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 Waking the Pale

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Mirja Eeola
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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Waking the Pale   Mon Feb 13, 2017 7:05 pm

Mirja, The Wolf of Eden

Mirja knew the flaws to her technique, that it was to fast for even her to react to once she had committed to it. Even knowing he was the ex-Head Captain, she had underestimated him and not gone hard like she should have, he had seen her coming, before she actually started to come at him. That was the mark of a magnificent warrior. He had hit her hard, and in that moment gotten a true appreciation for Mirja's body. It's density was probably unlike anything he had ever encountered before. While some things may have been more durable, her body, and the latex oversuit she was wearing, had a unique density to them, which was probably the reason behind her lack of Reiatsu.

As she was launched back by the blow, Mirja was amazed by him. He had taken her as fast as she was going, blasted her back, cracked three ribs even through the bodysuit, and didn't even seem to have sprained a finger. This, was like an ant fighting a lion. But Mirja was never a girl to give up, so once she crash landed, she focused to make sure she had exactly which ribs were broken down pat, and then set her Territorial Tulpa on them. The ribs were not quite broken, but they would be if she took any more damage.

The most amazing thing, however, is that Zeda thought a high nineties Hadō was something to use in a training situation. That was just straight up lethal, god dam it. Crazy ass bastards, the lot of them...
"I am usually a lot better with my fighting. Just, never seen anyone actually react to that. You were fast, and I wanted to catch you off guard before the fight actually begun, but you seemed to do even that" She exclaimed, jumping back to her feet now the damage was fixed, and activating her Zero-Point Soul Refraction Technique. It was wonky and made her feel like blegh, but she needed it for this situation. She was quickly proven right when a massive blast crashed into her, and knocked her back a few feet, not much more thanks to her super technique, but still considerable when you factored in how her weight almost tripled using this technique.

And then, he was coming at her. Her mind was at war with itself as he did. One half controlled her with a steely emotionless look on her face, as her silver irises and pupils bored into Tsubasa, her Ocular Awakening allowing her to track him, and the final energy block of her Plus Ultra being burned as a Physical Instant so she could react in time, while the other was wailing that she'd never be able to, and he had a trick up his sleeve that would make all her efforts pointless. Her hands were too far away to move into position in time, so she made new ones, a pair of thick black arms spawning from her chest and launching towards the Head Captain as he came towards her, only to vanish and leave the arms without a target.

The boop to her head was not something she was expecting, and caught her still in a martial mindset, so instinct burned within her blood, causing a second pair of thick, black arms to sprout from her shoulders and launch at Tsubasa with supersonic speed, the crack of the fists making them sound like guns, and giving them their name. It would be a fine test of his abilities to see how he reacted to this. Knowing an attack was coming made it's speed moot, but being caught off guard by an extra pair of fists rushing towards you was an entirely different story.

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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: Waking the Pale   Tue Feb 14, 2017 4:38 pm