his power is increasing. As such, his Shikai is stabilizing. With his Shikai stabilizing, the form of it now has changed. The form of his Shikai now resembles a pure black scythe, which would glow with a purple and black aura. This scythe is the fully stable version of his Shikai. A few things have changed with this new form. Henrex does not need to power it down back to his sealed form. In fact, he is very well able to keep his Shikai in a constant-like state. This means that his Shikai is now much more durable, giving it a defensive option if need be. This new form also gives Henrex a new offensive option, with him actually able to get in his opponent's face, rather than be forced to stay at range.

However, let's move on to the other things that make up the appearance of the evolved Shikai of Henrex. Upon first glance, the scythe appears to be a little bit...overdone, in terms of physical decoration. On the hilt of the weapon, it can be seen that there are multiple sharp protrusions that extend from the blade, with six being at the top, near the blade, and three at the bottom. It also can be noted that the very end, on the pommel of the blade, there is a small curved blade, which can seem to take the appearance of a fire.

As far as other designs go, the blade of the scythe can be seen having a very casual appearance, minus the fact that it is pitch black, with a small gleam around the sharp end of the blade, almost like an outline. Another rather "out there" piece of the Shikai scythe would be the giant eye that resides at the back end of the scythe's blade. For some, it may seem just like a hole in the end of it, for snagging incoming blades, or something like that at first glance, but it is really an eye. Chiya's eye, to be precise. This gives the Zanpakutō spirit the ability to perceive what happens around him and Henrex, and can forewarn Henrex of certain things.


» Mental Alterations From Shikai:

» Shikai Abilities:

» Bankai Name: Kuro no mugen no sekai (黒の無限の世界, Infinite World of Black)

» Release Actions:

» Release Phrase:

» Bankai Appearance:


» Mental Alterations From Bankai:

» Bankai Abilities:

» Release State Name: Chōetsu: Akuma tori no saishūhan (超越:悪魔鳥の最終版, Transcendence: Final Release of the Devil Bird)

» Release Actions:

» Release Phrase:

» Transcendence Stage Appearance:


» Mental Alterations From Transcendence:

» Transcendence Stage Abilities:

Template By:

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Henrex's Revamp App Skeleton [Stuff Will Be Added/Removed]   Sat Mar 18, 2017 3:10 pm



Artist: KY0UMI - Song: Unravel - Word Count: N/A

» Name: A name is the most powerful thing that one can possess. Once it has a name, there is no telling what kind of power that can be unleashed from such a strong tool. For a Danava Demon, names play a very large part in their powers.

» Titles:Something that is unique about Sor'vn would be the various amount of titles and names that he has gone by. He not only goes by his name "Sor'vn", but also by titles that people have given him over time. He has been known by many names, such as "Raiden", which translate to Thunder and Lightning. This is due to his abilities in electricity, which has lead to him gaining many nicknames and titles that have related to the word electricity. One of these are "Raiu", which stands for "Thunderstorm". The reason he is called this is because of the destruction he causes with his powers and also, the signals that one could see if Sor'vn were approaching. He is known also as the Oncoming Storm, since his wrath is not to be taken lightly. At any moment he could snap.

Another title that he has gained from his travels and destruction has been the title "Blood of a Dragon". Why is he called this if he looks nothing like a dragon? The answer is very simple. The destruction he causes, as well as his powers has given him that title. He is sometimes able to lay waste to entire cities with his immense power. The reason the title is "Blood of a Dragon", is that his ruthless nature sometimes, as well as his abilities resemble those of the mythical dragons. Dragons were said to be beasts of terrible destruction, able to lay waste to entire towns, and, possibly, even lay waste to continents. This is all myth, however, and none of this is proven true with Sor'vn's full power. Not only is this reason why he's called Blood of a Dragon, but his Guardian Beast is a dragon as well. Another title that he has earned through his time of travels is King of Storms. This is very heavily earned due to his origin, as he is the Danava of Storms.

» Appearance Age:
» Real Age:
» Birthday:

» Dominant Hand:
» Zodiac Sign:
» Primary Religion:

» Gender:
» Spirit Race:
» Blood-type:
» Sexual Orientation:

» Reiatsu Color:
» Quote:

» The Spirit's Written True Appearance: The first thing you would notice about Sor'vn is his white hair. His white hair is very strange for some, and has lead to some recommending that he dye his hair, but he refuses, since he's proud of his hair and will not change it in the slightest. The color of his hair is not the only thing that people have recommended him to change, since his hairstyle is very odd as well, since not only is it long, but his hairstyle is very wild. His hair is parted in several places, making the tufts of hair looking as if they are stacked on top of each other. Due to his hair being parted, a small portion of his forehead is revealed from this, while a large tuft of hair curves down his face towards his left eye, just above his nose. The back of his hair is curved to the right of his head, while the sides sort of part outwards slightly, giving more to the "wild" look.

Not only is his hair strange, but so are his eyes. They are a deep crimson red, almost evil color. This gives Sor'vn a very menacing look, which makes many afraid of him. This only counts for his irises, since his pupils are a jet black, giving him an even more menacing look. His eyes also seem to glow whenever put in the dark, which is very strange. His eyes always seem to be filled with determination, which is why his eyes are always seem half shut most of the time.

His nothing short of completely random. It's very hard to say WHAT they are. From a first glance, it would seem like a tight-fitting battle armor. This is true, but it is also false. The outfit that Sor'vn wears is similar to a suit of armor, with the durability of it being immensely high, giving it the impression of it actually being a suit of armor. No one knows if this is just enhanced clothing, or some sort of battle armor. But now, onto the actual design of the outfit on Sor'vn. The outfit is very rigid, with many grooves on the arms of it, which leads all the way to the wrist area of the outfit. There are grooves on the leg area of it, but there are a drastic reduction of them. The outfit resembles steel, with it's immense durability, as well as the glistening shine it produces. However, the outfit is not completely a silver color. A small portion of the midsection of the outfit is jet black, near where the sternum and abdominal muscles would be.

Something else that you would notice from looking at Sor'vn is that...he...doesn't wear shoes. He always walks around barefoot. No one knows the real reason for this, but many assume that he does it to make himself faster. But the real story is much more bizarre. As a child, he...never enjoyed wearing any kind of footwear. He always loved running around barefoot. No matter what you did, he would never wear any kind of footwear. He would always be barefoot, no matter what he wore. Even if it was a suit and tie, he would never wear dress shoes. Always barefoot. A very strange enjoyment for someone like Sor'vn.

Something else that you would see very clearly on the outfit is a cape. The cape is blue, but the way it is attached is very odd. A single large ring is attached on the midsection of the outfit, which holds the cape, which wraps around his body diagonally. The cape is a very odd sight on the armor-like outfit that Sor'vn wears. However, this cape is very useful as a scabbard for his Sacred Weapon, to which, he stores on his back. However, to add to the strangeness on his outfit, there is a collar on it. A collar that would bloom outwards around his neck. The is a very strange sight on his outfit, since it resembles a type of armor, with the durability and the looks of it, but it has very....casual items to it.

» The Spirit's Pictured True Appearance:

» The Spirit's Personality:

» Physiology Traits: (This section is for anything that regards to a Demon's physiology. Most of those can be found here:

» Natural Abilities: (This section is basically asking you if they possess any traditional demon traits. As this is a sub-race, they can also use powers listed here:

» Origin Name: (What is the name of your Origin Based Power? It is optional to have no name.)

» Origin Power: (To really understand this, PLEASE read the Danava Sub-Race thread. Essentially, your Danava will have a power that is based around a circumstance that has occurred in their life, inherited from a parent if applicable or one they were simply born with or brought into existence with. An example of a Origin Power would be having a Danava based around the concept of the "Sun". You would describe this stellar power and how it can be applied. They would most likely have Solar based powers and form Solar based techniques. Another instance, of a hereditary Danava, would be inheriting a "Blood" based Concept from your parent Danava, if they were born from a parental unit who was Danava. You are allowed up to four to six origin powers. And again, READ THE DANAVA SUB RACE THREAD TO GRASP THIS!)

» Origin Abilities: (These are related to your Danava's Origin or Origin's. If you had happened to have a concept that was related to fire? Then your Danava would most likely have fire-proof skin + thermal resistance, fire generation, spiritual based fire and so on. Just make sure that whatever ability you make can be associated or related to your Danava's Origin Power)


» Origin Name: (What is the name of your Origin Based Power? It is optional to have no name.)

» Origin Power: (To really understand this, PLEASE read the Danava Sub-Race thread. Essentially, your Danava will have a power that is based around a circumstance that has occurred in their life, inherited from a parent if applicable or one they were simply born with or brought into existence with. An example of a Origin Power would be having a Danava based around the concept of the "Sun". You would describe this stellar power and how it can be applied. They would most likely have Solar based powers and form Solar based techniques. Another instance, of a hereditary Danava, would be inheriting a "Blood" based Concept from your parent Danava, if they were born from a parental unit who was Danava. You are allowed up to four to six origin powers. And again, READ THE DANAVA SUB RACE THREAD TO GRASP THIS!)

» Origin Abilities: (These are related to your Danava's Origin or Origin's. If you had happened to have a concept that was related to fire? Then your Danava would most likely have fire-proof skin + thermal resistance, fire generation, spiritual based fire and so on. Just make sure that whatever ability you make can be associated or related to your Danava's Origin Power)

» Conceptual World: (Describe what your Danava Demon's Conceptual World looks like. Usually, it's influenced by whatever Origin Power they have. So if you have a water based Danava? Then they'll typically have something like an ocean in it. If you add in ground? Then you can get islands and what not into the mixture. Just use some imagination.)

» Rilīja Attributes: (What is Rilija? Rilīja takes assocations that your character's Conceptual World has, and releases them to the outside world. An example of this would be if someone who had the concept of "Water" as their Origin Power and summoned immense tidal waves onto the the field with. Another would be if someone had a "Rock" based origin could summon things like massive boulders or massive pieces of Earth at their opponent. These are optional and you can remove them if you cannot think of anything.)

» Eternal Partner Name:

» Eternal Partner Appearance:

» Eternal Partner Personality:

» Eternal Partner Powers:

» Atma Vatou Name: (What is the name of your Atma Vatou?)

» Atma Vatou Appearance: (What does your Atma Vatou look like?)

» Atma Vatou Abilities: (What does your Atma Vatou do? For instance, if one had a Origin Power that was associated with war? Then they would have a series of Atma Vatou that could generate things such as grenades, tanks, missiles and weapons related to war.)

Note: To prevent people from being overloaded who make Multi-Origin Danava, we allow them to qualify for certain forms if they a Atma Vatou for each Origin Power.


» Phyuja Rājya Appearance: (What does your Danava Demon look like in their fused state? Typically, they'll more often then not look like a fusion between their elements. So, if one were a Fire and Water Danava? Their appearance could take the shape of fire that appears to be liquid, as a half-baked example. Pictures are accepted as well.)

» Phyuja Rājya Powers: (What sort of powers does your Danava Gain while in Phyuja Rājya? Please note that their typically related to their secondary and tertiary Origins. So this is where you are able to use more of your Multi-Origins with ease. It's also possible to take concepts, origins and elements to fuse them into a new power. Such as taking a Solar Origin and a Lunar Origin to gain some sort of Twilight Power.)

» Phyuja Rājya Abilities: (What Abilities does your character have in Phyuja Rājya? These are very related to whatever powers you got from your fused state.)

» Caṛhā Saṅgalita Appearance: (What does your character look like in their Caṛhā Saṅgalita Release? In some cases, you may not even need a change in appearance.)

» Caṛhā Saṅgalita Powers: (What Sort of powers does your Danava have while in this release? Feel free to go all out here, as this is their peak pinnacle of power.)

» Caṛhā Saṅgalita Abilities: (What Sort of abilities does your Danava have while in this release? Feel free to go all out here, as this is their peak pinnacle of power.)

» Unique Traits: (What kind of special ability's does your host get from you're Ziamichi's powers? For example, if your spirit had a fire ability, it's possible your character's body can pick up on that! Or if the spirit was an animal, they could possibly gain better natural senses.)

» Forms: (How many forms, if any, does it take until the host reaches it's limit, full power and a risk of having the demon, dark side or other entity gain control of their body? If you have a good understanding with your spirit, though, this is typically a good thing)

» Drawbacks: (Is there any side effects to the usage of these combined powers? If so, put them here.)

» Control: (What kind of control does your character have over your Ziamichi? Ranging from zero to ten. When at Zero, you're character has no control over your Ziamichi. When at ten, you're character has perfect control over it's Ziamichi.)

» Equipment:

PhantomTech: Henrex does have a PhantomTech brain, installed shortly after becoming a Shinigami, which is currently installed in both of his eyes, allowing him to see a special interface which shows the date, time, location, and an advanced-looking UI of what he is currently scanning. When he falls asleep, his Cyberbrain turns itself off, as when he wakes up, it turns on. He can also simply say a mental command to turn it off and on.

Phantom Tech Abilities:

Night Vision: Due to Henrex being able to manipulate darkness, made a module in his PhantomTech which allows him to see through darkness, giving him a big advantage with his Zanpakutō and certain combat situations. The occurs by using his spiritual energy to enhance his eyesight's weak areas, and it acts like a thermal sight on a gun, with not only lets him see people in the dark, but also their heat signature. The heat signature view is able to be toggled on and off.

Shadow Camouflage: Henrex can use a type of special addon that allows Henrex to blend in with the shadows, almost becoming the shadows itself. His Cyberbrain does this by bending the light around him and reflecting it, making him seem completely invisible.

Heat Sensor (Cyberbrain Add-on): There's a phrase that Henrex heard once. You can't hide from the Eagle Eye. What does this mean exactly? This means if Henrex can't see you....perhaps his Heat Sensor will. This is exactly what the name entails. It sends out three individual pulses of energy from Henrex's Cyberbrain, which scans and locates all heat signatures in the area. Granted, the pulses has a limit of 40 yards, but it is very useful for tracking someone down in close range who is hiding. Each pulse is released on it's own, and each one is released with one pulse per post. One three pulses have been released, the Heat Sensor will go on cooldown. This will have a three to five post cooldown. The pulses that release will scan and highlight the heat signatures in the 40 yard radius for a single post, then they would begin to fade.

Emotion Inhibitor (Cyberbrain Add-on): This custom order, would, as the name entails, inhibit Henrex's emotions. However, this would only be in use whenever his emotions are wild and out of control. This device would send a single dose of Xinstrax. This is a anti-depressant that has been known to ease extreme emotion. This dose is strong enough to calm Henrex down when either his emotions are out of control, or when he loses control of the Demon Blood within him, which is whenever his anger or his bloodlust becomes immense. This would activate automatically upon these requirements met. However, if the device bugs, it could inject a larger amount of it, causing Henrex to be rendered emotionless for a few hours, and if any larger of a dose were to be delivered, it could knock Henrex out or possibly kill him.

Phantom Tech Powers:

Extreme Processing Speed: Henrex’s Cyberbrain is capable of extreme high processing, making him able to asses a situation quickly and more efficiently. He also is able to scan people, certain objects, and equipment, registering them into his database. He does this by locking onto a target and scanning things about them. If he hasn't seen them before, his Cyberbrain will not be able to get anything, and it will start scanning them, via through speech. It will scan info in their speech, such as them saying who they are, saying what they do, etc.

Functioning Denreishinki: Henrex’s Cyberbrain is capable of acting like a Denreishinki, alerting him where hollows are, allowing him to communicate with other Shinigami, and so he can send reports to Soul Society when he needs to. He mainly does this by installing the software normally implanted on a phone, into his Cyberbrain. He can edit the options on it via mentally, and even change the ringtone.

» Denreishinki

» Gokon Tekko

» Access To The Hero Network:

» Gigai

» Cybermind Purchases #1

» Cybermind Purchases #2

» Jou-no-Chi: The Blade Of Order

» Access To The GRID

» The Nemesis Rune

» Kunai

» Shuriken

» Blowdarts

» Kusarigama

» Fukiya (Blowdart Tube)

» Makibishi

» Metsubushi [Effects Only Last One Post]

» [url=][/url]

» [url=][/url]

» [url=][/url]

» [url=][/url]

» [url=][/url]

» [url=][/url]


» Zen:

App Links:

» Hayden Desmond:

App Links:

» Kuro Okami:

App Links:

» Arianda Vael:

App Links:

» Cirno Iramasha:

App Links:

» Shadin Yuudeshi:

App Links:

» Ichika Yuudeshi:

App Link:

» Mana Asthavon:

App Links:

I. Relationships With Other Races





The Sugiurans:


The Iramasha:


I. Relationships With Organizations

Gotei Reformed:

Shadow Fall:


The Yuudeshi Family:

Vastime Nation:

The Vanguard:

I. Other/Misc.







» Ziamichi Host Class:

» Ziamichi Spirit Class:

General Skills For Host
  • Durability:
  • General Speed:
  • Strength:
  • Weapon Skill:

Racial Skills For Host
  • Hoho:
  • Kidō:
  • Zanjutsu:
  • Hakuda:

Ziamichi Skills For Host
  • Skill Of Ziamichi Powers:
  • Control Over Spirit:
  • Seal Strength:
  • Sync-Rate:

Will Skills For Host
  • Willpower:
  • Mental Deduction:
  • Pain Endurance:
  • Focus:


General Skills For Spirit
  • Durability:
  • General Speed:
  • Strength:
  • Weapon Skill:

Racial Skills For Spirit
  • Za Koa Skill:
  • Demon Magic:
  • Shadow Movement:
  • Akuma Kyōdo:

Will Skills For Spirit
  • Willpower/Determination:
  • Mental Deduction:
  • Pain Endurance:
  • Focus:

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