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 Unabara Wetwork Thailand

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Unabara Wetwork Thailand   Thu Mar 09, 2017 9:55 pm

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Such was the Horseman War, they unleashed carnage upon things. But sharing wasn't in their nature as he smiled. She'd taken to it like a fish to water almost. Mirja was really and astonishing woman in her own rights. Tsubasa admired her determination to get better. Slowly he dusted himself off his eyes turning slowly to a large man heading towards his sister. He decided he would occupy this one himself. The man seemed skilled enough so he would play with him. Tsubasa disarmed a man moving fluidly he did something strange. It was a grappling move where with a single arm he snapped a man's neck. Taking a dagger off the man now as he glanced down at it. He could go to his sword but there wasn't going to be any fun in that. Walking forward he decided he would improvise his movements. Tsubasa was skilled enough to do so as he deflected the first attack away. Smacking away the blade with effortless ease. He didn't need his zanpakuto and the man began to realize it. Each attack was sent away with little effort and movement.

The frustration was building as Tsubasa finally blocked the move with his dagger. Stopping the strongest attack which caused his robes to move a bit. Tsubasa shook his head walking forward he struck the man's vital points instantly leaving the dagger in the man's chest. Taking hold of the sword he used he examined it. The weight wasn't bad and it seemed like a decent enough weapon. He eyed the blade it was good and sharp. Tsubasa hadn't failed to notice the large hand coming at him. He raised his left hand upwards and it was almost instantly the male had made his peace. He fell in a pile of blood on the ground as Tsubasa glanced around. This was fine as it was, Mirja could wrap things up here. Tsubasa sent out a butterfly his people would kill anything that got away. Containment fields were set up to keep general population from getting in. Tsubasa sighed softly as he looked around before walking towards a building. He opened the door before things got out of hand any further.

Abductions were reported by this group it seemed he'd found them. Raising his hand up a barrier formed around the building as it was able to force the flames outwards. The job hadn't included a rescue but it wouldn't hurt. Tsubasa set the sword down on the ground as he knelt down slowly glancing at them. A couple hundred people held captive here. Women and children among them, his scarlet eyes scanned them."Don't worry you're safe now, I'm sorry about the noise my sister is currently disposing of the ones who kidnapped you..I'll protect you from anyone who tries to touch you.." He'd not informed her of the situation as he sighed a bit. He could open a Senkaimon and take them out that way. Though that would be a lot of paperwork. It seemed rather bothersome since the matter was Unabara. They really needed to get more personal so these weren't such a bother. He rubbed his jaw this matter was complicated now. Mirja needed to know the situation was changing slightly.

"Mirja, careful we have hostages here..I'll clean up some..of them take care of the larger ones.." He said now as his gaze became more serious. Tsubasa hadn't even begun to show his true speed to Mirja. Electricity sparked on his body and it was a beyond a blur. There was a streak of color that was him as he moved. Slicing people up quickly. It almost seemed instant as everyone had been knocked around. Tsubasa's speed mixed with his Hoho was deadly. He killed everything that stood in the way of a proper escape. Leaving larger more troublesome ones for his sister. He appeared back within the building not having broken a sweat. His speed surpassed Mach 4 and gone into phases that made him disappear like he'd just moved so quick. Tsubasa knelt down as he let electricity crackle along his finger as he cut the lock and looked at them. "Alright, now this is gonna be a bit bumpy but nobody moves." Tsubasa said counting them he saw about ten.

No trouble he could do about two at a time, he gently took hold of two in his arms. Making a step he took them to the city and returned almost instantly. He could cover massive distances like they were nothing. He continued this process before finishing in less than two minutes. He slowly lit his kiseru and shrugged his shoulders. He'd let them know he'd returned the people as well. That the matter was handled and documents were handed to him. Granting his family land and a place in Thailand. This was a small building block for him as they'd shown their prowess with two to destroy an organization. "Have fun Mirja, gonna head back now that it's been handled." He said smoking his pipe as he cracked his shoulders a bit. Progress was a hard thing to come by in this world. But the Unabara were at least moving forward. Into a new horizon that was beyond view. Something they'd yet to see within this world. They had accomplished much before, but it was time to go beyond that.

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Mirja, The Wolf of Eden

'Morning, Hvit!~' Mirja exclaimed, throwing a mach-punch at the Troll's hip. It didn't feel pain, but that didn't negate his bones breaking. Determination wouldn't get you far with your body leaning off to one side because of a broken support.
'Good Morning Mirja. You enjoying the Troll?' Hvit asked, clearly not detesting the murder of such a monstrous creature herself. It roared and swung back, a fist of pure rage countered only by three thick, black arms and her own enhanced fist, breaking the knuckles of the monster.
'I certainly am. They go squish. It's a perfect test of my unleashed strength' She exclaimed, before Tsubasa called out that there were Hostages around.

"Well, I guess-" She was cut off by a boot to the face, which sent her flying out of the burning building and down the road. She had managed to subconsciously tilt her head so the mask only took a portion of the hit, but Hvit was still hurt by it. Price of being able to so easily mesh their energies together, it seemed. Hvit was going off on a swear while Mirja righted herself in time for the Troll to come storming down the road, it's gait wobbly and meandering due to the broken hip.
'Not like last time, at least' Mirja put in, regenerating the mask while her Six Guns flew towards the troll, each hitting center mass in an attempt to slow it's charge. Tsubasa was doing something very interesting and she would probably watch if it wasn't for a literally insane genetic freak that was trying to tear off her face and use it as a flannel. She'd always managed some trick to beat these guys, since they died slow and hard. But this time....

Mirja set her feet, and then dissolved her Tulpa, soaring towards the Troll with her Slip Stream. She hit the thing and felt it shatter, her fist punching through it's chest to grab it's heart and then rip it out again. Most of it's bones in the engorged chest were shattered from the impact with the Slip Stream Mirja, and the lost of it's heart was the final push. It gave a weak growl, swatted at her a little, and then fell over and bled on the floor. Now, about those hostages Tsubasa mentioned....

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Unabara Wetwork Thailand
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