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 Gemstones [Ziamichi Expansion]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Gemstones [Ziamichi Expansion]   Thu Feb 09, 2017 3:34 pm


» What are Gemstones?: Gemstones are crystals that are created by Chifuyu Yuudeshi through her unique crystal physiology that was created from the radiant aura of the Hogyoku in her early stages of foetal development. From the influence of the Hogyoku her cells can actually be taken and refined more so they are more "pure" and less contaminated by her organic cells.

The result is what she calls a Gemstone, it is less like her and more like the original Hogyoku although it is no where near to the same level, however the forged crystal is similar in the way that it has an inner-spirit. It has it's own will and personality that makes it a crystal life-form.

» What is their purpose?: A Gemstone is a symbiotic being that requires a host to live, dependent on the Gemstone's personality this host could be anything from a partner to a pawn that is only used for the body and this is where they are comparable to Ziamichi Spirits which is what they are officially classed as.

» What are the Benefits?: Being the host to a Gemstone gives the person the opportunity to manifest new powers and abilities, one can also see enhancements to their physical traits such as enhanced senses or strength, speed etc. Although as all Gemstones are different some might give different benefits.

» What are the Negatives?: Once joined the two spirits are entwined, to remove the Gemstone causes any powers gained with the Gemstone to be lost, as well as a forced state of weakness for a time due to the amount of energy that would have left one's being. If the Gemstone does not accept the host or an imbalance occurs within the soul then it is possible for a metamorphosis to occur in which the host's body will rapidly crystallise and become entirely crystal, this creates what is referred to as Crystallomorph. A Crystallomorph is an entirely new soul which is made from the death of the Gemstone and the Host, they possess primal personalities and are best compared to as wolves as they work in packs with alphas and have no sentience.

» Other: As the Gemstones are essentially the genetic progeny of Chifuyu Yuudeshi and are comprised of her own being she has the ability to know exactly where a Gemstone is at any given time, this can then allow her to telepathically communicate with them and their hosts.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Gemstones [Ziamichi Expansion]   Thu Feb 09, 2017 6:29 pm

[mod]Alright, after hashing things out in Discord, this should be ready to go. If anyone has a problem with it, contact me privately. Otherwise...

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Gemstones [Ziamichi Expansion]
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