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 Liana Unohana [REVAMP WIP]

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» Name: Liana Unohana
» Titles: Blood Moon (previously Black Moon)
» Appearance Age: Early Twenties
» True Age: Eighty-Seven
» Gender: Female
» Affiliation/Rank: 2nd Division - Kido Corps / Gotei United

» Appearance Description: (Please Put 1-2 Paragraph's on your character appearance.)

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As a trait inherent and strengthened by the guidance of her adoptive mother, Liana has consistently been most well-known for her compassionate and generous actions. Previously a Vice-Captain for the Old Gotei's 4th division, her job description was by nature one fueled by acts of nurture and support, and the reputation she's accrued in this position--and due to this position--has naturally fed back into the desire for her to do good. Being recognised for her work in this field--and nearly unanimously positively for that matter--continued to inspire the yearning for receiving validation through these acts. That said, even without the prospect of positive feedback from this sort of conduct, Liana pursuingly performs acts of good will purely out of seeing it as the "right and just" course of action. Moments of conduct contrary--both for herself and to accept the actions without of other people--usually require significant and demanding justification; even then, depending on what it is, Liana would go so far as to feel remorse for other people's actions without compassion.

Liana was initially an astonishingly reckless child, and truth be told the majority of the lack in manners she offered was due to her upbringing. Born in fairly damning circumstances and the will to adapt and survive in inherently disadvantageous conditions formed a wall around her heart, and anyone who approached her--regardless of personage, intent, and appearance--was always met with ferocity and aggression. After being under Retsu's tutelage, the sheer disparity between Liana's starting point and current manner of conduct has made her consideration for politeness and mannerisms that much more professed. The tireless, conscious efforts to correct herself has made her attentive to this sort of thing, and as a result is a point of focus and consistency.

Something retained from her youth and better managed but still prevalent, Liana has a preference for action, and standing by overthinking and ruminating a situation is an easy way to irritate her. Both a trait that aids her in leadership as well as a circumstantial shortcoming, depending on the occasion she can easily be pinned as the type to jump the gun and act before appropriate consideration, which isn't always wrong. In Liana's mind, doing that is at least better than sitting around trying to conceive every possible contingency; furthermore, while she's subject to confusion and can take the wrong turn at the wrong corner as everyone else, the girl will at least do it confidently, and in the event of her being mistaken, own up to it and take responsibility.

In the face of making these mistakes--or preferably successes--Liana will press forward. Sure, celebration of the success or reviewing the mistake can take place, but there should be a limit to that. Stagnation in the face of failure or complacency from the confidence of success is not an option. Of course, the Unohana neither has any intent of being a party-pooper and forcing people into directions they feel less than amiable towards, but for the sake of a person's benefits, she will take the time to be hands-on and direct in guiding them further forward. The alternative is to not, and that never got anyone anywhere.

That said, Liana has no good opinion of people who pursue stagnancy or easily settle down, or generally have some polar shift as the result of a single instance. This is a poor mentality, only possible if cultivated and mistreated, to which she feels pity and reproach, both to the person and their previous guidance that allowed this mindset. It's inappropriate and counterproductive by nature, and while Liana has a big heart, there's limitations to her tolerance. Her decisiveness to take action also takes place in cutting off dead limbs from the body, and her ideals would ask that she can take every person she can onto her boat of productivity and success for universal betterment, but the realism she takes into account makes this sort of expectation impossible to hold.

Liana has become accustomed to the role of leadership, and in fact now finds some degree of comfort in its familiarity, but her innate preference of socialisation is the general lack thereof. She doesn't mind the interaction, but prefers to be the receiver of content, more keen on listening and learning from the providers rather than offering her own two cents. She's capable of it, without a doubt, but her area of expertise is in absorbing, and later maybe regurgitating all she's taken in, rather than offering original content spontaneously.

Liana is definitely introverted albeit successfully overcoming many of its challenges, but she definitely enjoys social interaction. As her taciturn disposition displays, the girl is most likely the quiet one in the group who listens rather than talks, and a part of this is the curiosity which fuels her silence. Liana naturally wants to take in all the information around her, and especially details of a person and what they convey, in a way as something for just personal enjoyment, but also because it helps her to perform in the future in all she does. The more she knows, the better she can be in any field, both as a person, or as a fighter, or as a leader, or as a soldier. She truly holds the phrase "knowledge is power" reverentially.

As a result, Liana proves highly analytical in the sense of situational awareness to the world around her and the people in it. She has particular focus to certain visual cues and various subtleties and idiosyncrasies of a person--just as something she naturally picks up. Her own opinion is that she isn't particularly smart or clever, and generally intellectual input isn't her area of expertise, but in spite of that--and also because of that--taking in all the information possible allows for ease and clarity in deduction, piecing together the abundance of information accumulated to easily come to proper and accurate conclusions.

Without a doubt Liana is incredibly afraid and fearful, in many senses of the word, but she doesn't view it as a disadvantage or shortcoming. In fact, the girl embraces this prevalent side of her, because as a dear friend once said, "fear is the greatest boon a person can hold. Fear is what divides the courageous from the cowardly and the brave from the stupid--not the strong from the weak." Fear is a superpower that allows a person to perform in ways no other person can, and to act with particular efficiency or attentiveness, and is also a driver of emotional sensitivity that attunes a person to the world very well. Thus, instances of fear is something Liana confronts head first, and while she may be trembling in her boots in the face of something which frightens her, she specifically looks it in the face and uses it to empower herself, swallowing her spit and pushing down the daunting pressure.

Liana's fear is her driver, but this wasn't always the case. Especially as a child with dire circumstances, fear was something that effectively ruled her life, and the events which transpired in her past traumatised her--especially moments in her childhood which transformed into greater mental beasts and creatures than anything else due to the years of poor coping mechanisms and the dramatisation of these memories as she grew up. More mature, stable, and better equipped to handle these memories, Liana doesn't seem nearly as troubled by it as she really is, to the extent of which resurfaced memories become vivid visions that provoke unbridled actions. This is naturally a point of embarrassment which she constantly tries to sweep under the rug, and ironically very poorly addresses despite her attempts to handle well essentially every other instance, to the extent that people have labeled Liana confrontational--especially before being introduced to positions of leadership. Specifically, any mention of the 4th division slaughter mentally shakes her.

Tolerance is something she's known for, and while she has her limitations on this front, it's well advertised that this gauge of tolerance is inexplicably high. Liana can endure much harm, to herself or peers, physically and mentally. One of the reasons this is possible is because she doesn't truly just ignore and let go these misgivings, but instead carves them into her heart, remembering them indefinitely. Usually unaddressed by giving people the benefit of the doubt to act better in the future, or have room for improvement, but with cases of her tolerance being tested and whittled down, one quickly comes to find that Liana can be the most vindictive person you meet. Forgiveness is practically her middle name, but if you don't plead for it, you get no sympathy, but instead the darker side of her heart--something better avoided, and those that learned the hard way could attest. A debt is always paid, for better or worse.


    Early Childhood
The Ideitreng family was well known for the consistency in quality of shinigami produced, and while it made them a valuable asset to the throne, which in part retained their status as lower nobles, their constant production of powerful members did not denote the consistency of loyalty. With the occasional turncoat family member, by default the Gotei gained a well equipped enemy in each occurrence. Thus, the Ideitrengs never really moved up from their position, though they were still held onto because they were still an asset which, at least as a family, remained in servitude to the crown.

In the event that a member might foreshadow some degree of disobedience to the Gotei or signs preceding a potential secession from their ranks, they were accordingly dealt with. In one of these instances, a couple with a newborn babe ran through the outer districts of Rukongai, the mother an Ideitreng, fleeing from members of the Onmitsukido. In their final efforts, the couple abandoned their babe, a group of street urchins picking it up.

The group felt pity for the infant for being born from the get-go in very familiar circumstances, so with their combined efforts the urchin group did their best to raise the child. Obviously, this didn't go very well, but the outcome was fairly optimistic. By the time the child physically matured to the same general age as the urchin kids that raised her, while she had a poor understanding of the world around her and a very distorted perception of reality, she at least wasn't unhealthy, physically, spiritually, or even socially.

In fact, on a social level, Liana was well received. As she grew up, many of the kids--partially out of camaraderie and familial bonding in their efforts to raise her--loved her like a sibling, and was a member of this urchin family that brought many of them together. She grew up curious, taking everything in like a sponge, and as an obedient child, as far as the kids she interacted with went, she never met trouble with them. On top of that, Liana was a pretty child, and being treated as a little sister, was well protected.

    Latter Childhood
This dynamic shifted a bit when some of the kids engaged in nefarious activity, thereafter suffering the consequences as a few adults took it upon themselves to punish the involved urchins. While it was a simple case of spanking some naughty kids for petty theft, Liana seeing the kids struggle in the grasp of the adults had treated this as a very serious incident--thus, she took action.

The blood of an Ideitreng ran true in her veins, and while there was no permanent harm to any persons involved, this became the start of her legacy as "The Black Moon". The spiritual power she displayed--and competency of control with it--attracted much attention.

Eventually, the Urchin group gained momentum in control, and as Liana matured alongside her "family", some degree of control over this district began to reach out. Their actions became more unruly, the crimes committed increasingly severe. Liana's power quickly shifted her to a place of power and leadership over this group, and considering her upbringing, this status was poorly handled.

The most dire result was Liana as the sole survivor in what escalated to a gang turf-war, rival criminal groups in the area slaughtering the girl's "family" in her absence, as she attended to other matters. Of course her rage returned the favour, but the damage had been done, and the poorly raised Liana was also emotionally vulnerable. Up until this point, she had never really faced any serious adversity that wasn't immediately handled by the overprotective family members or her immense power generally unseen this far out into Rukongai.

The emotional trauma sent her unto a progressively darker path, and her involvement in crime and murder spiraled out of control. Her innate power and constant usage cultivated it, her reiatsu growing absurdly to the extent that its dark black miasma appearance coated the skies for miles to come, to the point of encasing the moon. This is where "The Black Moon" was coined, referencing her massive reiatsu.

For adjacent districts, the territory of The Black Moon became famous, as it was the turf of a young girl who listened to no-one, respected no-one, and demanded both in return. Considering this was an uncontrolled person with feats comparable to fairly powerful shinigami, there were few challengers, and those few were met with horrifying results. Thankfully, these days reached an end.

Eventually, word of The Black Moon reached far enough to gain attention from a Shinigami unit on an excursion to the outer layers for investigation of a different urban legend. But, on the way to that site, the unit figured addressing The Black Moon was fine too. Coincidentally, this unit was in part escorting Retsu Unohana. In the end, they discovered the root of the Black Moon legend to be a young girl, an image awfully disconcerting with the most prevalent rumours.

Beyond that, Retsu drew many parallels between Liana and another familiar child she met in very similar circumstances, which in part drew up some nostalgia. As a result, she handled the situation in the same manner, and while Liana had daunting reserves of spiritual energy, both her and the energy was unrefined and untrained. After a fight demonstrating her ferocity and savagery, Liana was inevitably defeated. But, the potential in her was clear to see, and beyond the girl's shortcomings, she was brimming with vitality.

    Shinigami Training
Retsu returned to Seireitei with Liana in tow, shockingly obedient to the change of circumstance. Both distraught in having lost for the first time as well as pursuing the object of her desire and defeat, Liana figured it better to acquiesce; aside from any pride lost, to which there wasn't much left, nothing better was in her district than the potential of seeing what the Seireitei could be like.

The result was absolutely grueling for Liana, who was adjusted to an entirely different culture. The outer districts cultivated some hard to rid habits and perceptions on society, but with enough dedicated drilling and grinding, as well as Liana's competence and inborn talents--as well as drive to actually absorb everything she's learned, the Black Moon arrived at an incredibly favourable result. Retsu taught her everything from manners and advanced education to combat and kido. In aspirations to follow after her now adoptive mother to which Liana eventually became infatuated with, the girl especially focused on Kido and Swordsmanship. Although she displayed proficiency and talent in all fields, her special attentiveness to the two subjects naturally accelerated her progress.

Eventually Retsu felt comfortable with developing Liana to a more stable state, both in body and spirit. In fact, Retsu felt pride over her, and that she met or exceeded all expectations. From here, she sent Liana off to the Academy to formerly learn and become a shinigami, to which she flawlessly passed through; however, the grind and desire to prove herself, not just to her peers and instructors but also to her mother, prompted Liana to especially stick to the Academy as opposed to graduating prematurely just to ensure she had perfect scores in every field.

    Shinigami Recruit
This display of dedication and competency in many forms naturally made her sought after by many divisions, but in line with her reverence for Retsu, Liana joined the 4th Division. Despite the girl's foremost talent lying in leadership and combat, enough that most people assumed Liana was going to join either 1st Division or 11th Division, there was a sense of disappointment in her joining the most combat-passive squad. That said, no-one thought her talents were to be wasted regardless of her choice considering the obsessive development of her fundamentals.

As expected, Liana's reputation and rank rose as she worked her way up to seated positions, consistently climbing, her love and loyalty to the Gotei also developing in parallel as their praises and guidance for her reintroduced Liana to the long-lost feeling of camaraderie and familial bonds. This was a major reason for the Black Moon quickly attaching herself to Retsu and seeing her reverentially.

Eventually, her prowess rose to the level of the Vice Captains, her peak form and reliance on stable fundamentals making her at least able to defend against the less combat-inclined Captains of the time. Suitably matching her capabilities was the rise to the rank of Vice Captain of the 4th Division.

    Black Moon Falls
Everything went well for Liana, and to most she seemed without flaw, to an uncanny degree. Even the subject in question felt a sense of invulnerability, and that nothing would go wrong from here on out. The suffering she experienced in her youth was now being compensated for, and everything would be fine. Obviously, these were wild delusions to soon be corrected.

Liana continuously progressed, and finally she unlocked her Shikai. The powers unlocked from this experience was unsurprisingly tied to Yin-Yang, a sort of power fit for her attempts to have her fundamentals equally progressed and, essentially, balanced, further paralled by her trained mannered self but honestly savage inner persona that was refined but still took root from her childhood. After some time, she even felt Bankai was in reach, but before she could finally tap into more of her latent potential, the demon incursion occurred.

It was a gruesome war, most of what she saw wasn't anything considering her childhood and tenure in the Gotei as a medical specialist. It was definitely tumultuous as many friends passed away, but every time Liana swallowed the pain and moved forward, doing her best to lead the division alongside her mother who had taken the mantle of 4th Division Captain up once again at the time.

Unfortunately, Liana suffered one loss that was far too damaging. After the battle with Khala Asthavon, the reportedly fatal blow and therafter sudden disappearance of her Retsu broke the girl. The heavy exposure to demon and hollow energy, and especially the constant handling of this energy whilst treating the wounds of countless shinigami, progressively tainted and exhausted her mind, relying on self-mastery and willpower to keep the enticing voices at bay. But, compounding the mental break from losing her mother with the negative energies surrounding her, on top of an ability of her zanpakuto contributing to the absorption of these energies, an inner hollow began to take form.

At this time, Liana had lost control. The inner hollow began to consume her, and the blood-thirst, savagery, and unbridled rage she once displayed as a teenager resurfaced. Friend and foe alike were at her mercy, and for someone that reached the level of Captain before unlocking Shikai, now tapping into further power from a newly developed inner hollow, the countless 4th division members around her--desperately trying to treat their Vice Captain's active descent into instability--could not resist her wrath, eventually leading up to an event termed "The 4th Division Slaughter", as well as the shift of Liana's epithet from "The Black Moon" to "The Blood Moon".

    Blood Moon Rises
During the recovery of the Demon Incursion and subsequent rebuild and reformation of the Gotei, Liana resigned and left Soul Society. Given the circumstances, the Gotei weren't really pressed to chase after and criminalise Liana, especially considering the circumstances of her resignation and reputation built up to that point which gave her some degree of leniency. The shame, disgust, and helplessness she experienced drove her away from anything that could even remotely remind her of being in Soul Society.

She took to the Realm of the Living to cope with these new tribulations, most self-contrived but there nonetheless. Isolating herself out of fear of another uncontrolled outburst, Liana spent the majority of her time jumping in and out of her Inner World. The actions she took that day birthed another fear, specifically of her inner hollow. Interacting with it--especially directly--was incredibly difficult, and even after constant and daily attempts to force herself to face it, after a while she could only endure eye contact for a mere few moments before she broke under pressure.

It wasn't until another vizard approached her. His appearance wasn't well purposed, more of an accidental meeting, but the meeting was most definitely invaluable to her. Liana's struggle with facing her inner hollow was most definitely apparent to him, as someone much more experienced in just about everything compared to her. That said, the way she approached the issue of her inner hollow was most definitely not positively viewed. In fact, the stagnancy she was presenting was enough to be called frustrating and thereon justify confrontation.

This confrontation devolved into an out-right fight, essentially ending in Liana's defeat. By this time, Liana had suffered many defeats, none yet by her peers, but spars and battles with significantly more powerful beings on more than one occasion put her in her place. This was one of those moments. With his foot literally on her chest, pressing down from above her, Liana had not many options aside from listening the words he was pressing.

His words were biting, condescending and presumptuous, but the premise in his delivery really stuck. The vizard talked about not having to be content with the circumstances. That you didn't have to change the issues or correct them to move on. Tolerating them, moving on despite them, using them to empower yourself was also an option, and likely the best one for moments like these. All she had to do was face the object of her fears--it didn't mean she had to reach a point where she no longer feared it.

The man abruptly departed, still leaving a bad taste in Liana's mouth, but his words were well considered. Applying them, for the first time the Blood Moon actually interacted with her Inner Hollow, similarly to how she would with her Zanpakuto Spirit. Truthfully, actually confronting it strengthened her fear of it, especially the sheer maliciousness of it, openly stating that moments of Liana faltering would be taken advantage of, and to its fullest, it would tear apart everything around her without exception.

    Unlocking Bankai
While this developed her fear of the Inner Hollow further, this also furthered her motivation to cope with it and prevent the possibility of this happening. This new sense of determination was recognised by the Zanpakuto Spirit, which then saw fit to allow Liana the opportunity to unlock her Bankai.

Liana's spiritual energy was way more than sufficient to summon and sustain the form of her Zanpakuto spirit and even endure a prolonged fight; thus, the only thing she really had to worry about here was defeating her zanpakuto spirit as she kept her inner hollow at bay. And, considering her adamant progression and stability of her fundamentals, it was surprisingly an uncomplicated fight. It was difficult without a doubt, but considering the times she faced opponents outright disgustingly superior to her, it wasn't unfamiliar territory.

    Vizard Corps
Albeit a tad anticlimactic, the zanpakuto spirit wouldn't have proposed unlocking bankai unless it felt confident that Liana could whole-heartedly come out victorious to begin with, so the occasion of victory was unsurprisingly, arguably outright expected, especially with this new revelation and insight Liana came across. So, with her stability regained and a degree of strength earned, where was there to go from here? Ideally, treat the situation of becoming a vizard similarly to how Liana always treated a new challenge: grind out mastery over it.

And what better way than to join the organisation founded on the unity of Vizards, likely the organisation best equipped to help fellow vizards cope, adjust, and strengthen themselves as a result of tehir new circumstances. This in mind, Liana joined their ranks and--comfortable with this environment as all people here were once shinigami--Liana quickly displayed many of the skills, values, and general human credit that popularised her in the Gotei and in her urchin group. As expected, alongside the progression of her mastery over the traits gained through her inner hollow, Liana's proactive attitude and innate characteristics accrued traction and presence in the Vizard Corps, until she once more reached a point of holding a leadership role.

    Rejoining the Gotei:
After some time in the Vizard Corps, nostalgia and yearning for her homeland rekindled. The sense of guilt still pervaded her, but the curiosity and homesickness set it hard and powerfully. As her time in the Vizard Corp went on and her comfort with the establishment increased, a tinge of detachment budded. In her mind, Liana felt that even without her, the Vizard Corps would be fine without her. For selfishly joining the organisation as a way to self-serve her need to seek atonement and act philanthropically, the benefits and works he put would justify a break or entire resignation from the organisation.

In the end, Liana followed her heart. She put in a formal resignation from the Vizard Corps, particularly with the intent of returning to her homeland. Many vizards followed suit at the time, or resigned even prior to Liana. Reason being, the reformation of the Gotei under a new leadership also saw changes on the restrictions and invitation of vizards and similar shinigami-based beings, so feeling more welcomed in Soul Society and Seireitei largely changed people's opinions. After all, the enticement of being able to come back home was a powerful influencer.

So like many others, Liana came back home, and to her surprise, not many people held reservations about her or her actions during the Demon Incursion. Since then, the Gotei and its members had been far more concerned with cleaning the ashes, rebuilding their way back up and improving the organisation to a better state than even before the Demon Incursion. Recent success and tangible progress being actualised easily washed over much of the Blood Moon's sins. Of course, some people still felt strongly about it, and the title of "Blood Moon" was still prevalent. Alongside her return, the epithet was once again on people's tongues, though the majority of discussions weren't malicious in nature.

    Hello Captaincy:
Liana's sense of duty and responsibility, to the Gotei, to herself, and especially to her adoptive mother, eventually sent the shinigami back into the ranks of the Gotei. She rejoined with a new sense of purpose and revitalised drive to perform, especially in a familiar yet unfamiliar setting. Back in the Gotei, but a new Gotei, Liana forged onward head first, and the results were clear to see.

Her talents as a leader and exploits in the Vizard Corps were transferred over, and many of the other vizards that resigned knew of her. The fact that the quality of her work and overall work ethic hadn't changed since and still proved a proficient worker in most all aspects, on top of the new level of power she attained, the natural affinity for the division given her practices, and a revitalised sense of trust, faith, and loyalty in her and mutually between Liana and the organisation; all things considered, the outcome seemed nearly inevitable.

Since her rejoining and the reestablishment of her roles in the Gotei, the trigger-factor being an empty slot for the division, Liana was finally promoted to the Captain position.


» Detail-Oriented: A talent at a degree that justifies it's description with other outright supernatural characteristics, Liana's natural inclination to be more of an observer to the circumstances before taking action--occasionally prematurely--has made her attuned to the smaller details in every day interaction, further exemplified with the addition of stress to active factors, thus empowering her in heated moments of debate or combat. Though she isn't as impressive in this trait as those with eidetic or photographic memory, her meticulous attention to detail has been a large contributor to her competence as a leader and proficiency in adapting to all situations, leading into her next attribute.

» Adaptability: In part due to her inherent disposition and personality, heavily fortified by the theme of her abilities, Liana's capacity to adjust to varying circumstances is a point of fame for her in relevant circles. Her rapid change in personage and surroundings accentuate and exemplify this, and given her persistence in achieving aptitude in as many fields as possible to strengthen her fundamentals, Liana has essentially accrued a sufficient degree of proficiency through many avenues to appropriately respond to any number of scenarios. Liana offers a well-rounded array of abilities and the capacity to treat each circumstance with a dedicated and individualised response prepared at will.

» Neutral Affinity: Liana has a sort of baseline global competency that gives her ease of access and introduction into any number of subjects and fields, usually picking up and progressing in these areas through the preliminary levels with relative ease. That said, it should be noted that Liana doesn't actually have any particularly exceptional affinity in any of these fields, in that while she can pick up and adapt to all these subjects without much trouble, her individual talents in any one relative to herself doesn't stick out. For example, when using Kido, there's absolutely no particular strength in a certain elemental spell different from other, even contradicting elemental spells, though this also means she has no specific trouble or drawbacks in any of them either.

» Inborn Strength: Liana's frame has definitely matured since her youth, but still easily misrepresents the muscular fortitude that allows many of her feats to be truly fearsome. Like everything else, much of her physical power is derived from consistent and constant training and development, but the reason it's easily argued that her strength naturally outclasses the rest of her physical attributes is its innate empowerment. A trait she was born with, Liana boasts a daunting level of strength that contributed to the mastery of her district in her youth. In her current form, leveling buildings as collateral damage to her focused strikes is fairly common once she taps into a more savage manner of combat.

» Weapon Proficiency: Following the trend of being a well-rounded combatant, per Retsu's instructions Liana is experienced in many different weapons with different purposes, and fueled by her personal interest to try new things and broaden her horizons, the girl can comfortably wield anything from a nunchuck to a bow. Of course given the object of her focus, melee weapons which follow similar form to the sword is her area of expertise, the sword and polearms being her primaries. Specifically, Liana's swordsmanship is exceptionally more pronounced than any of her individual talents and fields of experience, outclassing even her well-suited mastery over hand-to-hand combat.

» Musically Inclined: Lesser known fact that usually doesn't have much pertinence in her daily life, Liana is pitch perfect. What this means is she can discern the tones and frequencies of the sounds she hears, which is a minor feat, but as someone who likes to occasionally indulge in music--and perform herself--this is a relevant trait.

» Spiritual Aptitude: Liana's talent at controlling and utilising spiritual energy isn't some at some unprecedented level, though it's easily said to be at the highest tier amongst those in her generation. That said, considering her most valuable asset is her effort and training regimen, it's without a doubt threatening to even her seniors in this regard simply by nature of applying that inherit aptitude to the mountains of training she's undergone, in conjunction with her many other assets that make training exponentially more efficient compared to the average practitioner.

While her acute control was moreso a result of the grueling and demanding but effective training offered by Retsu Unohana until she felt Liana was prepared to expose that overwhelming pool of spiritual energy within for a child her age, this still doesn't detract from the level of prowess she's reached even without a natural advantage of talent. From that progress, the shinigami proves adept at holding the reigns on the scope of her energy and its motions and interactions with the world, keeping things it in check and appropriately moderated at all times.

As far as her aptitudes go, as aforementioned Liana doesn't have any natural affinities to any specific traits, and while this also means she has no overt weaknesses to any traits, it still is an underwhelming feature of her spiritual energy. In lieu of the lackluster identity of her spiritual energy, the Blood Moon has the feature of adapting to the circumstance on a spiritual level. This in particular represents her attunement to yin and yang.

Specifically, with a source of heat, more specifically some energetic celestial body (namely the sun), Liana aligns herself more closely with that heat and finds her energy to offer more explosiveness. Her energy should be more blinding in terms of luminescence, offer a sort of comfort to those around her and essentially attract attention and good will. This aura exuding from her energy and attributes gained can also be inspiring to those around her, and inspire the shinigami herself, overall improving the mood and forming herself in the mind of others--and her own--as some sense of hopefulness. This is especially advantageous in enduring battles, where a beacon of hope becomes more and more sought after.

On the opposite end is attuning herself to something which provides a cold aura, something that absorbs the heat in the area, or a celestial body which embodies this (namely the moon). The result is attributes embodying Yin. Liana's spiritual energy becomes darker and colder, absorbing the heat and vitality of the area around it and offering a foreboding, uninviting feeling. Her energy dampens not just the mood but hte lighting, as its aura draws in the light in the surroundings to literally darken the surroundings.

    »Reiryoku Capacity: What accentuates her spiritual aptitude well is the sheer magnitude of Liana's spiritual energy. Considering her status and position as a captain, it's obvious that she's reached a more than respectable level, and beyond that she certainly represents the Unohana and Ideitreng families well. Even amongst the Captains, she can at least boast being on the upper half of the group, not just being a tried and true veteran in the shinigami arts and battlefield, but a natural talent. One of her selling points in her youth that attracted attention even from those in Seireitei--whilst still in the outer reaches of Rukongai--was that sheer, unadulterated brilliance in her reiryoku.

    This can't be stressed enough, as in her youth this energy alone and unbridled physical strength was what enabled Liana to rule over the region of several Rukongai districts she inhabited. And afterwards, growing as a person and in strength and energy quantity, with her time as a Vice Captain for the fourth division, it was noted that already her energy levels were comparable to something of the captain levels at the time. Thus, now that she has unlocked her Bankai, attained and dominated an Inner Hollow, mature as a vizard and as a person, furthermore becoming a captain herself? It's understandable that Liana had developed her spiritual prowess to progress exponentially since her Vice-Captain days.


» Behavioral Issues: As plagues the newest generation of Ideitrengs, despite their particular degree of talent and social competence compared to the usually idiosyncratic ridden bloodline, Liana suffers from some fairly difficult behavioral issues, and as each of them typically have a unique case, Liana's issue is a debilitating degree of cognitive dissonance. With frightening frequency, Liana has contrasting thoughts and feelings on any number of subjects in any number of instances, often times devolving into self-arguments that, contrary to her decisive personality--makes her second guess herself. This additionally feeds into her obsession with reaching into several fields and practicing them to a minimum level of proficiency as some sort of pseudo-perfectionism. In the most severe cases, she becomes emotionally vulnerable, rationally dependent, and incredibly anxious, stressors triggering moments of depression that she forces herself to persevere through, as Liana despises self-pity.

» Chain Memory: The subtlest but most defining trait of the Ideitreng is their method of memory that allows them to tap into their vast banks of knowledge at a moment's notice with considerable clarity. In essence, they naturally connect relevant bits of information, and remembering any one of these bits allows them to recall everything else, like sorting memories out into a chain. One event leads to another in repetition, easily making Ideitreng members highly skilled in any academic subject, which in turn allows them to be proficient in any number of practices.

» Abstract Comprehension: Ideitrengs are intellectually inclined, not always in the logician sense of the word, but that does seem to be the trend. A large factor in this inclination is their ability to process information and break things down. Specifically, the ability of parallel thought, in which holding onto certain information and retaining it in its raw form, while simultaneously going through another piece of information pertinent but separate, Liana may bounce between the two thoughts, slowly thinking them out and breaking them down further while she trades bits of information in these pieces and passing them to each process.

Similar to a computer computing two different applications and giving one another information to sustain their functions, all Ideitrengs should be capable of something similar, albeit a bit more humane and practical. Through this, the information their senses gather can often easily be broken down to their fundamental levels and be more easily understood, which allows for ease of action corresponding. The result is an excellent response time beyond what's expected, as well as a natural talent in resolving complex missions and ideas, and understanding abstract concepts with relative ease.

This makes analysing abilities and informations considerably easier, and seeing something like a cero being sent towards her, Liana can break down the information she gathers from perceiving the cero and--if the ability gives off any hints--discern certain traits and qualities of the attack to better and more effectively respond to it. Conversely, anything meant to inhibit her senses, any in general limitations or stipulations to any outside influences on her is more easily recognised, such as subtle hints of an ability's weaknesses, or someone using illusions on her.

» Independence Drive: The main branch of the Ideitreng hold the trait of independence in higher regard than anything else, and employ this ideology whether aware or not in most everything that they do. The result is all children growing up with the same mindset, favouring to act alone, achieve things by their own power, and be self-reliant in most all that they do. One of the reasons the Ideitreng are exceptional in their fields of specialty is due to this self-sufficient mentality, additionally being more than willing to learn and take in all that they can to add to their repertoire so they may perform any task themselves.

Independence Drive is an ability which flows in all main branch members' veins exclusively, and the intent is to maintain that individuality. Primarily, this functions as a mental guard; attempts to infringe their independence, especially through some form of spiritual or magical compelling, is deterred and weakened, though it's not a total immunity. To make things simpler, binding or constricting abilities are halved in efficacy. From an outside perspective, this can be misconstrued for the Ideitreng to be twice as powerful as usual when breaking through physical and spiritual restrictions, whether it be on the mind (like illusions, spiritual chains, or even powerful reiatsus). Ultimately, it's dependent on their skill sheets, so even if these restrictions are only half as powerful as they should be, if even half of that strength is too much for Liana, naturally she can't break through.

» Inner Characterisation: Like any other Ideitreng, Liana holds within her an Inner Characterisation that's embodied in her spiritual and physical self. For Liana, this characterisation is the balance of opposites. Pertaining to her physical self, this can be identified with a neutral affinity towards any spectrum of "talent", in which she neither excels nor is stunted in any field, and any strides she makes is entirely reliant on her effort alone.

On both a physical and spiritual level, the biggest gain Liana gains from Inner Characterisation is an automatic re-calibration of her physical and spiritual self. To maintain balance on a metaphysical level, her physical body has the natural inclination to compensate where necessary, and likewise with her spiritual energy. For example, if she suffers a blow that disarms her left arm. With surprising quickness, Liana may operate at her peak without being inhibited by an unusable left arm, specifically in terms of slowing her down, throwing her movements of balance and making them unprecise, or otherwise. Conversely, if her spiritual energy was stunted, a similar balancing will occur.

    » Inverse Reflection: The distortions provided by cognitive dissonance can be debilitating, and for someone who used to be ruled by these thoughts which birthed rampant depression, anxiety, and overall dysfunctional social interactions, Liana's greatest opposition of merit, values, and character is herself. Every action and thought is met with an inverse, justified by some opposing train of thought that in the end criticises her intentions. Fortunately, to some degree and especially at the surface, Liana has overcome these distortions, which in the end has manifested as her affinity for "balance".

    As a result, she can often reflect portions of these inversions amicably, and face these distortions with relative ease. So in the case that anybody imposes something in this realm on her? Whether by a power, some illusion or willpower-testing interaction? Liana seems virtually immune, as it's in reality nothing new for her. In a way, this also means that the rebalancing efforts of Inner Characterisation also enables a form of defence not just spiritually and physically, but mentally as well. Mental is clearly the most effective application.

    Aside from proving mentally stable from outside influences, Inverse Reflection also guarantees Liana a better understanding of herself, and not just for the sake of self-improvement as a person. This also enables her to better understand her mental, physical, and spiritual faculties, and recognise any inconsistencies that throw her natural state off balance. In the case that Inner Characterisation cannot treat the issue, as it doesn't pertain necessarily to "throwing her state off balance", but is still and influencer on her? She can at least recognise the fact, and in most cases more acutely identify what is affecting her and how, meaning Liana will also better grasp how to respond and treat the issue through a more manual means, assuming that information is on-hand.

» Onmyoudou Embodiment: Yin/Yang: All the members of the youngest Ideitreng attach themselves



» Racial Abilities: (You can put any customized racial skills/abilities/techniques in here. These can range from shunpo, kido, zanjutsu and anything else you want to add. Feel free to skip it if you don't want to fill it out.)

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» Zanpakutō Name: Avera/Khais

» Zanpakutō Spirit Personality:

A kind-hearted female persona, Avera displays qualities like a naive saint. Incredibly compassionate, to the extent of giving graces to even roaming strangers with a vicious glint in their eyes and scowl on their face, so long as they don’t wrong her, Avera is willing to give aid to any in need. Not out of a sense of heroism or moral obligation, but for self-satisfaction. A sensitive person at heart, she can’t bear the tightening in her chest from a pitiable scene; thus, she acts accordingly.

Not entirely in the sense of disbelief, as opposed to a cautious exterior. Avera may be compassionate, but she offers her services on the premise that she’s convinced of their situation. Otherwise, even though she’ll jump to the aid of a bloodied body off the side of the road, until given reasonable evidence, the spirit will hold her guard up. Of course, that’s just some sort of general situational awareness, keeping her surroundings--and the people she interacts with--in check and constantly observed. This trait doesn’t really affect her sociability or sympathetic outlook.

Staying true to her naive-saint personality, a core characteristic is Avera’s curiosity for all things everything. From seeing a waterproof pen and wondering how it works, to an unexplored forest begging to be traversed, a tiny flame in her heart ignites in the face of the unknown. To that extent, Avera has a knack of being a tad impulsive at times, lining up with her compassionate side fairly well. Perhaps a bit reckless when all these traits cooperate, Avera still has a sense of caution to barely hold her back from a taboo-riddled metaphorical line.

Mainly in social interactions, Avera has a sort of innocent playfulness to her. Not taking things too seriously in conversation, the spirit enjoys taking things at her own pace, guiding the conversation where she desires to the extent of bouncing topics in and out at a rapid pace. Often mistaken for a short attention span and uncomfortable level of skinship, Avera very quickly adjusts to a person, quickly accelerating her friendships to a level of touching, hugging, sharing foods, etc., especially going to such an extent without the other party’s matched adjustment, thus leading into her being overly familiar, and therefore ‘playful’.

In comparison with her counterpart, Khais, Avera may seem like an angel. Yet, the defining feature that puts the long-lasting companions of Avera on guard around her, even when she’s at her most vulnerable moments--in fact, especially when she’s seemingly most vulnerable, is the spirit's capacity for a radical change in personality, bordering bipolarism. The trigger? Anything along the lines of betrayal for the most part, a deep-set emotion that may have contributed to the negative emotion build up that eventually formed her inner hollow.

Aggressive at the surface, Khais displays an abrasive personality that often wards people off from any decent conversation, not just with himself, but thanks to his exceptionally cold demeanor, even with Avera at times as well. Sometimes, it seems forced that Khais is often rude and apathetic, keeping only to Avera and himself, practically barking away anybody who comes near. Of course, he’s not without a baseline capacity to converse; his manner of speaking just takes some time getting used to.

One of the few traits Khais has in common with Avera is a skeptical outlook, except that Khais takes things a step further to the point of immediately assuming ill-intent or actions motivated by self-interests. Khais’s aggression pushes people away under the assumption of their two-faced manner of operation, and it takes a good amount of work to get passed this barrier that is his persevering cynicism.

And to carry on with his trends of being a near polar opposite to Avera, whilst his white counterpart is a light-hearted individual capable of infinite wrath and vindication, Khais is the excusing type. Though he finds it repulsive to have his trust betrayed amongst other things, he has the heart to accept their wrongs towards him and move on. Whether this characteristic is driven by his apathy to the point of ignoring the treachery, or Khais is earnestly willing to accept someone and overlook their faults--that has yet to be determined.

All things said, most of Khais’s abrasive personality doesn’t actively surface, as he’s the reserved type. For the most part? Unless directly spoken to, he stays quiet and to himself--that is, Avera and himself. If he does have something to say, most of the time Avera will be the only one to hear, until they come across a subject he may feel a tad strongly about. For example, someone approaching Avera with seemingly ill-intent? Though she might already have some cautious assumptions swimming about her head, she’d definitely be the type of person to invite them without jumping to conclusions. Khais, being the protective introvert he is, may actively give the stranger a bad taste in their mouth with viscous discourse.

» Inner World: Liana's Inner World has gone through some drastic changes over the year, but the scenery has at its base always been a rocky shore leading into a sea with constant ripples, but overall a serene calmness and no waves. Ironically, beyond the horizon is a moon that pulls no tide, and shines more like a sun than anything. There can be lively creatures seen in the sea and skies, but never close enough to interact with, such that the girl isn't clear on whether these are actually sentient and living creatures in her inner world, as opposed to just illusory movements conjured by her zanpakuto spirits, inner hollow, or just her inner world as a whole.

The most noticeable detail aside from the base scenery is the heavy light blue tinge coating literally everything in her inner world, a colour she never felt any particular attachment to, and continues to confuse her even now. A deep purple would be sensible given the colour of her reiatsu, or even blood red given her circumstances, but instead everything is tinged with a shade on the other side of the spectrum? It also seems like Liana is the only inhabitant bothered by this, and at times it doesn't even seem like anybody else in her inner world recognises the oddity.

Liana Unohana [REVAMP WIP] 5j07sQI

» Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance: Technically, Avera and Khais are one zanpakuto, but functionally operate as if they were two separate zanpakuto, offering different ability sets that tie together into a single theme. That said, their sealed appearance reflects this in being two separate weapons. Both are identical in shape, that of a traditional katana-styled asauchi, with the one representing Avera being black, and the one representing Khais being black.

» Sealed Zanpakutô Powers: (What kind of powers does your character's Zanpakuto possess? Usually, Zanpakuto will have a theme with them, and have one kind of power. This could be some sort of fire manipulation or creation, but that is only an example. Do not overpower this section)

I. Inner Hollow/Mask

» Inner Hollow Name: Avera/Khais

» Inner Hollow Description:

» Inner Hollow Personality:

» Inner Hollow Powers: (What powers does your inner hollow have?)

» Hollow Mask Appearance: (What does your characters mask look like? Please use either a picture or describe it in 5 sentences)

» Vizard Powers: (What benefits does your character get from transforming into their mask state?)

» Equipment: (If your character has any equipment, then you should put it in this section. Otherwise, if they don't, do not fill in this section and you can leave it blank.)


» PhantomTech: (Does your character have a PhantomTech brain installed? If so, you'll be able to qualify for upgrade at the Cybermind or add other Cybernetic parts to your character to make them stronger. Click here for more information about Phantom Tech)

» Phantom Tech Abilities: (What can your character do with his or her's add-ons? This applies to any upgrades your character has gotten from places like The Cybermind as well.)

» Phantom Tech Powers: (This refers to things outside of Add-ons unlike Abilities. What Phantom Tech Powers are, in a sense, is basically what kind of power did your character gain from having a Cyberbrain? For example, Shadin Yuudeshi gained Imaginary Computation with his Cybernetic upgrades and has the ability to bring tangible things into existence with his computers Quantum Calculations.)



General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Shinigami Skills
  • Hoho: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Kidō: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Zanjutsu: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Hakuda: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Vizard Skills
  • Power Augmentation Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Cero: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mask Protection:: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Hollow Control: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Hollow Skills
  • Acid Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Garganta : Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Cero/Bala: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Regeneration: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner


» Role Play Sample: (Show us what you got by posting a sample of how you role play. Any previous thread or new material is accepted!)

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