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 Takumi Unabara

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Takumi Unabara   Mon Mar 20, 2017 6:56 pm


Family Matters: He was brought into the Unabara by Tsubasa among the others of the clan. By doing this he was able to join the family and provide many things. He is known in the clan as the Frozen Prodigy, known for his personality that was something icy. He is known for his destructive capabilities. Within the clan, he is respected taking a role in leading in a certain way. Takumi's personality is proactive with his family. He has a very laid back personality but this covers something. He's a man who's butchered people before with his power. Freezing people alive as he completely handled matters. Within the Clan, though he's seen as sort of the second or third best-wet work specialist. Capable of handling matters on a larger scale. Tsubasa told him if he could his impulses under control he could do more. He could be something far beyond the imagination as his potential was ever present. He got along with his brother and sister, learning how to fight from them exceptionally.

Name:Takumi Unabara
Alias:Kumi, Tak, The Unabara's Frozen Mirage. The Sage of Five Paths
Age: Eight Hundred
Height:One hundred and eighty centimeters (5'11")
Weight: Sixty-Five Kilograms (143 lbs)
Physical Appearance: Takumi is a young looking shinigami male. Who's appearance is slender at first glance giving people the appearance that he hasn't made much progress muscle wise? While he does seem like a tall skinny male it is clear that he is quite capable in terms of things like this. He wears a black t-shirt with a white coat over it often times. Deciding to dress less Japanese since he's posted on earth. His pants are blue jeans and he generally wears a necklace. His amber eyes seem to be calm and collected most of the time. He generally keeps his appearance well kept and doesn't go out in ways that disrespect the clan. While he doesn't follow the pure Japanese protocol the clan seems to follow often times. He does seem keen on dressing like someone from current times. Not desiring to stay too far behind the times. Often times you'll catch him with a pocky stick in his mouth. He doesn't generally put down a small black book he carries around with him either. Takumi's skin is generally somewhat pale but well kept as well. Giving him the physical appearance of someone easily underestimated. This allows him to traverse and do things slightly different for his clan. When activating or dressing in traditional clothing he wears a regular Shinigami uniform. This uniform is slightly modified to house some interesting clothing choices. Within his clothing, he has symbols written based on some beliefs he's practiced since childhood.


Pragmatic: Everything he does is handled in a way he see's as sensible. Not ever pushing things out of context or solution. Making sure he keeps his clan's honor in mind when acting. He is a proper noble by all respects handling his business neatly and quietly. Though he is a capable man of doing killings without a second of hesitation. As one of Tsubasa's Heir's, he is trained in art's that are unspeakable. Able to influence and slaughter with ease by using his skills. But remaining politically correct while doing so is difficult. It was often said for diplomatic matters you'd want Tsubasa for his presence or Takumi for his words. He did things in a way that was sensible and almost careful. He didn't insult or attempt to offend people in the way he did things. It was in his nature to keep this down and hidden despite being a capable warrior. Maintaining the Guardian way was something that he didn't intend to overturn. Guardian's had to act a certain way and carry themselves differently from others. Takumi embodies the meaning of being a champion for a cause.

Dogmatic: He's made his own rules and code of conduct he follows. Takumi never bends or breaks from his duty or beliefs. As a Guardian, he's respected and honored his father's wishes no matter what. He doesn't argue or push against the machine but instead works within it. He follows orders to the letter making sure everything is handled without deviating much. Being given a chance to live outside this he has done so. Developing his mind more beyond just being sheep. Takumi's mind is complicated because he'll obey any order given by his father or God-Mother. It's not something he'll pass up on really without a chance. Takumi's mental conditioning is something that isn't overcome. He tends to obey the laws in place highly making sure not to disobey. Never letting his emotions or mind rule out everything he knows. While he will fight and kill, only if he must and is provoked into such actions by similar actions. Takumi will not act unless it's within the laws of the Gotei and alliance.

Intelligent: A saying used to be said among the clan. Tetsuya was the fierce warrior with no equal. Takumi was the brain behind the scenes who could fight without equal. Creating his owns style and base around his other nickname. Takumi embraced his logical sense and developed a fighting style around his base. He can quickly analyze situations and come to a thought in seconds. He's able to process things at a speed normal beings can't. He is able to formulate an opinion and come to a conclusion within a second or less. Takumi's mental capabilities rival some Artifical Intelligence units. Capable of processing and calculating data at super speeds. But that's not all the boy is capable of speaking several languages. Calculating the difference between the world around him. Able to see things beyond what they were and examine them further. Takumi suffers from Low Latent Inhibition as well. To explain what this means in lamens terms is he doesn't view the world the way we do.

He see's a stream of information, for example when you are looking at the screw. He's seeing the winding path of the screw and pieces that it's made of down to its structure. This, if he'd been less intelligent, would have crippled him and driven him insane. But it's one of his greatest gifts, as he see's everything in pieces. Being able to determine what makes them up and act. This allows him to process far faster than a regular person can and lets his intellect shine. Takumi's brilliance has been shown on the Unabara's behalf several times. Able to strategically plan and make up to two hundred possible outcomes of a situation. Takumi's brain is a marvel that surpasses most of his clan. He can only ever call his father his equal in intellect. But his father is capable of some amazing feats as well. While Takumi carries himself differently depending on the circumstances that are given to him. He's performed many feats providing his information around his strength mentally.

Indifferent: Takumi really doesn't care about things this world goes through. They don't interest him in the slightest, he would rather sit alone. Being left to go through his thoughts without being bothered. Everything people do seem to contain some negative aspect. Why get dragged into all that nonsense is something he wonders. Takumi's faked fights on occasions but hasn't bothered to do much else. Predicting outcomes and deciding they are boring or cliche. To prove a point once he fought against someone and before he began fighting he drew an X. Telling them, they would be standing there in twenty minutes. The time passed and Takumi told them to look down only to see that X. This makes him a very different man as he did this just to prove a point. He doesn't care about many things and would rather he was left alone. But seeing as the world keeps ruining his attempts to tune things out. Takumi manages to continue his progress and being without getting too ripped apart.

Dispassionate: It's hard sometimes to raise that need to be happy. Takumi's never felt that happiness or drive within himself. The only thing he could push towards was the ambition to protect what mattered. His father and family were all he had to really give a damn about. This world was pointless and so was a number of the enemies in it. But if they had to challenge the Unabara and push came to shove. He would let them see just how much he could fight and bring about their ruin. It didn't matter if he didn't care during it. Takumi had never gone out of his way to directly get involved in things. He's found the best way is to remain reserved and uncaring about things. Women seem to annoy him more often than not. This naive belief that they can fix him when he's not broken. But that's a part of the problem with people trying to fix others. They've no right to do anything but remain empty. The entire thing is a naive process that should be left in the inferno.

Cold: A joke used to be that his power over ice froze his heart. Takumi doesn't physical show his emotions like others, he doesn't get angry or upset. He remains cold and indifferent to things around him. Keeping his mind towards the objective at hand. Takumi will kill an ally without question if they are traitors. He's not forgiving or caring enough to listen to someone explain themselves. If you've betrayed the clan your dead simple as that. He doesn't believe in listening or waiting for a reason. This world is black and white and simple if you let it be. While he may see things differently from others. Everything he must do is done without remorse or signs fo it. Psychologically speaking people would have a field day with him. Takumi doesn't see the problem with being himself. He used to try and pretend to be something he wasn't. Going out of his way to impress or pretend for others. That has passed and he has accepted that his nature is this. While this doesn't mean he's incapable of smiling. It's just something is menacing about his smile to an extent.

Complicated: If Takumi could be summed up by such short descriptions he wouldn't be interesting. He's c0omplciated all the time trying to be nice and battle his instincts. Trusting people is hard and something he can't do easily within his skills. By being a warrior and a student of a man like Tsubasa. It's extremely hard to define himself by one or two traits. He's a person who has layers and is almost completely lost in it all.T trying to find the truth while maintaining some semblance of self during all of it. He is in a state of constant evolution and development as a person. Takumi doesn't know why he tries to be nice despite his first instinct. To separate himself from this world and embrace the fact. That everyone is a cruel and heartless person and the best way is to avoid them. His father is the light along with his family that burns the brightest.

Altruistic: Takumi has never been able to turn away from helping people. He cares about others and want's to help them make progress. He doesn't know as much as his father does about the world and the adventures that swirl around them. Takumi just tries to help to put his bet on people. This part of him is hard to deny since he wants to trust. He wants to believe humanity will win out in this world. That the darker emotions that thread beneath the surface isn't true. That everything people has can be turned into something else. So beneath his mask he often times tries to help. Tries to showcase some form of consideration or concern for them. He tries to provide them with some glimmer of hope and chance. But Takumi doesn't know how to turn off his desire to protect and help others. Sometimes it was almost unhealthy the extent he would help others. As he's gotten older he has learned to suppress the urge of jumping in head first without thinking of others.

Introverted: This is a part of him that prefers to be alone. Takumi has always been the quiet loner and has tried breaking that shell so often. But somehow his defense is to stay as far away from people as possible. Avoiding contact with them always seems preferred over trying to confront it. Despite this defense mechanism of sorts that he has. Takumi has always felt like an outcast among the family. His raw power giving him many nicknames like the Scourage and many other things. The Human Iceage was one of the titles given to him. But he didn't want to extinguish life to that extent ever. Sometimes it was better just to hide away from everyone. Hide away from yourself and everything in this world that you could. Takumi sometimes just wants to withdraw into himself away from this cruel hateful place. To get away from the darkness that lives in him along with the light. He'd like to simply emerge from this shell and break free of all the pain and disturbing truths around him.

Extroverted: The true him is so much more outgoing and Extroverted instead of being hidden behind his shroud. Takumi want's nothing more than to be that guy who stands next to them. To guide them and lead them to the wars. He desires more than anything to return to his family head held high. Becoming what he did require over three hundred years of study. A sage of Five Rings doesn't come along overnight. The desire for human contact made him different, desire for leaving that mountain. Everything was solitude and an eclipse of the soul. Training of this type is something done alone where you dive into yourself. Developing the style known as the five paths wasn't easy. Takumi is the first of his to ever complete the trials and become a Sage. This isn't something he did without reason because it meant to control and understanding. But his desire to help and be near people became more clear. The desire for helping others was what allowed his Extroverted self-freedom.

Charismatic: Much like his father Takumi has an air about him. Confident and clear on his choices without leaving much behind it. Some call him almost overconfident as he calculates and does things at lightning speeds. But something gives off the air that his father did at all times. Capable and trustworthy in most regards when handling matters. He just has kind features and something about both sides of him just draws people in. Even when quiet his actions tend to speak volumes. They all seem to be heading towards a goal of their own. Becoming the first to be a Sage in his clan allowed him more of this. The clan and outside of it know his name pretty well. Despite his hiatus from the clan and activities, he is ready to go. Ready to accept things as they are and truly begin calculating things around him. The clan has only ever spoken praise for him going to that place. That world outside of our own to learn and develop himself.







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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Takumi Unabara   Mon Mar 20, 2017 7:14 pm



The Seven Lotus of the Unabara: These are special moves developed by the Unabara Clan. They are used for swordplay overall and most the clan is capable of using it. However, that said the special moves take at least five threads to get an adept understanding of them. Much more is needed just to master the Lotus themselves. These are moves designed and perfected out by the Clan's Leader. Tsubasa has refined them from the form they were in to make them usable by most of the Clan. Now that said it does take training and the right amount of skill for some of these. Lower skilled people who haven't prepared their bodies well enough will fail the Initial Lotus. While others who succeed in this endeavor will find themselves on the way to others. The Unabara Lotus are considered some of the hardest moves within Swordsmanship. The Forms are first taught to those who wish to learn the Lotus. The style of the Unabara Lotus has first formed a long time ago. But due to the nature of the style, it wasn't something just anyone could do. They weren't suitable for the novice swordsman that the Unabara Clan had within its ranks. However thanks to Tsubasa's teaching skills he was able to create a program and other methods to bring them back. While Kierudo is based on the style itself. The raw form was something Tsubasa himself said wasn't suitable for using in combat just yet. Now that he has made the needed adjustments it's ready for usage.

The Four Forms: The Four Forms are a very simple Unabara custom that have been taught to the fighters. Sword Forms that can be switched at the drop of a hat. It doesn't take much to adjust footwork or move in a way to do so. They are in a way the training guide to learning the Lotus. When you've mastered the Four you are ready for the Lotus. So far in the Clan history, only Tsubasa has Mastered all Four of them equally. His practical use of the four of them is extremely precise. The styles flex in and out of the Lotus and each one causes different effects to the Lotus. The Lotus are extensions of the Forms and allow them to come out in different ways. By executing the First Lotus with one form you can get a totally different outcome than another. The benefit of this style is that it can be changed by the user. The Lotus and its powers can have very different meanings depending on the wielder. Each of the Four Forms will take at least a thread to get a beginner concept of how to use them. Five to Six threads to figure out how to use them effectively.

First Form: This is the first form taught for basic understanding of swordplay. Tsubasa often does introductions to them as he brings people in. The first tests for Kierudo play a part of the First Form. The first form exercises the use of precise swordplay. The level of control required to use the First Form is often times extreme. But this form is the one taught first as an introduction to the Forms. At the early stages of learning the user learns control above all else. Learning to control their power effectively with the sword. While the beginners will struggle to control the blade. The Adept will be slightly more elegant in the use of the sword. Advanced users will benefit from being able to control their blades to the point of stopping a blade from a centimeter. Once they reach Mastery of the First Form the control of their blade is extremely potent. They are able to generate blows of great force from sudden locations. However, much training is needed to reach mastery of the First Form.

Second Form:The Defensive Form known for it's absolute defense. While the word absolute is used it's not really all that impressive. Users are taught to create a three hundred and sixty-degree sphere around them. By doing this they are taught to defend within that area. Not sudden movements, they are taught to waste nothing. The movements are precise and conserve energy, the specialty of this style is to conserve your energy. By teaching the wielder to shrug off monster blows. They become capable fighters able to endure an insane amount of fights. But the Second Form Preaches good Footwork as much as Bladework. The Second Form is said to be one of the harder ones for people to master. Counter Attacking and Defensive Forms are all that are present in this form. Mastering the aspects of the Blade are perhaps one of the few things that make a wielder more dangerous than one could imagine.

Third Form: This Form is from the Sheath at all times. Meaning it's done from the draw phase before anything else. Now the draw phase is known as the beginning phase in this style. The user is capable of producing insane speed with their blows. But thinking only one style of draw exists is a mistake most make. Large blades are capable of producing this effect as well. By using the Third Form they can catch their enemy off guard. Combining it with the Lotus effects allows for a sneaky attack. This style can be used in different locations as the Sheath location isn't always in the sheath. For example, let's say a buster sword is used. The quick draw will come from their back or side in a thrust motion. This leaves creativity open when using the Third Form. While this style is rarely Mastered by many as they view it useless. A Master does presently live off the Third Form.

Fourth Form: The Final and hardest form to learn of them all. Only one person has ever mastered this form in particular. This Form practices dual blade usage. But by using the other forms while wielding the two blades. Some users do replace the blade with their sheath. Using whatever they can to produce an effect of it. Those rare few who do wield two blades are extremely deadly. This style uses a fast acrobatic style at times. But in the right hands, it can be slow or precise as well. While the Fourth Form specializes in two blades it does also mentor the idea of the other forms. Thus upon mastery of this Form, the user learns they can use the other forms while wielding two. The main goal of the Fourth Form is to teach the wielders how to use both hands effectively. While this sword form does focus on Dual wielding as it's focus. The ones who truly master it will become destroyers on a battlefield. This form is the hardest to Master because it goes against the other three forms to an extent. By teaching it's wielder to embrace the second blade and understand how to move or position it. Whereas before it was a singular focus on a sword. The training for any of the forms is hard, but to get the basics. Two threads are required with an additional one just to learn how to use it effectively in combat. Mastering it will take several threads of lessons from a Master of it himself. This style is not made for everyone and teaches an explosiveness and fighting as though feral. The very few capable of even executing a beginner status of this style. Are written down in legend among the Clan. However, many say only one has ever mastered the Forms completely. Tsubasa's Mastery over them is said to be beyond Perfect. He's able to wield both of his Zanpakutō and effectively combine or mix his forms together. Learning to do this will take ten threads. For those interested in learning how he does this feat of his.

Crimson Lotus-Initial Lotus: This is the first lotus known as the Crimson Lotus. It's opening a gate that is extremely hard to do. While it comes in different forms depending on the form used. The First Lotus is generally the same concept in a single move. The user first must have skills with the forms and be capable. But also, a master in strength is needed at least. The rest comes from the skill of the user. By swinging their blade with as much power and force as they can muster. The precise control creates a shockwave of gravity outwards. This pushes against people with amazing force. The kinetic power is enough to cut through buildings. By applying the first form the user is capable of doing this feat from any strike. They can do it from large or small swings of the blade. This control allows them to also control or change the angle of the lotus. Making it an adaptable sword move. In the second form, the user performs this as a defensive measure. This sword strike cuts through the energy attacks sent at them. Bouncing them back against the enemy in question with overwhelming force. However, it is possible for it to be taken over if the enemy is stronger. It also can be canceled out sometimes by their power meeting in the right way. The Third Form uses it in a method that comes from a draw stance. This version of the Crimson Lotus is different from the others. The user's body becomes the tool for the force. Using the quick draw and power of their step to send massive force towards a single target. And finally, the Fourth Form the user is able to send out massive kinetic blows by swinging both blades and sending them different directions.

Blue Lotus-Second Lotus: The Second Lotus or the Blue one relies on different skills. Spell based powers that allow the user to perform some feats. Kierudo's illusion spell is based on this one as well. This Lotus requires an Advanced or higher in Kido or a form of magic. The user flicks their blade's edge sending out a ringing sound. This sound goes through the area and cuts up the enemies who hear it. However there is more to it, the spell works through this means. When the target hears the sound their body reacts to it as though it's been cut. Thus, an injury appears on the body like they'd been cut. They haven't truly been cut or wounded and if they've high enough Mental Deduction or focus they'll know. It is true that this can be used outside of just it's illusion practice. And doesn't change the forms very much. The Blue Lotus is the only spell based move in the artform. However, if the user creates the right sound frequency they can cause their enemies eardrums to rupture. This move is highly reliant on the enemies hearing the blade. Tsubasa's version is updated however and does require more skills. This one is the older version and does have its own practical uses. While it isn't perfect it does have room for improvement for those that desire too. But as a swordsman, this is more to get an edge on a strong enemy. The Unabara styles use underhanded means at times. And this is merely one of them that happens to be present. All the others are legitimate sword techniques. That were designed for the purpose of killing the enemies. The Blue Lotus isn't favored by many Unabara but has saved lives. Its downfall is in the fact you have to hear it for anything to happen. And some warriors can see through the illusion of wounds.

Emerald Lotus-Third Lotus: This is a special move used by some but requires immense training. Master Weapon Skill or Zanjutsu is required to perform it. The Emerald Lotus focuses on something very fascinating. Indirectly wounding the enemies. It uses the force of the blow but sends a shockwave of cutting energy. Past the block attempt to slice the foe, making it wrong to block it. The injuries aren't generally fatal and experienced warriors won't budge. Or can at the very least read it well enough to avoid injury. In the first form, the user can control the direction of the shockwave. Making them able to direct which way it will end up going. This is limited however as they need to hit something solid for this to work. The Second Form does this by defending and creating the effect of the injury. The force of the enemies blow is put back on them by deflecting its force towards them. The Third Form is able to create a large backlash by sending speed and power into the quick draw. The Fourth form is capable of doing this with both blades at the same time or different time points.

Purple Lotus-Fourth Lotus: This Lotus involves a ton of footwork so the user must be excellent in that regard. Shunpo or General Speed Master is required for this. This method is known to be tiring but the user of it shoots around the battlefield at high speeds. Cutting down enemies with extreme speed, the purpose was to fight multiple foes at a time. By adjusting to this form the user can defend faster in the second form. Cut precisely while moving at high speeds in the first. In the third form, they are able to draw faster and use a proper posture in the stance. And in the Fourth, the user gets to show off some speed with their blades moving about quickly. This style is and was designed to be used against more than one enemy. Purple Lotus while it does work the stamina over of those who try and use it. It does have benefits as it will allow the user much better footwork overall.

Silver Lotus Dance-Fifth Lotus: This is a special move that doesn't benefit from forms as it takes it's own. The user crouches a bit and brings their blade upwards. Putting their blade in a thrusting motion to begin the Sliver Lotus Dance. Master Strength, Speed, and Zanjutsu or Weapon Skills are needed for it. This move is highly demanding and doesn't allow room for errors. By shooting forward and thrusting the blade outwards in a stabbing motion. The user sends a huge amount of force out. Capable of taking chunks out of buildings if not dodged properly. The cutting and piercing power of it can be controlled based on their movement. This is a single sword move and cannot be done with two. Nor does it benefit from the forms. The Dances aren't able to benefit from forms at all. This is partly because they are very difficult to master in general. Learning them requires a great deal of practice which is why they are last. The Silver Lotus Dance requires mastery of the original four to use.

Black Lotus Dance: This requires mastery of all the other Lotus to use. This is a counter attack stance which the user enters them into a battle trance. By doing this they go into a hypersensitive state of combat awareness. Able to perform in seconds with extremely precise and deadly movements. The Black Lotus Dance is something always moving forward and seeming to fade in and out of sight. As the user is moving their feet around quickly with little room for breaking. However, this is just the beginning of the Black Lotus Dance's start point. The user grips their sword and prepares to move at the first sign of action. The Counter Stance of the Black Lotus goes on the Offensive after it's warmed up, By moving at extremely high speed in this battle like trance. They generate insane amounts of power. Blocking a blow from them can break bones and cause extreme damage alone. However, some warriors with high-level strength can handle trading with them.

Information on Kierudo: The brain child of Tsubasa Unabara, crafted from his one thousand years of killing. This sword style is devoted to the art of killing, combining the greatest moves of swordplay Tsubasa's mind of a killer could devise. Few people have experienced the power of this style that Tsubasa has been developing since the days of old. He believed that his journey hadn't been complete yet so he had no right to make a style. Now he understands what must happen and he has devoted himself to the ideal of it. That a killer could be a hero, he would show the world the style that killed could be used for justice. For the future of the Gotei 13, he decided to finally finish the Kierudo Style and show the world his finished product soon. This style is open and has no set stance or form, allowing the wielder to use the practices Tsubasa does into a form to kill those who would face them. Learning this style is possible but passing it on will have a cost, the person taking up the Kierudo style must make the next step of it. Allowing the form to grow, each person is required to chose someone worthy of taking the mantle up. Those who hold this will be killers, they will be the ones who embrace killing as an art form. There is no one move or one law of swordplay to Kierudo it's all about how you deliver the blow to extinguish the light from the eyes of your foes. Succession is handled in a special way depending on each teacher, Tsubasa's way may be different from others. However, this form will live on for as long killing does exist.

Kierudo no Tsukuyomi The only move that uses an illusion of a strange nature, the first step of this is lighting one's sword up with energy. Kierudo no Tsukuyomi allows the user to create a light on the blade that glows brightly the color of their reiatsu. Using this if the enemy looks into the light the illusion begins, this depends highly upon the target's mental deduction as if they are smart enough and realize that an illusion is taken place they will get out instantly. However, the illusion is not a one-moment illusion. It starts in the mind letting the user play simple tricks, but the illusion does appear to fade away on its own. Making it appear as though the enemy has gotten out of it right after the turn it's been used. However, at this point, the mind has been freed. But the body has not, the body is under the influence of the illusion for the next five turns. This illusion is something simple that allows the user to face his enemies and gain openings. This move is highly requiring the user to be good at kido, this way they can create the light required to perform it. Master Level kido is required to perform this along with Advanced or higher zanjutsu.

Now the way the illusions function is very simple, by looking at the blade the light hits the eyes and travels to the brain. The first set of illusions can be a victory over Tsubasa and can seem long a ten-minute nightmare at times for those not prepared or high enough in Mental deduction. Masters are trapped for one turn and those below that are in for three max. After that the illusion hits the body if they've not escaped, making it so their body is completely jumbled. The brain is aware and the illusion seems to of been broken, this process takes one turn to complete. Allowing the brain's signals to be scrambled. Now the limit of these illusions is fairly simple, the most he can do is make you appear to of died. However, this has no translation to your real body once that happens the illusion concludes.

Kierudo no Kitanashi: This move is one of a special nature, the user can destroy an entire city with it if their Zanjutsu is Grand Master. Half if Master, the power of the strike is all creating the perfect sword swing. It's named after Tsubasa's daughter Kita, who is perfect in his eyes. He developed this on the principal of the perfect sword strike. Combining elements of all styles to form a perfect movement without needless movements. This wasn't requiring a strong power to come out of the swing, the movement wasn't slow though it could be. The sword swing combined elements of everything and could destroy everything in front of the user due to the sheer force. Using this requires Master Zanjutsu and Master strength, to reach levels of it being effective. This is simply the move that Tsubasa created for the purpose of using his full strength to destroy an enemy without remorse. Kierudo no Kitanashi the perfect swing, much like the perfect cherry blossom. Tsubasa didn't have the regular childhood and the way to immortalize his children was through swordsmanship. Creating the Kierudo art of killing is his way to show them he cares. This single sword stroke can come at an angle, it is but one strike instead of a large amount. Allowing the user to be deadly with one move.

Kierudo no Chidori: The dancing blade, this style allows the user to move their blade so quickly that it disappears. It's extremely fast and able to become an absolute death blow for enemies. Tsubasa has claimed he can perform a thousand sword strikes with this. Moving his hand so rapidly that his arms and sword vanish becoming invisible. Tsubasa named this one after his daughter who was always moving. Chidori danced like a petal through the storm, this move of the style is the hardest for the user must be quick. Precise sword strikes at high speeds are hard to perform, but this style demand blows that can kill. The other requirement is simply that the user is extremely good within Zanjutsu. Grand Masters are capable of performing similarly to Tsubasa. Everything requires the user to be precise and understand swordsmanship like he does. Tsubasa believes passing this style on may not be possible due to how its skills are built around him.

Kierudo no Tsukasa: The final move requires you be a Master of speed, strength, Kido, and Zanjutsu. Using the final move of Kierudo is combining the previous moves into a single move, creating an illusion followed by a sword strike so quickly the eye cannot follow. The sword strike created unleashes the devastation of the powerful Kitanashi strike along with the speed of the Chidori. Creating the perfect sword move in Tsubasa's eyes, this is the final move allowing him to finish an enemy off with absolute death. However, it's not perfect as Tsubasa comments only being able to perform this feat two times a fight. It's a highly stressful and hard move that requires a very high amount of skill to perform and the user above all else must bear the burden of whatever comes. Tsubasa's sword style does have a final move but it's more of a move developed from his practices at footwork. This single sword stroke has an untold amount of damage, due to the speed and power being so intense.

Kierudo no Tsubaki: This is not so much a sword move as the footwork used by Tsubasa when executing the style. It's designed and requires a master level in shunpo and speed to execute it properly. The footwork he performs when using this allows him to create solid doubles instantly, the max number he can form is around seven. Tsubasa has shown to use Tsubaki when fleshing out his enemies now, trying to give form to his tactics and create more openings so he may finish off his enemies. Tsubaki allows him to directly go into his next move be it one of the other Kierudo forms or something else. But using this stepping method makes it possible for the user to both disappear and become an assassin if need be for a moment. It allows them to become one with the surroundings and embrace the wind and reality for what it is. Kieruo no Tsubaki is the move Tsubasa decided to add on to the style. What would it become later was something only fate could decree, his final task was the creation of it all.

Kierudo Amaterasu: This sword move was designed with the purpose of incapacitating enemies with little effort. It creates a sound upon impact that rings out. Those who hear the sound have their nerves and body slammed. It's like being hit by several forms of movement sickness at once. Tsubasa's sound wave can knock people out who are extremely weak to it. Tsubasa does prefer to remain out of using such tactics. But Amaterasu allows him to execute his enemies without much fuss. This move is not going to knock out all the time some people of great strength can overcome it. However, they will be handling after effects of the Amaterasu. Which will include extreme dizziness with some trouble seeing, most motor skills will be damaged for a while? This damage can be healed but will take four turns for people with excellent healing. As this attack even targets the area in charge of healing. Finally, those of a lesser healing will take six turns at least to recover from the effects of this attack on the senses.

Kierudo Izanagi. This is a move designed to extend his attack, it's able to apply many moves. But it's sister move the Izanami is combined with it often. Izanagi is used to create a long distance attack and set enemies up for several moves. The slash distance of the move is large and can go up to a mile wide if used with its full power. Now one would expect this to hamper the movement of Tsubasa. However, he can make the swing and go back to fast compact blows instantly. This long range attack was designed to attack enemies without being seen. The blow coming from it is completely kinetic, allowing him to attack an enemy virtually invisible. Izanagi, however, is only a stage one attack that allows him to figure out his enemy, when combined with Izanami is it truly finished.

Kierudo Izanami: This is the form used after the use of Izanagi, what happens when Izanami is activated is rather special. Kinetic needles explode from the attack of Izanagi and rupture things within the body. Imagine thousands of kinetic needles exploding in a barrage against your body. This move may be shaped freely allowing him to shape it into projectiles of kinetic force. What makes it special is it's a long ranged kinetic sword move. Allowing him to end attacks or block many projectiles with a single slash of his sword. The distance depends on the amount of force he puts into the attack using Izanami. However this but a single move allowing him to act freely once again.

Kierudo Susanoo: This is an art form that surpasses most of his moves. Susanoo is something Tsubasa decided to make. This move was designed with a single purpose, it combines the efforts of his training. This sword move destroys things at the molecular level that is due to the way it's used. Tsubasa vibrates the blade at such a high speed that the weapon hums. When this happens when he strikes the sword cuts into the molecules of the target. This isn't limited to just the target either energy may be cut as well. Tsubasa's Susanoo move can be used several ways and combines the element of using it within his hand to hand skills. Tsubasa can use this around his entire body for an extra punch when needed. This form is used as Kierudo's second to the last move, making him extremely dangerous. Tsubasa grows and becomes stronger as time progresses and allows him to become great. Tsubasa's Susanoo is merely a single trick of many that were created.

Kierudo Shukuchi: This move is an upgrade to the stepping method. Rather Tsubasa found a way to move much faster, he taps his toe on the ground gently with his sandal. Measuring and calculating the distance, he shoots off. What happens next is he accelerates his body to the point of it completely vanishing. As he starts stepping the ground erupts as the steps cause a massive impact. Moving like this he can catch up with most anything instantly. Or get out of combat with great speed. Tsubasa's Shukuchi method is something he decided was needed. He thought his speed was far too slow for the great prowess Khala had. Tsubasa has devoted himself to mastering the Sword. Though mastering himself came first, Tsubasa's Shukuchi is extremely fast. Some may be able to detect it through different means. However detecting and reacting are two different matters entirely. While this is by no means fast as light, it's just short of traveling at that speed. It's faster than sound however as he does move that quickly with the Shukuchi.

Kierudo Sokuza Aseru: The move he came up with to deal with situations that require an instant answer. He sheaths his sword, designing this sword to deal with single target enemies. He unsheathes the sword and uses the Shukuchi at the same time, Tsubasa's acceleration allows him to bring the blade out and cut so quickly. That it is absolutely painless, zero blood is spilled due to the sheer speed of the cut. It's said if he cut an enemy with killing intent they would die without a single shred of pain. Tsubasa's final move allowed him to find a place he was comfortable with as a swordsman. This gave him a good place to stand as a per swordsman. Tsubasa's final move here is made to settle battles in an instant without anything held back. This move cannot be influenced by most of the other Kierudo forms. As it's already at its peak and meant to be used for defeating enemies. Tsubasa considers this the last resort normally but can execute it fairly often. Due to the form used it's hard to judge it as he can extend the attack distance if need be.




Phantom Tech

Izanagi: This device was made and crafted by using Shadin's as a blueprint. This deity was given the name for its help in creating something new. Resources were given and founded by the Unabara, the Gotei, and Thailand to refine and build it. The design is something sleek and slender to rival other technology presently out. By using special materials this allows the Izanagi to survive extremely fast speeds. Able to endure the force of excess mileage coming from the fast Tsubasa's body. It allows the user to comprehend and calculate things at an extremely impressive rate.

It's main purpose and design after tinkering and hours of work. Was that the user would be able to create and comprehend things at an enormous rate. By creating a processing speed that was enormous and matched its contemporaries. Given the time and refinement of the quality required its sheer power to endure speed is one of its main attributes along with processing organic and non-organic matter at rapid rates. It allows for an extremely high-speed processing to allow it's user to convert travel speed into combat speed.

However, this isn't due to slowing the world down in any way. What it lets the user do is comprehend and have an extremely fast image of things. It allows for high-speed movement similar to an Eagle Eye or something of that nature. Allowing the brain to process and allow for traveling speeds that go beyond the normal. By processing the information of movement and grasping the matter around it. This allows the user to effectively convert what their travel speed would be safely into combat speed. Allowing them to create an offensive flurry of skills that allow it to move and comprehend at unimaginable speeds.

By combing this with someone with High Focus skills they will be able to turn it into such. They'll be capable of creating their travel speed into combat speed. However, this does require a high amount of focus in the master range or above. Those in Grand Master can do this and much more with it. Able to comprehend and channel their focus or Mental Deduction into truly devastating weapons.

It's secondary and final purpose is to act as a high-speed processor for other technology. It allows them to increase the process of understanding and growth. Giving them the chance to create and develop faster and begin to grow into stronger creatures. This does, however, take away from other skills the technology would have. It doesn't have much to offer in its way of strength or such things. As it's mainly designed to unlock a person potential. Though it can also be used to give computers and such things as Nanobots or other devices a higher processing speed. Allowing them to grasp on to a truly lost art form and calculate at unimaginable speeds for computers and technology in general.

The final power of the Izanagi is that it is capable of withstanding high electricity and even helps Tsubasa control it. By having these calculations within his mind. He is capable of controlling the power much more frighteningly. Able to do things that he previously didn't think were even possible. The calculations and nature of understanding the energy flowing from it. Izanagi's power to endure attack and produce results in this area is startling. It has allowed the Pale Rider to truly see the path before him. His power over metal and electricity have been dramatically increased.

Susanoo: It's said often that the creation process once it begins truly evolves. By experimenting on Nanobots and using the Izanagi process. It became clear the Nanobots could be used to form a fiber like skin that was applied through a liquid submerging. The tests indicated that the skin would act as a layer of the skin comfortably. It's capable of absorbing a megaton of force at its peak. This allows it to take the blow instead of the user. Acting as a cocoon for the wearer and protecting them from its effects. The impact is felt but the user isn't physically damaged as the cells take it.

Now on its primary objective, the Susanoo acts as a cellular layer around the skin. Even masking hair and eyes due to the nature of its application. This defense allows it to absorb high impact but also endure high levels of speed. It lets it take strain off the user's physical body. The cells are capable of absorbing high levels of speed making the strain instead fall on them. While they won't fracture from the speed. Due to their design to take high amounts of endurance.

The second trait which became clear by making these was that the physical body could be strengthed through the skin. By bathing in the solution these are applied in. The user is exposed and letting the skin absorb the nature of them. Allowing these to create and strength bone and tissues inside of the body. Making organs and other things far stronger. This allows the user to tap into much greater strength especially with the Izanagi processor equipped with them. The function is increased when tied with it. As they are programmed to work flawlessly with that feature. This trait is by no means limitless but will help in curing and creating new methods to heal the body from merely this container.

Finally, the feature to restore the broken body from impacts or damages done. This is something that takes time still and could take days depending on the degree of damage. But the user with the Izanagi will find it much faster. However, internal injuries and such things are beyond it to some extent. The factor with restoring the broken cells takes time and effort. The Nano cells will rebuild without the user's needed supervision and recreate what is done. They are immune to electricity and EMPs. As they are directly linked to the human body and only will stop functioning when it dies. In Tsubasa's case, these are linked into his internal Nanobots and allow him to recover faster. They also have enhanced his physical body quite a bit from its previous state. Tsubasa never thought much of such things, but he believes now that he can find that place. That place to fight in the future for his people.

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