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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Project Izanagi 2

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Project Izanagi 2   Sat Mar 11, 2017 8:06 pm

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Finally, it could begin in earnest as he went to the place. Beginning to build Izanagi, something to rival everything. Materials and refinement were an issue in Gotei. Though he still got backing from them along with Thailand to do this. Tsubasa began toiling as he took the best minds they had into the Lab. Beginning to construct the blueprint and working on it. He was building a phantom brain and supercomputer in a singular being that would rival them. Tsubasa didn't know what this kind of enhancement would bring. Perhaps it was time for him to build around himself. To make something new that would allow the Pale Rider to fight at extents unimagined. With Izanagi, he could begin and work on something far beyond the world. Calculations began at the operating speed of this. The Cyberbrain or processing chip that was being designed to be put inside. It would require a lot of time and energy to construct and make sure it was designed right. Tsubasa wasn't going to build something like a doll to power things up. Tsubasa was going to build something far beyond anything ever seen.

This computer would require the latest tech and advancements to begin. But that wasn't the purpose of Izanagi but his mate Izanami. She would act as the Core Super Computer. She would be given experience and data plus a personality and control over the Remote Dolls. But this was for after he did his best to design this Phantom Brain. What was it this one would bring to the table as he examined other more normal ones. They had various purposes as far as processing and such went. Tsubasa's biggest thing was he knew that in terms of being pure skill could only go so far. His intellect needed to be used in the process of doing this within the course. Thailand was backwoods enough for his true plan and designs to go without noticing. Tsubasa was building far more than just an army or something. He was developing a secret strategy for himself. It would allow him to fight and control the nanobots within his body more precisely.

Tsubasa could remotely control them fine but this would allow him to produce them inside. And do more as he began creating the brain. Endurance wise the design had been built before. Using a flexible but extremely strong material was needed. Tsubasa began the process of developing and designing the system. It wasn't going to be an easy road to developing it. But the version would certainly bring him something different. What Izanagi allowed him to do from his designs neither of the other two that he was aware of did. It would allow the user to calculate densities and see through things. It was going to give the power to comprehend matter. To understand and go through the density and structures of things. Read through the entire thing that seemed to be flowing from it. The creative process of the world around them understood. However, this came with risks as this Brain was the first of it's kind. Tsubasa worked hard and long it. As time began to fly and hours became something unknown.

He was focused so intently on its creation on the device in front of him being formed. It was something entirely new as he made sure it was comfortable and capable. He could let the Nanobots install it inside him when it was done. He wouldn't subject another to tests from the brain itself. To see what it was capable of in calculations or figure things out. He let a couple of the bots out to run tests on the microscopic level. Going through it was the devices fine tuned materials made it strange. It was different from the regular Phantom Tech that had been devised. This was Unabara tech something that Tsubasa Unabara made of his own accord. Not within the Gotei 13, it was going to allow him to convert his travel speed into combat speed. Tsubasa would be able to react faster and comprehend things far faster. The extremely fast processing and agile nature of the brain. Would allow him to move at his max speed when designed. It would let him move and created a comprehensive movement.

This wasn't all though it brought him by doing this as he made the final adjustments with his Nanobots. Who'd been designed to endure the speed he put out. The last things he would design would be the Project Izanami and Susanoo. Susanoo was something to help his body endure the massive speeds he could put out. Tsubasa was planning to do something to make up for his physical limitations. To further himself and build something that went beyond the world. By letting him tap into things that were thought impossible. To convert your travel speed into combat speed. That was a hard goal as the human mind could process only so much. Even Tsubasa with his intense focus had trouble calculating everything. But with this device, he was allowing himself to fight at his full potential. A sleeping dragon could be awoken and taken to new heights. The wings on this beast would allow him to truly begin. Tsubasa made the final adjustments once more double checking his work. Everything was finished and Izanagi was born. He laid down upon the table and began to allow the operation to begin. Tsubasa's body was put into rest as the Nanobots began the process. Everything took time and this was going to be done safely.

His body was accepting the device with no issues seen thus far. His nanobots converted it slowly bringing it in and installing it. Tsubasa had these able to fine tune and help conduct maintenance on it. By letting them be connected to the processor as a test. He saw their productivity increase and saw an overall speed increase his nanobots. So now it was time for him to take the plunge and see what happened. This was about becoming something more. To be able to arrive and save his allies from combat at his best potential. Tsubasa's body went into rest as the installation was completed overnight. He awoke his eyes comprehending things they'd never once before understood. Everything was clear now and the pathway seemed too obvious now that he saw it before him. It was clearly time to begin the building of Susanoo next or perhaps Izanami.

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Project Izanagi 2
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