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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Training from the Woman Ladon just met (Ibiki); not only that, but, the Truth shall be Revealed. [PRIVATE: Frost]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Training from the Woman Ladon just met (Ibiki); not only that, but, the Truth shall be Revealed. [PRIVATE: Frost]   Tue Feb 07, 2017 11:23 am


The Ice Prince


Artist: ROOKIEZ is PUNK’D - Song: In My World - Word Count: 853

Ladon sighed softly as he slowly opened his eyes and stared into the eyes of his Captain; Ibiki Suika. A women who he had just met and had already gained a tremendous amount of Ladon's respect and general loyalty. Hell, the woman had even gained his affection just from how she so easily broke the shell of uncertainty he had been unable to break for so long. He sighed softly and continued to stare into Ibiki's eyes, basically on accident, as his mind went off on it's own. It would be pretty obvious to see that he was staring off into space right now; since his eyes looked a little dull as they stared straight into Ibiki's eyes.

Currently, he was day dreaming about the time before he was a Shinigami. The time when he was still a human and still lived in the world of the living; on Earth. So many good and bad memories... and possibly the worst one. It was a memory that would forever scar Ladon; and used to eliminate the possibility of doing anything like "love" with his life. It was definitely... DEFINITELY... a time Ladon never would want to remember and see in his life. Why's that? Well, come on, no one likes being killed by the woman that they love; that's just fucked up.

Ladon sighed as he felt his left hand get covered in ice slowly, before he smashed the ice on the roof of the Combat Division, making sure none of it hit Ibiki as he snapped himself out of his daydream and sighed softly; his eyes finally averting from Ibiki's eyes. He looked down at the roof and sighed softly; the mist that used to be around him from his focus from before slowly fading until it was no more. Ladon sighed and looked back at Ibiki; looking her in the eyes once more.

"Sorry if I was staring... I sort of got lost in my thoughts; memories from 30 years ago that still haunt me."

Ladon sighed softly and placed his hand lightly on the sheath of his Zanpakuto; staring at the sealed blade. It was a blade that was rather abnormal as it did not look like most normal sealed Zanpakuto. While it had a curved blade, the guard was far more inspired by another culture than that of the Katana's Tsuba. Ladon sighed and picked up the blade and stared at it for a moment before he looked at Ibiki and placed the sword before her. He sighed softly and stared at the sword for a moment before looking at Ibiki; not wanting to part with Gekido, but, then again, she would find a way to still annoy him.

"Ibiki... I want you to keep my Zanpakuto with you until I become strong enough and more worthy to wield her again; whether or not Gekido would want to stay with me I can't stand myself wielding her without knowing I can use her powers properly..."

What Ladon said was blazingly true; he really felt like he didn't need to keep Gekido around if he was too weak to even wield her properly. It was at this point the shadowy apparition that was Gekido materialized from the blade and punched Ladon right in the face; carrying him with her fist until he was right next to Ibiki. Ladon simply sat there with a hand to his cheek; wondering what the fuck just happened. Gekido cracked her knuckles as Ladon stared at her; wondering why the hell she just punched him.

"G-Gekido, wh-what the he--"

"Ah, no, shut up Ladon! Shut your face. For Christ's sake; just because you think you're weak doesn't mean you aren't meant to wield your Zanpakuto, me, in other words. So, stop thinking you are useless in front of someone ya like; OKAY?!?"

Ladon simply blinked at Gekido as she swiped up one of the dishes and drank what was in the dish. Only Ibiki would be able to see this, but, she would be able to tell that Gekido was not masked in shadows, but, she was actually much like an oni. Or, in Ibiki's case, much like a Suika. Of course, Ibiki couldn't see this while it would be clear Ladon couldn't since he was very clearly surprised to be punched by Gekido, which he thought was basically shadows, while Ibiki saw him getting wailed on by what appeared to be a Suika; possibly a long lost relative of sorts.

Gekido shook her head at Ladon and then spotted Ibiki; swallowing as she saw her and the groaning softly. She knew that if Ibiki realized what she was, she would be a little screwed, since, Ibiki could clearly see Gekido, and, would likely be able to tell what she was. Ladon sighed softly and took his Zanpakuto slowly, looking at Ibiki; making sure it was okay. But, one must wonder, what's Gekido hiding?

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Training from the Woman Ladon just met (Ibiki); not only that, but, the Truth shall be Revealed. [PRIVATE: Frost]
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