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 [> Ashlei 'Asthavon Clixx' Mischevang <] [>The Bloody Tyrant <] [APPROVED; 1-1++/0-3/0-2++]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: [> Ashlei 'Asthavon Clixx' Mischevang <] [>The Bloody Tyrant <] [APPROVED; 1-1++/0-3/0-2++]   Mon Feb 27, 2017 11:42 am

Coding In Template By:


Visera Demonio Profile

I. Basic Information

» Name: Danielle 'Ashlei' Mischevang
» Other Names: Clixx, Asthavon
» Titles: Queen of the Sands, Bloody Queen, Bloody Tyrant
» Age: 715
» Gender: Female
» Affiliation/Rank: Shadow Fall, Hueco Mundo

» Shifter Appearance Written:

Ashlei is known to appear very similar to her current true appearance, only much younger. She wears similar clothing and looks distinguishable enough but she can be misleading and seem much more childish than she really is. She has received a lot of praise with her young appearance and is considered considerably cute.

» Shifter Appearance Picture:

» True Appearance Written:

Ashlei has grown and now stands at an average size at 6'2 and has a very slim body. Her arms and legs are rather thin but not to the point where you’d expect her to snap just by walking or being anorexic. Because she tends to soak in blood both in and out of combat, Ashlei’s skin is of an amazingly soft texture but still retains a healthy colour. Some would say her body is inhumanly smooth due to how well she looks after herself through regeneration.

Ashlei looks like a grown woman with a powerful posture and body language that naturally looks down on people. She will often fold her arms under her bust and stare. She also walks slowly and takes her time, moving her hips seductively to show that she is and will always be a devil.

Ashlei’s face is usually described by others as ‘Cute yet devilishly evil’ which is exactly how she acts and perceives herself. At times her face seems very round and soft, especially when happy and with her child. When angered however, her eyes and face appear much sharper and intimidating even to demons. Her hair is grow out incredibly long past her waist at the back and usually covers a lot of her face and eyes if she doesn’t move it out of the way. Her eyes and hair both follow the same colour scheme of a powerful blood red that shines in the sunlight and darkens during the night. That is because Ashlei's hair has become naturally stained in blood cells. Originally, her hair was a very pure white colour.

Ashlei will always be seen wearing a dress regardless of the temperature or weather. If it is pouring it down with rain, she will wear a dress. If it is blazing hot in the summer she will wear a dress. This doesn’t mean she will be in a dress constantly though as in private she goes to bed in lingerie and would obviously wear a swimsuit to the beach. Not that she ever goes to the beach though and it’s not often that she is asleep on her own accord. Her sleeping tendencies get the better of her frequently and she ends up sleeping wherever she happens to be in whatever outfit.

The dress she is most often seen in resembles a high school students uniform with a dark gray colour with a white shirt with long sleeves and frilled wrists. Her legs wear long black tights and she wears nice black shoes which are sometimes heels depending on her mood. Ashlei will never wear gloves, a hat, personal human make-up or casual human clothes such as a T-shirt and jeans. She just isn’t that kind of girl. It is usual though to see Ashlei wearing glasses. Seeing as the girl loves to read, she can be seen walking back from the Library with her glasses on but before she meet’s anyone, she would usually take them off. Their plain and simple glasses made of stock colour metal with glass lenses.

This outfit during combat however is very quickly removed. Ashlei finds it much easier to fight in her undergarments or wearing absolutely nothing at all so she has access to her entire body to use as her weapon. It is never much of a surprise to see her naked, unless you hardly knew her and her habits.

The parts of Ashlei that resemble her hollow side are so easily seen you would fall off a cliff for not noticing them: Sprouting out of her head and out of her back are two pairs of small wings. The ones on her back tend to be much larger than the ones on her head. She uses these wings to move at incredible speeds across the world by splitting the wind aerodynamically around her body and to alter her trajectory with minimal effort.

Whenever she is excited or really pleased, they flap uncontrollably. If she is unhappy, they droop down like dog ears and if she doesn’t want to hear something, she can cover her pointy ears with them like a puppy. This interaction shows that she isn’t always all doom and gloom and has a youthful feel about her.

» True Appearance Picture:

I. Personality

The Hollow Queen
Deep down, Ashlei is a Hollow and there's no mistaking that. She has spent almost a millennia as a force of nightmares and this will likely never change. Ever since she died as a human she has always been following the path of a hollow and fuelling her anger and rage into her tiny body, ready to explode with her killer instincts, violent hunger and natural destructive aspirations. She has torn apart thousands upon thousands of innocent people and animals. She has taken part in several wars and has survived all of them. However, she isn’t just a warrior that stands for an aspect of death like the Espada before her reign. Ashlei is a girl that is only commanded by herself although she boasts the the capability to rally and control an entire army as large as any current organisation with not only her seductive tones, her intellectual strategising but also through sheer terror of what she could potentially do to someone that stood against her.

Blood and Battle
Ashlei's lust for blood and battle never ceases no matter how much she tries to quell them. This is why she was an Espada and how she has managed to survive so long. Ashlei is an Arrancar and that power runs through her veins. Even though she may have attempted to walk away from that life, you can’t simply take away the sands of her soul and every indent into its dunes that she created whilst being there. She is Hueco Mundo and anyone that knows her name would do damn well to remember it lest they be rended from their bones.

Reckless Warrior
Ashlei would be the first person to agree and even decide that brute force is always the way to get through to something. During a tactical meeting her initial decision would be to storm the front gates, storm the back gates, storm everything that looks like a gate and destroy it. If there are no gates, make gates to destroy! Due to her incredible ability to survive practically anything, she will gladly let everyone know she has arrived by walking across a minefield in broad daylight, almost insultingly. However this does not mean Ashlei is stupid enough to not know when simply attacking isn’t enough. Ashlei’s command of stealth and interrogation is also greatly admired but also not that well known as most of her prey that she intends to assassinate have never survived, nor have there been any witnesses. Having people not realising just how violent and dangerous Ashlei can be is an advantage to those that openly underestimate her power. A lot of her nightmarish properties are expressed through rumours alone.

Cunning Facade
Ashlei’s is able to act and outwit her opponents with a cunning farce. Her most common false mannerism makes her out to be weak and uninformed. As innocent as a child. This is how she sets off her manipulative side by pretending. Just by doing this she makes people drop their guard through innocent, adorableness or outright seductiveness. Ashlei starts to say and do things nobody would expect of her. In times of seriousness though it’s unlikely that she will use her charming and cute mode of address. However, even in battle against a weaker foe she would play around and act stupid for her own amusement.

Sexual Orientation
Ashlei has been known in the past to seduce and woo both men and women into her deadly embrace. This of course was more common when she was growing and learning of her powers. Nowadays, thanks to Ashlei's relationship with Mana, she has grown more interested in women than men. She is still considered somewhat heterosexual as she can still be attracted to some men.

Ashlei cannot stand being insulted, even though she will happily bombard her opponents with witty offensive tongues, she finds such a dishonour unfitting for a girl of her status even if she displays signs of weakness. At times she used to be called ‘Little Shit’ just because she was so small. She was looked down upon and attacked because of it. Now if anybody makes references to her being smaller than them, she will openly kill them without any care in the results. Nobody with such a tongue shall talk to the Queen of the Sands in such a manner if they wish to keep their life. It’s a shame that some people don’t always follow that simple rule.

Reading and Knowledge
If you asked Ashlei what her most favourite thing is in the world, and hopefully without her sisters around to change her answer, she would say Books and novels. There's just something about sitting down in a silent room with a good book to read that Ashlei has taken a liking to. Not that Ashlei ever has much time on her hands, but when she just wants to calm down she will flick on some reading glasses and lose herself in another world for hours. Ashlei has read every single book in the New Las Noches Library at least three times and can recite them all without any sort of hints of help to what she needed to state next. Ashlei aims to know everything about the world and its history. This also includes fictional stories of worlds not even in existence in case she plans to hop dimensions one day. But then again, a book is just a book. To Ashlei, it’s a means of Escaping her life and also any work she had to do that day.

Foster Daughter
It’s also wise to remember that Ashlei is the foster daughter of Claire Clixx, the woman renown for being insane and killing people for fun. Well Ashlei is no different. Even though she was only a foster mother, Ashlei gained so much from Claire that she is often seen as a wannabe for her mother. However, Claire is never a person to stick around for long and has been missing from Ashlei's life for a long time now. Ever since her mother disappeared for reasons unknown to her, Ashlei has been more and more unstable to the point where she fights like an absolute nut job that won’t go down until everybody including her is bathing in a Jacuzzi made of blood and bones. Her issues with abandonment have caused her to becoming incredibly paranoid of losing loved ones.

Self Control
She also has no sense of shame or self control at times and will willingly bite into peoples arms and limbs like a rabid dog and actually try to bite their limbs off from their torso. She will openly bite chunks out of people, claw at them with her nails and even break parts of her own body to add to the pleasure of masochism. Something really is messed up about the girl so never get her excited to fight. She will stick to you like a blood sucking, man eating, fucked up crazy glue.

Superiority Complex
Returning to a slightly more stable Ashlei, It is common for Ashlei to feel better than you. The way that she was brought up reflects how she wants to be the superior master race of the world. To get there, she wanted to climb to the top of the Espada then climb even higher. this of which she was able to do. Her journey to power This is why she hates it when other people decide that they are superior to Ashlei. She will not bother thinking of a witty comment to say and just dive bomb onto their body before tearing their rip cage open and using their own blood to suffocate them. Not like they were alive when she pulled their damn heart out but it’s what you get if you think your better than this damn witch. Suppose that she takes Metaphorical terms to the literal extremes.

British Dialect
Has anybody noticed the girl sounds rather British? Even though she grew up in a village far from Karakura, she was still within Japan. The reason why she sounds British is because she simply likes the way it sounds and since becoming an Espada, aimed to change her accent to a more British dialect because she learned that it was considered posh. This is why some people don’t understand her and some of her phrasing but she also pushes her stuck up and posh nature above people from talking like this. Seeing as she dresses smart as well, she would be easily mistaken for a noble family member and likes it when people think of her in such a way. To those that have never met her before, she could probably pass off for a shinigami without garbs just from how she appears to be from one of the four main noble families. However, the entirety of this is false as she was brought up in a completely opposite life of blood and hatred.

The Mischevang Family
Ashlei is related to an entire flock of other girls that she herself cannot entirely claim to remember the total number. Some are sadly dead, some have yet to be found and some have been located and are now living across the world under Ashlei's watchful gaze. Ashlei cares for every one of her sisters deeply and will gladly stand up for them in any confrontation. Her wish to be reunited with her entire family is a blessing most would consider the last thing Ashlei deserves but she loves them all. Even if one of her sisters chose to fight against her, she would never wish to lift a finger against them and would rather be battered to death than become the very monster she detests. This does not mean she has not made mistakes. When it comes to her family, Ashlei will never forget her faults and missteps. These memories torture her daily with relentless flashes of anxiety. Though she would never let anyone find out that she struggles with these thoughts so fiercely.

There is a long list of everything Ashlei hates. She cannot stand any references made about her Claire as they just make her reflect on the horrible loneliness she has been left with. She hates all Shinigami as throughout her entire life she has been hunted even when she has been highly passive around them. She returns the prejudice. Ashlei hates being looked down upon as she is better than everyone else and will make sure everyone knows it. She hates being ignored because she believes every word she says should never be discerned. The list goes on.

Uncontrollable Adrenaline
Ashlei does have somewhat of an issue when she gets too excited. By making Ashlei incredibly energetic, Ashlei shifts her personality completely and bursts with positive adrenaline. This causes Ashlei to suddenly burst into laughter and she just cannot stop laughing. This is very dangerous though because if she starts to laugh, its likely she will enter her stronger states just because she can't keep herself from using her energy. In short and as a very helpful tip, never make Ashlei happy in Combat. She will just become more and more hard to predict.

Self Harming
Ashlei could be seen as somebody with a long list of personal issues. This does make her very odd and confusing to understand but she has one feature that just scares people to death. Ashlei has no problem with injuring herself beyond human comprehension. If she is ever injured in combat she will not let it get to her and would probably groan before striking back twice as hard. There have been times when Ashlei was so happy she took out her sword and repeatedly stabbed her hand until it was so red it couldn't be called a hand anymore. Soon after she killed more people to regenerate her hand just to do it again with a different object and repeat the process. Something truly is wrong about Ashlei.

Battle Compassion
Ashlei tends to kill her opponents without them being able to tell her to stop and when conversations break out, she tries to keep their length to a minimum rather than just wearily grinding the day away with little action. It's not like Ashlei to let people survive even if they fought respectively or were a good match. It just means she won't have to fight that tricky person again and saves her the trouble. Do not expect her to want to wait around for you to monologue to her. If you need to die, you will die.

Ashlei's diabolic personality has gotten her a lot of reputation. A lot of the time she see's very little action and there's one cause of that: Ashlei is very frightening. People have even told her that she is too scary to be considered viable to attack. Maybe that is why her seat in the Espada and her rank in Shadowfall has bored her. Nobody is brave enough to walk into her throne and take her on.

Lost Mind
Ashlei has shown that she can easily lose herself in life, especially in times of crisis. She will often calm down and speculate simple things such as 'why is the sky blue?' and 'why do spiders need eight legs when we are fine with two?'. It is wise to try and break Ashlei out of this mode as she starts to genuinely forget things and doesn't seem as smart as she usually is.

Her mind has been slowly deteriorating over the time she has been a part of Shadow fall. With all that has happened to her, including her abandonment issues and her fear of losing people, Ashlei has developed a strong sense of anxiety. if noticed and teased for it, Ashlei is likely to either break down or lash out violently.

Bloody Frenzy
Ashlei has always been known as the Blood Queen of Hueco Mundo and she has also been known to have a magnetic pull towards blood. Not literally, but when she see's it she can't help but feel excited. This to an extent also reflects in her combat. If a lot of blood appears on the battle field, she will suddenly grow incredibly violent and perform many more crazy techniques. This is why she tends to fight with small amounts to start off with to gauge ability, then will go insane nearer the end to obliterate her foolish opposition. Drinking blood has previously caused her to flip out in ecstasy.

I. Habits and Tendencies

Eating Habits
Ashleis eating habits tend to get a bit out of hand to what is plausibly realistic thanks to her impossible body. Ashlei can’t eat anything a normal person would otherwise she instantly throws up. Her organ system can’t produce bile and vomit, but instead hurls up gallons of blood equal to the mass of what she ingested. Where this appears to be coming from makes little sense to the normal eye.

When Ashlei goes to eat something, inside of her body the food is converted into blood through her powers. if what she ate was once or still is alive, she will digest it and add it to her blood pool. If it is an object or anything that was once not a living creature including most food, she can’t take it in and after converting it into blood, will forcefully vomit it out.

Things that Ashlei can safely digest include body parts of living creatures including Dogs, Cattle, Hollows and even people. This is why she can be found capturing straggling humans and eating them in abandoned alleyways and houses. Drinks work slightly differently within Ashlei's body. The obvious choice is that Ashlei will drink several glasses of blood to replenish her energy almost ever few hours. She can also strangely digest liquids even if they have become a solid, including Ice cream.

Ashlei's time spent awake to asleep ratio is a little ridiculous. A day of 24 hours will only see Ashlei actively awake for 8 hours. Ashlei’s body tends to shut down even after low activity and she falls asleep for the remaining 16 hours until she will wake up again. It’s best to catch Ashlei when she is awake because she tends to wake up in a damn foul mood if she got less than exactly 8 hours sleep. If she accidentally or was deliberately woken up, she will fall asleep and refresh the timer so she sleeps for an entire 8 hours again, even if she woke up after 5.

If necessary, Ashlei can push herself to stay awake longer than she technically can by taking in blood. The longer she remains awake however, the more blood she will require. To protect her Daughter Hexetelle, Ashlei has managed to stay awake for 11 hours but this is usually her limit.

I. Relationships

Rihiku Hitsugaya
A man that Ashlei once respected as her most trusted bodyguard. Rihiku is the older brother of Toshiro Hitsugaya and one of the most incredible swordsmen in the world. Currently though, Ashlei see's straight through the man since she no longer desires anything from him. However, deep down she resents how she acted when her emotions drew him away. He was a superbly powerful asset that she wasn't willing to lose, but let go of so easily.

A similar position to Rihiku Hitsugaya, ultimos was Ashlei's other powerful bodyguard. He was one of the first demons Ashlei accepted thanks to their brute strength and resolve so she overlooked his demonic heritage. Sadly, the issue with Rihiku caused Ultimos to lose interest in following Ashlei. Now Ashlei see's him as nothing more than another demon in her army.

Miku Midknight
COnsidered one of Ashlei's biggest dissapointments, Miku was an Arrancar trained to have no emotions so she would follow orders unconditionally. Thanks to a humans interferance, Miku learned how to feel and Ashlei had to put her down. Ashlei isn't entirely convinced that Miku is dead and does not care.

Tetsuka Kiryu
Ashlei is not entirely sure what to think of tetsuka anymore since it was revealed that he was in fact her brother. On one hand she wants to look after him but she knows just how far from the path he has strayed. Would she be okay with killing him? She honestly has no idea.

Monica Kiryu
Ashlei wants to kill Monica for pushing her to insanity after such a long time trying to regain her mind. Anyone that attempts to separate Ashlei from Hexetelle and destroy her relationship with Mana must die.

Nirvana Kiryu
Ashlei hasn't made up her mind of what she thinks of her real father. Her memories of her are not very clear.

Felle 'Flea' Mischevang
At one point Felle was Ashlei's most precious family member that she defended as best she could. In a way she considered herself a mother figure for Felle and taught her everything she knew. Currently, Ashlei is not certain where Felle has gone and awaits her eventual return.

Rose Mischevang
Yet another sister to disappoint. Ashlei cannot fathom the list of reasons why she should apologize to Rose for everything she has done, most of it not even intentional. Ashlei would love nothing more than for her sister to accept her again as her elder, but she feels that Rose may be better off without her interference.

Claire Clixx
Quite literally the source of Ashlei's anxieties and emotional breakdowns, Claire was once the foster mother to Ashlei. Now, Ashlei considers her as little more than a vessel of problems that Ashlei didn't need to go through. Albeit she admits it has helped her grow, it had left her mentally scarred. If Claire ever materialized again, she would confront her one last time. Maybe even to bring an end to the Blood Queen.

Ceon Clixx
Ashlei was always told that Ceon was a good person that would look after her if need be and she cannot deny that he had shown some promise. However, since he was a shinigami she knew he could not trust him and kept her motives to herself just in case he let any information about her slip.

Kin Iramasha
Beings of great power are not people that Ashlei considers herself friends with. She always wants to be the one at the top of the food chain and Kin is an example of someone she struggles to deal with. Knowing that he is tied closely with Claire and also a catalyst for her current mental state, Ashlei has a minor grudge against the man.

Mana Asthavon
Ashlei's lover and significant other, Mana is an incredible force of desire that fuels Ashlei's insatiable needs and quells her mental breakdowns. As much as Ashlei dislikes demons, mana is the only demon she can truly say she trusts completely. This can also work against Ashlei however as Mana's many acquaintances can trigger Ashlei's overprotective nature. She would have no issue stomping anyone into the ground that steps into their boundaries.

Hexetelle Asthavon Mischevang
The daughter of Ashlei and Mana, considered an impossible child thanks to the nature of which she was parasitically birthed from Ashlei. Hexetelle is a source of constant joy and achievement for Ashlei and she will stop at nothing to keep her daughter safe. Feeling that her own past was riddled with disaster and tradgedy, Ashlei wishes to never put Hexetelle through a life like her own even if it means she grows up powerless with humans.


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: [> Ashlei 'Asthavon Clixx' Mischevang <] [>The Bloody Tyrant <] [APPROVED; 1-1++/0-3/0-2++]   Mon Mar 06, 2017 1:43 pm


I. Shometsu-Ken

» Shometsu-Ken Name:
La sangre de los tiranos

» Shometsu-Ken Release:
Ashlei focuses her power onto her necklace, causing the ruby within to shine with incredible crimson rays of light. This causes any red on her person including her eyes, hair, fingernails, any blood and her clothes to start pulsating a shiny red glow.

» Shometsu-Ken Appearance:

I. Natural Abilities

  • Cuerpo Reparación (Body Adaptability)
    This is a rather bizarre phenom that occurs within Visera Demonio. By taking the Demon's Body Manipulation trait and the Arrancar's Regeneration, they've essentially created state of being where they are able to adjust themselves to the environment that they are in. To give an example of this, if one was proficient enough in this skill, if they were trapped within a burning building, then they could essentially activate this trait by sacrificing small bits of their energy, rather it be physical or spiritual, in order to morph their body and obtain thermal resistant skin for a short duration of time. Depending on how skilled you are in this, some can hold this shift for one to two post, while others can maintain it for extended lengths of time. To give another example of the capacities of Cuerpo Reparación, if a Visera Demonio were up against someone who surpassed them in raw physical strength, then their body could very well activate a shift within it's internal core in order to become more dense and withstand more devastating blows.

    Therefore, with all of that said, the higher you are in this skill, the larger and more lengthy your adaptation skills will grow in nature. Those on the higher-end of this also generally have some form of regeneration. This is because the Arrancar blood within them grows stronger as this trait becomes stronger, and in order to ensure their bodily revisions are top notch, they'll generally stumble upon this reformation attribute. This transpires when one is able to at least reach an adept in the form of recovering from scrapes, burns, bruises and other minor wounds; but truly ripens around advanced level to reforming limbs and eventually more complex regeneration at some point around Master and Grand Master. Though, each time they make a morph, it will become more tiresome because it takes some form of energy or stamina to ensure that it is a full capable limb. If not, it will simply fail to regrow until they have time to rest.

  • Cero Rastro (Zero Trail)
    This an astounding new trait that is only found within Visera Demonio. By taking elements from the Arrancar's Cero, The Demon's Black Inferno Blast and Reiatsu Drain; they have forged a truly frightening racial capacity. Much like their parent species, they can easily enough produce strong energy attacks capable of great destruction. However, what is different for Cero Rastro first emerged in it's appearance. Typically, when one is fully formed, it will have the regular cero blast color the users preference in the center, but sets of different colored rings will appear around the blast to represent the combined signatures of Hollow and Demonic blood coursing through the users veins. From there, if enough energy is gathered, a Cero Rastro's effects, if allowed to hit, can overwhelming devastating. For, depending on how potent the Cero Rastro is from a Visera Demonio, they may be able to blitz entirely through barriers.

    An example of this is if an advanced level Cero Rastro user were to try and break a shield. Once their Cero Rastro had made impact, they can attempt to infuse the effects of the reiatsu drain from the demon's in order to siphon trace amounts of energy from the barrier in order to increase the amount of energy for the Cero Rastro, while weakening the barrier. From there, thanks to the taxing effects of the Black Inferno Trait, a Cero Rastro is capable of even forcing them to drain extreme amounts of energy from the limited amounts of fuel it has left until the object in question is somewhat weakened, slowed or damaged if they are unable to extract it from there bodies or negate it. Making most Cero Rastro's very overwhelming to deal with. And unlike an Arrancar's Cero, it can appear at speeds that can overwhelm even users of Chaos Warp or Shunpo if is fired in a nocturnal or dark setting and their target is clear. For, it will tap into the demon's traits of gathering strength from the night and dramatically increase the speed of the Cero Rastro along with it's endurance, strength and potency. Even being able to mend down into the shadow's, and if the user is skilled enough around advanced or MASTER, have the Cero Rastro emerge from behind the targets own shadow.

    On top of that, once a user becomes advanced in Cero Rastro, it becomes rather easy for them to infuse different elements of their powers and they have no need to make multiple customized cero's like their Arrancar brethren. To give an example of this, if there was a Visera Demonio who had a fire trait, then they could transfer these traits swiftly into the Cero in order to make it's flames more potent, increase the overall endurance of the blast and possibly even melt everything in it's path. If the user could manipulate speed? Then they could dramatically boost the impact force of the Cero Rastro and be able to produce multiple Cero Rastro's at amazing speeds. Some Visera Demonio can even transfer racial skills into their Cero Rastro; such as adding their Cuerpo Reparación to adapt to a varied amount of fighters; such as if there was someone who had adapted themselves to a regular cero by having armored skin, they could then in turn produce a more dense cero to attempt to create a more overwhelming explosion to overpower their defense. Making this a truly evolved Cero.

  • Tānāgati (Warp Step)
    Tanagati, standing for Warp Step in Hindi, combines the demon's Shadow Movement with the Arrancar's Soindo and Garganta. By expanding the compass of their Garganta to a multi-dimensional level, they can now cover a much broader spectrum when it comes to where Visera Demonio can emerge. Previously, most Arrancar could only travel FROM Hueco Mundo to the Human World or Soul Society. Whereas with Tanagati, they are connected to the Sugiura Realm and Demon World as well at this point; and can emerge in between these dimensions as they see fit if they are adept enough.

    However, that isn't all there is to this trait. With Tanagati, wherever there are Shadow's, most Visera Demonio will see a dramatic increase in speed. If they are skilled enough at advanced, they can even temporarily blend into the shadow's to cover large distances in order to catch up to opponents at speeds nearly on par with teleporation from how augmented i n speed they get by being in a dark setting. Additionally, even without those nocturnal surroundings, they are still capable of strong boost of speed from their Arrancar nature and Soindo. The primary difference with this boost in momentum is that it becomes much more intense within shaded areas.

    Even more than that, with Tanagati, those who are advanced or higher are even capable of producing spatial distortions within an area similar to a Garganta. However, what is different about these distortions is the fact that they can be used to transport objects in mid-fight. So, if an advanced level Visera Demonio found themselves conquered, they could attempt to suck up the attack within a contorting hole in the area and devour the attack to avoid getting up. Beginner can create these as well, but they are generally much slower and only produce one at a time.

    This means that the higher your skill is in this area, the more quickly and the amount of Garganta's you can produce at a time goes up. Masters are even capable of making these command mentally at break neck speeds on par with an Iramasha's Chaos Warp nearly. The primary drawback to this is that if they strain themselves too much, in regards to creating too many in one setting, this ability will eventually waver because to repeatedly use this requires some form of concentration to summon and release these portals. So they are advertised to not spam this multiple times within a post. Otherwise, it will eventually put them out of the fight altogether from the pressure put on their body.

    What's even more frightening is that Masters of this ability are even capable of distorting the senses of a target in order to swiftly confuse them. This means that within a given area, they have the capacity to cause disruption to the awareness of others in order to catch them by surprise, their surrounding to further straddle the opponent, their actions to imprint false moves and even themselves. An example of this trait being used is that the user could call upon the shadow's to have a false image of themselves emerge, charge at the opponent pretend to attack them with a sword based movement. Then, from behind, the real user could emerge from the target's shadow and blast them with a Cero Rastro. This could be especially well used to devise security cameras and detection based systems as well.

  • Ksetra Pari
    Meaning Area Shift in Hindi, this takes a stronger turn towards the Demon's nature as they use more of the Hindi tongue. By combining the elements of the Arrancar's Pesquisa and the Demon's Magic in addition to their Knowledge Of Environment, they have devised a form of environmental control and knowledge. This works by first creating a radiating pulse sent outwards from the user which reacts in an unusual way. Varying from how skilled they are in this trait, this pulsation can reach anywhere from a few hundred feet at beginner, to an entire small city at Grand Master. At any rate, once the area they have in mind is selected, they'll then begin receiving information about the materials in the air, what can they can use from this information about their surroundings to create alterations and even learn more about attacks that they may encounter on higher levels. To give an example of the knowledge side of Ksetra Pari, if one were to shoot out a fire blast towards a Visera Demonio, they could activate this skill in order to analyze the contents of it if they were Advanced in this area and attempt to decipher information in it.

    This works best with those who have higher mental deduction as well, as this ability is known to work much faster by those who are more intellectually gifted. The reason for this being is that once an attack is caught within the pulsation, which usually emits some sort of faint light or sensation in the area if there is no light, it requires some sort of processing to record the contents that are caught within it. Therefore, the more keen your brain, the more potent this ability will become as well and how swiftly you can scan things in your environment. Ultimately, for Masters and Grandmasters, they become immense artist of counter measuring techniques.

    As once an attack enters within their field of area, they are generally able to device shift ways to attempt to counter it or block it out from the knowledge they possess of it. Of course, the more this ability is used, the more mental strain can occur on the user no matter the skill level and eventually exhaust them to the point where it's rendered useless. And, if they reach the breaking point of the knowledge part of this attribute, they WILL lose any information they retained and will have to re-learn it. If they abuse it too much, some have even been noted to have brain damage and lowered effectiveness of their Ksetra Pari. So most who are gifted within this are recommended to scan areas within small spaces, a certain number of objects and to not push themselves too far.

    Meanwhile, and more easily manageable, on the offensive side this allows them to influence the environment them rather easily. Once they have a general idea of the area's layout on a spiritual and physical level, Visera Demonio can then use the energy which is produced from within their body to gain influence over the area. From there, with the elements in the area, they can try to devise more otherworldly methods of attack. Such as if they were fighting in the Soul Society, they'd have an abundant amount of resources to manipulate spiritual energy. Therefore, with this knowledge in mind, they can then manipulate an area which they tagged and go on to produce something like a wave of energy that, if it makes contact with a target, is able to turn it a wave of lightning by the reishi they were able to influence morphing them into a electrified state; essentially turning it into a form of magic form them that is still running strong from the demon blood in their veins.

    Another instance of this being used in a more defensive manner is that they can condense a large amount of reishi around them and then use it as a makeshift form of armor in order to endure more harsh attacks. Or, if they needed an escape, they could contort the reishi within an area in order to devise a makeshift portal to escape. The higher your Ksetra Pari, the more possibilities there are. Of course, with every action it generally wears down the opponent; much like with Shinigami's Kidō, it requires some form of energy and if used too much will eventually leave 'em high and dry.

I. Unique Abilities

» Unique Abilities:

Sealed Tier: Ashlei, outside of her releases, is 1-1++ tier.

Claire's Signature: Ashlei has an odd Aura within herself she has no idea about and cannot feel with the interference of the Clixx family. It's uses are unknown as of now.

Hollow Terror: Ashlei is known by a large majority of the known universe and nearly every Hollow and Arrancar will be aware of her many terrifying deeds. Thanks to this, Ashlei has become somewhat of a renown tyrant and many feel a subconcious feeling of fear when she is around. This effects every NPC Hollow greatly, forcing them to act on her direct commands without question or hesitation. Other Hollow based lifeform PC's may feel an immediate sense of dread, but only those that are her enemies will be exposed to any sense of subconscious terror.

Blood Type X Summary: Ashlei has a peculiar blood type of X instead of the normal human types. This blood acts no differently to normal blood within her veins at first glance, but also has several terrifying properties in and outside of her body. Ashlei's blood keeps her alive in the same way a normal persons would. Her body however does not function as a normal humans due to the bloods unusual additional properties. if Ashlei's brain is destroyed, she will die but she is capable of surviving without blood. Ashlei can digest flesh and blood in place of normal food.

  • Sticky Tar-like Acid: Ashleis blood is a very unstable goo that clings to and eats away foreign cells similarly to white blood cells but looking visually acidic. The stickiness of her blood is comparable to tar and is incredibly hard to remove without being completely submerged in water.

    Ashlei can splash something with her blood and it would slowly start destroying whatever it covered if she wills it to. The rate of complete destruction varies based on the density of molecules of the target in question. This is Ashlei's primary method of combat.

    If we estimate that a single post on average takes about 20+ seconds in real world time to be performed, any melting would be matched as such in the thread. In the thread, time may change pace and move more quickly or slowly of which then it shall be specified for everyone to see just how badly damaged something currently is from the blood.

    Ultimately, It really depends on the pacing of the thread and cannot be limited to the size and length of each individuals post as they all vary with time regardless. A massive post could only be over the course of 2 minutes whereas a shorter post may reflect the actions of a character over 10 minutes.

    Ashlei's melting will need to be kept track of lest a character somehow melts from negligence from not acting swiftly enough. All members that have a character that must deal with the blood will be warned out-of-character of the remaining time by myself and may be contested if appearing unfair. Do note these timers are built upon a lot of factors and becomes incredible rapid through released forms so feel free to kick my ass if it appears I am cheating.

    Once Ashlei leaves the area, say around 1 mile away, the blood automatically loses its properties and becomes a red goo no different to jelly that cannot be used with no benefits other than it being a red tinted puddle of water. This stops the endless destruction of cells if Ashlei ever accidentally left some behind.

  • Impossible Girl: Blood Type X will never evaporate under any circumstance, it will never coagulate because Ashlei's body has no need for it nor will it ever solidify. it cannot be forced to do any of the above either. in short, It's temperature and genetic make-up cannot change as there is no known way to change it thanks to it's unique genetic make up. This means The blood is 100% liquid at all times with no gaseous properties or any solid particles. Trying to freeze will not cause it to harden into ice and burning it will not cause it to evaporate. Exposing it to oxygen does nothing to it.

  • Regeneration: Ashleis body is constantly being rebuilt by her blood. As the human body sheds its skin, gains dandruff and scars, Ashleis instantly rebuilds the lost tissue and destroys the dead ones to keep her looking pure and in top physical condition at all times. For example: If Ashlei ever fell off a bridge and broke a few limbs, her 'Blood' would navigate her body and reattach the bones, regenerate them back to how they were and destroy any foreign substances that might have been created from the wound.

    The regenerative rate of her body is incredible and boosted only further when there is more blood within her. If she can stream enough blood into her body to repair herself, she can in theory survive in most scenarios that allow her to use her abilities.

    For example, being crushed by Project Chaos underfoot with his gears grinding would cause anyone to come out the other end in a red mush. Ashlei however, as long as she cycles blood through her body, can regenerate fast enough to make it out to other end badly injured. However, this can easily be recovered over time. Destroying Ashlei's brain however will kill her.

  • Reitsu Interactions: Blood Type X does not need much reitsu at all to be manipulated. Each blood cell is minuscule and Ashlei can fling gallons of Blood around like nothing. However, she may choose to put more power into the blood by infusing it with reitsu. Not only does this increase the speed of which the blood moves, but also allows her to move the blood more finely, creating cutting edges with blood particles and even a barrier of blood to defend against heavy hitting attacks. Inside her body, Ashlei can cause her blood to react and rush faster, breaking down anomalies and repairing her body quicker.

Blood Conversion Upon digesting blood into her system, whatever blood type it may be other than X, Ashlei's biological organisms break down the new blood and begin to multiply. This causes her body to generate more blood type X equal to the amount her blood destroyed. To put it into perspective, an entire humans worth of blood is converted within her over 20 seconds.

Bloody Antibodies: Ashleis bloody liquid is very violent and does not accept foreign cells inside of her. If she was to ever catch a disease, the bloody liquid will track the cells down and destroy them. This is perfectly safe and causes Ashlei to be capable of breaking down literally anything that goes into her body and remove all traces of it's existence.

Anti-Blood manipulation: Because her blood is of a type no other has, it isn't the same. Ashlei has often described it as 'a red goo' but she likes to call it blood because that is essentially what it looks like. Thus, if anyone tried to manipulate her blood, it's effects would not be usable because it isn't the blood everyone else would be used to manipulating. There is a slight chance that it could be utilised with training.

Bloody Dominance: Even though Ashlei has control over Blood Type X, she can also control all blood types known to man to a lesser degree. She can mould it, move it and utilise it in any way her blood can be used, but any attacks would come across half as powerful until it has gone through her system.

Ashlei's manipulation works very similarly to telekinesis through hand and/or eye gestures. The gesture she uses can be specified with small bursts of reitsu from individual fingers, eyes and even strands of hair. She can then rearrange Blood position and speeds so they take shapes such as Spears, chairs, Armour and one time she even made a car. In a way, Ashlei can cause things to become possible with blood as long as she focuses enough on it. If it can be shaped and can be moved, she can make it. The catalogue therefore is endless.

Any blood within a living body cannot be tampered with at this level but this does not include open wounds. if a cut was made on the target and blood can be visibly seen, Ashlei can use the blood she sees on their skin and wound, but not that blood deeper within their system.

Other Player Research: If anybody was able to get a hold of Blood Type X and attempted to research it, all they would be able to find out from examining it is the fact that it doesn't even react or move like normal red blood cells. The fact that it is sticky, burns, cannot evaporate and does not harden when exposed to oxygen. Taking advantage of Ashleis blood without her help is useless and more likely to cause damage to tools and people.

Digestion: If Ashlei ever tried to eat any food that wasn't a liquid, take bread for example, Ashlei’s blood will absorb the bread and attempt to turn it into blood. However because it was not liquid it wont be compatible as it is bad blood. Ashlei will then vomit uncontrollably until the entirely of the bad blood is ejected through her mouth. She cannot use this bad blood, yet it's burning, tar like properties are much greater than her usual Blood Type X.

I. Techniques

Blood Funnel: Ashlei's ability to drink the blood around her is rather peculiar. By manipulating the blood into the air, Ashlei opens her mouth and sucks. All the blood around her is dragged into her mouth for her to drink in one long stream of regeneration and adrenaline. Similar to how a vacuum sucks things into it, Ashlei can drag all the blood in the area to her as long as it is out of the body and within sight.

Hidden Blood: Ashlei usually gets blood everywhere. In a battle, she is likely to leave pools of blood on walls, under objects and even on the opponents clothes. She can then utilise these positions to attack from strange directions the opponents may not be expecting.

Compact and Expand: Ashlei can compact the blood particles of her attacks together to change how the attacks perform. For example, she may hurl a sphere of blood filled with compacted particles. She could then expand those particles to cause the sphere to dramatically increase in size. This works for most of her methods of attack.

Bloody Barrier: Ashlei moves blood to form a shape that is capable of blocking the damage and impact of an attack for Ashlei. As usual, she does not have to be touching the blood to be able to move it but does have to be touching it to infuse it with reitsu to make the blood stronger if she wishes. Upon being hit by a powerful attack, the blood is forced to separate after dispersing the attacks force. This can also be used inside her body to increase her personal defense.

She often does this to created a protective shell around her brain to avoid being killed and avoid being shellshocked. If the attack is powerful enough (say from a 0 tier) it can shatter her defense. An infused barrier will still nullify the 0 tier attack but that blood will not be able to be manipulated right away. She can create more as fast as she can move, separate and form blood of which she can do within a few seconds with little issue. Focusing on this and anything else at the same time is not difficult for Ashlei's mind to deal with.

I. Arma Revolución

» Arma Revolución Powers:

Released Tier: Ashlei, outside of her releases, is 0-3 tier. As such, her general abilities such as speed and strength increase drastically to match this tier.

The Will of the Tyrant
Ashlei's genetic make up has been turned into effectively 99% blood with the 1% being her Shometsu Ken pendant that is now inside of her body. Ashlei trades her entire physical being for power, meaning if her pendant is destroyed then she herself will die. So long as the ruby crystal pendant survives then she will always come back.

Thoughts can still be made even without her brain in tact but for the pendant to move how Ashlei wishes, it must normally be moved by blood unless picked up and moved by another. Any ability that would regenerate her body instead simply creates more blood in the same way her Blood Conversion ability functions.

Bloody Illusion
Ashlei's blood particles are capable of mimicking appearances, causing people to think she looks a certain way. Usually, she will always choose the appearance this power boost has granted her. However, she is fully capable of moving her genetic make up to appear as anyone else. The only issue is that she cannot copy their voice and will always sound like Ashlei. She also cannot copy eye colour as they will always be red. She cannot change her reitsu, meaning those that can recognise her reitsu will be able to detect her.

Absolute Blood Control
Ashlei's authority over blood has become absolute, allowing her to not only control her blood as her entire being, but also any blood that joins with it and any blood outside of another living being at the same level of power as though all Blood she controls was Blood Type X. This means she does not need to convert her blood to utilise it as effectively.

If approached by any person spiritually unaware or powerless, Ashlei can spend a few seconds to simply rip their entire blood supply from their body, killing them and being able harness the blood with her own. This cannot occur to player characters without expressed permission and can not effect characters that are not 5th tier without several minutes of concentration.

This control over blood in addition to the fact that her body is now 99% blood excluding her pendant, Ashlei can now reform her body into every possible shape and size based on the amount of blood she has. For example: She may become a pool of blood to hide, she may create hundreds of clones of herself, she may become colossal, she can become a gushing wave etc.

This ability is limited by how her power is split equal to the amount of blood that splits off of her main being. If she removes 20% of it to create a new entity, she will be functioning at 80% power and so on.

Ashlei's blood retains all of it's properties. This means she cannot be frozen, melted or evaporate. Her entire body causes a tar-like burn that's twice as potent as her sealed state.

Blood to Reitsu
When absorbing blood into her system via her mouth or by melding it with her blood, Ashlei may instead choose to destroy the blood she takes in and convert it into pure reitsu instead of Blood Type X. This allows her to replenish her energy. Effectively, so long as there is blood nearby, Ashlei can keep fighting for any amount of time without slowing down. To reduce this, she must be taken away from sources of blood that are not already a part of her body.

It would take 1000 powerless humans or 100 spiritually aware humans or 1 person at the same power level as Ashlei worth of blood to restore her power from near death to 100%. Do remember this is not difficult to attain.

Intense Properties
Ashlei's blood now burns at double the rate of her sealed state. If aided by Reitsu, this rate is doubled again. For example, a Puppy in this state takes 15 seconds to melt or 8 Seconds if infused with reitsu.

I. Ultimo Revolución

» Ultimo Revolución Powers:

Final Released Tier: Ashlei, outside of her releases, is 0-2++ tier. As such, her general abilities such as speed and strength increase drastically to match this tier. Ashlei becomes incredible and very difficult to even look at if the character is not at least 0 tier.

Infused Density Blood:
There is a point where blood mixing with oxygen causes it to harden into a scab. Usually, Blood Type X would not do this but in this state it can and for very useful reasons. By allowing the blood particles to thicken into a dark blue/black solid, Ashlei can create weapons and armour for herself that rival the density and cutting power of a 0-2 weapon/armour. Because of the mould-able nature of a liquid, Ashlei can create any solid shape she wishes to the point of being able to drop a skyscrapers worth of blood onto someone that all cut like shards of glass. She is only limited by the amount of blood she gathers.

If they're destroyed in any way, she can collect more blood and create new ones. Even whilst in this state, the blood can be moved by Ashlei's will alone. if blood is Infused, it can no longer return to a liquid state.

This ability is often used to create a defensive shell around her pendant to protect it from devastating attacks.

Unfathomable Properties
Ashlei's blood now burns at double the rate of her released state. If aided by Reitsu, this rate is doubled again. For example, a Puppy in this state takes 8 seconds to melt or 4 Seconds if infused with reitsu.

This burning has now become so intense that Ashlei's blood can set fire similarly to oil but thanks to its inability to evaporate or freeze, the blood will constantly blaze. This does not effect the fire however as water will put the flames out. The flames can also be fanned to increase its size as much as any normal fire ever could. These fires are not very large at first, but can cause a bloody battle can turn the entire environment into a blazing battlefield. Ashlei is unaffected by her own flames.

Instant Bloody Purification

(Requires permission by other members of the thread to use)

Ashlei's blood properties are all mostly based on subconscious channeling that Ashlei does not need to concern herself with, even if infused with reitsu to increase its rates. if desired, Ashlei can overload her own body with reitsu then by inserting even a single particle of Blood type X, an entire mass of blood becomes converted within an instant. Ashlei could force her own blood into someone, then convert their entire blood stream into hers. That person would burn to death from within.

I. Skill Sheet

Racial Skills
  • Cuerpo Reparación: Grand Master
  • Cero Rastro: Advanced
  • Tānāgati: Master
  • Ksetra Pari: Advanced

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Master
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Adept

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Master
  • Pain Endurance: Master
  • Focus: Master


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Coding In Template By:


Visera Demonio Profile

I. History

The Village

Ashlei lived in a very large unnamed village miles away from civilization in an undisclosed country and surrounded by a thick woodland area with a single path leading into the village and out. The place was very undeveloped, mostly relying on very old methods of tailoring, smithing, farming and cooking to get by. Because the village was so tightly kept however, there was no need for currency. Everyone was given their fair share of the rewards reaped from the land and goods made from the hard work of villagers. Men earned respect through hard work and through the family they hailed from. The actions of family members often reflected on the entire family tree, meaning even old dead relatives could create prejudices for future children. This is how the village managed to prosper for so long without outsider interference as nobody would step out of line, lest their bloodline be vanquished.

The father of the household was always the authority and made all decisions and worked in the village, usually with hard physical labour. The mother was tasked with tending to their children and completing chores within their home and gardens as well as cooking for the family. Even though this may seem like a male dominated society, women are treated as valuable possessions and are often spoiled so that they do not abandon the village. To a man, their wife is a trophy they can brag about. Being able to be wed with the child of another family's prestigious women was a blessing and an honour.

After all, to keep the number of people living in this village high women were expected to bear 3 children minimum. The more children a woman could give birth to, the more respect she would earn. It is unheard of for a woman to dominate a household over a man and if they tried, they would be executed for attempting to break the order of the village.

This village was practically off the map with only a small river running through it as it's lone landmark. The year was 1845. Travellers from other towns were very very rare and villagers would be incredibly cautious around them. This was often because the people did not trust outsiders, yet some have managed to settle down in the village in the past. Others however have caused terrible issues among the villagers due to paranoia and wild superstitions that could not be disproven at the time. Anybody caught doing odd or questionable things were locked up or worse: killed. Nothing could be allowed to interfere with prosperity. People thought everything was going to be perfect. That was until Ashlei was born.

A series of Unfortunate Events

At this point, Ashlei was named Danielle and lived the first 3 years of her life without any problems. She was a well behaved child and she fit into her family as the eldest daughter well. Her mother 'Monica' cherished her more than any other mother but her father 'Nirvana' was less enthusiastic as he had always wanted a son. It was around Danielle's fourth birthday that things started to appear wrong.

Ashlei took an interest in a cat that she had seen wandering around. She was too young to understand it fully and wanted to learn. She often wandered around the village by herself when her mother was sleeping to see if she could find the cat. She spent a few days interacting with it. She spoke slowly. She tried to see what it would like to eat. She even tried to get close enough to touch it. However, the cat would always stay at a distance and watch, no matter what she did. The day she attempted to touch the cat, it lashed out angrily at her whilst screeching. The cat cut her hand, and Ashlei fell backwards and burst into tears. When she calmed down, the cat was gone and in it's place was a pool of blood.

This was merely the start of Ashlei's childhood problems. These events occurred very infrequently, maybe once a year but as she grew older she began remembering them. What started as pets disappearing became animals and livestock being slaughtered overnight. Fences near places she had been were sometimes found destroyed and even tree's in the woodlands nearby had been felled out of order, confusing the workers there. Nobody could pinpoint the causes of any disappearance or destruction but as Ashlei grew to the age of 10, people were very aware of strange occurrences and trust became a myth within the village.

One fateful evening, Ashlei was requested by her father to collect a weapon from the blacksmith. it wasn't a very difficult task since the smith only lived a few doors down. When she arrived, the man silently handed her a blade wrapped tightly in cloth and string, too tight for her to be capable of removing. When she tried to leave, a massive crash tossed her against the wall. Blood shot across the room, drenching her. She caught a glimpse of what had happened, as a large beast with a white mask tore the blacksmith's head off and ate it. As the creature left, pulling the door apart as it did, it's heavy feet crushed the sword on the ground. The loud sounds and crashes in the blacksmiths house attracted the village's attention. Men flocked to the door, weapons and tools drawn. However all they found was a limping, blood soaked girl dragging a blood-caked, shattered sword before the gushing corpse of the blacksmith. She was quickly apprehended and locked away.

In the end, her parents were consulted and the village agreed to kill her just like a treacherous thief. She was said to be a witch with bad omens and all of these events since her birth were her intentional doing. However, there was one thing that got in the way of that and that is Ashlei's mother: Monica. She loved Ashlei and couldn't understand why such claims were being made. She knew something must have happened that Ashlei couldn't explain. Sadly, this only made people point fingers at Monica. She must be a witch too! All of their family were cursed! The other sisters at the time were still very young and needed looking after, but it was until a few nights after the acquisitions were made that Monica's husband, Ashlei's father began to spiral out of control.

Nirvana fell for the superstitions and couldn't understand why he was breeding corrupted children. He wanted to prove that he too was not an embodiment of the devil. He attacked, beating Monica and raping her several times over the course of several years until she had given birth to several more children. Monica was trapped in her own home as the family fell apart. Each child she gave birth to seemed perfectly normal which in Nirvana's sight, proved that Ashlei was indeed the sole culprit and Monica was encouraging her. During this hideously dark time in the village, Ashlei was kept by herself in a cage, her hands and legs bound and her face covered by a mask to obscure her vision but still allow her to move her jaw to eat. Whilst she was like this, a young boy with a familiar voice looked after her. He said his name was Tetsuka and they were fated to meet. He fed her and passed the time with her. In essence, he was her only friend during this time as her family was forbidden to see her. She survived these conditions for 10 more years until she was finally 20 years old.

The Dead Can't Testify

With enough evidence to clear his name, Nirvana marched to Ashlei's cage with many other men behind him. The decision had been made. Ashlei was dragged out of the cage in the pouring rain as lightning struck down to light up the torch-lit town. She was hauled onto a crudely designed set of gallows and she was hung. As she blacked out, she was pulled down from the noose. Using a knife, Nirvana split open her stomach, pulling out her internal organs but keeping them in tact so she can still somewhat remain alive. Then, to finish the ritual, Ashlei was tied to heavy bricks and tossed into the nearby river, never to be seen again. Many villagers had the images of her slaughter etched into their mind as the red liquid of her corpse filled the river with blood.

This is how Ashlei she died and became a wandering spirit. Ashlei's spirit was bound underwater. She couldn't leave the village because her soul chain was attached to her body. The entire time she was beneath the surface, she screamed. Her spirit unable to pass on to the next life. She was frequently approached by the monster that she saw 10 years ago. She saw new ones. But none of them ever attempted to get into the water to grab her. All they did was terrify her even more as they watched. She couldn't move any limbs. In her mind, she didn't know if she had any anymore. For years, all Ashlei knew was suffering. Suffering that would eventually push her to new heights.

Ashlei became a hollow. Her body grew. Her lower half was destroyed as a human, but had now warped itself into a long snake-like tail. Her torso expanded and her back sprouted huge wings. Her hands grew into claws and her face distorted into a goat's skull. As a hollow, she could break out of her watery prison and upon doing so lifted the rivers contents and hurled it over the village. The villagers looked as an explosion launched mud, rock and water into the air. To them, Ashlei was invisible. In mid air, the hollow threw itself into a nearby building and shattered it completely to the ground. Villagers ran in panic, swept away by the wave and crushed under falling rubble. The Hollow Ashlei crashed into each building, tossing corpses aside and razing the entire village to the ground. Everything was on fire,.

Ashlei made sure however to leave her family home unscathed. Her siblings and Mother met with the beast that their eldest sister had become. Because of her influence, everyone she let stay alive could see her. She fluttered before them and simply watched them for a few moment's like a mother bird defending her eggs, before turning aside and flying into the sky. After this, Monica fled the village with her children in an attempt to find another town to reside in.

A Hollow life of Slaughter and Progress

This rampage was Ashlei's revenge against those that killed her. Shinigami attempted to track her down, other Hollows wanted to kill her but not a single one were able to slay her. Her list for battle saw her seeking out large sources of energy and absorbing it, forcing herself to grow. Her instincts brought her across the worlds continents. Eventually, she felt a calling from a greater purpose. Ashlei found her way to Hueco Mundo where should could fight stronger prey. There, she killed to survive and ate to grow even stronger. There were several times where she was attacked by several Hollows at once but her power was growing at a much faster rate than theirs and she decimated them with ease.

She did this for years to come, never really progressing but still growing more and more powerful after each fight. She didn't notice her stagnant growth and relished in the feeling of battle. Her body clearly wasn't reacting properly, but after a stressful encounter with a band of Shinigami, Ashlei's Hollow body began to wither and struggle to continue. She won the fight but had to rest. She spent several days in a deep sleep within a cave of the Menos Forest. Upon emerging, her body had changed. She was no longer a large dragon and now became much more humanoid and smaller like she was when she was a child. This time spent slaughtering Hollows finally climaxed and forced a transformation. She had ascended to a Vasto lorde. Suddenly, she could think. She had her mind back as though she had never left it behind as a human. She knew she wasn't the same anymore and she understood this quickly.

A Vasto lorde is a very rare sight and incredibly valuable. This gave the Espada a reason to capture her and turn her into an Arrancar. Within the day, Ashlei found herself surrounded by very powerful beings just like her. Ashlei obviously fought back. She had grown accustomed to her abilities as a Hollow but now she had to relearn her capabilities all over again. When ambushed, Ashlei managed to kill one of the Espada members simply by screeching a huge cero from her raging mouth whilst being pulled aside and trapped. Now unable to fight back, the Espada spoke to her. Stunned, the female hollow responded, testing out her voice and trying her best to remember not only how to speak but also what her own voice sounded like. She was scared and wasn't certain what was going to happen to her from this point.

Luckily, this feeling did not last too long as the Arrancar promised her a home. She would train with them to attain more power and join with new friends that could ensure a bright future for her. She was reluctant but knew she had no chance of winning against so many warriors. However she knew her loneliness was killing her heart and she had to give in sooner or later. She was being given a second chance. The Espada had successfully recruited Ashlei and her empowerment process began.

Las Noches. Your New Home

Ashlei became a very promising Arrancar. Straight away she had power over a lot of Las Noches as the 9th Espada. She was now able to think of the things that had happened over the past few years and the things she had done. The actions she took to kill her own people. She was scared of that, but they deserved it. She was a very valuable asset as she could wipe out Shinigami easily with her strange amount of power at such a young age. She proved this on several occasions, defeating entire platoons of Shinigami by herself. Eventually she was promoted drastically. She became Espada 3 and skipped a whole 6 places. She was shunned for this by other Espada members as they knew their leader was simply taking a liking to her. She was effectively his personal pet but she didn't think anything of it.

One day she was given a message. The current Cero Espada was dead. Her leader was gone. Everyone was shocked as nobody knew how it happened, but a new leader needed to be put forwards. The Primera at the time voted herself rather selfishly. The message however had already notified them of who the new Cero would be. The previous leader believed that Ashlei was capable, more so than any other. The primera had a bit of a rage after hearing Ashlei was now cero. She activated her Resserecion and captured Ashlei in a seal of ageing. If the girl was going to run the Espada at such an age, she may as well be that age for the rest of her life. And thus, Ashlei lost the power to age as a full proof seal was hindering her progress. In anger, Ashlei killed the Primera without haste and appointed a new one there and then. In doing so, she showed everyone that she had no mercy and had been brought up to be a killing machine. The others bowed to her will, through fear and respect.

The Ageing Curse

Ashlei's reign lasted for a very long time, spanning centuries. Over this time, her body seemed to not age whatsoever. This proved that the seal that had been put on her was functioning as intended and she would not see any changes anytime soon. It took over 200 years for her to look 23. Once she realised parts of her body were indeed changing, she could tell that the seal was beginning to degrade. Sadly, this did not come with pleasant side effects as her body felt heavy and ached often. Eventually, something inside of her snapped and the seal broke considerably overnight.

Almost instantly 25% of it fell apart. This caused Ashlei a lot of internal pain as her entire body felt like it was on fire. Ashlei spent an entire days worth of screaming in agony before she stopped. Nobody could get to her as she was just too violent to approach at this time. Ashlei managed to get over this pain and quickly reported to the Espada that something was finally changing.

The Woes of a Leader

Ashlei met a young group of Arrancar that had taken a liking to her, so she made them her fraccion. Each member was still very new to being Arrancar and needed some serious training if they wanted to become true warriors. Ashlei helped them for several months. Each one showed her what they were capable of and Ashlei felt like she had grown herself as a teacher and a leader.

After some time, she felt the team could accomplish more outside of Las Noches. She sent them on their first task as her subordinates to prove their worth to the other Espada. But then, when they didn't return after several days Ashlei became anxious and went to look for them. She quickly wished she hadn't found them. Ashlei managed to catch her Fraccion being cut apart by Shinigami scouts in the endless desert. This was not supposed to be their task. They had been invaded. In a rage, Ashlei killed everything within a mile, tearing limbs apart until she couldn't think. She found herself sitting in the midst of her own destruction, and cried.

Ashlei knew that her emotions were getting the better of her. She blamed the seal for her emotions being so unclear partially, but also the fact that she had no idea what she was doing. Truly, she was forced into this position with little insight as a leader. She questioned her intentions to figure out her meaning in life beyond Las Noches. Why does she get up in the morning to command this organisation? She could not simply find the answer.

The Fated Meeting. A Chance at a New Family

The Espada meeting room was met by a small group of people, all from the most villainous regions of reality. Some previous cero Espadas, demons and even Shinigami that have thrown aside their allegiances with the Sereitei. One woman in particular took Ashlei's attention more than the others and she was known as "Claire Clixx". Ashlei knew absolutely nothing about this woman, and even though the demon queen Mana was trying to form an alliance, Ashlei was much more interested in this blood based woman.

Eventually, the agreement was made for the Arrancar and Demons to form an alliance. Claire left with everyone else and Ashlei was left to simply do some reconnaissance on her next possible steps. She knew she had to meet that woman again and that Mana would certainly play a pivotal role in her life someday. it did not take long for this to happen. Underneath Karakura, Ashlei was simply sightseeing but used this as an excuse to get close to Claire. Claire had murdered several innocent humans in cold blood during this time. Baffled by her power, Ashlei took her up in conversation and soon after realising Ashlei's loneliness, Claire adopted the Cero Espada as her child and Ashlei agreed completely. It was so sudden, but Ashlei couldn't refuse. She finally had another chance to be in a family.

The Seal Broken

She awoke one day feeling fine, but after going to the bathroom, she threw up all over the mirror and eventually fell to the floor to do the same to the ground. When she looked at her hands afterwards, she had vomited blood rather than any sickness. Worried someone might find out, Ashlei cleaned up and continued work as normal, only to find people realising she looked terrible. Eventually she was spotted throwing up blood everywhere in the desert. After about 20 minutes of this, Ashlei had changed in appearance yet again. She had become even older. Around about her late 20's. The seal was nearly completely gone and she could feel her powers rising with excitement. This pushed Ashlei to take matters into her own hands. She began to build. She began to experiment. She took her vast intellect and ability to learn and spent years in a laboratory she built to create the ultimate army. She was going to make her mother proud and show everyone in the universe that she was now on top.

The First Abandonment

Ashlei had loved Claire and treated her as though she was her blood mother. They were close, but not as close as she wanted. Ashlei was always working to make the Espada powerful once more but as she was doing this, Claire disappeared leaving her daughter alone in the world again. As soon as she heard Claire was missing, Ashlei had a minor emotional breakdown and destroyed half of her laboratory in distress. She was plunged back into loneliness. This only persuaded her to push even further. She was going to make this entire world pay for everything it had ever done to her.

The Xeno Project. Dues Ex Ressurecion!

Ashlei's incredible intellect pushed her creativity to questionable heights. By experimenting on live Hollows, Ashlei constantly drained days away over a scalpel and a bloody table. She wanted to create a form stronger than her current one that anyone could potentially use and she was going to use her own army as test subjects. Eventually, Ashlei came to a breakthrough and found a way to trigger a Segunda Etapa prematurely, though it had strange metallic side effects thanks to it's biological and mechanical roots. Ashlei called this the Dues Ex Ressurecion and began work on creating an army of Hollows with a similar power. The existence of Xeno Hollows never become very large, but they were known as Ashlei's most respected advancement for Hollows and a step even greater than a Vasto lorde.

The Espada Guard. An Unexpected Alliance.

Ashlei spent time travelling the living world when she could. She wanted to know more about the people she had not met yet and how to kill them. She wanted to capture people for this exact purpose. Eventually, she came across 3 people that surprised her. A rogue Shinigami, A lost Arrancar and a Demon Warrior. Each one stated that they wished to assist her and she gladly took them all under her wing. She knew that her previous fraccion were not strong enough so instead, she threw her emotions aside and instead wished for powerful allies.

These three were Rihiku Hitsugaya, Betrayer of the Shinigami, Miku Midknight the Apparition of Sorrow and Ultimos, The Knight of Chaos. Seeing as people like this couldn't possibly be Espada or Fraccion, she made a new rank of 'Espada Guards' and they all worked together to defend Las Noches and undertake missions within enemy territory. All three were amazing at their jobs. Rihiku was an incredible swordsman that could level an entire organisation by himself. Miku was a strong willed soldier that threw all concern for herself aside to get a mission done. Ultimos was also part dragon and could level a city under his draconic grasp.

Ashlei found herself becoming attached to Rihiku and over time she slowly fell in love with him. However, his past gave him no intentions to love her back. She knew this and didn't want to push anything upon him but she couldn't help herself.

Rihiku was approached by Ashlei one early morning and Ashlei had built up the courage to be more forward with him. She presumed Rihiku loved her, and so she suggested they tried to go a bit further. Rihiku being who he was didn’t pick up on her intentions and as she leant forwards to kiss him, he pushed her back and asked for an explanation. Ashlei emotionally hurt retaliated by yelling. After a few minutes of yelling, the two realised the others feelings and it was when Ashlei called his dead girlfriend a 'whore', Rihiku came back with a phrase that made Ashlei launch a cero at him, barely clipping his coat. Rihiku then fled through the hole blown out of the wall and travelled to the living world to leave Ashlei in Las Noches to cry it all out. He was not coming back and Ultimos took chase. He too never returned and Ashlei was once again left to cry her sorrow out. Miku however stayed feeling no obligation to leave.

The Resurrection of Kin. A Mother Returns

Ashlei had no idea what to do, and took to strolling around different cities. The girl was lost without the people she loved and wanted to die. She went to Karakura but she didn't stay long. She moved around the world before finding herself in the middle of a massive event. She had stumbled across the resurrection of Kin. An entity she had no idea existed. There, she found someone she didn't think she was going to see ever again. Claire had returned to greet Kin with many other notable people. Ashlei however, wanted to remain invisible to them but Claire quickly picked up on her and found Ashlei lying on the floor in tears. That day was Ashlei's real hell, and Claire crying for her and apologising so meaningfully fixed Ashlei's wounded heart, but also broke it. This reuinion was going to destroy everything Ashlei had ever fought for and turn her into a woman to be feared by all, even her own mother.

The Curse Revealed. Mother vs Daughter

Eventually, Ashlei had to leave her mother because something had gotten into her mind that even she was incapable of defending against. it had been lying dormant for years until recently where it attacked her soul. This presence was a spirit that had tracked her down and housed itself within her soul during her emotional breakdowns. it lived off the darkness in ones heart and feasted on their power. In the end, Ashlei was succumbed to this parasitic power and she slowly started to grow weak. A bad time to start however as Ashlei was called to London to help invade. She had no other choice but to follow lest she would be dubbed a coward to her allies.

Here Ashlei was brought face to face with her mother once more. However, insanity gripped the woman again and before Ashlei was capable of stopping it, Claire had become blood thirsty. Ashlei couldn't stand watching her mother fall into this craze again, and the parasite took it upon himself to use this feeling to her advantage. By persuading the girl into thinking her mother was the worst woman on earth, Ashlei burst into her resserecion and took her mother on in full scale combat. However the parasite knew what the end result would be and mocked her every move.

It was able to pull the plug mid battle and Ashlei fell to the floor. Revealing itself, the parasite was in fact an old friend Ashlei had met several centuries ago. Somehow, he was still alive and had become a parasite to follow her. This man was Tetsuka from her home village. He stood tall as he had leached all of the girls reiatsu into his system and made a break for it. Ashlei had no way to regain her powers and Claire had vanished. Only Mana and Claire's brother Ceon stood there with Ashlei collapsed on the ground. Ceon told Mana he would take Ashlei away from London.

Weakness Once More

Ashlei's abilities were now gone but she had to gain them back at all costs. Upon waking, she found herself within a forest nobody seemed to have been to before where the tree's were all white and only a single man lived there. His name was Balthazar the Red and he specialised in blood magic. Ashlei knew blood was her true calling ever since finding her Claire and ordered the man to train her in the arts of blood and biomancy.

He declined the forceful offer, but decided to help when he noticed the lusting for blood within Ashleis heart. Helping the girl back onto her feet, Balthazar trained Ashlei in the art of blood magic. She spent months here away from Hueco Mundo, making sure she was capable of using this ability. She started to get her reiatsu back and working under the bloody man got her far. The two became somewhat inseparable whilst working together and their relationship grew. Balthazar was very pleased with Ashlei's growth and her final lesson was rewarded with a base for this power she could worth with for the rest of her life. To grant this, she was tasked with killing balthazar and consuming his blood. In doing so, Ashlei not only lost yet another valuable asset in her life but also a friend.

Now replenished and powerful once again, Ashlei returned to Hueco Mundo. The espada had to be maintained. After all of this, she thought her life would finally even itself out and allow her to rest.

After reviving her powers, Ashlei felt more and more powerful each day until she realised what had really happened. Tetsuka had broken the seal completely, including the bits hidden deep inside that were holding her powers back. Tetsuka in essence had made her as powerful as she was supposed to be. In fact, the abilities that Balthazar had bestowed upon her were starting to take more affect. Her blood powers were to become more and more potent as she trained, researched and grew. She saw her power being only as limited as there are people in existence.

The Search for the Sisters. The Mischevang Name Begins

Ashlei had never considered her original family still being alive. That wasn't until she began feeling an odd sensation within her body. She could somehow feel when someone related to her was nearby. Using this, Ashlei began to track down people across the different worlds. It was in doing this that she was reunited with a girl that now called herself Flea. Of which Ashlei refused to call her and instead called her Felle. She was the first sister to truly return to Ashlei's life.

The Man in the Shadows. A Knight Fallen

Ashlei met a girl named Miyuki and soon befriended her. Strangely, Ashlei didn't really care about Miyuki at all and was more interested in the way Miku had been interacting with her. When the girl found out about this, she seemed heartbroken but Ashlei couldn't have cared less. If it wasn't for Miku demanding that Ashlei didn't kill her at the time, Miyuki wouldn't have survived their meeting. Instead, the Ashlei ordered Miku to look after the girl and maybe Miku could learn how to be more human-like and feel emotion. She knew how much of an asset emotions were and Miku was the least expressive person she'd ever met. For some reason, Ashlei felt like that was the better choice right now.

It was then that the existence of Matthew Hinote became apparent. He appeared twice, the first when he was unsuccessful in taking Miyuki back to his realm. The second, when Miyuki defied his orders, he came back with a much bigger goal to achieve. He kidnapped the girl, but it was the fact that Miyuki wanted to leave that broke Miku's heart. Now shattered, Miku attempted to steal her friend back in a blind rage. Ashlei then had to arrive on scene to keep her Espada Guard under control but as soon as Miyuki was taken from their grasp, Miku flipped and even assaulted Ashlei. Seeing no end to Miku's broken heart and mind, Ashlei fought Miku and ended up destroying her underlings body amidst a public Arrancar settlement. As punishment and also to Ashlei's disgust, she removed Miku's eyes and banished her from Hueco Mundo. She was never seen again and Ashlei has always assumed Miku to be dead.

Remembering. Insanity

Things were looking bad yet again for Ashlei, even after she had managed to stand firmly for a while. She thought about past events more clearly and questioned what she was doing. Her own doubts took control and she began to break down emotionally once again and ponder her future. In her sleep, she dreamt of a woman that she didn't recognise. She explained to Ashlei that her name was Monica and her true mother. This confused her, as she was still hunting for Claire and for Monica to arrive now would be traumatic for her. Waking up, Ashlei realised her knowledge of her true mother was eating at her anxiety. She had forgotten all about looking for her family.

The fact that she has two mothers was always known, but knowing that both are somewhere out there and all of her sisters may still be alive waiting for her drove the girl insane. The strain and stress of everything pushed her so hard that she fell into a coma for what must have been over a month. Breaking into her room after some time, Mana and Felle both tried to get the girl to wake up from her nightmare.

Mana was successful, opening Ashlei's eyes and showing her that she still has a family that desperately wants to hold onto her. Ashlei got up, drank Mana's blood and moved around as normal, expecting everything to go back to how it once was. Ashlei realized then that her interactions with Mana were tightly woken and she was right to think their fates would be intertwined eventually. Ashlei fell in love with Mana and it did not take long for Mana to feel the same.

The Rose with Thorns. The Extraordinary sister.
A closely related sister to Ashlei named Rose had surfaced at some point during Ashlei's time back in hueco Mundo after her body regained strength and she woke from her coma. Ashlei had full faith that Rose would not only be a great boon to the Hollow forces, but also grow into a fantastic woman that Ashlei could be proud to call her younger sister. Ashlei and Rose bonded over their intellectual debates on the sciences, each preferring their own takes on upgrading the world. This only pushed them on further and Ashlei can happily say this was the peak of her relationship with Rose.

The Creation of a New World. New Hueco Mundo

Ashlei, now back in full control of herself, began work on her most insane creation to date. She no longer wished to undergo any bothersome technology with metals and hardware. Instead, she gave up on the idea of creating a mass produced upgrade and instead chose to create one massive living entity that would effectively be her entire base. This was the birth of Las Viviente: A monstrous Sand Flower that not only regenerated similarly to Ashlei herself, but used this ability to become the walls of Las Noches, increasing it's size exponentially. This breakthrough in Biological science was Ashlei's greatest known achievement and all of Arrancar kind are now protected by Las Viviente whether she is around or not.

Falling Apart. The Search for Answers

Now knowing that she could leave the world safely without having to worry about it being destroyed, Ashlei once more vanished without a word. Nobody knew where she had gone. Ashlei spent this time alone with nobody to console her as she struggled to realise that her body was not coping anymore. Forcing herself to seek help, Ashlei stumbled into Underground Karakura by accident and met a few interesting characters down there. Ceon was among them, and as he defended his niece from threats, Ashlei spent this time trying to figure out what to do and who to talk to.

Claire's Final Return. Ashlei's Betrayal
Ashlei could not have predicted the next time Claire would materialize herself but she knew she had to be prepared for that time. Ashlei visited Hueco Mundo once more and met with her sister Rose of whom had been running things in Ashlei's absence. Ashlei did not have good news to bear sadly as it was at this time Claire had begun to move once more. Ashlei knew Claire was in K-world with Kin and something had been going on behind her back. Ashlei had to know why Claire was constantly leaving her. Rose disagreed and told Ashlei she was chasing a ghost she could never have back. Ashlei didn't want to accept that as truth and told Rose she had to do it for her own sake. It was at this time Rose lost faith in her elder sister.

Ashlei attacked k-world. She flew directly to where Kin and Claire were hiding and assaulted the tower with little effect. Once Ashlei had gotten close to kin, she had already broken most bones in her body and was gasping for air. It was here that Ashlei learned she could no longer rely on Claire. It was a confirmation that her foster mother was not going to return. She was with Kin now and Ashlei had no place in that family. Ashlei disowned Claire and fled with what little pride she had remaining. Everything began to go further downhill from there. Ashlei's body was nowhere near as powerful as it once was and Kin proved it. She was dying.

A Dying Queen. A Plea for Help

Seeing nobody but Mana as trustworthy enough to fix this, Ashlei made the decision to return to her home and request that Mana did something nobody thought Ashlei would ever ask: convert her into a Demon. However, the process was deliberately sabotaged and Ashlei broke free from her restraints early. She walked away from this conversion as a hybrid of the two races. Ashlei and Mana together had created the Visera Demonio and Ashlei was it's first monstrous host.

This pushed her powers beyond reason. Her body made no logical sense, her powers were godlike and she had never felt better. In her mind, Claire had become an ill memory she would rather forget and the rest of the Clixx family were no different. Ashlei finally had a new home with Mana and was in power once more.

Two Throne Lovers. The Birth of Hexetelle

Ashlei and Mana grew much much closer to the point where they decided to make another impossible attempt beyond turning Ashlei part demonic. They would conceive a child and become mothers together. Knowing that this would essentially be the one thing that would tie shlei and Mana together forever, Ashlei agreed to be the bearer whilst Mana continued working at her fullest.

During her pregnancy, Ashlei discovered that her child was absorbing more and more of her energy to grow. This became so difficult to handle that Ashlei become bedridden for several months. Not many could get close to her nor contact her. Ashlei did not care a great deal however as at this point she had already abandoned everything to continue her life with mana.

Eventually, Hexetelle was born.

Captured. The Return of Monica

Ashlei's sanity has never been considered stable even up to and beyond the birth of Hexetelle. Several months passed and Hexetelle rapid aging was giving Ashlei a lot of grief as the girl was passing into different phases so quickly. Not even a year old and Hexetelle was talking and walking and punching her when she didn't get the things she wanted. Ashlei still loved her to bits, but being a mother was difficult.

This is where a certain face Ashlei could not remember appeared and, using abilities related to the Mischevang bloodline, kidnapped Ashlei and Hexetelle. This person would later be found to be Ashlei's blood mother: Monica. Making his return also, Tetsuka had partnered with her.

These two knew exactly how Ashlei's powers worked and stripped her of her reitsu before she could regain consciousness. She was muzzled and chained to a wall before being mercilessly tortured for months with little remorse.

The plan was to return Ashlei to her former unstable self. If Ashlei ever lost her drive to be the most powerful in existence, then the mischevang family itself would likely fade into history. This was not an option monica desired. Her own past had caused her to become mentally corrupt and twisted which blends perfectly with Tetsuka's desire to inflict pain and suffering on anyone in his way. Unable to fight back, Ashlei was beaten senseless until she had next to no hope left in returning to the quiet life she wanted with Mana and Hexetelle.

Silent Screaming. A Bloody Moon Harvest

Ashlei was transported back to the living world with minimal reitsu. just enough to keep her alive but not enough to cause her to completely level the nearest landmass she was on. Instead, Ashlei regained her power over a few weeks until she felt like her usual self again. Then, she began her harvest.

Travelling between worlds, Ashlei slaughtered whatever living creature came too close and collected their blood. She ended up erasing a countless number of innocent lives in her campaign, doing everything she could to remain completely under the radar. She could bring attention to herself and also couldn't tell Mana what had happened. She couldn't be seen as weak again or not dependable. She had spent her last few years doing everything she could to be a better person and it was thrown back in her face.

Monica and Tetsuka still held Hexetelle and had been looking after her for the past month. Ashlei returned to her abandoned laboratory in karakura. Luring people in with her seductive charm, she would carve them and stitch them into the body of a Hollow to create a new kind of abomination that would be the hidden key to her upcoming onslaught. Ashlei was a hair's breadth away from snapping and ending the world. But she still has one last mission to do. She has to save her child and she has to do it alone.


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Quote :
Cells: Instant
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Change to posts, minus cells. All references to real-world time as limits in powers need to be changed to reflect this as well.

Quote :
Concussion Shell

Needs post limit and cooldown.

Quote :
Blood Funnel

Needs more limits than just a mile radius (i.e blood amount limit, etc.).


The rest, I will be trusting you with as you're an old member and have been able to use these without too much issue as far as I know. After those are fixed, we should be ready to go.
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« The Willsheet Checklist »

• And Comments/Fixes •

Will Skills
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  • Focus: Master

[b][u]Will Skills[/u][/b]
[list][*][b]Willpower/Determination:[/b] Advanced
[*][b]Mental Deduction:[/b] Master
[*][b]Pain Endurance:[/b] Master
[*][b]Focus:[/b] Master

  • Comments/Notes: I've talked with Chao and staff, and I trust him with the limitations and abilities set in place. Therefore, I will be approving this. If anyone has any issues regarding this check, come see me.
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[> Ashlei 'Asthavon Clixx' Mischevang <] [>The Bloody Tyrant <] [APPROVED; 1-1++/0-3/0-2++]
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