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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active]

This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Venom Star Of Khala [Do Not Join Without Asking]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Venom Star Of Khala [Do Not Join Without Asking]   Tue Mar 28, 2017 1:08 pm


Artist: Northumbria - Song: Low Sun - Word Count: N/A

[Setting: To better understand the setting, it would be best to imagine a colossal star in the sky that has a dim shade of red that is bringing illumination to a land filled with skeletons, corpses and red dirt.

Khala: If you need a reference as to what Khala looks like? Refer to template header.]

Blood. Blood that flowed through the skies, blood which oozed in the earth and blood that filled the spirit of vengeance, venom, and violence. That crimson fluid, essence and vital life force radiated and flowed like an unending river of contempt, loathing and utter negativism within the celestial embodiment of The Demon God's Heart. As rows of its followers lay face down in the dirt in the form of corpses, their deity stood unyielding as it observed the warm embrace the burning red sun above these dark lands.

How many lives had been given up for this creature? How many lands have been vaporized from existence? How long can this cluster of resentment continue to spread its claw throughout the cosmos? So many questions could be posed, yet only the silence of this hushed land came back to the hollowed being.

Thus -- it could only continue to stare into the abyss of its own self and the futility of this existence.

Despite being a creature of divine status, this incarnation of vile energy lost the meaning of time to itself, the feeling of connection to other living beings which weren't connected to its own self and found itself in a state of shattered and isolated being. The memories of its self were beginning to become a blur; as the ego that was Khala could no longer feel the words, meanings, and sentiments of Iriko Crow clinging to her soul or heart.

That chapter of her life in this plane of existence had been lost to time and all this creature was left with -- was the void.

All that was left had been a void which swallowed the essence the life, consumed the boundaries of death and turned it all into an incomprehensible shade of obscurity that destroyed its ego. It is why this creature spent the past year letting this feeling, energy, and power fester within herself so that it could restore itself to its original roots. That was the motive, but the effect and result were far greater than that being could have ever imagined. The sense of surrealism, power, and destruction of spirit was a great toll to take for one's self to reach the realm of godhood in the mind of this being.

So -- it wandered.

It wandered sucking the life out of those who dared to oppose it, to touch it and to try and understand it. As this heart could not accept that sentiment of understanding. With burning red memories of that poet's foul love marking the downfall of this creature infantile self, the lesson had been learned and none of its followers deserved the sight, embrace or influence this deity held without its consent. Instead, it would guide its devoted cult followers to its sick vision and proceed with finding them the promise land in its own grandiose way.

Which is why this path brought this deformed creature to this point of staring the burning remains of this stellar object. An object which had been fueled by Khala's own desire to invoke change and bring the release of total eradication to the Soul Society in its former rampage of Demonic Incursion. This star was meant to end it, yet it was only the beginning of this creatures ill path towards decay.....

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Venom Star Of Khala [Do Not Join Without Asking]
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