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 lost in light.

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: lost in light.   Sat Feb 18, 2017 3:23 pm

Yoma had decided to find his own way of discovery and influence. His other half went on his own journey so this side wanted to do in his own way. He wanted to understand why he felt so broken upon the moment this his zanpakuto broke. Why did his power feel so much weaker and what was his connection to his zanpakuto? Yoma Found himself upon the busy streets of hollywood full of different people and faces all wondering the night streets. Yet,these people were nothing but fools all hoping to make it rich in a single night. Yoma believes that one must work and survive to obtain their power.

Yoma arrived at one of the more popular casinos in the area. Expecting nothing from this experience he showed his disgust at the sight. He gathered himself and forced himself in to gather the experience and information that comes from a place like this. Many faces glued to their monitors and screens, while others making an uproar with their wins and losses. In this place there was nothing but luck. Fools who were only feeding the rich and being played as ones who could get lucky.

Yet, pondering why he was here yoma thought about the information that influenced him. He had heard of a hollow or demon that existed in these parts unsure if the rumors were true. Yoma had heard they were someone with power. He was hoping for guidance and information. He wanted to learn and gain a footing in hell hole of a world. He wanted to be known and remembered but in order to do some he needed to grow stronger.

His soul hunger and lusted for the power to reach higher but after his series of consent defeats he was left lost. Yoma began communicating and obtaining information learning very little and being left bored and confused. He grab a non alcoholic drink and sat down watching over the players hoping for victory. He thought how he hated them but yet they were not so different then him. Yoma pulled out his broken and burnt zanpakuto and just stared at it. What was thi? what makes this so special? Yoma couldn't help but continue wondering even in this place.

Could he find who he was looking for and could they do anything for him? Yoma grew annoyed at the thought that this would turn into nothing but a useless journey. He couldn't feel his other self as if he was empty once again it felt strange.
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: lost in light.   Tue Feb 21, 2017 2:45 pm

"You look like you're having a hell of a day. Life putting you through the wringer lately? Feel like you just can't make a break?"

The man speaking to Yoma was dressed in a three-piece suit, one of dark reds and heavy golden colors, nearly glimmering in places, when it caught the light. His skin was pale, preternaturally so, and his hair had a sort of negligently windswept look that almost gave the impression that he had been shocked sometime recently, and only bothered to slick back some of it afterwards. His smile was patient, probing, and knowing; there was a hideous intellect behind those eyes, something that took no small amount of pleasure in dissecting the man in front of him, tearing him down to his component parts.

He extended one hand, palm out, as if expecting for the man to shake with him. But as he did, he moved with a smooth, negligent gesture, circling the shinigami. He spoke in that same smooth, mellifluous tone, words coming out without pause or hesitation, his tone nearly droning at this point. And still he continued to circle Yoma in an odd, almost dancing gesture. His hand remained extended, every once in a while waggling its fingers while being watched by his unexpected company.

"It's incredible you know, how easily the light blinds us and leaves us helpless, unprepared to face the world around us. People spent so many thousands of years living in the dark, fearing it, remembering all too well that just beyond their eyes there existed the otherness. And so we spent so many centuries chasing away the shadows, drowning ourselves in the lights, ensuring that there didn't exist a single place where we could be called truly ignorant. And in the process, we've realized that the world is fucking insane, top to bottom, and that we're nothing more than a speck in the grand scheme. Pretty damn humbling for some people, realizing that they're not the epitome of evolution, that there isn't some ultimate point to it all. But I don't agree you know, I think that if the world wasn't made with a point then that gives us such a robust opportunity to make sense of it! Impose your will upon the world I say! Make the shadows what you wish them to be! Let your perspective shape reality. Yaksha Dokuja. Pleased to meet you."
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lost in light.
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