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 Tsubasa Unabara Update Mark 2

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Tsubasa Unabara Update Mark 2   Thu Mar 16, 2017 9:13 pm

» Name Of Character: Tsubasa Unabara
» Link To Character:

» Upgrading:

Perfected Shunko: Tsubasa had learned how to wield this skill in order to become a better fighter. Using it with his blade and combine the might of Zanjutsu and kido. He never did figure it out till much later in life. Tsubasa's shunko is much like his reishi and other things. Its strength is destructive as shown when used as just a blade. Tsubasa is capable of using it several ways and has a fine-tuned control of his shunko. He has figured out the circulation of energy and found himself capable. Things of this nature are easy and he's even figured out a technique within his element. The Lightning based Shunko that covers his body allows him to take punishment on a greater scale. It also allows him to be fiercer with his attacks. Able to dish out greater destructive force. However, he notes using it isn't exactly something he prefers to do. Tsubasa prefers to fight without going all out when possible and considers Shunko admission of such. But has decided to use this only when absolutely needed much like his secret equipment. He's kept his mastery over Shunko quiet so as not to draw attention. Tsubasa is quietly preparing for a confrontation with those he must. Things will not be so simple this time as children aren't the enemy they face. Tsubasa's shunko is indeed mighty and capable of many things. But as he's only just gotten the hang of it, he can only use it's technique three times.

Shunko Technique Raijin: This techniques uses high amounts of electricity and is capable of deconstructing matter through high amounts. By using this he's able to basically use a form of Antimatter. But it's very tiring and Tsubasa considers the technique a strange one. Only capable of using it three times within a thread as it's too dangerous to go further. Tsubasa's own being could be damaged by it beyond that. Now, this technique allows him to deconstruct kido and other attacks as well. Destroying them at their core so he can understand how they work. Raijin is extremely dangerous as he can even use it on realms when desired. However, this technique does have an offensive option. Tsubasa can call upon his power and blast a Shunko blast technique out. Sending enough damage out to do several megatons of force. This allows him to almost destroy things at a level few others will have ever seen. Tsubasa's technique and development of this have been one private matter.

Hachiman:It's a sword technique that falls into no school or category. Tsubasa's skill with a blade is something to be feared and understood. This technique constructs the perfect sword swing into motion. Tsubasa swings his blade and creates a massive shockwave of power and force. By using his skill he's able to create a sword swing that is several hundred cuts into the air. This blast of kinetic force slices through those struck like butter. It has enough power to cut through several buildings and could likely cut through most things. It's not about raw power when he executes Hachiman. It's about him using his skillful wielding of the blade. About him using the resources available to him. He doesn't need to make a big swing when using Hachiman and control the size and strength of the blow. He's even capable fo releasing this from quick drawing his zanpakuto. A good example would be a building hit by this would be cut into small pieces. As it's being cut several times over and over. Grand Master in Zanjutsu or Weapon Skills required

Fujin:This stepping method is much faster and allows Tsubasa to surpass and combine it with his others. This technique was discovered by learning to use his maximum speed from Hoho. He's capable of moving extremely fast enough to hit his enemy with raw power. Using speed this way wasn't something he entirely desired to do. Tsubasa claims this makes him feel like he's become the wind. Whispering into the night and able to move faster than even it. The distant and travel speed are intense. But learning that he could go faster and process even more when he got higher. Fujin allows him to speed up all of his Hoho techniques and moves that he knows. All his stepping methods and techniques are improved with this. They are vastly faster allowing him to use them and not tire out. By learning this he learned how to compose his speed and stepping better. To better himself before anything else was done in this case. He realized his flaws and decided to improve. Grand Master in Hoho Required and Speed to use.

Tenjin: Tsubasa had already experimented and developed an immense Focus. He's found that he can go even further when not moving. He's capable of focusing so intensely he can slow things down. By honing his senses to this extent he's able to slow down attacks and people. Able to see them coming much clearer and has time to strategize on what to do next. By focusing all his senses on the singular purpose he is able to slow things down immense. Tsubasa's Warrior's Focus is only the beginning for something like Tenjin. It requires immense focus among other things. He can even see muscles and things on the smaller level. By focusing so intensely he can tell the difference between snowflakes as they fall. Even tell you the genetic makeup of each one. The degree needed to do this or reach this level is insane. His senses and natural skill in this are otherworldly. Grandmaster Focus required:

Mental Deduction Grandmaster Discussion:

Tsubasa has been on site now for four years making an impact in anything he does. Whether it is by his blade or intellect he has devised and done many things. Creating a training program and devices used to test and define people. To help them overcome poison within themselves to reach the truth. Tsubasa's devoted himself to the warrior's life but also has invented. He's a student of medicine and capable of speaking all the world's languages fluently. Tsubasa on multiple occasions in threads has accomplished feats. Developing medicine pills from Mayuri's injection. Pioneering the development of Shinigami Dolls. This process requires him to make an artificial Intelligence when creating them from scratch. So this mean's he's capable of creating them off of low-level technology that the Gotei has. While creating a new form of intelligence through the Gigai system and creating a new form. Tsubasa took Mayuri and Kisuke's notes and developed a new life. This cutting edge technology and advancement meant that injuries could be fixed faster. By giving people doll parts to replace and better them. Those who normally couldn't be saved could be now with this. They would become a Doll and become more than what anyone realized. But enough about his skills as an inventor. Tsubasa's shown tactical brilliance when fighting and skills as reducing and even fighting with strategies as he's gotten older. Wisdom has come clear from his fight in the Dark Realm. Where he figured out destruction and fighting weren't the answer. He learned and grasped the concept of the world. Understanding as a warrior, no as a shinigami. He could be more and do more for those important. Tsubasa's knowledge goes beyond the regular person. He has written books and is successful in that venture. So for those reasons I request him his last GM. I request Tsubasa Unabara a Mental Deduction Grand Master. Thank you for reading this.

» Why: Many of this has been a long time coming for my character. I've been inventing and doing this with him for a long time. I feel now it's time to finally make the last preparations before he starts making Monsuta into something again. Making them into what he see's them capable of becoming with their potential. Below I am going to link to threads so you can see the intellectual change in Tsubasa, before and after basically and how he changed both as a fighter and strategist.


» Extra: [Anything extra to add?]


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Tsubasa Unabara Update Mark 2   Fri Mar 17, 2017 10:23 pm

[adm]Alright, after looking over the threads listed, and the requests, I currently find nothing wrong with this. I will be approving the skills listed, as well as the GM in Mental Deduction. If any staff have a problem with this, contact me. Otherwise...

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Tsubasa Unabara Update Mark 2
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