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 A Wolf comes Knocking [Vanguard]

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Mirja, The Wolf of Eden

Mirja was taking her new duties as the Earth Affiliation Division pretty seriously. She had dug out a full length Shihakusho so as to not make herself look as sultry and sluttish as her old one did, and to mostly hide the Bodysuit. She didn't think an ambassador wore something like this and so for the first time it was rather awkward for her. She wished she had something else, some sort of armband or coat or, anything to show that she was more than just a random member of the Gotei come to be nosy. She'd really hope that nobody took her that way. Diplomatic missions were not off to a good start if somebody got punched.

Fluffing her tail through the robes, and remembering why she hated these full length stuff, Mirja headed to the Sukai Karakura that was many many inches above Karakura proper. She wasn't sure she could even get there in one jump, so she used the designated portal system, and arrived up top. The view from up there was pretty amazing, she wondered if threw a snowball off the side, how long it would take to read the ground. She would have considered spitting off the side, but that was just gross. Would be funny if someone got hit by it and thought a bird had done it, however.

Still, thoughts about doing things off the side were put to one side, and she headed to the large white building that she could see dominating the area. Nothing said ego quite like a building of that size, so Mirja prepared herself for some snobbish people, but reminded herself to be diplomatic. Which meant nice, friendly, and not hitting people with a tea tray because they called her a fox when she was actually a wolf.

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