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 Sensing Reality [solo, training thread]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Sensing Reality [solo, training thread]   Mon Mar 27, 2017 9:11 pm

She appeared silently, sliding in to reality with nary a sound. Sighing softly as she sat upon the roof of one of the many skyscrapers, Rachel Dare looked down upon the city. Unlike the other denizens of this city, who could see only the reality upon which they lived, Rachel knew that some of the things that she spied were not of this reality. Rather, they were the impressions from the other reality she lived in simultaneously, no more the delusions for all that mattered. There was no way for that pink and purple dragon to be flying around over the city without some reaction from the crowd below, and so it could not be true. Others were not so obvious to her though, and she knew she could not continue living as she was. No, now more than ever she wished for the ability to sense this world as it was, and it was for that reason that she new sat here. She would learn to sense this world with her power, and damn the consequences.

There were very few people who knew the truth about her more human power. So far, all they had seen was control over electricity, and so most would likely assume that to be the extent of her power. However, that was far from the truth. Her power, in truth, was that of the storms. Far more versatile than simple electricity manipulation that was granted to her through the lightning aspect of thunderstorms, she had so far chosen not to reveal the other aspects that she could draw on. Now though, now she would not restrict herself. Sound manipulation from the aspect of thunder, water manipulation from the rain a storm brings, and even temperature manipulation, these were all part of her power. For now though, she would draw upon only one form she had not garnered before: sound manipulation.

Shaking off her thoughts from that line of thought, Rachel focused on what she needed to do. Closing her eyes, she let her power flow outwards from her, not manifesting it in any way, just letting it flow outwards, creating an area with a slight saturation of her power. With this bubble, she urged her power to let her know all about the changes of the various elements she held control over. Focusing solely upon knowing these changes, she waited, hoping for success. Then, after a while, things began to change. She could sense the vibrations within the air as people within the building below her spoke, the rush of electrons through the neurons of living tissue that existed within her bubble, the shifting of the wind, and the way the water in the pipes moves. Gasping as the surge of information hit her brain, she doubled over, struggling to process the sudden rush of data. Even as she struggled through this, a smile began to spread across her face: this was progress.

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Sensing Reality [solo, training thread]
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