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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Project Susanoo

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Project Susanoo   Sat Mar 11, 2017 10:48 pm

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This was the next thing on his project as the Izanagi prototype was a vast success. Thailand officials were immensely impressed by the creation so were those within the Gotei. So resources came in for Tsubasa's next creation at the moment. He had a plan in mind for something for stronger now as he sat in his lab. Creating things like this was always a fun process in his mind. Nothing ever came easily for him so developing means to enable him. Things to allow him to handle and do things far outside his bodies normal limitations. To go beyond everything he understood and make something new. This was the view Tsubasa had taken on when making his gear. The Unabara Phantom Tech, these were specialized devices he'd made. But in his small book Susanoo was circled as important. It was a cellular level Nanoskin that functioned almost like a secondary skin. It wasn't uncomfortable or hard to activate either. The user wearing it wouldn't experience the discomfort of any kind. These were designed to take high-level impacts.

He'd created them to absorb up to a megaton of force from brunt force alone. Trouble was the application was done through bathing in a solution and it wasn't per say comfortable. As the stuff was like wax being put on your skin. That would later adapt and become something like a shell around your frame. It was the developments of Tsubasa's mind that made the most sense. Things to enable him to fight without any restraint at all. Anything that was a hinderance be it body or mind could be augmented to perform. He'd not realized it as he glanced down at his bath. This liquid application was the easiest way as he went over the data recordings. So far he'd seen them capable of withstanding several amounts of force. The development of using Nanotechnology as a base to create a skin was a hard thing. Tsubasa did inform them that this wouldn't require much. But he could apply it to military and things like that down the road. These were things that the Pale Rider did with some selfishness.

Thailand had been more than hospitable to the Clan of Assassins. This was his way of repaying that debt. The way he could do it with his skills as he created something. Developing it to rival the striking prowess of the heaviest hitters he'd seen. His own was devised around his bodies problems. Allowing him to overcome some things. These would allow him to overcome the force on his body. Allow him to move around even under tremendous pressure. By using the skin and allowing it to soak in enough. The user's body wouldn't fall apart but in fact, resist the force put on. Tsubasa had gauged it capable of taking a Megaton or more of force. Combining it with his Izanagi processor the user would see an extreme advantage. This was defensive and merely augmenting things for the moment. Tsubasa was on the road to creating something new beyond the towers. This world needed something new and Shinto Tech he was working on. It would take them into a new realm soon. He had all the pieces he needed to create something immense.

The payoff, of course, would be the nano skin fibers acting in a different fashion than normal. They would process faster and activate a self-regeneration factor. Creating layers and developing more defense for the user. This was akin to the legend of many warriors who'd done this. Tsubasa was the only one who could be the guide pig these days. He needed this and then it would be time to create her. Something he'd been performing calculations on for a while. Izanami, the Core Mainframe. She would be something else and perhaps even something of a beast. She wouldn't have a regular form or even be something he could apply to himself. She'd not be easy to make overnight either, the amount of work he'd need. She wasn't like Susanoo and Izanagi, they were built around his flaws. Tsubasa was giving his creation an overhaul that would allow for armies to be made. The Unabara were rising from the ashes with something new. Creating the Izanami would allow for him to make specialized units.

She could cover bases he wouldn't be able to do otherwise. Tsubasa put his thoughts on her off for now. It was hard not to picture the future with her in it. His frame lowered itself into the solution slowly. Entering the bath that submerged him as he put a breathing mask on. You had to go under completely. Nothing short of a full submerging would work for this. The technology he developed was secret from most of the world. Izanagi and Izanami weren't widely known it was kept in secret files. Tsubasa didn't intend to let on what he was doing just yet. Things needed proper preparation for things. He couldn't go into a battle just yet to begin things. Not all of his pieces had been assembled yet, there were things missing. Tsubasa couldn't afford to play anything wrong in this high chance game. He'd gotten requests from many places within here. Thailand's surrounding countries had taken notice of Unabara effectiveness. The Clan's reputation was rising as he created something for them.

It was the Clan Leader's job to provide a future for his people. Tsubasa failed to provide one before. This time he wouldn't fail he thought as he sat wincing in this solution. The tank was effective and kept the temperature at a constant cooling. Nothing was wrong with the set up of this as of yet. He closed his eyes going into a state of sleep as he exhaled softly into the mask. Soon he would provide them a future bright and full of possibilities. He wasn't able to show off his intellect or his skills yet. Able to calculate everything out of the way, once Izanami was finished. That would change, he'd created the most suitable situation for him to fight. To fight with his sword and create a pathway beyond the future. Soon the Unabara could begin to build and really make a mark on the world. Tsubasa was looking beyond the place the Soul Society had. He was going to define himself further and further from just the Pale Rider. He would show the world his mind soon when the time was right.

Emerging from the tank the results were startly, he felt a bit stronger as well. The cellular enhancement was obvious from just having it grafted on his body. This allowed for a different level of protection from things. They could absorb the high forces and elements, it was a perfect success. He smiled dressing in a robe as he headed off to prepare things to build it now. To create something far beyond the world's imagination. To create a new future for the ones who'd lost it before.

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Project Susanoo
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