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 A Maniac Tussle For Power! [Vanyel/Mana] [Seal of Eris]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: A Maniac Tussle For Power! [Vanyel/Mana] [Seal of Eris]   Sat Feb 04, 2017 1:27 pm



Artist: SayMaxWell - Song: Death By Glamour - Word Count: 721

This man's luck was just...shitty, wasn't it?

After all, something like what had happened in the tournament didn't happen often to him. So, it would be clear that he was very unhappy with what fate, destiny, and all the other bullshitters had in store for him. Two colossal beatings. His clothes torn, and a good deal of blood lost from his system, with his body already trying to recover from that, the two eyes of the Human burned with hatred. All of these emotions that tied into anger were setting fire to his veins from how strong it was. His hands remained balled into fists, and his feet collided with the ground over and over, his strength sending tiny ripples of both sound of power across Europe.

Yuki Kameko.

The wolf girl that he had met months ago. A tasty, ripe little morsel ready to be snatched up by the primal hunter. It had turned out that she was a lot more skilled, and even stronger than he was at that time. While she didn't knock him up too badly, he was certainly far from undamaged. He didn't expect to meet up with her again, and certainly not so soon. But, fate was a bitchy mistress, and the two ended up meeting once again on the field of battle. A fight in the clouds of an arena that seemed to float within a world that their little platform was the only actual surface that was present.

Believing that the next fight would be the same as the old one, he had decided not to let anything hold back, and unleash everything right from the start. It was the worst move he could have possibly made in that situation. The wolf went mental on him, attempting to tear him to pieces. Whatever Mana had given her, it was damn well something that was dangerous. Left with thousands of cuts, bruises, immensely drained Chi, and a large assortment of broken bones, the man had ended up surrendering out of a desperate attempt to keep his life.

Moving on to his next round, he was greeted with a Vizard woman named Mirja Eeola. Yet again, fate was cruel to him and the two fighters that were leagues apart clashed, leaving Vanyel with many things. A missing arm, which was soon healed by Mana, an even further amount of blood lost, and one god damn headache. But then, there was the kicker: Another loss on not only his record in the tournament, but also in general. He hated losing. It was something that always pissed him off because it was something that showed that he wasn't good enough. He needed to get better, and better.

And so, when he was ordered to come to the Queen's Palace in Europe, after his match with Mirja, it came as a bit of a shock. But, he knew better than to deny orders that he was given from someone such as Mana.

And so, here we were now. Walking through the city of London, with a headache, a missing arm, bruises, and scars, wearing partially torn clothes, and boiling blood. Grinding his teeth against one another, and fumbling aggressively through his pocket, the male's fingers tightly gripped around the head of a lollipop, yanking it out and his fingers slashed and tore at the wrapper, eventually becoming nothing, before he opened his jaws and stuck the sucker in. He didn't bite into it immediately, but he could be seen rolling the object over his teeth and tongue over and over again, further noticeable by the swirling white stick that protruded from his mouth.

A hand moved down to his side, gently resting on the weapon at his waist, before the two orbs narrowed slightly, glaring daggers at the large item that stood in front of him, and separated him off from whatever lie behind it, and whoever was inside. So, Vanyel Xioyang walked up to the entrance of the palace, his head turning up and down to get a full, close up look at this door to Queen Mana's home in London. Raising his arm from the side, and turning it forward, the male rapped his fingers against the door, letting off several loud echoes of sound throughout both inside the palace, and outside it.

Whatever Mana wanted, it had better be worth his time.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: A Maniac Tussle For Power! [Vanyel/Mana] [Seal of Eris]   Mon Feb 06, 2017 8:57 pm


Song: Religion Destroyed The Demon's Heart - Word Count: N/A

Ah, the broken always had a way of finding themselves in the hands of The Demon Queen, did they not? Many sought her call, became captivated to the scent of manic power n' couldn't help but ditch all of their woes, ego n' sense of self in the pursuit of this most cosmic aroma that her presence left on this vapid planet. Twas why Ol' Mana couldn't do anything else but laugh at yet another lost soul adhereing to the whims of her most deprieved whisper n' heeding it's most luscious call.

So why not have a lil' fun, play a game n' make light of this circumstance, eh? No sense in treating life all doom n' gloom like. By the time the blood-stained scamp knocked on the door, The Demonic Queen emerged from out of his back's shadow. In her full-figured form, those gem green eyes of hers peered down the tattered visage of the poor snow-haired bastard's beaten body. Alas, though, it still was going to be abused a bit more.

In a matter of moments after her physical materialization, Mana's ghost skinned self leaned on the male to the point of most likely knocking him down n' sitting on his back. In doing so, her raven hair would fumble n' tumble in the wind as her petite mass began to thrust down upon him. Twas she bored? Perhaps. Although the remedy to that will most clearly be determined based on the purpose, reasons n' motives behind Vanyel's yearning to actually visit with The Queen.

"Oh my, toots~ Ya' actually took quite a beatin' thar'. I'm surprised ya had the strength to limp ya sorry butt to my feet."

There was a giddy snicker heard from the witch's mouth as she watched the sight of the still rancid smellin' male before her sight. So, to have a bit more entertainment at the expense of her guest, The Queen would move her snake skinned legs around, position herself right on the top of him n' place her barefoot against his feet n' give it a light tap as she cackled wildly.

"Well, dearie, I can see ya' are quite in the dire circumstance right now. If ya' seek somethin' that'll make ya heart scream with a chaotic glee, I can most certainly help. But...."

Then, with a nimble movement, her big toe flicked itself against the nose of Vanyel n' she'd let out another jovial laugh.

"'s gonna cost ya somethin'~ I don't do things fer free. Otherwise, I'd be another two-bit streetwalker."

In the moments that followed her catty tone of speaking, the woman's foot began to radiate with a most brilliant glow of emerald hues. It possessed within it a great wealth of maddening energy; so much so that even getting a whiff of this might make Vanyel as a high as a kite. It'll make him forget about his worries, ease his pains n' make him even question why the hell he was more pissed off than a military man stationed in the hot barren desert with sand up his ass.

"Ya wan' it? Just let me brand ya' a lil."


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A Maniac Tussle For Power! [Vanyel/Mana] [Seal of Eris]
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