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 Charlotte Emilia Leonhardt [WIP]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Charlotte Emilia Leonhardt [WIP]   Sun Mar 26, 2017 1:58 am



» Name: Charlotte Emilia Leonhardt
» Titles: Viridescent Asura
» Appearance Age: Late Teens
» True Age: Nineteen
» Gender: Female
» Origin: Conviction
» Class: Nihilism
» Affiliation/Rank: Iramasha Clan | Western Kingdom


Natural Born Leader:
A sort of confidence in herself yet not to the extent of pride induces a sense of charisma, and the manner which Charlotte carries herself solidifies such an exterior. Add her capacity to take leadership and project some authority over a crowd yet drawing them together by lifting up an agreeable banner for all of them to follow, and you get the core of Charlotte’s capacity for leadership. If there was one thing in particular which says otherwise, it’s her youth and immaturity that prevents her from being level-headed at times. While the penultimate commander should possess some level of ruthlessness and rationality in conjunction with the drive they use themselves to instill a sort of determination in others, Charlotte is far too empathetic. Still young, she’s often driven by her emotions rather than reason. Sure, she has a sharp mind and the skills at her disposal to achieve the ends of her preference, but due to that innate compassion which embodies her prefered knightly ideology, the Aurelian Paladin is strict and selective on the chosen means. That sort of passion also contributes to her capacity to lead, but such a strong personality can be intimidating to the timid; fortunately, her sensitive side can still draw them under her radiance.

If there’s anything that can really put Charlotte’s gears into motion, it’s a challenge on any level, big or small. As, with her confidence and conviction, she earnesty believes that given the appropriate resources and time will enable her to achieve any goal. For that, beyond just a leader, Charlotte can be considered an innovator, the type of person who won’t just lead from the back, but rather brace the wind at the front to allow others an easier time rising and following in her footsteps. It’s a sort of combination of acute mental acumen that enables her to take those resources and time and put it to good use, thus providing her a positive attitude to challenges of any size. A strategic mind-set and optimistic outlook prevents her from being daunted from the distance of the end goal, even better allowing her to properly evaluate the necessary steps that build up to the bigger picture.

Presented a circumstance of negotiation, Charlotte portrays someone relentless and utterly domineering. Not just because of her natural confident demeanor and high standards and expectations, but because she just won’t settle for anything less than perfect. For that, the Aureate Templar can be considered dominating, because there are few things that can bar those of the same litter them from what they want. Particularly when referencing back to their ‘appreciation’ for a good challenge. She’s strong-hearted, at times even outright stubborn, and damn good at moving forward, let alone persevering. Unfortunately, it’s hard for others to keep up with her consistent 110% attitude, and it doesn’t really help that she won’t fold over when met even with resignation from her subordinates and allies.

Someone of Charlotte’s calibre in not just status but character provides a raised bar of standards in terms of who they can find on equal grounds, intellectually and emotionally. Thus, for someone on par with her strive for precision and quality of action and execution, given Charlotte’s own degree of self-scrutiny, she’s equally capable of finding the faults and strengths of others on various levels, thus emphasising her appreciation for those on another level. So, not only is the girl a capable leader, but in aspirations for leading the life of a glorious knight, she has worked on and become talented at working together with others, though typically taking the forefront even in this regard. This is an exceptional trait when balancing out her confidence, keeping people from viewing her as excessively arrogant, though at times she can’t help but offer an aura of condescension given the occasional repartee for those of more malicious intent.

Emotional expression happens to be Charlotte’s strong suit, and she’s well capable of closing the distance to anyone, excelling most in high publicity scenarios. The broader the crowd, given her analytic qualities, the better it is, both in satisfying her love for a challenge and enabling the opportunity to connect to a larger network of people. The flipside is a deviance in trends given a more professional environment. As someone who highly values emotional bonds and morals, the professional scenarios that might demand more cold-hearted decisions isn’t something she can easily abide by. Of course, she won’t hold her tongue when met with the weaker willed, especially those who settle for their own faults and don’t seek improvement. Charlotte may be empathetic and soft-hearted, but that standard she holds will always be observed.


» History: The dream Charlotte held ever so dearly onto as a child was to live up to the name of her father. Despite the broken home, she desired retention of her circumstances. Her mother, an affluent Angel Iramasha, no earnest influence to her position, a simpler woman. It was that simplicity which Charlotte deeply cherished and missed more than anything about her. That very same aspect is what bonded her parents so closely, albeit a refusal to matrimonial union from both parties. After all, despite the comfort of her simplicity, Kakeru Leonhardt still had a kingdom to attend to.

But, whenever possible, he made time for his daughter. Charlotte primarily stayed with his mother, a more stable household to live under and one that could provide more ably, as her mother was no longer an active figure in the Iramasha Clan. Yet, that very distance from her father is what had Charlotte hold him in even higher regard. The seldom visits had her appreciate every moment with him all the more, eventually shaping her dream as a young child: to be a distinguished knight. That dream was all the more reinforced when he left. In fact, for quite a while, it became more of an obsession.
  • Obsessively trains in the ways of a knight, visiting the sugi realm constantly, and as her status as the daughter of the previous praetorian knight, despite his leave, she was welcomed on her visits
  • Extensive time spent in sugi realm becomes very apparent as when she returns to her mother’s house, every time there’s a significant change in age
  • Mother becomes increasingly worried, both over her daughter’s health and the fact that her daughters growing without her presence, though appreciative of her independence
  • Starts restricting charlotte’s expeditions to sugi realm, and having taken the previous freedom for granted, charlotte grows angry and runs away
  • Goes not to the Sugi realm, where it would be obvious, but instead runs to Soul Society and, given the alliance, is welcomed as a guest, and even is allowed to join some training excursions
  • The exposure to a group of proper fighters that actively engage in combat was a eye-opening contrast to the chivalric ideals she held in her heart
  • Followed shinigami squadron to HM, ambushed by SF forces and escape scenarios are disabled
  • Spends the next few months in a constant combat zone, mainly because some of the squad mates, to include the previous leader of the group, were kidnapped
  • The truth of a soldier and knights experiences are overwhelming, but charlotte grows attached to the group of shinigami she had been fighting alongside for dear life in this passing time, and like the others, is not willing to leave captured comrades behind
  • The consistent unsuccessful raids they do on the SF outpost they believe their mates to be at disheartened the group, eventually coming to the agreement that they might as well leave and report to their superiors, if anything hoping for a rescue mission later on with reinforcements
  • Deep down they knew it was unlikely, as they were already doing these raids without informing the highers, as they weren’t authorised to do this and were acting on their own, a huge issue since this was a dangerous mission, not to mention the high profile Charlotte being with them
  • Angry with their cowardice and broken hearts, Charlotte sends them off, and despite their urges for her to come back to Soul Society with them, runs off on her own
  • The rage and disgust in abandonment disgusts her. They were all comrades, and had fought side by side for a greater purpose, yet now, faced with seemingly insurmountable adversity, they crack. Perhaps because of her father, abandonment wasn’t something she could condone, though she wasn’t aware of the root of her feelings at the time
  • Consistently battering the SF outpost with attacks, facing off against its forces--naturally, especially considering Charlotte’s developed battle prowess by now--there was the option of sending a higher-up and doing away with her, or eventually succumbing to her constant bombardments. And, honestly, for a couple of canon-fodder shinigami? It wasn’t worth the harassment, especially considering someone powerful enough to hold a position of constant attacks on an entire outpost was undoubtedly someone with enough influence to garner a reinforcement group.
  • So, the third option? Just return the hostages. They weren’t being held for much particular reason beyond interrogation, and it wouldn’t take several months to do that much
  • Of course, the malicious schemes of shadow fall wouldn’t make things so straightforward. They returned the hostages--correction, a hostage--bedraggled and of a questionable mental state. The rest, clearly, weren’t lucky enough.
  • It was sort of demeaning, somewhat mocking. “Fine, we’ll give the tantrum child what it wants, but give a lesson with it.” And for that? Charlotte found her origin. Conviction. And through that conviction, Judgement.
  • Thus, she judged this outpost, and smited them down. In her rage, nothing was left.
  • She returned with the bedraggled survivor to Soul Society, and looked at the person who received her with utter contempt and disgust.
  • From there, a sense of disdain for the Gotei took seed in her heart
  • Charlotte returned to her home in the Iramasha Realm
  • As she returned, she was given news of her uncles death, leader of their family, in a battle
  • Additionally, her mother, previously an influential figure in the Angel Society, was severely weakened from a wound in the past, which prompted her to resign and have her younger brother lead the family instead.
  • Despite that retirement, due to the waves of political warfare present in any community, charlotte’s mother was approaching her end as well, poisoned.
  • For that, Charlotte felt simply whelmed. A sense of apathy drew over her, overwashing the regret and irony she partook in. That, to her, abandonment was the worst sin. And yet, there she was, gazing at the results of her very own will to abandon and forsake her family, over just a petty squabble. Her reward was a fallen clan.
  • Here is where she found her second source of power--her Aether Class. Nihilism, brought from the loss of her family and friends, very few now close to her.


» Natural Abilities:

Higher Education and noble teachings, investment in history, politics, and most of all literature

Heart Force - not an energy, and not affected by energy or powered by energy. Separate epheremeal force, a natural phenomenon even, that is the manifestation of the insights and strength of the heart. willpower

True Sight - separate from mystic eyes and more related to heart force and her other conviction origin passives, charlotte has the knack for discerning the true state of something. That is to say, she’s adept at seeing past lies, illusions are much harder to get by her (though not impossible), and most powerful of all? It can discern attributes and qualities, and given enough information to go off of, even the intent of a subject (to include other’s abilities, especially some sort of emotionally affecting aura) though true sight has most of its use through vision, its also a spiritual perception sort of thing

Exuded Charisma -

Swordsmanship -

Strength -

Speed -

Hakuda: With her life dedicated to becoming a knight, as a proponent of combat Charlotte lives and breathes the will to fight. Thus, experiencing and training in many forms of structured and intuitive fighting styles alike, even casting aside her superior sword arts Charlotte has rightfully earned the title “Viridescent Asura”, a reference not only to the preferable complex fighting style she utilises, but the colour of her eyes just as her fathers, their incandescent often being the last thing you witness before being felled.

Staying true to her epithet, the defining trait behind Charlotte’s main fighting style is relentlessness, in ways more than one. In terms of technique and skill, Charlotte’s movements mold together, offense and defense, footwork and hand movements working in tandem to move the whole body as a single unit in one flow. The most fearsome product of her fighting style in relation to technique in skill is how each movement is a flowing response leading into another seamlessly--that is the product of experience and training. In truth, what propels Charlotte’s techniques--and capability to tie together multiple schools of martial thought--is manipulation of force.

For Charlotte, the truth behind her seamless attacks and defense is through manipulating her momentum. Every strike will never waste power, as its recycled into the next attack through centrifugal force. The Leonhardt’s relentlessness in technique lies in her never stopping movement, steadily and constantly building momentum. For example, a simple right-hook. Charlotte’s immediate action thereafter is to use torque through her waist, storing all that kinetic energy released from her right-hook in her shoulders as if actively converting it back into potential energy. Her shoulders must then follow after per inertia, pulled by her initial strike forward and the exerted centrifugal force pulling it back, and centripetal force pulling it around, keeping all the force of her right-hook available to add onto her next attack. Like this, the Asura’s movements constantly gain speed and momentum like a juggernaut, simulating heaven breaking blows with godlike strength.

This kaleidoscope manner of combat injected into a coalition of simultaneous attack and defense makes her all the more fearsome. This allows for inescapable pressure, as most attacks thrown at her are responded to accordingly, while she still provides her own strikes to give little room to breathe, fully embodying her “Asura” self. Once more, the key feature of Charlotte’s fighting style is “relentlessness”. Once she starts, it’s difficult to stop her, like a raging demon coming down on her opponent in a flurry of attacks whilst absorbing all initiations and counters perfectly.

Exerting maximum force with minimal exertion through whole-body utilisation in every movement, the Areate Templar’s endurance appears endless, presenting the second half to her “Relentlessness”. Born from her inexhaustible determination drawn from her core origin of Conviction, Charlotte’s body may not be indestructible, but the toleration towards pain and next-level reserves of energy and capacity to fight leaves her enemies breathless. While she prefers using technique as her defense, blocking, parrying, and dodging any attempted damage, the Asura refuses to let injury or pain discourage her onslaught.

That being said, as is most often the largest fault in the young, Charlotte’s combat potential is stunted by her immaturity. By the present descriptions, Charlotte seems like an incomparable opponent with unstoppable force. She holds an iron defense which, even if penetrated, still meets her unending will, further accentuated by an offense battering down any opposition to an inevitable defeat. That is what it means for Charlotte to be called “Asura”. So, what do you do against a difficult opponent with boundless energy? Restrict them, seal them or their driving power away, interrupt their building momentum before it becomes unbearable.

All things considered, Charlotte still relies much of her force on wedging her way into a position where slowly building up power to an incredible extent is viable. Taking away that initial positioning, even outright restricting her physically, nullifies any attempt to do so, leaving her particularly vulnerable given she’s not in the peak condition to engage. Breaking her positioning is a weakness for her in that her combat potential relies on that initial build up, so facing someone who can break her stance and prevent her to start up the engine that powers her consistent dynamic combat style makes it impossible for hetr to gain hat "unstoppable force" to begin with. Charlotte’s usual success using this method never allowed for development of proficiency in any sort of holding, grabbing, and locking-oriented martial arts, and instead developed in parallel on becoming proficient at avoiding situations enabling the sort, neglecting any attempt at learning them herself. All things said, considering her locomotive transactions using close-quarters combat as a conduit, any ranged fighter that could keep her at a distance would easily lead Atsuyo on like a dog on a leash.

Another apparent weakness is Charlotte’s straight-forward manner of combat. While she’s working on it, and at an incredible pace, the hybrid is not yet fully adapted to tactical combat and real-time strategy. She’s grasped many more rudimentary concepts such as misdirection, sensory illusions, or elusive body posturing, but something like mind-games through technique--as anything less direct to include speech isn’t a viable distraction for such an steadfast warrior--easily escape her attention and bypass her instinct-driven fighting personality. Take too long and, in accordance with her personal tendencies and natural inclination and inherent talent with combat, and she may adapt, learn, and adopt these methods, so a hasty utilisation is paramount. Draw things out too long, and not only is her built-up momentum virtually unstoppable, but she's had the time to adapt to any cues that lead into strategic fighting styles, all leading up to Charlotte fully embodying the idea of a “weak early game” character.

肢妖魔流 - Shiyōmaryū [Ghost Limb Style]
A custom created style of hand-to-hand offense in which witnesses have often commented on the user's arms or legs disappearing or multiplying, leaving a broken enemy in an instant and thus b being the true origin to her epithet, “Viridescent Asura”, as if Charlotte were a four-armed oppressive demon. In truth, this style is designed to maximize time-efficiency and utilise breath-taking instantaneous and explosive speeds similar to boxing, resulting in the user's movements moving faster than what can normally be processed. Of course, against the spiritual level opponent, simply exceeding human standards of sense isn’t sufficient.

Shiyoumaryuu was developed on the basis of combining Charlotte’s past training and kaleidoscope style of combat with her new experiences of actual combat, even incorporating aspects of Juujun Ryuushiryuu to bring this martial art to the apex. Involving both the Asura’s natural explosive and constant nature of full-offense and the tricky and uncommitted body-posture and tactical techniques of a real life-or-death scenario, Shiyoumaryuu becomes a one-of-a-kind form with room for very little counterplay.

The basis for its seemingly invisible attack form is constant motion to attract the opponents focus, combined with visual cues to draw that attention away: misdirection. The end result is an unpredictable body posture difficult to defend or jump straight into, especially considering the differing attempts of misdirection through visual cues, implying rigid movements to force static to dynamic visual focus, and the contrasting seamlessness of Charlotte’s consistent-motion techniques.

The key is balance, which centres as the controlling force behind manipulating the propelling centrifugal force behind Charlotte’s additive attacking power. This is featured in controlling the pause in the transitional phase aforementioned in the right-hook example, where the time gap in the pull of inertia brings Charlotte’s static shoulders filled with potential energy around one revolution to strike with full force from hip tor am strength. That balance allows for more meticulous manipulation of the acting forces, exerting a flowing constant transition of rigidity and flexibility.

What makes her technique all the more fearsome is the initial power generated behind execution. Atsuyo is clearly an agility-based combatant, but that doesn’t take away from her built-in strength that supports her capacity to reach that level of unstoppable momentum in the first place. Atsuyo enacts striking techniques for the most part, and therefore stresses focused power for maximum efficiency. Should she let that innate strength run rampant, each of her strikes would instead of possessing a piercing attribute, carry massive blunt force that shatters earth and voids the air itself.


» Racial Abilities: Still nothing significant he's a fucking noob. He's got the basics down, though, so we got that going for us.


Something Something Tenet


General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Soldier Skill Sheet
  • Sugiura Magic: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Mystic Eyes: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Martial Arts: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Release Control: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master

Iramasha Skill Sheet
  • Aether Control: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Aether Magic: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Aether Arts: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Aether Stones: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master

Angel Iramasha Skill Sheet
  • Purification: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Healing: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Heaven Summoning: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Blessings: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner



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Let's be real here. I'm never actually gonna get active. Feel free to just outright archive this app.



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[adm]Archiving due to member quitting.[/adm]
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[mod]Moved to WIP.[/mod]



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Charlotte Emilia Leonhardt [WIP]
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