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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Experiment 50001:, Reina Mischevang [long term wipperoni]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Experiment 50001:, Reina Mischevang [long term wipperoni]   Mon Mar 13, 2017 4:48 am

見 落 と す 力

Name: Reina Mischevang is the name given to a scientific experiment performed by Ashlei Clixx upon a Xeno hollow. Prior to the experiment, Reina was a direct sister to Ashlei, but in her last ditch effort before going completely rogue and off the grid, she experimented upon her own sister. Fifty thousand experiments prior had failed, yet the one that completed, without the knowledge of Ashlei herself, was Reina. She is known by most as "Experiment 50001", and those closer to her simply as "Reina."

Age: Since becoming a Xeno Arrancar, she is four years old. Her true age, prior to experimentation, is two hundred.

Gender: Female.

Species: Xeno Arrancar, mix of both flesh and machine.

Affiliation/Residence: Reina takes up residence within Las Rejilla, Hueco Mundo. The vast lands of dark sand are home to many different types of Hollows, but Las Rejilla sort of feels like the epicenter of all internal functions. While originally this may have fallen into the hands of Las Nachos, later dubbed Los Viejo on Hueco Mundo's moon, Reina considers this the capital: taking up residence within the scientific department of Metalstorm Fortress on the South West portion of the land.


Body type: Miotosu's body type is actually quite comparable to Hakai, he is rather tall (standing at 6'5) and very muscular toned throughout his torso. He appears to be a little more stronger built than Hakai, his chest and stomach region sporting a rather impressive six-pack atop of broad shoulders. Similar to both Iwa and Hakai, Miotosu weighs a total of 10 tonnes naturally, making his style of fighting also reliant on strength and defensive capabilities. If one were to look at Mio, it is very possible they could be intimidated purely by his muscular toned body mixed in with height. His lack of clothes, as mentioned below, serves to do this as well: being rather proud of his body, thus showing off his visible strength.

Hair, eyes and face: Unlike the others, Mio's hair is rather short -- but holds a pitch black colour all throughout it. Running down the the middle of his neck and above his eyes, the hair is spiked up in portions all over, some laying limp, but naturally all 'roughed' up. Most people would consider this a rather messy look, but it is as presentable as Mio will get. Below his black hair are a set of golden eyes, the iris' leaning closer to orange in colour. These contrast rather beautifully as they glow through the gaps in hair, staring down the opening with a menacing cowl. The rest of Mio's face is shown to be rather mature, yet surprisingly with very few irregularities. Across his forehead and under his left eye, there appears two medium sized scars. The one under his eye drags down to the middle of his cheek whilst the one across his forehead extends from the inside edge of either eye.

Tattoos: This is probably the most interesting and terrifying part of Miotosu's appearance. From head to toe, literally, he is covered in black and red tattoos - that of which stem from the center of his hairline all the way down to the very tips of his toes. The tattoos don't seem to be symmetrical on either side of his body, but on both arms and legs, there appears to be a sort of "tribal" style mixed in with "clockwork" or "steampunk" styled tattoos, cogs mixed in with traditional art styles. All of these tattoos are coloured in completely black, some thinning out as simple black lines across his body. Each line is surrounded in a red glow, outlining each black tattoo. Whilst chaotic around his arms an, feet and body: Mio's face is the least tattooed place on his body. While he has many tattoos on his face, even under his hairline, the most her had is a few strands of black and red lines going across his face.

Darkness Aura: Rather simple in appearance, but terrifying all the same, is the black sort of 'aura' that seems to radiate off Mio's body constantly. This isn't thick like reiatsu and it cannot force an opponent to their knees by exerting more force; rather it's just a natural trait to his body. The dark aura that surrounds him extends out to around five centimeters from his body, like a outer glow fading off ones body.

Attire: As previously mentioned, Mio doesn't exactly sport a lot of different clothes. Instead he will typically be found wearing a cloak similar to Hakai, but not around his back, rather tied in a knot around his waist. His chest area is completely void of clothing, arms and chest exposing his copious amount of tattoos and muscle to the world. Around his shins and wrists is a black wrapping, the style of which boxers or MMA fighters would use. Atop of his head, Mio also wears a red bandana similar to Hakai, his instead tied to the left side of his head in a knot. The red cloth around his waist is mildly parted at the front: giving a small look at the tattoos on his inner thighs and legs. Underneath this he has shown to wear simply just a pare of pure black shorts should his red appearance ever be removed.

Reiatsu Colour: His reiatsu colour is the same of Hakai's, a crimson red, the same colour as both their outfits in fact. Due to the immense spiritual energy transferred to him during his growth and life with Hakai, Mio has been able to exert and explode into a powerful burst of reiatsu, soaking and coating everything in his surroundings in a thick red reiatsu for the duration.



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Experiment 50001:, Reina Mischevang [long term wipperoni]
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