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 A Meeting to Discuss Expansion [NO ENTRY]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: A Meeting to Discuss Expansion [NO ENTRY]   Sun Jan 22, 2017 5:46 pm

Athanase walked down a wide and well decorated hallway. This made sense, as he knew the building he was in was meant to serve some political purpose or other, though he didn't care enough to check just what it was for. The only thing he really cared about was his assigned mission. He had been personally sent by Stefan to meet with the representatives of several countries to finalize their annexation into the Monsuta's territory and protection. Athanase was surprised at first at himself being chosen for such an important task, though when it was explained to him that his qualities naturally fit the situation, he supposed it made sense. After a few more turns, he came upon the double doors he assumed was where he was called to be. As he approached them, he put on the language translation device that Stefan had handed him. It looked like a metallic bracelet of some kind, at first a half circle but when pressed to the neck extended into a full collar of sorts. It would translate and play back any speech it detected, which was required for such a situation as this.

When Athanase pushed upon one of the doors and entered, he found a large room with a large circular table set in the center. This table had 22 seats, 21 of which were taken. The occupants of these seats were representatives of fifteen different countries. There, of course, were a few Monsuta personnel standing about the room, some prepped to take notes or otherwise record the meeting, though there was also recording equipment set up to do so as well. Athanase took his seat in the last spot. He watched as the other people seated conversed among themselves, they all too wearing a translation device on their necks. After he had sat down, their conversations began to die out as their gazes continuously switched between him, each other, and nothing in particular. After everyone's conversations completely died out, there was silence for a few seconds. Afterwards, Athanase began speaking.

"I am the representative of the Monsuta that has been sent to meet with you all in order to finalize your countries' annexation into our protection. In this situation, annexation does not mean a seizing of your rights or governmental power. We are simply wishing to enter your territories into our protection and loose control for the purpose of your protection and our mobilization. At most, there will be minor change, as we may patrol and build a few facilities, and probably not much more. We may also take a minor roll in your governments so as to ensure that your economies remain stable and prosperous, but we will be sure not to overly interfere with your freedoms. Your freedoms are an important reason we are annexing your countries into our territory, after all. We view your freedoms as important, and we will protect them. Now, this meeting is meant to be little more than confirmation, as you all have already been sent information regarding all of this, and judging by you all being here, it seems that you've all agreed to our course of action, one way or another. Feel free to voice any questions or concerns you may have."


Everyone around the table was silent for a little while as they mulled over what was said. Some of them looked resigned, some nervous, others neutral. Eventually, however, a question was raised by one of the men present.

"How far does 'probably not much more' extend?"

Athanase turned his gaze towards the man who posed the question. He supposed it made sense for at least some to be nervous about the use of their land. Athanase took care to speak in an reassuring yet firm voice as he responded.

"You need not worry about us taking over your lands. At times, however, we may require more of a presence in a given location. The Monsuta has goals, and sometimes others may not agree with those goals. This, and other situations, can generate hostility, and we wish to ensure the safety of every country within our borders. So given such a situation, we may take precautions, but this is only for your protection. And, of course, when such hostilities in a given situation cool down, we would let up as much as we safely can."

This seemed to satisfy the man, at least enough. Following the flow, another participant posed a question just after Athanase was finished answering the last. Athanase turned to face him as he spoke.

"Why must your organization take any roll in my government?"

Another understandable question, they were concerned about how much control would be taken away from them. Truth be told, Athanase would prefer a greater control in their territories and more uniform rules and law. However, he knew such was not needed, at least not currently. Athanase once more spoke in a firm and reassuring voice to he who asked.

"We would only take a very minor roll at most. This is only to ensure adequate security and economic stability is provided within your country. We'd only really take an advisory roll. We may provide resources, make structural improvements, other things such as this. We may also set a few loose rules so that each of your countries don't interfere with one another. We obviously can't have any of you fighting each other. We may also set some boundaries so that your countries don't draw unwanted attention from any hostile sources. This, too, is only for your safety. It may not even be necessary at all, it all depends on the situation and how many precautions we wish to take at the time."

They seemed to understand. Each person present was exchanging occasional words and glances with each other. They all seemed to accept his presentation to some degree. They knew that it was within their best interest to receive the protection of the Monsuta, and he seemed to have lessened their concerns at least somewhat. Since they all seemed content enough, Athanase decided to try and wrap their meeting up.

"Any more questions?"

He was met with an eventual unanimous shaking of heads.

"Then are we all agreed?"

This time he was met with a slight nodding of heads.

"Then my work here is done. The Monsuta will work its absolute best to ensure all of your safety and prosperity. You all have made a good choice in agreeing to this. It is dangerous nowadays to remain alone, and the Monsuta has much to offer your countries. Some of our personnel will discuss more specifics with you over time"

With this said, Athanase would rise from his seat and, with a short nod to Monsuta personnel nearby, would make his way to leave the room. Aforementioned personnel would then close in on the table and begin to close the meeting as he left. Athanase thought he did a pretty good job at his assignment. He actually quite liked this role he had been given. A diplomatic roll in the organization could potentially get him high standing, which could definitely help him whenever he needed it. He looked forward to reporting his success to Stefan.
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A Meeting to Discuss Expansion [NO ENTRY]
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