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 Astaroth Asthavon

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Astaroth Asthavon    Mon Mar 06, 2017 10:50 am


Name:Astaroth Asthavon
Race: Danava Demon
Alias: God of Destruction, Astaroth the Destroyer, The Demonoid Typhoon.
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Height:Five feet and six inches
Weight: One hundred and ninety-eight lbs
Phrases: "Before Creation, comes Destruction."
Background: Little is known about the Demonic Entity known as Astaroth. Aside from the fact he is in constant slumber. Wishing to be left alone. Not really wanting to take action or be part of anything. It's often claimed that during times of Destruction he awakens to be present for large-scale destruction that occurs. Making him several thousands of years old by some estimates. It's highly unknown what kind of Demonic being he is. It's been claimed several times that he is seen as the Reaper of Destruction. It's ever-present visage upon those who would wage it. But the reality of it is that he doesn't involve himself with the outside world or even things going on. They don't interest him in the slightest as they seem a bother. Astaroth is an unknown to even his own kind. An Enigma who simply exists and comes and goes as he pleases. He is a constant that he believes will always be present as Destruction comes before Creation. The world never steps forward without destruction. But he isn't so inclined to destroy everything as he's been labeled. Titles and everything that is meaningless in his eyes and mind. The only thing he wants is to be left alone in silence away from everything noisy. At present, he slumbers in some dark chamber never to be disturbed or woken. That is Astaroth's wish to be left alone and not be forced to herald in destruction. While he has been many places and slept in a number of forests in his time. One thing is certain the God of Destruction is among the Living.

Physical Appearance:Despite his unknown age he is a young man in visage. He wears a high collar tan and black robes with golden trim. His obsidian hair and eyes are striking as they often times make people think of the void. Astaroth wears a white object over his robes giving them a nicer appearance to some. A necklace with a symbol on it is also worn. His physical body seems to be small and frail to some extent. But underneath those robes, he's nothing but a brick wall. Astaroth's body is able to absorb insane amounts of punishment. When stripping it all away you see his body is built of lean muscle. The way he wears his hair is as though out of bed. Astaroth never saw the point in changing clothing or any of that. What use was all of that nonsense even clothing? Something about wearing things seems almost like a boorish human mentality. But it doesn't matter as he'd rather not be cold as the feeling is unpleasant. Strange symbols in Demonic Language marking him as a Destroyer are on his clothing. These likely could only be deciphered by older Demonic beings. Those who have been around a while to see the language and could understand it.


Lazy: He just plain doesn't care to a point where he won't bother defending himself. His enemies are often times so boorish and not worth his time. He considers the entire event of getting up to do things a pain. Doing physical activities are so tiring and require so much energy. It's not that he's weak as that isn't the problem. He's simply strong and hasn't encountered anything to get his blood pumping. He'd rather spend his time sleeping and napping away his troubles. He believes most matters are just not worth energy or dealing with. Getting all excitable over or doing things like are simply a waste of good energy. Taking things slow is the only thing that really makes it interesting. It's the only way he can make himself even bother getting up.

Laid Back: He takes this to the extreme and doesn't really care. To him, the three realms and their political nightmare are just noisy. They don't really serve a purpose in his grand scheme. They'll all destroy one another someday. He's no reason to care or really get involved in it. He doesn't take things such as politics or stuff like that seriously. Even the greatest Demons alive wouldn't really make him change his attitude or nature. They simply are beings that he views as a means to an end. Just because he is the destroyer doesn't mean he enjoys it. He'd much rather kick back and watch the clouds. Or maybe observe some groundbreaking event such as people behaving. Things are merely animals and don't have the common sense given to a Jackass. Or at least that's Astaroth's take on the matter of everything. This world wants to move so fast when it should just slow down and enjoy the show. Nothing is gonna change by going faster, destruction is inevitable.

Unmotivated: Astaroth just lacks motivation to do things. He often claims it's because he already knows the outcome. That it's boring to do something that you can see the result of. It's like watching a Magic Show and knowing all the tricks. What's the point of investing time or interest into it? He'll often be seen yawning mostly out of boredom and a desire to be left out of things. While it's not that he's unkind or anything of that nature. He simply doesn't have the capacity to care or bother with things. Motivation would require him to give a damn. Nothing so far in his existence has come along to change his mind. He simply exists because that's what is needed. It's not as though there is a purpose aside from destruction. Beings are prone to fall into simple categories and seem to forget that. Astaroth isn't so motivated to figure out who is who. Or even bother learning names as it's meaningless in the end. Names aren't worth wasting space in your memories for it.

Kind:Despite his nature he is a nice guy deep down. Desiring only to be left alone so as not to extinguish too much life. It's not his goal to destroy the world or any such thing. Astaroth merely desires that he be left alone. He does have morality though finds it a bother. Stepping in and protecting people when they need it has caused trouble. More often than not his exploits are due to his stupid morality getting the best of him. Going in with good intentions only to find out the harsh reality. That being simply cannot be saved because they are doomed to destruction. While he believes sleeping endlessly will prevent that. His kind heart doesn't allow him to connect to others. Because he believes by doing so. He'll merely hurt them again, love is something he cannot afford. He's never touched another being because of fear. Destroying them would hurt too much as their life would hold meaning. It's something he struggles with and buries as best he can.

Fatalist: Everything is predetermined for destruction. Everything that begins must end and one must witness its destruction. That is the true inevitable outcome of this world. Mankind's facade must be observed before destroyed. That is the true statement of the world that Astaroth has come to accept. That everything is set t0o happen and nothing will change. Astaroth is someone who's not so much given up but simply understands. That everything that happens is going to happen. There is no point kicking and screaming about it all. Having a big fuss over the fact everything ends eventually only wastes energy. Astaroth's outlook on this has never changed. It's why he's never taken a mate in his entire existence. Aside from the fear they'd be destroyed by him. It's simply something he cannot accept that will be. Admiration is the furthermost emotion from understanding. That is the true nature of the world that surrounds them.

Apathic:He's let his emotions bleed out and simply doesn't care. There isn't a desire or a concern for the world ahead of him. No motivation towards anything really because the end has been decided. He doesn't know what the end result of everything may very well be. But he's well aware that his presence of being cannot be changed or drastically altered in any fashion. While he doesn't put his time in with other demons. Astaroth is known for being a very apathetic and letting enemies hit him. He doesn't bother to defend or dodge as there simply isn't a point. They'll be gone soon enough why bother with defense. It's not arrogance or anything like that. He simply lacks the capacity to care. Injuries heal as do other things for him at remarkable speeds. Allowing him to perform and act in ways few others would imagine. But overall everything in this hourglass world is a meaningless display. There is no point in showing emotion or becoming emotionally invested. When in the end it's all just gonna disappear.

Cynical: He's seen the sickness of humanity for so long he doesn't see a cure. While he doesn't believe in people or others and only trusts himself. He does acknowledge someday he believes someone will challenge his belief. Someday someone will make him believe in them. But till that day comes he remains this way. Cynical of others and very distrusting. Not even trusting those of his own kind. Demons are the furthermost thing from trustworthy. So the act or idea of trusting one is foolish. One is merely setting themselves up to be devoured by the lion. Hell and everything about the Demonic beings there to not be trusted. Lowering one's guard only invites the destruction awaiting much sooner. Everyone believes that finding themselves will bring some journey to happiness. But in the end, it couldn't matter anymore or less. No matter the race, trust isn't something worth giving for that betrayal down the road. Friendship is something he'll never truly grasp till that day comes.


Surviving a Nuclear Blast:He's an exceptionally skilled user of Akuma Kyōdo to the extent he can take large amounts of damage from things. Taking a Megaton barely scratches or bothers the male in the slightest. He's often said that the destructive force to make him feel care would need to be higher. This is only a singular feat that he pulled off when struck by a bomb. It didn't really please him or make him happy. He was quite upset his clothing had been ruined and he'd have to waste energy getting new clothes. Akuma Kyodo is something he finds to be very useful and has an exceptional mastery of it. This is to give an idea of how frightening his physical presence is in terms of his body. Having an extremely hard and excellent body to survive his own powers is needed. As being hit by the warhead was something but it hardly was his only physical feat.

Destroying an Army: This feat has little to do with what he did. Astaroth merely remained in their vicinity and they ended up being erased. His energy slowly devouring and killing those who came close.The Slumbering monster didn't pay any mind to them as he slept. The military experienced loss after loss of life. His energy's potent force killing them and destroying the evidence. Nothing was left of them to even be considered the whole. As their bones were even destroyed by his powers. This wasn't him physically or really doing anything as the entered into death. Destruction is the promised demise given to all. They came to close while he slumbered and were destroyed completely. He'd not given himself any time to hold back his massive energy. Not that he ever could do so by himself. The army is rumored to of merely disappeared and been lost. They were never to be found again or remembered in the heralds of history. The missing unit was much like others that simply vanished from the pages.

Sinking Atlantis: It's said that this once legendary city was the most beautiful of the world. Their military unchallenged and considered the brightest of humanity. Textbooks say their tech was above and beyond the times. But they weren't prepared for the Destroyer's visit. Astaroth sank this city with his power erasing them. Cutting their city off and making it sink into the bottom of the abyss. After defeating their military with his own might. On that night it's said fire rained down but in truth, it wasn't fire. As the city sank beneath the tide it was Astaroth's duty. He didn't destroy this place for no reason, something was taken. Something precious that would never be returned. His innocence was lost to Atlantis and it's destruction was his retribution. Before creation comes destruction, this was what he learned from doing away with Atlantis. He didn't bother to follow up as the people were lost to the pages. This feat made him a true destroyer among his peers.

Destroying Jericho: They say that the Armies of Joshua marched around the city in the good book. That's not quite true as Astaroth had already come the day before. They dumped water and oil upon his skin. Thus making him annoyed as he walked closer to the structure he tapped it sending a wave of power through it. Causing the entire city to come tumbling down. Those proud walls of Jericho fell as he slaughtered them. Killing those within the place who dared challenge him. Disappearing into the sands once again leaving destruction in his wake. It wasn't something he took pride in being annoyed by someone. But they had it coming far as he was concerned. This way Joshua and his could create something new out of this destruction. They were sick twisted people with too much pride. They weren't worth the salt of the earth in his eyes. He would destroy everything of theirs and leave nothing. His duties weren't so trivial that he'd let just anyone go.

Destroying Sodom and Gomorrah: This place was a stain on humanity. Something he was happy to remove from the fabric of existing. It was a worthless and pointless stain that needed to be cleansed. Nothing short of a total erasing of that place would do. The people were liars and cheaters, they were nothing but trash. Erasing them was something he did in a single night. Turning them into nothing leaving not a trace of them. They were fodder fit to be thrown away from the earth. They didn't deserve life or the flicker of any of it. For stealing from him and lying. They made him stop believing in humanity and it's people. Destruction was their reward for taking away from him. Those fickle scum deserved everything they got. Their greed and lust deserved this punishment. His duty was to deliver out punishment to those who crossed the line. These places did that and were destroyed without a trace. As for survivor's the stories could be true as he didn't pay attention to every maggot.

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Astaroth Asthavon
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