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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 The Reaper's New Chapter

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: The Reaper's New Chapter   Fri Mar 31, 2017 4:21 pm

Song: A Soul as Red as a Ground Cherry By: Demetori - Word Count: 584

Poliro definitely had a lot of work to do as he listened to Yoma give a long talk about the state of his Zanpakuto and knowledge in general. Poliro wasn't even sure if Yoma had ever went through the Shinigami academy process. Mildly irritating as Poliro could fondly remember those days when he went through it and the struggles he faced there. The reaper also remembered his main ambition - revenge, power to carry out that revenge. It was a very vain thing, but after he met his now dead wife, his life changed and now he didn't feel that need for revenge, but instead a need to do the world good and by training new younger fighters he'd be doing exactly that.

The reaper would hear and acknowledge Yoma's story. He had a battle and lost and during that battle the blade shattered and Yoma felt like he had suffered a great loss for reasons he didn't understand until his meeting with Poliro today. He answered the second question - all he seemed to know about the Zanpakuto was that it was a blade. Poliro definitely had a lot to teach him about what it truly stood for. He then took out what seemed to be the remains of it, before being asked by Yoma what he could do.

He thought for a moment then decided on a course of action. "Right then lad, come sit. Seems like there is a lot you need to learn, so listen."

He then sat down assuming Yoma would follow as he carried on to lecture him.

"What a Zanpakuto truly is you - your soul is in that weapon. If its broken, that means you seriously need to do some soul searching and work to get it back. I had a experience like this. I once lost a fight, which nearly cost me my life too pal. I wasn't able to fight for a month, nor was I anywhere near my full power. What I learned from that, was how to recondition myself and recover, that's what you're going to learn lad."

The reaper then closed his eyes.

"Close your eyes and relax here. We're going to start your path to recovery with some serious soul searching. If you look deep inside of yourself enough, you will be able to remember your Zanpakuto and everything about it. It is a part of you and you wouldn't have forgotten it truly. Start thinking as hard as you can. Remain calm and relaxed and do not let anything distract you. Imagine yourself trying to look inwards. Keep a grip on your broken blade and try to recall how you used it and who it was. Remember, this isn't just a weapon. It is a part of you and to repair it, you need to understand it. Once it clicks, you will be able to once again use its power."

With these instructions, the reaper would seek to restore Yoma's Zanpakuto and begin making headway on other issues although he didn't expect this to happen instantly. A long day was ahead of the two but hopefully by the end of it Yoma would be in a much better state than when this day began. Poliro sympathized with him and chose not to berate him for his ignorance - he still had the memories of his starting days and the days of being beaten down with no power left clear in his mind and could bring himself to act in such a way.

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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: The Reaper's New Chapter   Mon Apr 10, 2017 10:20 pm

Poliro had listened to Yoma’s request and story. He felt bad as he thought about his own zanpakuto but his heart remained striving for the chance of hope that could come from this. Yoma felt horrible that his blade had lost all traces of itself being a shell of the great weapon it once was. Knowing this was all his own fault. He had to at least accept his own flaws and failures. Poliro told yoma to come over and sit down, then informed him how he still had a lot to learn and then to listen. He explained to Yoma was a zanpakuto was, It was Yoma, The Zanpakuto was him, It contained her very soul. Poliro then informed Yoma that he would provide him the guidance to restore this power to him as poliro once did and needed as he suffered similar.

Poliro informed the young Shinigami to close his eyes and focus, Focus on himself, focus on the zanpakuto. The blade was part of him and it was him, there would be no way be could truly forget it. Keep thinking and push out all distractions, focus on what this blade was and who it was. These were the words Poliro told Yoma to follow as he focused. His sword was not a normal blade but a blade that represent him and nothing else.

Yoma was lost inside his own mind. He attempted to recall a moment where he used his zanpakuto. He recalled the fight he had in this desert but he couldn’t recall having his zanpakuto with him, It was as he never had it. Yoma pushed the memory aside and began hunting for another. He couldn't remember other events. His mind felt empty. He began shaking in sorrow he couldn't find anything. He heard something, something faint, he heard it call from within, a voice he heard once before but had no idea where it came from. A memory returned to him, he could hardly make it out but remembered his blade always held a warm feeling as he held it, he felt as the design of his blade was also different but always left an impression on him. This was all he could gather, he felt as he was being drained he felt tried. Sound rang in his ears, this was a sound he remembered hearing often. The clank of metal, his blade made this noise.

Yoma was exhausted, he opened his eyes and felt a small but faint warmth from his blade, he could also see a very faint glow on it too. Yet, he was unable to confirm if anything else had changed it was all the same to him.

“Poliro did we fail? Nothing is different or has changed. I tried to remember my Zanpakuto and my connection but i couldn’t remember much yet, i felt as if i heard something and remember a bit but my zanpakuto hasn’t changed. Did i fail?”

Yoma felt as he failed, he was now feeling more drained and exhausted than before for some strange reason but he wanted to continue learning from poliro and see what else he could obtain.
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The Reaper's New Chapter
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