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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Iramasha Vendetta    Iramasha Vendetta  EmptyTue Feb 07, 2017 9:30 pm

This has been a long time coming everyone was going to feel his wrath his very vengeance all because of his injustice, Sid thought long and hard about this. He didn't care if he dies in the process this has got to stop the iramasha can sold him out and now everyone was going to pay for it. The iramasha can thought his family betrayed him the man was all over which he can carried that very hatred all by himself. In his eyes, Sid thought of the iramasha clan was nothing but traitors still right now the man wanted to destroy their allies if he can slow them down. Perhaps, The clan was fall to their enemies it wasn't a good plan at all the iramasha could get hurt from the whole idea....Sid wasn't afraid to die. They needed to be stopped and if he dies well the iramasha has no regrets still what could he do to start something. He needed to get some attention and perhaps killing people would be the way to go but the iramasha needed to do something first. On the agenda was to kill humans and shinigami lurking about but right now he needs a laptop which isn't hard to find around here but the iramasha didn't have any money.

He sees a bunch of college kids messing around with some nerds bullying them around the one the iramasha hates the most. "Alright, You wimp! I want my term paper or it's your ass. Don't screw it up I was pass that test so I'm eligible for that big senior college trip" The dude was slapping the nerd alright, Sid hated that the kid didn't do anything to him perhaps playing hero wouldn't be bad. But his supercomputer had targeted a perfect laptop for his plan, He would need it which means he'll have to play hero and save the nerd from the fucking idiot. He started to grab someone's jacket and started walking over there as the iramasha confronts the guy to leaving the nerd alone saying it was wrong. Then things got interesting the big dude pulled a knife, Sid wasn't pleased at all which a human threatening him with little piece of metal shit. He was insulting him, Sid could have Jon summoned to rip off this human' arms but the iramasha needed to be smart here. Even though the situation called for blood, Sid wanted to handle this the right way calming down his systems the iramasha punched the fuck outta the college kid. Sid felt his nose just being shatter upon his metal knuckles it felt good watching this fool fall on his face. "Shouldn't play with knives...Bad Judgment on your part Sir. Now let's try this again and this time maybe you'll listen leave the kid alone or they're will be consequences....and I'll see to it those consequences are bone breaking" This college idiot didn't want to listen to reason then the cyborg iramasha found out why the dude was impressing some girl. He was doing all this bullying included just get some kindness and acceptance from another species of human beings the female brand. The college dude went for a fast karate kid which the kick was landed to Sid's chest causing the college guy to complete break his foot. The other college people watched in horror as their friend was crying in pain as one of them went to pull out a gun, Sid was just waiting for the person to shot.

"Eat lead freak" He shot six rounds from the gun; Sid used his metallic based powers to stop the bullets then making them fall to the ground. Sid was waiting for what other games this college fool had n store maybe they'll spark his very interest and provide a challenge. The college female thought enough was enough this cyborg guy was strong and they didn't want to fight him anymore this was getting real bad for them. She approached Sid hoping to stop this..."Look, We're sorry we never meant for this to go this far please don't hurt use we'll give you anything you want. Please just don't hurt him please" Sid thought now he could get to business finally someone was willing to negotiate with him now this is what he wanted and all he wanted was the laptop but other options we're available to him.

"Ah Excellent...I want your laptop that would be a start. Your money all of it and that car you got over there that will aid me very nicely and then you all can leave peacefully. Ah wait your two gentlemen your punishment your clothes NOW but not the underwear." They college seniors agreed to Sid's demands and everything he asked was given to him and they left back to their dorm in sham with people laughing at the group. Sid thought was bullying revenge as the nerd was thankful for the guy saving his life as the nerd went back home to wherever. Sid thought about what he wanted to do with this laptop the iramasha of robotics had a lot of options wondering what with his hacking skills at their peak. They just human skills still it was only thing the clan taught him before he was banished for horrible reasons all thanks to his father. Absolute Power will change a family member's way of thinking but back to his plans the cyborg iramasha what could hack with this piece of equipment.

He was looking at a Cybernetic ATM Wall Machine; Sid was thinking small shouldn't the havoc be a little bit bigger. Maybe start small then big as cyborg was smiling as he started hacking the ATM machine with the right data encryptions and data protocols. Sid hacked the ATM as it started going haywire as a bunch of money started shooting out of it. "HEY FREE MONEY...OH HELL YEAH" Everyone started crashing cyber cars as accidents were happening all around the place, he watched cyber truck hit 30 cars while tripping and then doing barrel role. "Robin hood.....Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor what else could this terminator do here hmmmm what else." Sid was looking at the security cameras they haven't picked up on the cause of ATM haywire yet good that shall be his next target. No...He thought that would alert attention but having a little bit more fun with this as hacked a phone line with the laptop to the Karakura Police Department. "Hello, This is Ryan Kurosaki of Karakura news please send help their a robbery in progress the subject is wearing a black jacket and wearing blue cap please hurry omigod he'd just push an old lady to the ground. Waitaminute He's got a gun please hurry".

Minutes later, Karakura cops were on the scene arresting an teenager sipping a cyber smoothie as the teen was being handicuff. He was crying as the security cameras were focused on the teen being arrested as the iramasha smashed the laptop. The Karakura cops were shaking their hands as a job well done sending the criminal to jail and justice was being carried out by the law. Sid thought that was fun just a little sample but that laptop was compromised maybe he'll find another one.
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Iramasha Vendetta    Iramasha Vendetta  EmptyTue Feb 07, 2017 11:09 pm

Kimitsuki Yamamoto

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Kimitsuki yawned softly as she walked through Karakura; having clearance to enter the city thanks to her allegiances. She popped her neck quietly as she walked through the streets, simply trying to find something to cure her boredom. At least, that was until Kimitsuki heard a commotion from a ways away. She groaned and walked briskly towards the area in which she heard the commotion coming from; never a day off in truth after all. Kimitsuki sighed and scratched the side of her head as she closed in on the area. She looked around a corner, keeping most of her body hidden out of habit, to watch what was happening. Frankly, nothing too out of the ordinary; some guy beating up other beings. Beings that appeared to be powerless compared to this guy.

Kimitsuki sighed softly as she watched. It was true that there was another person there who the group getting their shit kicked in were clearly deserving of it. But, sadly, this guy was quite literally going about it in a way that was wrong; straight up assaulting them without the need to even think about self defense. Kimitsuki groaned and slowly walked towards the area; towards the cyborg man who was clearly not here to be "peaceful".

Kimitsuki popped her knuckles as she watched the strange man obtain a laptop from the college student; as well as various other items. Kimitsuki groaned once more as she stared at this, crossing her arms as she stopped at a distance; watching this man more. Well, obviously, he was performing some illegal things here. First things first, he appeared to be doing something with the laptop. Obviously, it wasn't simply "surfing the web" no, hell no; this man straight up assaulted a group of people and then took one of their laptops as a way to "let them go free". She sighed softly as she heard the ATM go wild and basically start shooting money everywhere. She was watching him closely and saw the smile form on his face the second he hacked the machine. Kimitsuki sighed softly and popped her neck once more, the other way, and then quickly drew the sword she always uses; an Atma vatou.

Kimitsuki sighed softly and walked over to the police officers as they arrived at the scene. She sighed softly and flashed both her ID's for Vastime and for the Guild of Heroes, gesturing to the teen they arrested who looks scared shitless.

"You have the wrong man. Now then, get any citizens out of this area; and possibly most of the city if you can."

The second the cops tried to question her, Kimitsuki sighed softly and flashed the guild of Heroes card again; fire appearing on her left arm. A clear sign that she was not screwing around here and these guys should clear the fuck out. She sighed and then turned back to the cyborg man as she spun her sword and walked closer; an air of danger emanating from Kimitsuki.

"Hey there, so, unless you intend to stick around and commit more illegal actions; I suggest you leave before I have to turn you into a pile of charcoal. So, wanna do this the easy way, where you leave, or the hard way; which is the 'turn you into a pile of charcoal' part."

She stopped spinning the sword as fire flared around Kimitsuki; fire that basically incinerated nearby asphalt. However, Kimitsuki was making sure the heat was more pointed towards the cyborg Iramasha; Sid. Kimitsuki sighed softly and stared at him, not letting up her glare or the heat one bit. If he decided to stay and bring havoc to Karakura; Kimitsuki would simply initiate one of her more favored abilities. However, if he did leave, Kimitsuki would not attack; though she had doubts he would leave at all.

This ability was called Crimson Lotus; a terribly hard ability to avoid thanks to Kimitsuki using both her speed and racial movement capabilities to seemingly appear nearly immediately before she would then strike at Sid with the eight strikes the ability would output. Of course, in that instant before striking, the fire covering her, and the blade of her sword, would suddenly turn to a blue color as the heat bursting from her fire rose from it's original 1500 Kelvin to a heat of 3000 kelvin; increasing the heat greatly so the attacks would even become harmful to block, not only because of the blade, due to the fire lapping away at Sid's cybernetic appendages and little flesh he still possessed.

Of course, these 8 separate attacks were coming from every single direction imaginable; making sure that she aimed for every single crack in Sid's defenses. She would make sure to do this even if he brought up defenses to protect against the attacks that were coming in at about 3900 degrees Kelvin; thanks to the blade she was wielding possessing a temperature independent of her fire. After those eight strikes, Kimitsuki would pull back a little and pull fire in front of her fists and shins; focused so they were nearly like super-heated blades.

Kimitsuki breathed outwards as she appeared to the right of Sid, forcing her fire to attack him from the left as she attempted to slam her fist into Sid's face; the fire focused in front of her fist likely either burning or melting his face if it made contact or if his racial defenses could not hold. In either case, a second attack would be launched at Sid from all sides as she surrounded him in that same blue, 3000 Kelvin, fire that would likely melt his mechanical parts with ease if he stuck around in the fire for too long. After all, this was fire at heats that could easily incinerate almost anything; 2000 Kelvin short of the sun. If you're gonna survive it, better not be calling any bullshit or the Danava of Fire will personally torch your ass.

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