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 Valeria Avilon - The Hellraiser [Heavy WIP]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Valeria Avilon - The Hellraiser [Heavy WIP]   Mon Jan 16, 2017 9:50 am


the hellraiser

Song: N/A - Artist: N/A - Words: N/A


☩ Name: Valeria Avilon
☩ Titles: The Hellraiser, Fullbringer
☩ Age: 29;150
☩ Gender: Female
☩ Race: Hollow-Human
☩ Affiliation/Rank: Rogue

☩ Appearance Description: Valeria's most noticeable trait is her bright blue hair. She normally keeps it long and straight, going past her waist and t about mid thigh. Her hair is more soft and seems to be naturally wet, as it's always somewhat damp whenever someone touches it. Along with that, her hair and the rest of her body give out a someone cold touch.

Valeria's body is that of a model's and one that others envy. She's slims and curvy at the waist, donning a waist size of 33 inches. Her hips are wider than normal for someone with her body type, measuring at 44 inches despite her having an abundance of children.

Her attire normally consists of a mini skirt, her color pallet sticking to black and white. She likes to show skin, but not an over abundance of it. Most of the time, the most amount of skin she shows i

☩ Appearance Picture:


☩ Cold: Even at first glance, most people can tell that Valeria isn't the friendliest person. Those that dare to say it out loud feel the full power of her meanness. Valeria does have herself a nice side, but she never shows it. On first meeting, Valeria doesn't really care for anyone. Even if someone were to get close to her, she still wouldn't care about them. Hell, even her family she hates to an extent. The only person she truly has interest in is herself.

☩ Selfish: A product, or more of the parent, coming from her cold trait. Valeria doesn't like to share and always puts herself in front of everybody else. Not only that, she just doesn't like people overall. Though this is true, every now and then people catch her eye.

☩ Fun-loving: Valeria loves to smile, surprisingly. On top of that, she's also very easy to please. The main way Valeria gets a kick out of life is from adrenaline; near death experiences and danger mainly fuel this. Just being in a fight gives her a tad bit of joy. On the opposite side of the spectrum, pranks and the such instantly kill her mood and makes her annoyed.


Blah Blah


Blah Blah


blah blah


ding dong




Human Skill Sheet
  • Anima Stone Strength:
  • Soul Sorcery:
  • Soul Dash:
  • Soul Detection:

Coding By: [THEFROST]

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Valeria Avilon - The Hellraiser [Heavy WIP]
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