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 Eric Zarathos [APPROVED, 4-3]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Eric Zarathos [APPROVED, 4-3]    Sat Mar 11, 2017 7:42 pm


Traditional Demon Profile

I. Basic Information

» Name: Eric Zarathos
» Original Name: Kade Hiroshima
» Titles: The demon of madness has had a long regime taken many names and different titles during his heroic and dark years. Throughout time, Eric had known such titles has given him such happiness and yet with the madness such pain and regret still to him just labels of a demon. Here are such but a few of those titles: The Legendary Demon Hero, Demon Big Boss, Leader of Demon Honor Clan, The Mad One, The Demon of Madness, The Innovator of Destruction, Master of Pain, Rakshasa of Wrath, Lord of Wrath & Destruction, Vengeful Grim Reaper
» Age: Unknown Age (Estimated in the Hundred Thousand Range)
» Gender: Male
» Family Ties: Son of Illyria Iramasha, Brother of Xathis Zarathos, Father of Kristen Hiroshima, Lost Ancestor of Nicole Hiroshima, Former Servant/Warrior of Khala Asthavon
» Affiliation/Rank: Member of the Hiroshima Clan, Former Member/Grand Duke of Shadowfall, Former Khalaist of Khalaism, Former Commander and Chief of the Demon Honor Guards

» Shifter Appearance Written: Eric's shifter appearance is the original look that he was when he was demon overlord full of deadly and demonic power luckily the demon can shift back into it. He had a demonic demi-human appearance because of all the demon fights and trainings over the long years in the demon world. Aside from the markings on his body as well as his eyes and arms. His hair is demon white in color and his skin is of tanned complexion. His eyes glow white and although he has irises, he doesn't have pupils. Eric wears a torn black hakama with ornate red designs over golden greaves. His hands seem to be permanently plated with a metal that bears resemblance to gold, and when unleashing his Mantra this metal seems to envelop his arms entirely. During his time in training with Warlord he wore a sleeveless gi over one shoulder, a simple black hakama tucked into less ornate greaves, and fingerless gloves and bandages on his arms.

» Shifter Appearance Picture:

» Hell Demon Shifter Appearance Written: Eric' shift appearance has been altered somewhat from the mad demon into an true rakshasa demon thanks to the sin implanted within him. While still without upper body armor, the lower robe seems to have been replaced with lower body armor adorned with skulls, keeping with his motif. His hair is completely black, and he now has a green crystal located on his right pectoral near the shoulder along with a scar/tattoo on that shoulder. He bore the greatest burden of guilt on the near destruction of his own race. Eric put on his iconic skull mask to represent his role as his genocide pact was struck, and he has not removed the mask since. The angry souls of the Fallen were trapped in a demonic crystal talisman forever bonded to his chest, leaving him cursed to be eternally tormented by the lost spirits.

» Hell Demon Shifter Appearance Picture:

» Zaine Asthavon Shifter Appearance Written: Zaine Asthavon's face is completely hidden by the hood he has in this form while he seemingly has no legs at all. Giant skeletal wings sprout from his demon back, although these seem to be for show as he floats about a foot off the ground, seemingly unaided by the wings. Lastly, Zaine carries a gigantic scythe in his large bony hands, with countless skulls engraved into the flat of the blade. All of this gives him an appearance similar to the common depiction of the Grim Reaper.

» Zaine Asthavon Shifter Appearance Picture:

» Crystal Dragon Shifter Appearance Written: Dragon Eric is a crystalized dragon creature of titanic size; one of its hands is bigger than any of the shadow beastIts single eye, which takes up most of its head, is a Devil reaper's eyes. The shadow monster was depicted as a dragon humanoid with long, spike-like protrusions on its back. In a later uprising, Dragon Eric' look was a bit more "crass", the spiky protrusions on its back were much higher, resembling a conch shell, and its tails appeared to be bushier. Dragon Eric gained a more muscular, healthy appearance, grew a complete left arm, giving it the ability to form different powers by clapping its hands together, and began standing on its hind legs once more. After gathering more power, it evolved further by assuming an even more muscular crystal form.

» Crystal Dragon Shifter Appearance Picture:

» True Appearance Written: After being restored back into a normal demon; Eric taken back most of his old characteristics of that of a mad demon and matured demon. Only being a shell of former heroic self, Eric Zarathos is known and just an average demon with a muscular build physique from a healthy diet. He almost looks like a combination of both of a trained samurai and medieval warrior from the dark ages. From his long age, His hair has changed back from pitch black into the pure white this time keeping it long and well comb for keeping up appearances. His eyes are the returned back to the same color from all those years ago which was brown when in his transformed states they take on different colors. The newest thing about him, Eric has a tribal tattoo upon his right arm completely which represents different things. Of that of family and unholy fear of the fallen mad demon clan that he was once belong to. It just reminds of the mad demon past that he once lived. People have said that he looks human yet japanese looking having a height of six feet and weight of 199(lbs) pounds keeping much a human appearance. Two of his oldest wounds had returned ever since being revived; First A old black scar upon of the lower part of his chest which was Zanpakutō slash of what a shinigami gave him. The second wound was old wound the very one from when he was stabbed by his greatest enemy.

After being restored back into a normal demon; Eric taken back most of his old characteristics of that of a mad demon and matured demon. Only being a shell of former heroic self, Eric Zarathos is known and just an average demon with a muscular build physique from a healthy diet. He almost looks like a combination of both of a trained samurai and medieval warrior from the dark ages. From his long age, His hair has changed back from pitch black into the pure white this time keeping it long and well comb for keeping up appearances. His eyes are the returned back to the same color from all those years ago which was brown when in his transformed states they take on different colors. The newest thing about him, Eric has a tribal tattoo upon his right arm completely which represents different things. Of that of family and unholy fear of the fallen mad demon clan that he was once belong to. It just reminds of the mad demon past that he once lived. People have said that he looks human yet japanese looking having a height of six feet and weight of 199(lbs) pounds keeping much a human appearance. Two of his oldest wounds had returned ever since being revived; First A old black scar upon of the lower part of his chest which was Zanpakutō slash of what a shinigami gave him. The second wound was old wound the very one from when he was stabbed by his greatest enemy.

» True Appearance Picture:

I. Personality Traits

» Personality: Decades past, He was a demon with human heart to so speak. With this, Eric has more feelings than he did better kind and nice which were qualities of a good demon really which he wasn't back then. With a human's soul, Eric does really believe in violence or death to be an answer to everything in the past maybe but now the demon to be a neutral person. He can be serious when the situation calls for it, but he still maintains a fairly calm demeanor during such situations and is never without a taunt.

In his mad years, Eric was a hell bent demon with cold hearted vengeance on his mind really, he didn't give a damn about anything. He was a demon who lived by demon code to serve the lord of darkness at those times. As the demon, everything had changed he's almost completely thrown away his dark hero lifestyle almost something a rule breaker with an deceptive mind. Eric hasn't completely turned all demon little traces of his demonic hero soul are still within his dark heart. He instead tries to live a human's life but become a demon hell-raiser as well. Being the leader of his own clan, Eric shown to be a commander with a deadly serious attitude around his demons and his demon generals. During battle he'll rarely talk during his fight really the demon will have nothing to say to the enemy unless it has something to do with deception or greed(money). It's his demon nature that a demon should have evil heart at times truthfully he does what he told when a mission needs to be done. If somebody wants him to ruthless then he'll be ruthless in that way because of his general attitude he's somewhat cocky. Within hell, He became a violent, serious and hell bent fighter beating people to bloody pulp it was about a survival. He even holds back in an effort to make any fight last longer. He also claims that injury and death are nothing but the price one pays for a good fight. The dark will to succeed, pushing himself beyond his limitations, and never giving up even when the odds are stacked against him.

Fighting to be the destructive fighter, Brawls, Finding new ways of increasing his powers and striking powers, Bloodshed when it not his own blood, Hoping one day that he could tell woman he loves that he's sorry for all the horrible things he's done. Despite his thoughts, Eric can be a loyal person to the right cause or organization the demon can show respect a person or organization who has great power. Trust is another factor if help him the yet Eric will be neutral hearted. Betrayal....Then he'll stop at nothing to kill the betrayer then search and destroy everything they had. Really It a two way street when it comes to loyalty.

» Likes: Winning, Violence, Women, The dark will to succeed, pushing himself beyond his limitations, and never giving up even when the odds are stacked against him

» Dislikes: Death; Friends turning their backs on him, Betrayal, Somebody or some people who think their better when they know they aren't

I. Equipment

» Equipment: Demon Azure Gems

Muramasa Weapon Equipment

Demon Spaceship


Demon Gun

Dreadnought Armor

Other Demon Stuff

I. Natural Abilities & Skills

» Natural Abilities: Akuma Kyodo: Thanks to the full body seal most demon's have on their bodies from birth, Akuma Kyodo gives most Demon's a layer of defensive skin that is similar to an Arrancar's Hierro. This will be general defense, though if have a high Za Koa Skill, you can temporarily double your defense. Masters can do it for ten post, Advanced for seven, adept for four and beginners for two. All come with a three post cooldown. But that's where the similarities end, and the differences begin. What makes a demon's Akuma Kyodo: so different? Well, for instance, this layer of skin is not just applied physically like Arrancar's are or any other races natural defense. What makes a demon's defense stands out is that it applies to magic, spiritual attacks, their environments, how resistant they are to poisons or toxins and even how much their mental state improves. You see, thanks to having so much magic being pumped into their bodies, their defense is MUCH more wide spread then any Shinigami, Arrancar or even Iramasha. Basically, the higher your defense is, the most attacks, barriers or ANYTHING in general; the more resilient you are to anything offensive being thrown at you

Affinity of Hell: If a Demon ever gets the chance to foot into hell or has the skill level and power to summon it's presence on the battlefield, they can potentially increase their power by five times just by having it around them. In some instances, in fact, Demon's can even rise one tier level if enough consumes them for the duration of the thread they are in. This is due to the fact that there is a large amount of hellish energy within that place for Demon's to thrive on and it's filled with many hidden elements that were designed to overcharge a Demon in times of crisis.

But, in addition to that, the presence of hell augments not only their power abilities but the inherent and magical abilities of said demon; giving improved versions of their abilities or completely new ones altogether.

Body Manipulation: This is a natural ability that all demon's possess if they wish to activate it or perform it. Most Demon's have full control over every aspect of his physical make-up, able to stretch themselves to obtain insane heights such as being thirty foot tall, being able to change their skin color, having the ability to shape-shift into different people that they are able to remember and, on much more powerful levels, being able to even detach, generate or fuse body parts together in order to increase odds of surviving. Though, this does not occur until at least one tier, and even then it's weak compared to the 0 tier version. Additionally, it can even be used for offensive or defensive purposes. For example, a demon can use Body Manipulation in order to generate a layer of steel-like skin around their body in order to increase their defense and block out outside sources from entering their body by clogging every pore on it. Or, for another instance, they could use it on the offensive side by hurling body parts at their opponent that are extremely hot and turn into acid blood, using their increased height to smash down on most opponents and the same may even apply for some more powerful demon's attacks; or finally, in an avoidance way, more powerful demon's could even control their body in order to be broken down into a liquid, wind or fire type form in order to gain more ways to escape or evade attacks.

The Art Of Demon Magic: What exactly IS the Arts of Demon Magic? In a sense, you COULD call it the Demon's Kidō, but you'd be wrong as well. Why? Well, Demon Magic actually works like real MAGIC is suppose to. Of course, Kidō like spells, summons and barriers can be created with Demon Magic. That's a given. However, it can be taken MUCH further then that application. For instance, an advanced user in Demon Magic could use this in order to gain Telekinesis on a more light level. Even combat standards, if he were to look at an attack and see it coming, the Telekinesis would kick in and attempt to change it course if enough was generated from The Demon to negate it. Other example would be gaining Gyrokinesis in some cases in order to actually make it seem like they are toying with gravity itself; which in fact they are. Within a contained area, this demon could remove the gravity of some things, make it heavier in other places or even apply it to more focused objects like their attacks to cause more impact force. Not only that, but an even higher example of that is that some demon's with a Master in this would be able to even create things out of thin-air with no explanation what so ever. For example, a Master in The Art Of Demon magic could defy the laws of physic's by actually making energy cease in something and remove it. This may not seem like much, but it's actually an amazing feat as the laws of physic's clearly states energy can never be erased. However, in terms of combat, in order to do this they would need to overpower it. Another situation in which you could get a taste of Demon Magic would be them turning your energy attack into a batch of living snakes, them creating fields of anti-spiritual barriers around them or just making themselves plain invisible.

Kage Chokyo-Shi: Kage Chōkyō-shi is the ability for most demons with adept Za Koa users to travel through different dimensions, travel throughout the battlefield or even use it for defense. By channeling Za Koa's energy in addition to the various seals throughout their body in addition to their Shadow Movement, they are able to create many different dimensional holes in the area's around them; each of them being able to range from a small vicinity such as a few inches, to the size of a city block depending on their Za Koa skill. These can lead to other realms; while there is also the possibility it can be used to shield against attacks if they are not more powerful than the demon and be used on the offensive by attempting to slash the opponents attack in half by creating one of those opening in the center of their assault. Although, it's also worth noting that this is mostly a passive skill to allow demon's to travel through different areas on the site; such as moving back and forth through the Soul Society, Living Realm and so forth. Those with advanced and Master in Za Koa Skill will begin to see ways to utilize it in battle; such as creating waves of blackness meant to consume limited attacks.

Demonic Mad Power: His mad homicidal power is gone no changing that. Eric after being revived fought ways through experimentation to restore a medium fraction of that dark power. Through experiments, Eric Zarathos siphon off a large amount of the Dreadnought's power to reawakened the dormant power within his very body. Even though, Eric's power isn't like it once was absorbing back the clone and armor's powers the power regulated itself back into his new body. His power is the same to that of a new stronger yet regular level. He hates it.....Which is why the demon pushes himself finding new ways of power and fighting stronger opponents to regain what was lost to him. Eric Zarathos wants to regain what power he had to exact his revenge upon all he considers a major threat to him. He believes in the old human method. "All good things come from hard work and luck"

Demonic Mad Strength: Eric's muscle mass bulks up by a lot augmenting his physical strength will improve his body in battle. Though his strength was completely weaken after his revival removing all of his deadly strength. He's able to do what a strong or normal demon when caught in dangerous situations and battle stopping some kido abilities and other attacks. Really it depend on his strength also on how strong the enemy's attack maybe he'll be able to defeat it or break it down but still get hit by it badly. Even time stopping an attack and experiencing the full force of it putting his body on the line if gets wounded, burned. The way he is now, Eric isn't a match against transformed people, shikai/bankai, quincy powers and etc. However, He trained by his clan and Tyros Hiroshima to handle strong opponents for a very limited time just about for four but six posts being his max. Anymore then his strength will weaken and he'll might be dead meat. Eric is a skilled brute warrior trying to regain his lost title.

Hiroshima Combat Proficiency: Trained at a young age, Eric Zarathos have only trained himself into using basic combat skills improving his striking power still consider to be an advanced striker. Over the long years, He began researching other styles of combat but really nothing was good enough for him for his demon fighting skills. Until, Eric's brother started teaching him boxing skills. Always training his hands transforming them into deadly weapons training with a punching bag improving how fast they can hit the target. He knew how to empowering his fists with zoa koa or other energies making them feel like small battering rams to enemies. The former demon hoping his strikes becoming very accurate even enough to hit hard and fast to hit his target hoping for a sheer knockout. Still, He known to have his demonic share of victories and failures from enemies which people have been known to defeat him pretty well.

I. Unique Abilities

» Unique Abilities: Shadow Devil Hellfire: After his revival, Eric discovered him and the evil child of destruction within him became one finally understanding all of the shadow evil's powers. One of them being the manipulating the black flames of the burning hell of the dead known some shadow demons as the Darque Amaterasu. Eric has been given a very unique ability from his dark blue hellfire powers which he can enhance even augment attacks with burning dark blue fire giving much more deadly effect. This was very uncontrollable, but after some enhancements/training by his evil shadow side the demon started long training. Eric can mostly control the crimson hellflame power creating attacks and defenses from his powers, creating weapons, attacks and defenses with the dark blue hellflame powers. Using the hellflame power, Eric can create using flame weapons, hell guns or crimson fire attacks which he can use one at a time. For crafting weapons, Eric can make flame swords, scythes, axes, daggers which can be 7-20 inches which can give a major burning sensation when used against enemies. Also Eric's dark black hellfire attacks can be defeated or counter by a stronger defense or strong energy barrier depending on the strength and defensive power of that enemy. However, Eric's defensive powers can be weaken if his burning black weapons are damaged by other stronger elemental attacks by his opponents depending on their attack strength. Creation if weapons can take a large amounts of energy to he'll need a cooldown period to charge back up the hellfire power to create another weapon of dark hellfire amaterasu.
Shadow Hellfire Damage
3-5 to 3-1 Tier/Damage: It can blocked but enemies will still feel 70% percent but they would feel nearly half of the damaging burning effects of the hellfire attack wounding/hurting some organs even some body parts maybe broken or disfunctional.
2-5 to 1-5 Tier/Damage: The attack can be blocked completely or an enemy can feel 50% percent of the attack wounding a organ or burned half a body part. Depending on a enemy's speed power the attack can dodged completely.

Pure Madness Power: The Dark Energy of the angry souls of various demons that died in battle. Whenever he gets angry, battle crazy or within a desperate situation, a glowing dark red energy forms up. The darkness of glowing ten kanji forms upon his back glowing red granting the rakshasa power that he needs. It makes him powerful and violent. The power of the lost demonic souls is immense. Is something like a powered up form which can be useful.The cravings for blood and violence and drawing it out with power him out even more. The demon power does have restraints to where he can hide it whenever trouble emerges when the energy gem disappears leaving the gaping hole in his chest. [The Mad One's power boost up abilities for 4-5 posts]

Shadow Demon Sensing: Shadow Force Sensing: With Shadow power, Eric can sense spiritual pressure like a normal captain shinigami, strong quincy or a strong espada. To mainly detect people or see how powerful the bastard or people are. The shadows themselves act like a warning beacon within his mind alerting the danger of the enemy or large group coming his way. The shadow spirits will give a shadow radiating pulse which reacts to sources of Reiatsu within a certain proximity, allowing the practitioner to determine the location of any sensed individuals and gauge how powerful they actually are.

Shadow Movement: This is what some MIGHT call the Demon's Answer to flash step: Shadow Movement. It allows them to move at quick burst of speeds on most occasions to allow them to travel very far distances in short amount of times, that is for certain. Though, this is where some similarities come to an end. Unlike most other races, Demon's get many nifty benefits then just Super Speed. Take this for example: from the seals on a demon's legs and feet that generate insane amounts of energy from all of the sources of power they collect; it will be able to give yourself temporary boost of intense speed called "Shadow Burst". Shadow Burst is a period of time where your demon will double their speed on average if they are at least adept. It will transition into how fast their attacks are created or launched, the demon's reaction time to increase the odds of evading, countering or noticing a person, object or anything else within a vicinity that has a pre-tense in order to do something about it, it increases their mental awareness to more alert levels and it even goes into their natural powers.

Black Inferno Blast: Black Inferno is a massive burst of destructive energy a demon can unleash if they have Adept or higher on Za Koa. It starts by gathering energy from Za Koa along with the Demon's Blood and any type of darkness. From there, it will form into a ball of darkness that can be used to unleash serious damage upon anything it hits; resulting in a black explosion that is similar to a cero in destruction and can be broken down like a bala as well. Though, unlike a cero or bala, The Black Inferno Blast does alot more then just simply explode. When it explodes, if trapped within the blast, the opponent will begin to feel extreme amounts of heat generating from their skin; so hot, in fact, some believe they are actually on fire from the strain on a person's will. However, this does more then that. That's simply the sign of a dangerous demon parasite entering a person's body. If a direct contact is made or even partial contact, there will be a strong rush of parasites, demon magic and Za Koa's force entering a person's body. From that point, over the course of five post if there was a direct hit or three for a indirect, this will begin to heavily tax an opponent. It will force them to drain extreme amounts of energy until they are somewhat weakened, slowed or damaged if they are unable to extract it from there bodies.

Shadow Crissaegrim: The recreation of the shadow weapon of choice which took months and blacksmithing and witchcraft to revive it full potential. This weapon features a hand-hollow ground, hand-finished blade. This sword is an exact duplicate of the legendary vampire sword but with one important difference, instead of being made of 440 stainless steel, it is made of shadow pure adamantium steel and heat treated to a tough 56 HRC and fully sharpened, making it a fully functional weapon. The shadow sword is painstakingly re-created, with solid bronze fittings cast from the original molds. The grip has a core of stabilized birch and is wrapped in leather to match the original vampyre sword. Runic inscriptions are deeply etched into both sides of each blade, exactly as on the original sword. Eric had placed spells and incantations within the blade to make it lethal shadow weapon killing and attacking people and the sword feasted upon their shadows. After creating the sword; Eric is reminded his evil side that dark unholy being inside of him again back within his demon soul.
Crissaegrim Abilities
Demonic Shadow Strength: When holding the sword, A massive spike of shadow spiritual energy is sent directly into the blade when this happens it the blade turns black. The physical damage power of the shadow sword will be enhanced because of the shadow power infused inside of it. Allowing for stronger slash or slash-like attack from the weapon. With the sword, Eric been known to stop or break medium or some strong attacks and most kidō abilities with a swing of his sword. The demon maybe able to destroy stronger attacks but they can hurt him or explode right depending on the enemy's strength.
Dark Shadow Durability: An unique ability when the blade glows burning black as shadow energy is formed give it more shadow dark flame power for many different attacks for the sword. Yet it also used to give it defense against the natural enemies of shadow fire which is light/angelic. Some attacks can also weaken it but at a very limited time because of the amounts of shadow energy. But too many angelic/light attacks like an onslaught or an multitude can greatly weaken the attack power of the seishin buki and it attacks.
Darkness Hunter: At the instant of the slash, Shadow Crissaegrim absorbing Eric's spiritual zoa koa energy, releases the highly condensed spiritual energy at the tip of the blade magnifying the slash attack, which flies forward. This slash takes the form of a flaming crescent moon or the shape of a wave. The Darkness Hunter is a powerful technique with great force, capable of creating large-scale damage and destruction. Eric has used this technique in several different manners, such as striking the ground to create an omnidirectional blast to knock away incoming attacks or slashing at the ground to upturn it and crush everything in its path.
Blackheart Bloodbath: The equivalent of a massacre bloodbath; It how destructive the technique is which can cut through enemies like butter even turning just one into pure chop suey. From research, Eric made this technique from combining three demon abilities (art of magic/body manipulation/affinity of hell) into his shadow sword. Months of training went into making the technique work as the demon gets ready sword stance holding the blade. As his shadow forms something of a pentagram on the ground as a shadow carnage ritual is set motion getting the technique charged. Eric says "Embrace the Darkness" unleashing the full power of the technique. He begins charging at shadow speed as the demon breaks down into shadow energy clones about ten of them. Each shadow clone then disappear attacking doing about nine large energy blade slashes from a energy sword for an estimated total of 90 large energy sword slashes. The unbelievable part is that the enemy or enemies won't feel a thing it will be like nothing happen. Unseen to the naked eye the sword slashes will be completely invisible because of art of magic and body manipulation keeping them at a complete stand still. Finally, Eric will return back to normal then his claws will return back into normal fingers as the energy slashes will begin to attack the enemy or enemies.. It will feel like the clawed apart of horde of zombies or worse being chopped over and over with a javelin. [Depending of the enemy's focus Beginners/Adept wouldn't be able to see the attack blades coming yet Advanced/Master users of focus can see the deadly blades coming]

Ancient Shadow Power{The Lords of Shadow}: The Lords of Shadow was known to be the ancient shadow uprising which four shadow warriors used to wield to control the shadows themselves. Through that they gained power from the shadows. The Lords of Shadow was once based upon three parts of the Shadow Power which were Shadow Rage, Darkness Strength and Shadow Devil Power from those three things. It led to the creation of the Lords of Shadow. Over the years, Lords of Shadow had changed completely taking a new power deprived from shadow magic and chaos lord magic combined. If one gained all powers of the Lords of Shadow that person would gain both physical and mental control of the shadows themselves using little or much power to control them. However, In ancient times this power can be known to corrupt the hearts of men and women. Eric's mother gave him a tremendous gift after his journeys and research within the demon world. She was able to reconstruct the power and place it within his body
-Lords of Shadow Abilities-
Darkness Last Rites{Shadow Final Punishment}: As the true Lord of Shadow, Eric was given the rights to use ancient shadow powers more powerful than the ones learned. Through dark teachings, Eric was able to recreate the legendary ancient angel punishments that were used against demons to devour demon or personal enemies within complete pure darkness. After relearning his shadow limits of power, Eric used his shadow arts recreating each angelic punishment remaking into demon arts. In the process, he created an evil version of Angelic Last Rites and ancient ability which can be deadly upon his enemy. He has great control of three deadly Shadow punishments yet they can be defeated by some angelic powers and abilities. They're two other ways to defeat the Shadow Punishments of way of Anti Curse powers and defensive magic.
-------Different Kinds of Shadow Punishments-------
I.) Shadow Purifier: Known as the 1st Punishment; This is known also as shadow cancel a technique to cause destruction to an enemy's attack and weakening it from within. The shadow punishment is activated when an attack connects hitting him badly once this happens. The shadow black star is formed draining some of the attack's power and strength from the enemy attack. But the dark demon will shows the signs of damage and battle scars but only some of them will appear on the demon. However, If Eric's strength is stronger than the enemy attack then the iramasha wouldn't feel the attack at all. Eric might only feel some of the attack with some minor bruises.
--------------Shadow Purifier Limit---------------
Against 3-5 to 3-1: Enemy attacks can be weaken by 35% If attacked the dark demon will only feel 45% of the attack with some medium bruises.
Against 2-5 to 1-5: Enemy attacks can be weaken by 40%-50% If attacked the dark demon will only feel 45% to 60% of the attack with some major bruises. Maybe some broken bones along with it.
[1-4 and above will not be affected by this.]

II.) Darkness Witch-Force: The 2nd Shadow Punishment; Witch-Force was an ancient shadow technique to redirect an enemy's attack and sending it right back to an enemy or away. Taking a shadow thread to the ground if it can connect to the enemy attack's shadow just it coming towards him. He can stop the enemy attack completely, send the attack away or send the attack straight back to the enemy. The drawbacks of this technique; The enemy attack must seen along with it shadow if not the attack itself won't work and will still come at him. The second drawback would be the sun if there;s a bright day outside in the battle the sun ultraviolet rays can weaken the shadow as the enemy's attack would still hit him. The final drawback is speed if the enemy's is way too fast for the shadow redirect to catch then the attack is worthless to throw it at attack. Also it can't work against holy attacks, angel attacks, and light attacks.
--------------Darkness Witch-Force Limit---------------
Against 3-5 to 3-1: Enemy attack can be turn against the enemy depending the attack's strength of the attack. This can only be used 2 times per thread because of the user's shadow power.
Against 2-5 to 1-5: Enemy attack can be completely stopped by the shadow thread depending the attack's strength of the attack. This can only be 4 times per thread because of the user's shadow power.
[1-4 and above will not be affected by this.]

III.) Black Dead Prison: The 3rd Shadow Punishment; The Black Dead Prison is a way of completely binding a person almost like Void Howling. If the enemy's willpower is weaker the attack will have deadly effects it starts off the opponent feeling a certain chill to their body. Meaning the attack has phased the enemy's body the demon's shadow completely grabs at the enemy's shadow. Next the black spikes will start coming out from the enemy's own shadow and they'll start to pierce the enemy's body putting the enemy into weakening the body, arms, legs and face. The shadow spikes growing on the enemy's body will form into a black prison all around the enemy draining their power as shadow spikes get sharper. Why is it painful? Each shadow spike that pierces the enemy's body the spike spins slowly attacking the flesh as the veins of blood putting enough pressure to make an enemy scream like a torture system. There have been their ways into defeating this solar attacks, flame/fire attacks or the enemy's speed.
--------------Black Dead Prison Limit---------------
Against 3-5 to 3-1: About 50 spikes will come out of the enemy's body hurting the person instantly hurting the enemy's body ripping flesh apart. Hurting the nervous as well system sending painful shock waves to the body. Eric can use the technique 2 times per thread.
Against 2-5 to 1-5: About 25 spikes will come out of the enemy's body hurting the person instantly hurting the enemy's body to bleed. Hurting the nervous as well system sending little shock waves to the body. Eric can use the technique once per thread.
[1-4 and above will not be affected by this.]

I. Adjustable Demon State(s)

» Pure Necro Mad State Appearance:

» Pure Necro Mad State Benefits: Augmented Power Boost: After his revival, Eric placed enough power into his necromorph state placing much demon energy into it to make the form strong for battling purposes. When transformed, Eric starts emitting a black aura representing the necro demonic energy within his necro body. The necro demon had has henchmen trained him for days pushing the very limits for necromorph powers until it was at a high level. From his necro form, Eric was able to block certain attacks which can cause minor even extreme damage to his well being. From henchmen training; Necromorph Eric was able to withstand an shikai attack after many failures even times when his hand or body were bleeding a little or a lot but blocked. However, Other attacks well they can't be a major problem for the necromorph demon...

Augmented Demon Strength: Being his first transformation, Eric had to train his new form constantly keeping his necro strength levels to a very strong level from his fights in the demon world. To some level, He almost as strong like his former mad demon state only just about 55% of his original mad demon state. The demon's necromorph strength comes from the multitude of fallen demons being bound to his flesh completely becoming his very skin. Eric's physical strength maybe augmented but necromorph demon through fights has taken attacks that can hurt even weaken him perhaps even kill him. Another factor being his rage thanks largely to the death energy allowing him to temporary boost his strength a much higher level for just a limited time. Fighting stronger enemies and pushing his strength potential all due of the sacrifices of countless undead demons and zombies being bound to his flesh.

Augmented Demon Endurance: Even through his strength is incredibly strong his endurance levels are very stronger as well yet he shown to have some battle scars and wounds so it isn't that invincible yet. Throughout the battlefield, Eric has shown to have very high level resistant of damage when fighting due to the fact. He used both willpower and skill in a fight. The sonuvabitch can be hurt/killed by too many fucking attacks from an powerful enemy. Strong enemy attacks like shikai or bankai have been known to damage him even higher Kidō can hurt too. But the lower case stuff like low level kido or cero wouldn't even penetrate his body anymore.

Demonic Flying: The necromorph demon has the major ability of flying with of his mixture of both dragon and bat wings. With his wings, Eric can travel of different or many places whenever the wings take him traveling to places at a faster pace. The wings has the same strengths and weaknesses of an demon's shadow movement ability to speed like a demon However, If these are used in combat they be destroyed very easily but it would take 3 days for them to regenerate completely.

Pure Blast: The demon is able to fire a blast of black energy from his hand. By harnessing his zoa koa energy then manipulating it into the form of an energy blast or energy ball getting ready for an attack.Then fired the blast which has only medium strength to it which can be dodged or counter. This can be charged up into a much stronger attack that will take a post to gather energy for it power. [Charge: Instantly, It takes 1-2 Post to Cooldown]

Pure Beam: The attack is almost the same power and weakness to stronger cero being shot from the mouth or hands. The attack starts off as he starts growling gathering large amounts of energy. Bigger Energy particles started forming a white ball, Eric started yelling and the white ball releasing a powerful blast of concentrated white energy at the target. However, the technique itself has a flaw the ball if it destroyed then the attack weakens with 50% strength. Making it little hard to dodge, block or destroy it. [Charge: 2-3 Posts, Cooldown: 5 Posts]

Eye Lasers: These are precise laser-like beams shot from both eyes. The potency of the Eye Laser technique varies, but most of them are very fast and able to nullify weak attacks and small projectiles, as well as cripple opponents when they are greatly damage and damage other objects. This can blocked or dodged easily. [Charge: Instantly, It takes one post to Cooldown]

Devil Spiral Beam: The technique is a strong spiral laser beam to hurt her enemies.The move is performed by touching the index and middle fingers of one hand to the forehead and charging enough energy to attack. Its speed changes to the demon energy of the person performing the move. When ready, the fingers are extended forward, the attacker shouts the name of the attack and two thin energy beams are unleashed from the fingers. One remains straight while the other coils around the straight beam. The resulting beam is quite powerful, drilling through most targets, and exploding on the ones it can't. It can also be used with only one arm. The weakness is can be blocked to dodge easy enough if the enemy had faster speed or great defense. [Charge: 3-4 Posts, Cooldown: 8 Posts before using again. It can pierce through some armors, shields even barriers depending how much power is placed into the blast.]

» Pure Madness State Appearance:

» Pure Madness State Benefits: Immense Demon Boost: After siphoning the Dreadnaught Power; Eric had regained what higher levels of power that he lost but only in this knight transformed state. He considers the devil knight a shadow of what he used to be having destructive and raw demonic power. In this form, Eric has an vast devastating amount of demonic energy which courses throughout his well being when unleashing the crimson devil form. Through witchcraft, The demon managed to control the vast amounts of power that the crimson devil carries within allowing Eric to fight against stronger opponents. Eric Zarathos can place a tremendous amount of power into an attack making it strong enough to wipe out anything that might get in his way.

Pure Mad Demonic Strength: Almost having the strength of that close enough to demon hell warlord bent on destruction and pure carnage. Eric's transformed strength is at a overwhelming level. Very stronger/powerful attacks maybe able to greatly hurt his body but mostly the mad demon will be able to survive or counter it. Too many powerful attacks can damage his body like bankai it would a take a fucking vast amount of damage and attacks from a shinigami's bankai to dish punishment to him. Other very powerful attacks from iramashas, Arrancar even sugiuras might be able to greater punishment but who knows he'll might survive it and heal. Eric can block even weaken some attacks but really depending on the enemy's power or strength. He's able to overpower an person's gran rey cero and some powerful attacks with his one punch/hand slap yet it hurts leaving a burning sensation. With mad brute force behind it, he's able to break or destroy through the walls to destroy buildings and structures with his true demonic rage.

Pure Mad Speed/Reflexes: Eric's speed and reflexes have been greatly augmented to the point where the demon knight can move faster. Yet his agility and reflexes to dodge oncoming attacks that have do him harm. Eric is shown to used his quick speeds along with his reflexes to gain the upper hand on a enemy or find ways to outsmart their combat strategy. Eric has become fast enough to outrun his own energy attacks, allowing him to strike and enhance them or launch simultaneous attacks. Eric can keep up with a shinigami's shunpo speed, iramasha's speed or arrancar's sonido speed which gets a triple increase in speed within this state.

Armored Mad Demon Durability: To gain this; Eric had work extreme witchcraft fusing together armors then reducing countless armors into one demon hell armor making it strong. From many sacrifices, He had gained a very strong high-strong resistant to damage all due from the body which happen when the demon took much of the Dreadnaught's power. It would take a whole lot of attacks well stronger & powerful ones which may hurt the mad one perhaps worse. The demon's skin can be destroyed leaving the demon open for damage for attack but it might take a long fucking while and many attacks before that happens.

Body Manipulation: This is a natural ability that all demon's possess if they wish to activate it or perform it. Most Demon's have full control over every aspect of his physical make-up, able to stretch themselves to obtain insane heights such as being thirty foot tall, being able to change their skin color, having the ability to shape-shift into different people that they are able to remember and, on much more powerful levels, being able to even detach, generate or fuse body parts together in order to increase odds of surviving. Though, this does not occur until at least one tier, and even then it's weak compared to the 0 tier version. Additionally, it can even be used for offensive or defensive purposes. For example, a demon can use Body Manipulation in order to generate a layer of steel-like skin around their body in order to increase their defense and block out outside sources from entering their body by clogging every pore on it. Or, for another instance, they could use it on the offensive side by hurling body parts at their opponent that are extremely hot and turn into acid blood, using their increased height to smash down on most opponents and the same may even apply for some more powerful demon's attacks; or finally, in an avoidance way, more powerful demon's could even control their body in order to be broken down into a liquid, wind or fire type form in order to gain more ways to escape or evade attacks. [In this form, Crimson Eric has a total of four arms]

Demonic Red Hell Sight Powers: To copy the original Devil Seeker is for one to gouge out a demon's very eyes and the mad one didn't want it. By combination of the demon reaper eyes and demonic sensing, Eric was able to create his version of the hell sight but taking much of a blood red color. Like a homing beacon or the same as radar the only thing is that his version of hell sight combines his demonic senses alerting him of what power the demon is dealing. The Demonic Hell Sight power; Eric can actually see how much spiritual energy, reishi, even chaos energy a person has within their body. It much an advanced form of his demonic sensing determining what kind of enemy the mad one is facing. This is a major improvement from his original sensing from his past to gain much an advantage upon what he dealing with. Unlike the original Devil Seeker, Eric can turn it off whenever the demon chooses to by blinking his eyes and it deactivated.

Demon Knight Claws: He has dark metal claws on his hand which can be used for slashing, cutting rocks, cutting metal and gutting people when he gets angry, attacking, defensive or wanting to kill something. He can extend them for longer slashes even retract them when friends are around. Stronger enemies may feel 45% of the attack if it blocked by barrier or strong defensives. Eric can use his zoa power or affinity of hell to empower his claws with energy to do certain energy slashing attacks as well.
Claw Attack Powers
Augmented Shadow Claw: An augmented version to Shadow Dark Claw which his hand will actually grow as with his claws. The demon claws will start turning black unleashing energy from each claw tip. When delivered darker and supreme energy slash faster and stronger than the original. Stronger enemies will feel the pain of the attack while weaker opponents will have their skin rip off from the demon's claws.

Adauchiken: An unique long bladed sword that the demon placed a large amount of zoa koa energy to make it strong for slashing and cutting enemies. For four months, Eric had used the sword for killing hollows and delivering sheer punishment upon his enemies in many vicious ways. Eric can no longer use the sacrificial incantation because of too much power that was summon to make the blade. From sacrificing, Two zanpakutos, Fifty demon souls and 400 metal broadswords. Even though it won't rust because of the demon souls within the blade yet it can be destroyed even break by too many strong/powerful attacks. From training, Adauchiken can survive many different attacks such as iramasha powers, resurreccion, zanpakuto powers, and other powers and abilities. After training, Eric managed to create different variations of the sword making unique powers from the blade.
Adauchiken Forms
Nibai Adauchiken: The hellborn state of the Adauchiken, Eric created from his zoa koa breaking the great sword into two vengeance swords infused with red demonic energy. An destructive double state of Adauchiken which the demon of vengeance can used to his advantage for attacking or slashing apart people. The swords are able to block attacks coming his way and sending them right back to the enemy but this can be done when both used together. If their destroyed then really then he'll have to wait 13 posts for his demonic energy to completely regenerate the weapon.

Elemental Revenant Powers: The demon wanted something completely better then his magical powers but couldn't create on his own yet had some doctors do for him. Eric had some scientists implanted micro demons within his very fingertips these little creatures activate something called the "Revenant System". Helping the demon imbued about seven elemental powers into his body and then unleash the elemental power into an attack or a defense. From willpower, Eric chooses what elemental and his hands changed to the color of that elemental power and then use it. The demon can use it for creating elemental attacks like(blast or beams) or elemental defenses such as(shields, barriers) from sheer will alone. He CAN'T create weapons like before. Still, Eric realized the horrible truth to these elemental powers they have a weakness a natural one to be exact. Example of this: Eric shooting off a water based attack then it blocked by a flame based attack. Because of his new knight form the demon of vengeance can control only about two elemental powers at time instead for just one when once he was a mad demon.
Elemental Based Powers
Hellfire Firaja: A hellfire based magic.
Flooding Wateraja: A gushing water based magic.
Hurricane Airaja: A whirlwind air based magic.
Frozen Blizzaja: A frozen ice based magic.
Shocker Thundaja: A thunder lightning based magic.
Tremor Quadaja: A earthquake rock based magic.
Darkness Shadowaja: A darkness shadow based magic.


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Traditional Demon Profile

I. Character History

» History Kade Vargas a pure experimental demon created from the lost cells of the forbidden iramasha that died long ago from a major accident dispute. Illyria Iramasha wanted to bring her lost son back through very unknown experiments and forbidden studies of witchcraft that made her leave her own clan. She wanted the experiments to continue which took her within the demon world as the creation was given life but started a chain reaction thus two demons were born. Illyria named them Alex and Kade Vargas. While Alex growing up believed in family, Kade took on a more heroic role mostly thanks to his mother because she feared what might happen to the children. There was always the chance the two demons could become too violent and evil which she wanted to give them a moral compass to help them through. Which led to Kade having a moral code something that he believed in which other demons didn't and wouldn't accept more of what of an hero would do. Alex though Kade might get killed doing this hero stuff but this noble demon in the making had a pure heart helping people doing noble things even blending in with humans too. He faced many trials and challenges along the way one of them being stopping a bunch of murderers from ruling certain parts of Karakura town and Canada. To some, Kade was just a mere form of justice many times winning battles and resolving disputes with sometimes having failures at times. Yet the message was clear, Kade Vargas was a pure defender of peace helping however he could....

One of the deadliest gangs of the demon world known as the "Undead Killzone Angels" a ruthless demon gang. They came in the demon world about twelve seven years before the demon king was appointed by the demon god. The gang wanted to destroy all demons in a fucking attempt to free themselves to save their souls as they started randomly killing demons at first. Until they made intentions clear to the entire demon realm which the murders got worse as many demons for the first time felt afraid making the gang deadly. One of these bastards hurt Alex, Kade wanted to exact his revenge that started one demon war against this gang. The demon peacekeeper used fast combat tactics to completely destroy some members of this evil gang until two were left. They thought getting smart would save them by kidnapping a member of a royal demon family but the demon hero hunted them down. At first, Kade was given a beatdown by the gang members it was strength of numbers to them but it was their downfall. The noble demon found a fast opportunity to overpower the remaining gang members they finally defeated the bastards

The Undead Kill Angels were finished and person was returned to the royal demon family and she said "See you real soon....Eric". Kade didn't know what the fuck she meant by that but something for the future but the good deed was done. The demon started doing more heroic stuff stopping evil demons whenever he could it got a point where the noble demon bit off more than he could chew. A new gang appeared twenty years later and started attacking demons, Kade was almost defeated by the punks and laid unconscious they were about to kill him. Something inside Kade awoke that day and threaten to murder and eradicate every member of the gang. "I will reduce your fucking bodies to ash. None will be safe with my wrath it will be my unholy mission to exterminate each and every one of you and feast upon your demonic souls" This wasn't like Kade at all then the gang left in fear as the noble demon regain consciousness some darkness entered then left his body. Kade finally confronted his mother wondering what this darkness as she was afraid herself the darkness power has risen. She explained there was a dark yet dormant power within her son something that helped him with his birth and that it only purpose to become one once more. Illyria feared this was some message that this demon child of destruction's power was trying to surface with her kind son. Illyria's worse fear was whatever this being wanted was to become one like the prophecy foretold it wants pure and dark hearted revenge for his death.

Both Illyria and demon witches refixed the paradox seal.....Hoping Kade won't free the evil power still this was his evil side yet the iramasha felt this unholy being it was feasting upon the shadows. Still, After three hours, Kade's seal was fixed and finally the evil being was gone as the noble demon started helping other demons in the demon world. Even though whatever it was finally sealed...Kade felt it complete anger not only that it sadness but slowly it went away. The noble demon continued upon the good path helping people however he could...One Example: During the Demonic Wars, Kade wasn't much a fighter but the noble demon was helping demon families with medicine and food really believing fighting was wrong. He helped a family that was dealing with a lost demon in battle helping some children deal with their sad times making them feel better. In those times, Kade was considered an demonic doctor or problem solver helping demon families in times of need yet his brother wanted to keep an open mind. But Kade had an innocent and kind heart....He didn't believe violence in those days hoping to calm things with a peaceful solution. Yet, Kade's older brother was always was the smart one growing up while some things can't be solve by peace alone and that you must make a stand to achieve it.

His heroics were going unnoticed it was during a royal dispute that the noble demon was noticed to one of the demon families among the demon world the Hiroshima clan. During an search & rescue; Tyros Hiroshima gave the namesake of his clan renaming the noble demon from Kade Vargas into Kade Hiroshima a noble member of the clan. But the hero's heroics didn't end obtaining an legendary status doing things which demons wouldn't do helping demons, rescuing people and fighting for his version of justice. He actually stopped an evil plot to destroy the Soul Society but stopping an assassination plot to kill some royal leaders of about three certain clans. What surprised him what the assassin??? A demon brainwashed and being forced to do this, Kade pleaded for a fair trial for this person but it didn't happen. The Soul Society deal with it their way still the noble demon thought something was horribly wrong at the time it didn't really matter to him.

Mia one of his best friends thought maybe the noble demon to start a relationship with the Seireitei so this wouldn't happen again. "HAVE YOU GONE INSANE MIA..." Kade thought it was a stupid idea at the time but the guy was willing to try anything. He tried talking to some shinigami representatives for negotiating terms at first most of them didn't believe it a demon searching for peace among demons and shinigami. Most of them believed all demon were evil and just manipulative thinking why should they believe in such damn nonsense. Kade finally gave a motivational speech about peace that some demons weren't all bad that could strive for a better future among the two races. They were shocked a demon so noble that he would go this far for peace they finally calmed and started talking business negotiating terms. From that speech; Kade was given a chance forming a temporary truce between demons and soul reapers they started helping out each other which was what the demon wanted.

For a while, Kade managed to get shinigami to trust him at times the demon and his crew would help shinigami deal with major threats. For a few years, He was slowly gaining relations with another race not of his own. Even though they were right most demons were evil however Kade was different a demon with a noble heart. A major turning point came when a rogue shinigami came into Seireitei looking to murder his captain even though no demon was allowed upon Seireitei grounds.

Mia explained this was suicide if Kade enters the Seireitei who knows what would happen but he couldn't let it go. Who knows that the rogue will do??? Kade confronted the rogue while he was abusing even hurting some people in the Rukongai district the demon managed to overpower the rogue subduing him for the guards to arrive. But some of shinigami weren't happy about that a demon managed to stop the would-be rogue still the noble demon knew something bad was going to happen. The higher ups in Central 46, They didn't like the temporary truce still Kade explained it wasn't their fault and they shouldn't be blamed. They couldn't this was a noble demon thinking this was a trap they allowed the demon but ordered him never to come back. "Look, I believed we could have strengthen a nation by ending a longtime feud between our races. Yes you're right some demons are evil and nature and I didn't like that hoping to change your way of thinking about us. I do apologize for entering your land and I will never bother your people again...I'm sorry." Kade departed soon after...

After Kade left some the shinigami couldn't believe this demon was pure hearted and he was just trying to help. It started a major argument with people but the decision was finalized. The truce was over but some soul reapers really believed in Kade's intentions gain some new friends within the Seireitei with the truce ending.

The demon's reputation as the hero of legend started to grow starting something more a human life which is where the demon met Miyuki Sakuyamont a connection grew. It started with a few dates then it started getting serious when her family questioning his origins where the demon gave one of his famous speeches. "Yes, I am a demon but please don't not judge a book by it cover. Many demons are evil that is a fact but really I want change which others would not. I was chosen for a purpose to to protect the innocent to hopefully never cross the line of that for personal gain." Miyuki couldn't believe how kind and caring this demon was which their love started blossoming to the point of where they got married. They started a family which began to grow also something new was brewing the noble demon actually made a truce between some demons and danava demons. Kade Hiroshima had actually done which no demon would ever think of which some peace negotiations between some of demons and danava members of demon cult. It was a long and hard road but things were pretty good which ended with a handshake and peace treaty being set into motion.

Kade started detective doing special & very extreme missions which were top classified which were not to known by anybody. It was years later, He formed an organization which took on these assignments which were named the "Demon Honor Guards given a very small base of operations. The Hellborn Skulls Cult would never admit it but Kade and his group were top notch assassins but none recognition was given. It was getting to the point where Kade was too good meaning really too good doing things undercover and helping people; He kept doing his demon assignments keeping the peace. To other demons; Kade was believed to be a traitor but a reputation was something to live being both family man and warrior for peace it was hard to juggle the two.

Behind the scenes, Kade didn't realized what the cult stood for at the time their devotion to peace was strong and well known. Behind his back, This cult had a secret agenda was using the seven sins to their advantage it was arrange during the meeting of damnation. They wanted to see if they could corrupt their group of warriors and changed them into ruthless killers but this was a secret hidden which the leaders of the cult slowly place the plan into motion. The target of extreme interest: Kade Hiroshima. The Hellborn Skulls was growing to be a powerful nation at the time but others wanted more resources which Kade didn't follow at the time. They wanted help from other races.....Kade had a problem with that it during a meeting between two iramasha representatives forming another alliance. What pissed off Kade??? It was when an iramasha scientist was experimenting on demon mostly demon children.

After seeking around the iramasha labs; Kade found out something horrible demons were being sacrificed they were crying in pain. To this day, This may have been the start of madness which led to the name Eric Zarathos....seeing innocent demons dying for research purposes. In a rage, Kade Hiroshima hunted down the scientists and beat them down viciously and placed them under arrest for killing demons. He couldn't believe it that members of his being made into sacrificial lambs but the people responsible were given justice to a demon sense. Because of the death of demons; The higher officials of the Hellborn Skulls allowed Kade Hiroshima to act this one time as judge, jury and executioner since this was much of a demon matter.

Cain Iramasha was one of those scientists involved and the sentence was to be carried out in the demon world. They were given a fair trial though the demon of peace had a moral code some were iramasha were spared while others.......well the demon butcher took care of it. Cain Iramasha swore revenge even though the iramasha council refused any act of violence to be carried but to him this was personal. Many long years later, Members upon the Iramasha council started something called a dark revolution the members wanted bloodshed one of them wanted to destroy a certain demon. Cain Iramasha started cooking up a heinous scheme ending a noble named of Kade Hiroshima placing Operation Meltdown in order framing the noble demon for countless murders. Then the very event which caused his eternal pain; Cain disguised himself as a shinigami and murdered Miyuki and wounded Kade's daughter. Kade was on a special assignment rescuing demons from hollows returning home to find members of his clan actually placing him under arrest. The name of the demon hero was destroyed and the trial was long which Kade was stripped of his name sake and never allowed to step back on Skulls Territory or Hiroshima grounds known as a traitor. But the noble demon felt a darkness growing inside of him.......

Whatever it was the unholy being within him knew Kade has been betrayed it was demon nature after all. Not all demons were pure hearted like Kade was they just find ways to flip the coin becoming the bad side not only his friends even fellow neighbors would speak to him. His feelings were broken after his best friend left him because of what they believed he did but it wasn't true whoever set him up did it good. But he didn't allowed this to stop him from becoming a hero the demon went under the name, Damien Zarathos at the time doing missions under a disguise. It was during an event where the demon actually saved a vizard from being killed calling the police and then telling them his version of the story. It wasn't much but the demon wasn't ready to reaccept the name Kade Hiroshima it was forever tarnished.

Cain's plan didn't end what happened next would be unbelievable the iramasha had a demon named Hagokumo Masada kill the noble demon and made it public. Kade didn't even feel it his chest was blasted with full force and the demon died as Cain was laughing but the dead body disappeared and Hagokumo took over Kade's identity as the murders continue. Kade's very soul was taken to the endless soul plane where demonic souls were trying to comfort the broken and hurt soul but madness was brewing within. An ancient power was coming within Kade's mind in his visions the demon saw someone walking towards to him telling the noble demon what happened. Engra Deathsword had told what happened to Kade's wife and daughter and the men responsible for his deaths; Kade wanted revenge but their was nothing he could do. Engra wasn't strong enough to bond with Kade but the demon soul gave some his very mad power to let the former noble demon revive himself. Engra wanted Kade to exact revenge upon his enemies giving the noble demon the power of fallen clan of warriors lost to the demon world.

But one thing was brewing his mind .....REVENGE.

There was one problem the demon was revive but the plan to exact revenge wasn't strong enough for him to be satisfied. Throughout time, Kade wanted Engra to help him improve his powers what Kade wanted was the powers of life and death. Through the soul plane, Kade was greeted by a revenant priest named Urizen Thul which the devil priest was improving his very powers. The priest trained certain soul techniques so his revenge could take as the unknown madness power was still growing inside of him. The moment that Kade returned the demon took the name "Eric Zarathos" and what the demon did was vicious and purely evil. Hunted down the members of Operation Meltdown and destroyed their very souls from existence with a vicious soul technique as one by one they fell. At the time, Nobody knew who this demon killer was and he enjoyed that his revenge was almost complete....Cain escaped his grasp. Months later, Eric found out Hagokumo Masada had taken over his identity as Kade Hiroshima destroying his relationships and everything that important and was all gone everything. After two days of grieving, Eric hated everything being betrayed took it toll to the point of where the demon finally became evil hearted. Going on a one demon rampage killing humans, shinigami, suguiras, demons, iramasha and quincys destroying their very souls. In Eric's mind the demon had nothing else to lose that bastard Hagokumo had destroyed his life completely his family, friends, confidants and his very stuff and everything just...gone. It started in the demon world, Eric was killing demons left and right left moving on to higher game of the other races through different dimensions. He didn't care anymore....nothing was safe.

Through Thul's teachings.....Eric wanted to embrace his new powers completely so everyone would fear this new mad demon. Everything would beware of his evil wrath it was almost like the one of seven deadly sins was alive and attacking everyone. The evil cult had done it the mad demon was turned evil this once proud and kind demon now acting like one of their own achieving everything they had hoped for.

Well Known Organizations finally discovered the identity of this killer was indeed this mad demon known only as Eric Zarathos but once known as Kade Hiroshima; They wonder what happen to him. Eric needed to be stopped so a powerful human and a shrine maiden iramasha were sent to stop the mad demon's rampage as the handicap battle began. Eric fought a hard as unbelievable war battle against the two but was completely overpowered which the demon was prepared to use the Soul Destroyer on them. The shrine maiden iramasha had discovered how this demon was eradicating people which she began through her power destroying the soul powers from Eric's body. As the human used rituals to seal Eric into a unknown dimension as the Soul Society finally ended the threat of this demon killer.

Eric Zarathos was gone at that point.....

Through Engra's help, Eric managed to escape the dimension but his powers were gone which the demon returned to his roots. Started training and fighting all over then after two decades the demon was ready for the final objective....Cain Iramasha. The demon had sneaked into the iramasha clan and then through stealth skills, Eric Zarathos confronted Cain Iramasha the rage boiling inside the mad demon was like an eternal. Cain thought it was Hagokumo playing around again but it wasn't as the iramasha discovered who it was as the true demon which caused him to piss into his pants. Again, Eric had nothing to lose as the devil iramasha coward was begging for mercy at the moment the mad demon was truly born at the death of Cain Iramasha. He killed Cain and splattered his blood around the entire house but stealing something important to the iramasha as well. His revenge was finally completed and everyone was going to feel his wrath as the mad demon went on a killing and war spree.

After some battles, He joined up with a group called Shadowfall ad throughout time the demon gained power and reputation for himself. They seemed like a right choice because of their evil streak and nature Still, Eric felt haunted his past was coming back which the demon felt restrained at times the demon was doing his missions but. Shadowfall wasn't the way to go as his mad demon power was beginning to expand the mad demon was getting stronger. Though winning and losing battles took it toll the mad demon was careless taking things to the extreme thinking to defeat power with more power.

During an Australia war, Eric discovered the dark truth of himself in which the demon had obtained iramasha powers of the shadow. The shadow powers of Dark Joshua were a part of him the child that was killed during an accident. Being somewhat of his evil half who loved feasting on iramasha attacks and wanted more to feed his dark powers and the mad demon agreed to unholy shadow one's terms.
Throughout time, Eric rely much on his new shadow dark half to aid him in battle. He was still kinda loyal member to Shadowfall but he wanted so much more than that then the worst of all things happened the mad demon was killed by a stronger force. Eric had wanted for a long fucking time to completely end all suguiras from existence and fought against Kakeru Leohardt but was killed by the knight.

Khala Asthavon had completely changed Eric from mad demon into some else entirely a hell demon called an rakshasa. Eric Zarathos was no more and quickly chose the demonic name "Zaine Kil'Jaeden. From Eric Zarathos to Zaine Kil'Jaeden the former hero knew destruction and chaos working for evil and a demon queen. Conflicts and Battles took their toll and the demon believed his organization would grant him more power to become to legendary devil once more. Zaine trusted Khalaism once; Joshua didn't like Khala's creation it was major fucking insult which he hated a devotion trying to make Touketsu look like Jesus Christ. After a certain point, Zaine couldn't control an unknown power was erupting back inside of him what happen was the madness power was returning. What it began on doing was ripping apart this Khalaism which beginning to spread into him which began started an eternal war into his hell demon body. What happened???? Dark Joshua was beyond angry this Asthavon was playing god and his shadow powers raging amuck a damn war of anger and madness inside of Zaine's body furious over what she was doing. Zaine couldn't handle this war against madness and Khalaism at the same time screwing around with his judgment the demon had no choice but ask for help.

Neoveta a proud Khalaist was willing to help Zaine which led to his decision to be revived back into a mad demon. Their was a problem she could do that but only the process was imposible so the only final option was returning him into a regular demon. Zaine thought he couldn't control this going cycle war growing inside the hell demon's body the demon wanted it to stop now. He agreed to Neoveta's terms...She had revived him but Eric was breathing as she told him about a month through hard training his powers should return. But Dark Joshua had other plans sealing himself back within the paradox seal making damn sure this woman didn't take any of his evil powers and abilities. The moment it tried to reach him it stopped yelling "GET THE FUCK OUT MUTHAFUCKA; YOU DON'T KNOW ME LIKE THAT" making Neoveta believed the task was done hiding the seal within Eric's mind. Suddenly, Eric's had a chain reaction within his mind then a change of heart it felt like Kade Hiroshima was telling him to stop. He was finally free not only was the mad demon power gone she had broken his complete tides to Khalaism all of it was gone from him. An immortality of madness, painful regrets, deadly decisions was just gone from him finally free of this horrible religion the demon shook his head saying "No More...It's over". The very darkness the evil was gone there was no reason to follow through Shadowfall again...He walked away leaving the Khalaist temple.

Eric felt betrayed and ashamed which the demon disappeared within the darkness gong under meditation trying to figure out his next move. Then the demon's mind was flooded his memories....everything the demon forgot was restored back within his mind.

He had remembered everything.....Eric didn't realized his mother implanted a dark failsafe within his brain should he ever revive as a normal demon his memories would return. The demon wanted his powers back lucky for him the demon had unique resources within the demon world which he could rely on. As a result, Eric used experimentation with the help of certain doctor who was thought killed by the shinigami race named Dr. Kylee Fairchild. Through her research, She discovered a way to restore the mad demon powers back into his easy method his own clone. Under Eric's instructions, Vanitas captured Damien Zarathos and the good doctor went to work as experimentation on the clone body. Eric and Kylee found DNA samples of the mad demon's power through Damien's blood now it was only the process of returning it back into the original. Through the death energy powers, Eric waited two months as the madness powers slowly bonded back within him only this time the demon would be in full control of it. He wanted to learn what the fuck happen to his iramasha powers through the doctor's research the demon found out something horrible happen. Neoveta didn't just revive him she completely destroyed his connection with the shadow iramasha now the shadow seal was dormant again. Dr. Fairchild believed well her theory was Kade Hiroshima was one half of the forbidden iramasha....dark half of power while his brother holds the other half of power. He realized the demon was back to square one all over again only this time he'll decide his own destiny the demon rely on others too much, Eric needed to have confidence for himself.
Dr. Fairchild had drained the power of the Dreadnought's power and placed it into Eric's body as a way of restoring a measure of his power. As a result, Eric Zarathos placed his clone into a resting chamber shutting down the clone's very mind it was nothing more of an abomination of the past. He walked away from his clone...Their was only one Kade Hiroshima and that was him in the new form of Eric Zarathos.

Two years later They came looking for kill demons, This Demon Extermination Squads a bunch of fucking humans with demonic powers were killing demons. After Eric managed to help Akasha trained the mad demon was blow apart by holy demon shockwave blast. He died from the attack by Demon Extermination Squads within the Demon world luckily his henchmen survived by the mad demon wasn't lucky like them as his soul went into the endless soul plane. The death energy within the soul kept was Dark Joshua's power trying for the most part keeping the mad demon;s soul safe. Which the henchmen tried to find ways to bring him back it had gone to the point of where his loyal subject joined Shadowfall hoping that either Khala or Mana would help restore him. But Trinity Asthavon helped though the Sacrificial Incantation restoring and reviving the mad demon but his journey back was an endless one. Now powerless, Eric had to fight to survive facing countless enemies and powerful warriors the mad demon almost near death finally faced off against the soul guardian. They fought with seemed to be a winning battle deep down his past gave him the strength to move on and fight to reclaim his soul. After a violent beating, Soul Guardian restored him and then the mad demon's soul left the soul plane returned back to his new body. The moment he returned the mad demon noticed something immediately his powers and transformations were gone this was maddening and it would take months even years to learn them back.

Desperate, Eric had one thing left the darkness within the very thing that gave him life the mad demon released the shadow seal and his evil side and him talked. At first, Dark Joshua refused thinking the mad demon was just weak but they were the same person still nothing would be accomplish if they don't work together. In time, Dark Joshua believed maybe with work and training the mad demon can once again revived his lost power but with his help and his allies too. The unholy being made a pact with Eric the shadow being would give him power under one condition...he wanted Eric to learn Soul Destroyer again. Eric agreed to Dark Joshua's terms signing a dark parliament should it be broken the unholy one would take back his power. Dark Joshua was convinced if Eric died that was it they both die and the forbidden shadow one couldn't allow such as thing to happen. What Dark Joshua wants??? Is to become one with his other half still that demonic prophecy can never make that so. The unholy being just wants to protect his new friend this mad demon. The mad demon was shadow powered giving mostly shadow power and demonic transformations from the attacks and souls the shadow being feasted upon over the years.

Eric gave thanks to evil darkness that bestowed the shadow powers and mostly some of his transformed powers back as the forbidden shadow one returned to his confinement. It was a lot to convince his dark evil half for power it best the mad demon find stronger abilities and become the evil mad tyrant once more.

I. Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Beginner
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: Beginner

Racial Skills
  • Za Koa Skill: Adept
  • Demon Magic: Beginner
  • Shadow Movement: Beginner
  • Akuma Kyōdo: Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Beginner


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  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
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« The Willsheet Checklist »

• And Comments/Fixes •

  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Beginner

  • Comments/Notes: After talking with Kade in PM and discussing the things that need to be fixed, and after what's been changed, I will hesitantly approving this. I'm putting a bit of faith in you with this Kade. So, otherwise, APPROVED.
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Eric Zarathos [APPROVED, 4-3]
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