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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 The Chamber of Hachiman Project

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Chamber of Hachiman Project   Sun Mar 19, 2017 1:31 pm

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Tsubasa moved as a hologram of his daughter Izanami followed him talking. "Papa, so far the designs are complete we are ready to begin production. I can collect files while you present your design to them for this place, did I do good papa?" He smiled and spoke as he glanced at the designs that she ran scans on for him."Mhm, let's see how our meeting goes." It had taken some time as this stuff never did happen overnight. This time Tsubasa Unabara couldn't do it alone. The sum of the parts was going to be this division. They needed to be onboard with this one hundred percent. Building this room was going to take all of the technology and secret skills they had. Tsubasa was giving the Gotei a way to train beyond the regular thought process. Mental skills needed to equal out to one other thing. A way to contend and fight against the world around them. They needed to train and prepare warriors. The old methods didn't work anymore, real life experience was needed. But they couldn't be jumping out starting wars against people.

They needed to face down threats and train in situations. The Chamber of Hachiman was Tsubasa's latest invention. He'd spent time calculating the numbers with the Artifical Intelligence Izanami. The room was going to be special use a form of hard light projections. These physical manifestations would use reiatsu and be functioning based on data and input numbers. This would, in theory, allow someone to face an enemy they'd never seen before. Tsubasa had begun the room's construction partly but the computer design and everything needed to be the standard of this place. Tsubasa wasn't a Captain but he did certainly have some pull. His brilliance was well known in this Division and he was loved for multiple reasons. He was granted some resources due Izanami's success for his next project. This was the last one he would do for them. He was helping and paying out of his pocket for most of this. He couldn't see it going any other way as he arranged a meeting. Turning off the hologram projector he had of the blueprints.

He walked into the room where he would be meeting with Jetta Yuudeshi. They were going to parley he guessed over if this Division would help. This place was something special that Tsubasa was going to bring to light now. Would he stay or go was the question in this place? Mayuri thankfully kept notes on everything and everyone. So they had the data and files needed to make this dream a reality. Tsubasa was planning on training against several people himself. Going in on trips and different plans this could work for. Field trips and such things without leaving this place. It wasn't a big room really though it was, in reality, able to change its form based on projection. The room was special to him in one way so he didn't surrender his desire. Tsubasa wanted a battle against one foe in particular so he could train. But for now, that desire would remain hidden. He'd drawn up blueprints on a couple things. Preparing for this meeting he gently sighed as he sat down.

Tsubasa had rebuilt his clan effectively showing his expansive mind at every turn. As an inventor he was good, but that wasn't where he shined entirely. Tsubasa was capable in a combat mind more than anything. This was a pet project that was something he dreamed of as a boy. to be able to fight against strong enemies. To fight those who'd passed on that they had data off. This would allow him to truly challenge himself as a warrior. To overcome whatever obstacle that he encountered on his journey. But for now, it was time to await the current Captain. Jetta, she would certainly bring things to an interesting conclusion he suspected.

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The Chamber of Hachiman Project
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