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 Even the Greatest Hatred can be Tamed by Time[Private, Teitoku]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Even the Greatest Hatred can be Tamed by Time[Private, Teitoku]   Wed Feb 15, 2017 9:35 pm

Kimitsuki Yamamoto

The Flaming Lotus
Burn to a Crisp

Kimitsuki could not help but let a few tears fall from her right eye, passing down the side of her cheek. The tears soon buried themselves in the ground below her; no true trace that she had been crying earlier. The only evidence that showed outward regret for killing that man. She sighed softly and thought back on what happened earlier, earlier with Kakine.

It was plain and obvious that man had immense hate for demons, enough to not even trust someone like her. Of course, she really could not blame him after all that Demons had done in the past; how many they had murdered out of cold blood and not caring. Just reflecting on what he had said helped calm Kimitsuki at least a little. It was indeed true that she had no relation to the old Captain of the Gotei; Genryusai Yamamoto. However, it was not impossible for her to be descendant from him. How she was born actually points against her being related to him, but, the fact she was born from fire may be an indicator of her relation to him. However, it really is hard to say given she has no idea if there is any blood relationship at all.

Kimitsuki sighed softly as she still reflected on what was said by Kakine; especially that he had seen all the horrors inflicted upon the world from the demons. Not only that, but, to use the power he had to make life better for those who are unfortunate. It indeed was noble, very noble indeed. It also wasn't too far from what Kimitsuki wanted to do. She wanted to bring balance back to the word, mainly, but she also wanted to keep innocents safe; so that they could live happy lives and not be interrupted by the circumstances of death.

Truthfully, Kimitsuki did not know of the exact tragedies that had occurred at Shadowfall's hand. No, she mainly had heard of such things as conjecture or actual records of what had happened but, she still knows all that had happened; and Kimitsuki sure as hell did not like it.

Kimitsuki also thought of when he put his arm on her, or was it around her? It was certainly something she did not expect at all, but, it was likely something that may not happen again. She was glad to know she was glad to know Karakura was at least thankful for what she had did; even if it was technically murder. She sighed softly and soon stopped reflecting on what had happened as she took out the scrap of paper Kakine had left when he disappeared; wanting her to go with him to a different area. And that place was still written on the note: "Fuma Park"

Kimitsuki scratched the back of her head for a moment while looking at the note before she put it away again and then diverted her attention to the Park in front of her. She sighed softly and walked into the park slowly, looking at the area around her as she walked in slowly. She did not know much of Kakine, but, he seemed to appear out of nowhere last time, disappeared randomly, and would likely appear out of nowhere once more. Kimitsuki sighed once more as she continued to walk into the more middle area of the park. As she walked, those who were able to sense her energy gave her a very wide berth; or simply left. Kimitsuki sighed softly and held her right hand to her left arm; holding onto her elbow as she continued to walk.

Kimitsuki looked downwards, towards her feet, as she continued to walk. She would look up occasionally to see what she could find. Eventually, she spotted a bench and made a B-line towards it. She sat down on the bench almost immediately when she got to it, and sighed softly. It was indeed true that she was a demon, and the energy trace made it painfully obvious, but she still would rather people gave her a warmer reception instead of straight up being given the stink eye. Kimitsuki sighed and placed her face in her hands for a moment. In that moment, Kimitsuki completely shut out the entire world and entered a state of meditation. This meant Kakine could appear at random in that moment and surprise her completely.

Afterwards, Kimitsuki would break that random moment of focus/meditation and looked upwards. She sighed softly and simply waited to see if Kakine would arrive, and when. After all, as much as she wanted to keep this city safe she was pretty sure most of the civilians would rather she leave than help. But, she didn't care; she was gonna help them either way in the end.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Even the Greatest Hatred can be Tamed by Time[Private, Teitoku]   Tue Mar 21, 2017 10:41 am


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